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Tuesday, March 26, 2024

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[Container Ship Hits Bridge] Baltimore bridge collapse: two people rescued as officials say at least seven cars fell into water – latest updates. Video of Collapse
[All Fall Down] The Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, Maryland which crosses the Patapsco River has reportedly Collapsed within the last few minutes after being Struck by a Large Container Ship; a Mass Casualty Incident has been Declared with over a Dozen Cars and many Individuals said to be in the Water. Link
[Two men found dead in Marathon] The Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit is investigating the deaths of two men found early Friday on Avenue A in Marathon. Deputies responded to 104 Avenue A at 6:30 a.m. where they met with a male witness who had found the men near the rear of a car parked in the area. He said he is a friend of one of the men. The deputy reported seeing no obvious signs of foul play. The case was turned over to the Major Crimes Unit. Detectives are working to notify the next of kin and to determine how the two men died.
(and they say nothing exciting happens in Marathon)
[Free Scholarship] UWCK is taking applications until April 17th for its Marine Science Educational Advancement Scholarship, aiding Monroe County residents pursuing degrees in marine science and/or marine technology-related fields. Apply Here
[Fukushima Nuclear Reactor] Drones offer a glimpse inside Fukushima nuclear reactor 13 years after disaster. The tiny robots could only explore a small portion of No. 1 reactor’s main structural support, showing the cleanup challenges ahead. Link
[Superships in Key West] On Tuesday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and elected Cabinet officers will vote on a proposal to expand the lease area at Key West’s Pier B Cruise port, authorize larger cruise ships that are bigger than any cruise ship Key West has ever seen, and extend the lease for 25 years


How to read an eclipse map of the April 8 eclipse.

The two traditional political divisions, liberal and conservative died with Covid. Now there are simply the sane versus the insane. The sane have had enough of being pushed around by the insane. The insane don’t register much of what reality tries to tell them. They have a body of insane ideas to comfort and protect them from the reality’s rigors. Link
[Ornamental] An orchid is not self-reliant. It doesn’t carry endosperm in its seeds, so it requires a symbiotic relationship with a fungus in order to survive. But it finds those relationships everywhere. On almost every continent, in almost every climate. On trees, on rocks, even underground. A temperamental plant, but somehow, in contradiction to that, a resilient one. Orchids were not high on the priority list for gene storage. They don’t provide sustenance, after all, and thus were deemed unnecessary.
[Russian News from Russia] Click on the arrows in the upper right to change pages. Link
[Captain Doom and Gloom] Mega Millions jackpot rises to $1.1 billion. So you win the Lottery, then what? Where are you going to hide? How you going to live with that kind of money? Who are you going to trust? Yeah, right.
Just cash it in and give it away so you can go back to the real world. They will find you, bet on it!
[Mongolia and Lactose] The answer to lactose intolerance might be in Mongolia. Mongolians’ DNA says they can’t digest milk, yet their diet relies on dairy. A researcher investigates why. Link
[Hydrogen Fueled Boat] First boat powered by ‘fuel of the future’ debuts in Miami. You can’t buy it … yet. Video
[Eyes in the Sky] Why drones are ‘beyond effective’ for animal rights campaigners around the world. Inexpensive and easy to use, drones are proving invaluable for activists monitoring illegal fishing, hunting and deforestation – as well as keeping tabs on zoos and aquariums. Video of Illegal Fishing
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[Packaging the First LSD Blotter] The image that follows is not of actual Kodak film but rather of a clever and gently satiric stealth packaging for underground LSD made by the New Yorker Eric Ghost — aka Eric Brown — in 1968. Ghost first took LSD in the Lower East Side around 1965, after a peripatetic life of military service, armed robbery, and prison. He swallowed nearly 4,000 micrograms, or mics, of pure Sandoz, smeared across a sugar cube, and the thermonuclear revelation occasioned by this enormous dose convinced him to co-found the Psychedelicatessen, a legendary though short-lived head shop that opened on 164 Avenue A in 1966. Like many acid people at the time, Ghost was messianic about the molecule and its potential to improve people and the world. Once LSD was banned, he decided to start cooking and distributing the material himself. Link
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