2021 March

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

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[Free Easter Concert Saturday] The Keys Chamber Orchestra will be performing from 11 – 1 at the BPK Flea Market Saturday March 27th.  Don you mask and come listen for a few songs! (The annual Easter Cantata is canceled due to Covid).

I wish I could get vaccinated.

A great shout out to the great people at Waste Management, Key West! We bundle and tie up our dead palm fronds, call for a pickup, and their usually gone the same day. A thankless job, but just great folks.  ~Jay/KW

The editor of this site is a *****. He puts your email in your post if he doesn’t like it. He calls his bubba friends and tells them who posted something if he doesn’t like it.  Normal European bullshit. It’s time for him to close-up shop if he wants to continually be prejudiced and  revengeful. I’m done.

(Ed: All you wrote is false. It’s hard to refute malicious gossip. I included his email according to our twenty year old policy on slander. The poster slandered a local business, passed false gossip about it, then wrote “there’s stuff worst then Covid in there” and now he’s spreading falsehoods about me. FAQ > Censorship

[Getting Jabbed] Why don’t they train all the Amazon delivery people to give the vaccine. The entire population would then be immunized by Saturday. Wednesday if you’ve got Prime.
[What Is A Golf Ball Worth] Alligator takes golfer’s arm? Link


[Unlucky Seven] Yesterday’s mass shooting was the seventh in seven days. What are we going to do about it? Nothing again?

[Crook] Commissioner Martinez’s stepdaughter testifies against him in election lawsuit. Natalie Guerra contended Martinez did not reside in Key West until after the Nov. 3 election, but instead was residing in Key Largo with Guerra’s mother and two sisters.


[Fools] America is not divided by race, color, gender, or sexual orientation. America is divided into wise people and fools. And fools divide themselves by race, color, gender, or sexual orientation.

[Mobs] Quiet night in Miami Beach, but police say they’ve arrested over 1,000 since spring break. Link


[Vaccine Update] I removed the band-aid from the injection site just before going to sleep and woke the next morning to this!

Another week, another mass shooting. The only consequence is that for the next week all we’ll be hearing is “gun control” from the left and “more guns” from the right. And nothing will change.


[Spy] How to make sure your smart devices aren’t actively listening to you.  Video

[Mobs] Miami Spring Breakers are not the normal crowd. Video
Why does tomato sauce splatter when it cooks? Because it’s thick. Link
This picture reminded me of the one that I used to have. I had to get rid of it. They’re cute and look harmless but they are loud, incredibly expensive to keep, and absolutely untrainable. The other one is a kangaroo.  I don’t know anything about kangaroos.
Another mass shooting, the second one in two weeks. More guns.


[Permission to Gather] I found my permission slip to celebrate the 4th of July with whomever I want. It’s on parchment paper dated July 4th, 1776!

[Crook] Authorities arrested a Key West property owner on 18 felony and 45 misdemeanor charges for reportedly not paying sales and county transient rental taxes on three Key West homes he owns. Michael McMahon is one of the most infamous transient rental owners, or violators, depending on to whom you speak, on the island, as he is also facing $1.2 million in fines from the City of Key West for operating illegal transient rentals and has failed to appear before the city’s special magistrate, despite being personally served with notices to appear.
[Grow Up] Question: I want to be a musician when I became a grownup. In today’s world is that an insane thing to want to be? Answer: Yes, it is an insane thing to want to be. Becoming a grownup is highly overrated. Just become a musician, you’ll he much happier that way
[Big Bucks] How much is 1.9 trillion?  There are about 250 million adults living in the United States. If you gave $76,000 to each adult, that would come out to 1.9 trillion. What do you think would help better? giving each adult $76,000 or giving each adult $1,400? and Congress decides how the other $74,400 is spent.


OK, Now this. Lime and Coconut–Harry Nilsson

[Mosquitoes , Just Add Water] The Oxitec process involves a single central facility that maintains a brood stock of mosquitoes that produce eggs. The eggs are harvested and need no special care to keep them viable. They are placed in small boxes to which the end user simply adds a little water and places it outside. The eggs need no special techs nor equipment for deployment…and can be shipped or even mailed. The purchaser can keep an inventory on hand with no special care or handling. At this juncture we have no idea as to what the Oxitec process will cost, but considering that it is far less labor or equipment intensive, it should be magnitudes less than wolbachia.


[Auto Correct] This might not seem like a big deal, but to me it is. I just found where on my phone to turn off the auto correct. Now I can write what I want. I hate auto correct.

Transgender woman is the first to win female beauty pageant. History has been made as Kataluna Enriquez, a biological male, won the Miss Silver State USA pageant this week and will continue on to compete for Miss Nevada USA pageant. The event is considered the biggest preliminary competition for Miss Nevada USA. Link

Why we will fail
Problem: Too many people.
Problem: Too much greed and crime.
Problem: Not enough intellectualism to fix the above!
Problem: The savages outnumber the intel’s 100,000 to 1
[Genetically Engineered Mosquito A Done Deal] Officials in the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District gave final approval to release 750 million modified mosquitoes over a two-year period. The plan has come under heavy criticism, including nearly 240,000 people who signed a petition denouncing Oxitec’s plans to use the US state as a testing ground for mutant animals. Link


[Bird Watching] How do I explain to this guy that he‘s been watching a trampoline all day?