2019 March

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Letters to the editor with pictures since 0202. Published on Big Pine Key’s garbage days, Tuesdays and Fridays.


Is my grinder pump working? Last winter, a supervisor said he’d keep an eye on it. But, in my otherwise dry-desert back yard, greenery has completely covered it—it gurgles if I press on it, it gurgles on its own, and there’s a sewer odor coming from it. Isn’t something wrong with this picture?

Why is it that crazy people won’t answer the one question that proves they are crazy? They’ll evade addressing the question at all costs.
As an old man I find that my fly is accidentally left down in public more than usual.
[Bullying] Old school: Sticks & stones, may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.  A new push to stop bullying. Love & Peace America. Link




[School Taxes] I think our taxes should only pay for public schools. One country – one system. We shouldn’t have different school systems. No charter schools, no Montessori schools, no parochial schools, no madrassas. No school vouchers either. Taxpayers should only be made to pay for one school system. If anyone wants an alternative school system they should arrange to pay for it in full.

[Beer Diet] An Ohio man is consuming only beer for Lent. He’s lost 15 pounds. Cincinnati man Del Hall, a director at Fifty West Brewing, is taking fasting for Lent to a whole new, and boozy, level. Video




[Winn Dixie] Weekly ad. Link

Amazing time lapse drawing of a baby growing into an old woman. It makes you think about how fast life is. Video



[“Chemtrail update”] The Deep Dark State is now using drug addled primates to disperse chemtrails.

Illegal fishing guides fill the Keys, boat captains say. Illegal fishing guides in the Florida Keys continue to undermine locals who earn a living by offering charters, says boat captain Doug Kilpatrick. Link
[Cutting Marl] How did the early settlers to Key West cut the marl into blocks for pilasters to hold the houses off the ground.

[The Battle of Palmdale] That was the attempted shoot-down of a runaway drone by United States Air Force interceptors in the skies over Southern California in mid August 1956. The drone was launched from Point Mugu Naval Air Station and soon went out of control. Interceptor aircraft took off from Oxnard Air Force Base and caught up with the drone, but were ultimately unable to bring it down, in spite of expending all of their rockets. After it ran out of fuel, the unmanned aircraft crashed in a sparsely populated tract of desert. During the incident over 1000 acres were scorched and a substantial amount of property was damaged or destroyed. Link

I have 77 apps on my phone. I, like everyone else, would only guess that I have less that half of them. The average number of apps on people’s phones is 64. How many do you have?
Why aren’t there any dark brown cats?

Winn Dixie checkout counter order dividers should be easier to grab. The square tubes should have the edges indented in order to be able to grab them more easily.

Sarcasm is just hostility disguised as humor.  ~”Deadly Scholars”
[England’s Own Taliban] The English Puritans, like their brethren in Massachusetts, concerned themselves actively with the repression of vice. All betting and gambling were forbidden. In 1650 a law was passed making adultery punishable by death. Drunkenness was attacked vigorously and great numbers of alehouses were closed. Swearing was an offence punishable by a graduated scale of fines: a duke paid 30s. for his first offence, a baron 20s., and a squire 1s. Common people could relieve their feelings at 3 s. 4d. Not much was allowed for their money; one man was fined for saying “God is my witness,” and another for saying “Upon my life.” These were hard times.

Soldiers were sent round London on Christmas Day before dinner-time to enter private houses without warrants and seize meat cooking in all kitchens and ovens. Everywhere was prying and spying. All over the country the Maypoles were hewn down, lest old village dances around them should lead to immorality or at least to levity. Walking abroad on the Sabbath, except to go to church, was punished, and a man was fined for going to a neighboring parish to hear a sermon. It was even proposed to forbid people sitting at their doors or leaning against them on the Sabbath. Bear-baiting and cock-fighting were effectually ended by shooting the bears and ringing the necks of the cocks. All forms of athletic sports, horse-racing, and wrestling were banned, and sumptuary laws sought to remove all ornaments from male and female attire.



[Santa Maria] A replica of a Columbus-era ship is visiting Key West and you can tour it. Here’s how. Link

What to do in an active shooter situation by U.S. Department of Homeland Security. A video shows what to do if you’re confronted with an active shooter situation. Video
What years did the Key West Trolley operate in that city?




The Tom Majors Tribute to Wood is a month-long, island-wide celebration of the creative potential of wood. Two of Collection’s artists, Elizabeth Devries & Jimmy Wray have been invited to participate in this most prestigious of shows. Be sure to see the show at TSKW, the combination of skill, art and wood drama is quite delectable.

Dolphins visit Key West for Naval training. The U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program for decades has deployed bottlenose dolphins to search for underwater mines and enemy divers. Four female dolphins are visiting Naval Air Station Key West this month for training. The Navy showed off its dolphin. Video