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[Major Development] There is a proposal to the County asking permission to build a 46-room hotel, restaurant, and a 100 rack boat barn at the Old Wooden Bridge Fishing Camp on BPK. Way too much.
dog-loveI live in probably one of the most remote locations in the entire Keys. Not even lower Sugarloaf, more like the Saddlebunch Keys, past Sammys Creek Park. About six months ago I was on my way to work, running late, as usual. As I was backing out of my driveway, I saw this little tiny dog in my mirror sitting at the end of my driveway. We already have two dogs, one is a ‘rescue’, the other I’ve had for 10 years. This poor little guy was terrified. But we took him into our home. And we fell in love with him.

Boy did we really love him. I took him to the vet. We are working on getting him up to par. And he also turned out to be quite a runner. If I turn my head for one second, he would run, generally to the park next-door to our house. So, I’ve worked very hard to prevent that.

So, one day I was in the shower. And he busted through the screen door. And ran up to the park next-door to our house. I spent about three hours driving up and down the road, screaming his name. The more time passed, the more upset I got. I thought something really bad had happened. I was absolutely hysterical.

A friend then texted me. She had been on the Florida Keys lost and found pet Facebook page. And, lo and behold, it was my baby! The relief I felt was intense. It turns out he had been taken to the shelter in Marathon. I cried tears of joy. Until I took a good look at the Facebook page.

Anyone who helps animals is, generally, a pretty good person in my book. But for some reason the man that runs the Facebook page, who I will only refer to as the “confederate coward”, felt the need to publicly accuse me of being an unfit dog owner. The fact that my newly found rescue, busted through a screen door, while I was in the shower, makes me an ‘unfit pet owner’.

I responded to his post on his Facebook page, but being the coward that he is, he deleted it. For my entire life, I have taken in lost and rescued dogs. For some unknown reason this bully felt the need to, without knowing a damn thing about me or the situation, accuse me of being an unfit dog owner. Even when I went to the SPCA in Marathon to pick him up, the staff there told me that the guy is an asshole.

I used to think that if somebody was an animal lover, they were basically a good person. After my experience with the “confederate coward” I no longer feel that way. Sometimes, people get a little bit of authority, it goes to their head. That is a quality of a small-minded person.

Anyway, my little runaway is safely home. And will never ever be left out my sight. It’s just that sometimes a bully needs to be called out.

[Marathon Journal] Where are we now, Marathon? I’m in Dublin, Ireland reflecting back to my hometown of Marathon, Florida. The Guinness is better here, as is the Irish whisky. The people are so very friendly and polite though the “F” word is used like a comma when speaking but in a friendly funny way. The food is so much better than I had thought. Ireland is very vibrant and happy! There is much to love here!

Marathon is still the most special place I know. We still have a way to go to be even better. As a town, Marathon has a long history based on a work ethic of fishing, building a railroad, and just hard work creating a Community to raise families and in welcoming our winter residents. As a city, Marathon has a short history of accomplishing the important issue of waste water and improving our most important resource, the near waters of our surrounding ocean and bay. In the process we allowed some people to lead us down some dark and dangerous back waters however.

The Voters have removed the mafia mentality of the past ten years by not re-electing people who mislead us or allowed us to be misled. We still have a way to go nevertheless. Removing one form of bad leadership should not mean that we should allow a different form of self-interested rule and misdirection.

I am speaking of the Coldiron Pansky Cinque party of self-interest and misinformation. It’s with great disappointment that I report to you that this alliance remains intact, ongoing and growing. It appears that a fourth member in Jim Ryne of Coconut Cay Resort may also be a member of this organization. Jim Ryne speaks at City Council meetings in favor of Michelle Lincoln Coldiron’s “time outs” and Pansky’s “tactical pauses” because it seems that this protects his personal interests as a resort owner/re-developer. He also has published a letter to the editor spouting more disinformation in order to seek protectionist cover for his apparent self-interests.

While Jim Ryne is of little concern to me since he is not an elected/appointed official, he is a beneficiary of 10 free transient rights from the City of Marathon and now seems to want to delay or stop future competition to his interests. Jim Ryne has interests that are clear. Jim Ryne is not a representative of the City of Marathon on any level, only the beneficiary of a 10 transient rights gift from the City that his friend Lott Pansky values at $150,000+ each. You do the math. Jim Ryne has a right to his positions but the Public needs to know where he is coming from. As far as Jim Ryne is concerned I wish him the best of luck redeveloping Coconut Cay Resort and hope that he is successful. I would suggest to Jim Ryne that he spend more time redeveloping and less time worrying about the City of Marathon protecting his self-interests. Jim should learn from Ralph Lucignano’s mistakes.

