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[Phishing] Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sending you a blunt message in good faith. My name is Mrs. Josie Marie, I am currently undergoing cancer treatment and my late husband was a contractor. He had a service company affiliated with a number of port authorities before he died suddenly many years ago. married for nine years without a child, since his death I decided not to remarry because it was against my faith and religion, when my late husband was alive, we had an account where we deposited all our assets, and the $2.622 million worth of life savings that I had when I was sick, I was suffering from cancer, knowing that my condition would not allow me to fulfill that wish, so I have decided to nominate you to help me give the fund to the less privileged and also to build an orphanage for them in your country… bla, bla.
[Super Deep Pool] There are plans to build super-deep pools for astronauts and military bots. The proposed 160-foot-deep pools would be training grounds for astronauts, or provide a watery place for those in the defense sector to test their equipment. Link
[Obsolete Occupations]
Garden hermit
Galley slave
Gandy dancer
Glimmer man
Gong farmer
Groom of the Stool
[Free Tax Prep] As we enter the heart of tax season, UWCK’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program is in full swing! If your household income was less than $66,000 in 2023, you can prepare & file your taxes for free! Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, is a United Way-run program that offers free tax help to the members of Collier and Monroe Counties, those making less than $66,000 or less annually, bringing real money back into the hands of our neighbors in need.
Probably the only people who knew Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin was in the hospital were the Chinese and Russians.
Blood Drives through St. Pat’s Day near Big Pine are listed below.  Donor gifts are a One Blood St. Pat’s t-shirt and a $20 Gift Card / $20 Publix Gift Card depending on drive date and location. All donors also receive a Free Wellness Checkup including blood pressure, pulse, temperature, iron count and cholesterol screening. To schedule an appointment visit and enter your zip code.   As always, a huge thanks to those who donate lifesaving blood.
March 4 Monday – Bealls BPK Shopping Center 10 – 3:30
March 6 Wednesday – Bahia Honda State Park 10 – 3
March 13 Wednesday – Venture Out 9 – 2
March 14 Thursday – Venture Out 9 – 2
March is here and it is the peak of Tourist Season’. The Key West Airport reported that they broke a record for the most passengers received in January. It is obvious that traffic on the Highway is way up and the cash registers are ringing. Now is the time to either start putting away a little for the slow season or make the investments that may take your business over that hump and into the next season
It only takes one beer to get me drunk. Trouble is I can’t remember if it’s the 8th or 9th!
[Movies] All fight scenes. The hero puts up a good fight buts gets overwhelmed and it looks like he’s done for. Then all of a sudden, he gets his second wind and defeats the other guy.
A great Aztec legend was that men would come out of the rising sun in great vessels and bring them to Heaven.  That legend probably came from the Spanish sailors whose ship, the Valdivia, wrecked on the coast — whom they had probably sacrificed and eaten. That God impression is the reason they didn’t eat Cortes and his conquistadors. The Aztecs thought the Spaniards were the God’s prophesied in Aztec legend and that is probably why Montezuma surrendered to Cortes.

I would like house cats a whole lot more if they didn’t have upper and lower fangs.

[Miami Spy] A former career U.S. diplomat told a federal judge Thursday he will plead guilty to charges of working for decades as a secret agent for communist Cuba, an unexpectedly swift resolution to a case prosecutors called one of the most brazen betrayals in the history of the U.S. foreign service. Link
Angler caught a potential word-record African pompano in the Gulf of Mexico on Feb. 9. It happens to be one of the best to eat but also one of the most elusive. Found around the world in tropical climates, big African pompano catches have surged in recent years in the Gulf, and angler Dave Miller might have led one of his friends to a recent world record. Link
[Dead Teacher] Dexter Butler, a Key West basketball coach and teacher was found dead in storm drain near the school Saturday morning. Link

A small plane crashed on the golf course of Ocean Reef Club in north Key Largo, an exclusive gated community in the Florida Keys. Link

[City Marina] Key West City Commission approved rent increases on live-aboard slip renters the city considers part-time residents and decreases for full-time residents, and the changes are scheduled to go into place on April 1. The rents would increase from about $16 a linear foot a month to nearly $30 a linear foot a month for part-time residents, but would decrease from about $16 a foot to $14 a square foot for full-time residents. Link

[Dripping Willy] What to do if your dog is leaking urine. Link

[Benefits Of A Good Vocabulary] Before I was born, God pulled me aside and asked me “Do you want a big penis or do you want good grammar?” So I decided to opt for what I thought was more importanter.
[Cruise Ship Restrictions] A federal judge in Maine delivered a major victory last week in the fight against mega cruise ships, upholding the will of voters in Bar Harbor, who had approved strict disembarkation limits in a 2022 referendum. The ruling is a stinging defeat for the Walsh family, who own Key West’s Pier B and whose Bar Harbor-based cruise companies were the losing plaintiffs in the case. It also establishes a precedent of constitutional protection for reasonable cruise limits that restrict private property.
As in Key West, residents of Bar Harbor had grown increasingly concerned about cruise ships’ negative impacts, frustrated by the industry’s unwillingness to consider local input, and infuriated at a Town Council viewed as too favorable to cruise interests. Inspired partly by the success of the 2020 Key West referendums, a group of Bar Harbor citizens, led by Charles Sidman, launched a petition initiative which placed their own referendum on the 2022 ballot.
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Orca observed hunting and killing a great white shark by itself for the first time. Watch how the marine mammals hunt in South Africa, where they have developed a particular taste for shark liver. Video
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Classic pizza toppings, ranked from worst to best. Most of these links must have come from anywhere outside of South Philly, fer shur! No self-respecting grease ball would make 99% of these! This is interesting, but it MUST BE from some geek in Wisconsin or Frisco, definitely not from South Philly.
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