Michael Cinque recently got another letter to the editor published in the Free Press, after his Keynoter letter. As is Cinque’s style he plays on people’s fears and infects readers with more misinformation. The fact is Michael Cinque is now known as a liar and someone who misused his position on the Marathon City Council to his own personal self-benefit. Cinque is desperate to find someone to support his agenda and ongoing needs and Michelle Lincoln Coldiron certainly tried to accommodate him by voting to pay his legal fees.

Michelle “the Mistake” Coldiron needs to follow in the footsteps of Ginger Snead and Chris Bull and step down from the Marathon City Council. It is not about “navigating the political waters” better; it is about being honest and telling the truth. Michelle likes to use the middle name “Lincoln” but I question that. When it comes to her votes and actions, I question her “Honest Abe” implication. The truth is Michelle Lincoln Coldiron cannot handle the truth. The truth is not appointing Lott Panksy to the Planning Commission and also trying to place him on the Affordable Housing Task Force Committee when he has clear conflicts of interest and business ties back to the Coldirons! The truth is not in affirming Peter Rosasco a one-year extension on his City Finance contract when Rosasco is clearly ethically and morally bankrupt. The truth is not giving Michael Cinque, Marathon Taxpayer money to pay for an Attorney to protect him against an FBI investigation for murder. The truth is Michelle Lincoln Coldiron had the opportunity to correct her mistake by removing Lott Panksy from the Planning Commission but refused to do so by stating that he “didn’t kill anyone”. Michelle Lincoln Coldiron went on to publically state to her friend Lott Pansky that he has her “full support to stay on the Commission”. Michelle has become a grave disappointment. I do not know if it is a lack of ethics, morality or intellect on her part but there is something missing. I get the feeling that Michelle thinks that this is beauty pageant and that she is running for Mrs. Marathon. Don’t think she will win, not sure that she could win Mrs. Congeniality but you can be sure that I will test her on that, as well!  ~Bruce Schmitt

[“In the Bahamas they still eat green turtles”] Yes they do. They also eat conch and Jewfish. I don’t think most folks understand what goes on elsewhere. Americans are a funny bunch, many of us feel that once we pass another law, it’s fixed. Not so much.
Fat people always bitch and moan about diets not working, yet they won’t get off the couch and do any exercise because they’re lazy. They just don’t get it. You have to see a metabolism expert doctor to see if you can lose weight. Some people can’t, no matter what they eat. The fad diets just make your wallet lighter. Best I have found is to nibble on good foods and go get a job ditch digging by hand
trojan-nation[Norquist Wins Kentucky Derby] A few hours before yesterday’s Kentucky Derby, I found an online bookie, filled out the online form, submitted it to join the bookie’s clients, was rejected for reasons I was unable to ascertain. I took it as a sign from above that I should not bet on Trojan Nation, then at 38-1 odds, which increased to 39-1 just before the race started.

Trojan Nation was slow out of the chute, got crowded against the inside rail, fell immediately into last place, and somehow managed to come in second or maybe third to last. I know there was a message or two or three in there, but exactly what I cannot yet say, other than I’m darn glad I did not bet on Trojan Nation. Video

Two guys sipping at Springer’s. One says, “Man, I wish I could lose all my fat!” The other says, “Take her fishing.”
monroe-county-clerrk-of-courts[FTR Goes Local] The Clerk of the Courts/Comptroller’s office impacts every Monroe resident. Currently we are not being well served, and our tax dollars are taking a huge hit and are at risk.

Many Monroe residents will be unaware of the problems in our Clerks office. It’s been reported that for the first time in Monroe County history audits of the Clerk/Comptroller’s office have resulted in multiple adverse findings. Rules have required the auditors to report to the state that Monroe is a “high risk” audit. That’s a sad first in our County.

It has deteriorated to the point wherein the Clerk/Comptroller found it necessary to request assistance from other Clerk’s offices to accomplish its internal audit responsibilities.

Bad management has resulted in IT breakdowns caused by operator error. The result of those errors? Significant and widespread loss of Court financial data. The Florida Supreme Court mandated deadlines for Florida’s Clerks to adapt their technology to certain standards. Monroe County failed to meet that deadline.

Office moral is bad. Multiple errors in the payroll have resulted in significant underpaying of staff. The highest paid and most demanding job in the Clerk’s office is that of Finance Director. The former Clerk had the same Finance Director for 20+ years. Now, three years into the current Clerk’s term, Finance Director #6 has been hired. It’s not surprising that personnel turnover is high.

Deer Friends, it’s time for a change. More to follow

Us locals fought against having a Marine Sanctuary in the Keys because they would change the way of life and our Keys culture forever without improving anything. Remember when we could go fishing – bring home our dinner and sell fresh fish to local restaurants to pay for our next trip out.  Remember when Big Pine Key had vitality and commerce year round and supported several businesses and restaurants because of short term rentals? Now Big Pine suffers a blight. Remember when you could go boating and never have a Water Nazi in a new government boat with twin 200’s count your life jackets? Welcome to the only place in the world where you can do serious jail time for keeping the wrong fish.

We are guilty of letting the FKAA run ruin over our perfectly good working septic systems. “Elect the Board”? What happened to that? Watch and remember how a billion-dollar sewer system did nothing to improve nearshore water quality. Enforcement people almost outnumber those whom they enforce. Your neighbor is probably FWC or Government ‘somebody’. You get mad and rat out your neighbors because you are to blame for it all. You look in the mirror and wonder how you got so damn powerful that you and a bunch of other-come-lately’s changed the way of life in the Keys forever. You deserve that piece of tilapia in stale bread. I hope your sewer bill eats up your Government paycheck. In 20 years I have not seen any improvement to the reef because NOAA doesn’t NOAA Jack. Funny thing is, that most of those who backed all this crap are dead or have moved away. Only you remain



Car for sale 25,000 B.C. roadster. Rust free, air blows cold, foot brakes, well under ten million miles. Wood body panels, original seats. This is a solid car. Call or email for pricing.

[The Movies] In the 1950 film noir Born to be Bad, Zachery Scott says to Joan Fointain, “I love you so much, I wish I liked you.”



[Healthy America] Cans of diet soda float, and regular soda sinks. What’s in it? Link

[Weird Mosquitoes] The Keynoter had an article in it reporting that Sen. Nelson supports the GMO mosquito release in Key Haven. The first comment to the on-line version of the article includes a link to the fact-based anti-GMO article in Key West the Newspaper. This Blue Paper article should open some eyes to the demonstrated insanity of the plan! Link

I predict that the referendum in Key Haven will say, “Hell no!”, whereupon they will pick a different location and promptly dump mosquitoes with no referendum. A friend in Cudjoe Gardens requested a spray truck due to many bites and was told that the budget did not allow for one because the money was going to GMO mosquito trials. I heard the same story from someone on Stock Island. I thought the trial was a free demonstration by Oxitec to show how bloody effective their new creatures are. I guess not. In any event, they have set up breeding facilities in Marathon and it appears to be a done deal for somewhere in the Keys. Maybe it will be your location that becomes ground zero for the mosquito monster bomb.

There is not one good reason to use GMO mosquitoes and many reasons not to. Oxitec is counting on a fearful public that is not well informed. I highly recommend that you read The Blue Paper article and then check out the informative comments below the Keynoter article. Link

accurate-home insp 700x175
[William Hackley’s Diaries] The KW Citizen has the most fascinating look into 19th century life in the City in its Today In Keys History column. William Hackley’s diaries detail his life in Key West from 1830 to 1857, giving first-hand accounts of daily life in the recently-established American settlement. Many of the entries are concerned with predictable facets of island life – changes in the weather, and ships sailing in and out of port. However, as a lawyer and man of privilege, Hackley had access to information and events that the average Key West resident would not. Hackley provides eyewitness details of many court cases, including a first-hand look at an historical event in American Key West – the first known trial for murder.


Transgender dog unsure of which tree to pee on.

[Fake Mosquitoes] British biotech company Oxitec and the Cayman Islands government announced plans Thursday to release millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in the fight against a species that spreads Zika and other diseases.

Deployment of the mosquitoes against the Aedes aegypti species in the Cayman Islands is a major advance for Oxitec, which has promoted the method heavily as an environmentally safe way to combat the vectors of mosquito-borne illnesses while confronting public concerns about the technology.

The company has deployed its mosquitoes to fight Zika in Brazil following initial trials there and previously conducted tests in the Cayman Islands and Panama. Oxitec and officials in the Florida Keys have proposed testing there as well and are awaiting U.S. regulatory approval.





Gabrielle M Wilson

Not many years ago, GM made automobiles in Flint, Michigan and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico. After years of the government’s help, GM now makes cars in Mexico and you can’t drink the water in Flint.
[Marajuan] If Marathon changes it’s weed law, will they change the city’s name to Marajuan?
bill-sewer-wrong[Sewers] Reports are in. When asked about the big sewage spill at the Cudjoe poop plant, FKAA executives first denied that it ever happened at all, and then a few days later said, to paraphrase,”Okay, it did happen, but everything was totally under control, only about 50 gallons spilled, and not a drop of that touched the ground so we did not have to file a report.” As Bill Cosby used to say when someone spun an unbelievable yarn, “Riiiiight.”
FKAA denial is why we need photos, videos, and detailed accounts from eye-witnesses that FKAA cannot fire. Please send evidence or accounts of sewer failure to
Here is what I think were the problems leading to the spill, and why more can be expected:
Instead of a conventional bar screen through which wastewater to the plant is dumped, the Cudjoe plant uses two fancy, expensive automatic-cleaning Parkson spiral screens. A conventional bar screen is just a bunch of round or flat-stock bars spaced to catch the rags, rubbers and tampon insertion tubes that should not have been flushed anyway, The Parkson screens have a pretty fine mesh of holes like a cylindrical collander. Each screen is supposedly sized to handle the entire peak flow to the plant. But this is a badly designed collection system that delivers unconventional wastewater. Even the gravity sewer areas in the Cudjoe Regional are really just sharing an over-sized grinder pit with 3 to 5 illegal and inappropriate residential grinder pumps sitting inside. If it doesn’t jam, everything that very slowly leaves each pump has been chopped into tiny pieces like an over-grown kitchen sink garbage disposer does.
Because FKAA wanted to keep re-pumping to an absolute minimum to save cost in construction and power, the forcemain pipes that carry the pump output to the plant are not sized where they will experience enough swift flow to keep from accumulating gunk and grit. My guess is that an attempted flush of the pipes pushed a slug of sticky septic gunk to the plant that promptly plugged the mesh screens. I think a conventional bar screen would have handled it. I think the many design faults will haunt this sewer system until it is rebuilt.Shame on DEP for not enforcing minimum design standards when they were alerted to the problem. Shame on the Governor for not making DEP do their job when he was alerted to the problem. Shame on the Attorney General for allowing the illegalities when she was advised they were occurring. Here is a link to a great article describing FKAA’s frequently non-compliant treatment plants. Link
glass half empty full


If your cup is half full you need a new bra.

I just read an article in The Citizen about the closing of the Domestic Abuse Shelter.  It’s no wonder they can’t afford to stay open.  The Director of the shelter’s annual salary is $130K and constitutes a full 10% of the total budget.  That’s outrageous!  I’ve run non-profits with five times their budget and never came close to that kind of salary.  Somebody has been making out like a bandit on this one.

The shelter is a needed service in our community.  Hopefully it can be provided in the future without the extra burden of padding the director’s bank account at the expense of the clients and worker bees.

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[PTSD Treatment] A Marijuana-like compound could lead to first ever medication for PTSD. Veterans can get all of these prescription drugs to treat PTSD, but not weed. Link
dog-shadow[Dog Gone] We have a resident dog on Landers Street (off of Gulf Blvd) that has been missing since late this morning (5/6).  She’s a 11 years old Pomeranian and her name is Shadow.  A photo is attached.  She’s very friendly and will respond to her name.  She had a pink harness on her neck.  Call us at 305-872-4943 if you have any information on her.
Pollsters admit they vastly under-counted the nation’s idiots
[Diploma Mills] The Federal Trade Commission has filed charges against operators of online “high schools” that claim to be legitimate, but are alleged to be little more than diploma mills charging anywhere from $135 to $349 for a worthless certificate. Link
Johnsons-ad 4.12.2016


[Wow, That’s Some Bazooka!] From generation to generation, some things never change.

[“Rent-a-dock”] My neighbor did just that and is forever sorry. The boat sank and the owner just left it there and then left town. My neighbor had to pay over a thousand bucks to get it removed. All owners will swear that they are responsible and would never let something like that happen. Don’t believe them. Everyone is responsible until they’re not.


[Polish] My mother and my father (separately) escaped the Nazis, mostly due to the loving efforts of the Polish.  More power to the Polish Americans. They also make the best food in the world!

I switched off my junk email filter and am amazed how many of these I get. It goes to show a percentage of how many commercial minds are on the web and how they really believe I would trust them to reply or buy from them. There should be laws stopping these idiots!
skyscraper light blink[Old Wooden Bridge Fishing Camp] The Applicant is proposing improvements to the existing hotel, marina and accessory commercial retail uses. The applicant proposed using the existing 962 SF building as a kitchen for a restaurant, constructing a chiki hut with outdoor seating, an unenclosed boat barn and a new building for use as an accessory office for the hotel. A proposed development plan was not submitted with the application.

On July 25, 2014, a letter of development rights determination issued for the subject property commonly known as the Old Wooden Bridge Fishing Camp. The Planning & Environmental Resources Department determined that 14 transient residential dwelling units and 962 SF of nonresidential floor area were lawfully established and exempt from ROGO and NROGO.

Hotels of fewer than 50 rooms may be permitted with a minor conditional use permit provided that a) the use is compatible with established land uses in the immediate vicinity; and b) one or more of the following amenities is available to guests: swimming pool, marina and tennis courts.

Marinas may be pennitted with a major conditional use permit provided that: a) the parcel proposed for development has æcess to water at least 4′ below mean sea level at mean low tide; b) the sale of goods and services is limited to fuel, food, boating, diving and sport fishing products; c) all outside storage areas are screened from adjacent uses by a solid fence, wall or hedge at least six feet in height; and d)each non waterside perimeter setback of the pacel proposed for development must have a class C bufferyard within a side yard setback of ten feet.

Commercial retail, low- and medium-intensity uses or less than 2,500 SF of floor area may be permitted as of right with building permit approval.

Accessory uses may be permitted as of right with building permit approval.

The existing 14 unit hotel was lawfully in existence prior to the establishment of the MU Land Use District on September 15, 1986. Pursuant to MCC 5101-4(c), the existing use is deemed to have a minor conditional use permit and is not considered nonconforming.

The existing marina was lawfully in existence prior to the establishment of the MU Land Use District on September 15, 1986. Pursuant to MCC {1014(c), the existing use is deemed to have a major conditional use permit and is not considered nonconforming

[All Recipes] If you are really into food and cooking this is a good place to start. Link
[Sewer Suit] A homeowner from Little Torch Key and another from Big Pine Key have jointly sued FKAA and Monroe County for attempting to extort an easement on their property and the electrical service for a sewage grinder pump.
We were all told we needed to connect to central sewer if it became available, but we were also all told that it would be with a simple gravity drain pipe from the house to the road right-of-way and the FKAA/County infrastructure would take it from there by whatever means was deemed most practical.These two courageous ladies have simply asked that a circuit court judge declare that FKAA/County demands of them are outside the law and inequitable.

FKAA and the County have buildings full of lawyers available to them, and our infrastructure tax dollars have reimbursed FKAA’s half million dollars in legal expenses so far defending their horribly designed and inequitably implemented sewer system. But the written law is very clear that these ladies are only asking that their legal rights be upheld. Three pro bono supporting lawyers agree. The litigating lawyer has requested a jury trial. His specialty is suing government entities over property rights.

There is something very wrong with the sewer management decisions that lawyers should need to be brought in by the constituents and customers. It goes to show that you really can’t reliably “trust your engineers” as they say.



Pretty much every kind of commercially made plastic leaches synthetic estrogen. This is not good. Estrogen plays a key role in all sorts of developmental growth-from bone growth to heart function. And when levels are too high or too low, very strange things happen. Here’s how humanity has changed since the dawn of the Plastic Age. Would you like a smaller penis with that plastic bag?

Explore the history of plant science. Audio
[[“Grinder pumps, but no fire hydrants”] If you want to live in a place where you have a fire hydrant, move to a place that has them. Did you not hear the Monroe County fire Department just achieved the highest award for response times? Besides, who wants to waste FKAA’s water on a fire? It’s the best radioactive drink in town that’s pumped down from Miami] If you want to live in a place where you have a fire hydrant, move to a place that has them. Did you not hear the Monroe County fire Department just achieved the highest award for response times? Besides, who wants to waste FKAA’s water on a fire? It’s the best radioactive drink in town that’s pumped down from Miami.
pot legalize it 240h




[Marathon Legalizes Pot—almost] You can now be caught with small amounts of pot and the officer has the choice to arrest you or write you a ticket.

I tried to figure out who is really valuable on this planet and came up with a list that has nobody on it but working class people who produce something viable. It is a very short list
[“Rent-a-dock”] I let people use my 80-foot dock for a season and they wrecked it by using it for taking charters out, loading with steel wheeled hand trucks, dragging stuff and scarring the concrete and chipping the edges. never again! Plus, I was liable for anything that happened to them or their boat. And then there is my front lawn parking lot damage.
pickle tropical cocktail



I just tried that Pickle Martini and it is great. Smooth and tasty! 3 parts good Gin or Vodka and 1/2 part Claussen Kosher pickle juice on the rocks!

It amazes me that entertainers, sports figures and politicians are the most important people on this planet and they do nothing for anyone except empty our wallets and waste our time. Things have to change.
zika-mosquito[Zika] While the mainstream media successfully whipped most of the country into a Zika-fearing panic, I smelled a rat and started researching. “Always follow the money.” Pesticide peddlers and Oxitec all stand to make a fortune from fear of mosquitoes that have not been found responsible for a single Zika infection in the continental U.S. It is my opinion that release of Oxitec’s genetically modified mosquitoes in Key Haven may be a very grave mistake. Link
[Private Property] If it’s not yours stay out! What is it about the word “private” that you don’t understand? It means you have no say in the matter and no right to trespass. Sometimes you don’t get your way. Get over it.
perscription rx[Pharmacy Closing] In case you are not already aware, just came from Winn Dixie Pharmacy and they are closing.  They were unable to fully fill my prescription because of lack of stock and they could no longer order from the mainland.  The reason I’m told is that they are completely closing in two weeks.  I have a complaint phone number 1-800-768-4438 that anyone protesting this move can call.
Sick and tired of businesses calling your home to sell you junk you do not want? What is needed to stop this is to organize a class action law suit to sue the telephone companies, the TV stations and whoever else sponsors this. Like junk mail, advertising should be stopped to, to save some trees. How low can these morons stoop to try and sell
coconuts 700x175
[Junkies] The government is going to pass laws to allow places for drug addicted people to ‘shoot up’. Didn’t we used to call those places bars? Really though, why doesn’t the Fed just designate a state to house all druggies so my auto insurance goes down? Nothing like a stoned junkie driving a 5000-pound weapon down the street! Dunks are bad enough!
an_for-rent2Big Pine canal-front 2/1 unfurnished ground level duplex.  Boat dock, garage, fenced yard, W/D, covered patio. Yearly lease, first, last and security.  $1,450 month plus $500 security.  Utilities not included.  References required, no smoking, pet possible.  Available June 1st.  (305) 872-2947
“Hello. This is CBS pharmacy calling to remind you to refill your weekly prescription for prophylactics. Press 1 now.”
sister-fundThe Sister Season Fund needs volunteers to help with the 39th Annual Survivors Party – Family Fun Fair on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30th from 4pm – 8pm at the Bottlecap.  This promises to be a family friendly event, full of good old fashioned fun, featuring food, entertainment, and games.  If you can help with set up, selling raffles, taking admission, or with one of our Family Fun Fair games please call John at 305-434-5538.  All funds raised will be used to provide assistance to locals who need temporary assistance for rent and utilities and meet the qualification guidelines.  For more information about The Sister Season Fund, Inc. Link
If Justin Bieber and a Kardashian got together, there would be an instant cure for toe nail fungus[?].


[Teamwork-Hands] Take a close look at these kids’ hands. They never did a day’s work in their lives! No callouses, no scratches, cuts, bruises, nothing but executive hands with paper cuts. Virgin hands. No hair either. Makes you wonder … never mind.

[“We even got fancy reflective road markers on our dinky road”] You will be impressed when your taxes go up to pay for all this junk they are shoving up our arses. Think bubbas!
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