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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

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The Moon is Blue 1953 was the first dirty movie. It was the first mainstream Hollywood film to use the word “virgin,” after a battle with the official and unofficial censors it was banned. Also the first use of “seduce” and “mistress” (as a sexual partner). The movie was banned from theaters in Boston for using these words. The Catholic Church also banned “To Hell and Back” for using the word “hell”. They used to call them “Blue” movies and had a whole list of them. I wonder if the “blue list “ was after the first banned movie “The Moon is Blue”.
I wonder what else Boston banned? Full Movie
Can I legally sleep on my day bed at night?

How can one picture keep a man’s mind occupied for way longer than it should.

[Free Stuff] There is a blood drive on Big Pine on Monday, November 20th from 11 – 4 at the Winn Dixi parking lot.  Donors receive a $20 Winn-Dixie gift card plus a fleece blanket. Log into to reserve your appointment. Thank you for donating. Link

Back country
[Evacuation Mandatory] On the eve of the Keys webinar evacuation discussions, one thing is for sure: ROGO allocations are going away.  Road construction will continue for decades, “the new normal” (their words).  Tourists’ autos crawling at a tortoise pace, campers, boats trailered chugging along, traffic a mess during evacuation and massive “takings” lawsuits will explode. The amount of money needed to compensate landowners is not there without an increase of, not pennies, but more like dollars in the form of 25% TDC tax –minimum.  Many of the 7950 Florida Keys vacant land owners will end up selling their properties to neighbors for pennies on the dollar.
Raising keys roads is not the answer.  Just ask people in Miami Beach. Higher roads pushed floodwaters onto existing low lying properties and swamped their homes

Lower Keys Chamber of Commerce Holiday Gala. Reserve your seats now: Limited quantity sold. Link

[Irony] You can get arrested for hunting or fishing without a license, but not for entering and remaining in the country illegally.

So now burning a gay flag is called a hate crime but burning the American flag is free speech!
[Veterans Day Ceremony] The Veterans Day programs at Key Largo School and the Murray Nelson Government Center in the Upper Keys, were beyond amazing. Principle Darren Pais, Assistant Principle Hannah Fisher and Teacher/Band Director Extraordinaire Susan Bazin, headlined and coordinated the school’s band and safety patrol in their detailed performances that were meticulously carried out, with a degree of excellence and precision, I’ve never witnessed in children and students of their young age.
Each grade level performed their creatively brilliant and intricately designed routines beyond magnificent, under the guidance and direction of their extremely gifted teachers and accomplished staff.
These extraordinarily well-behaved students, lit up the cafeteria with their excitement and enthusiasm. The positive vibration and energy emerging from these students, catapulted the collective consciousness of the large assembled audience, into an advanced realm of wisdom and self-realization.
Key Largo School has created an absolutely  glorious and distinguished learning environment for its students, teachers and staff.
The United States Coast Guard Color Guard opened the Veterans Day Ceremony at the Murray Nelson Center with a strikingly prominent and conspicuous display of military precision, perfect in every way. Our Community Band, performed a plethora of masterfully played musical selections, which were pure beauty for the listening audience.
Guest student speaker Drake Raschein’s extraordinarily superb speech, was delivered and articulated to the audience, in a magnificently delightful and purposeful manner.
Florida’s Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nunez participated in our Veterans Day Ceremony, with her remarkably wise and prudent counsel, related to her deep affection and compassion for our   Veterans.
A fabulous picnic with sumptuous food followed our ceremony, at the very beautiful Peace Park located on the Bay.
American Legion Post 145 members were most generous, thoughtful  and elegantly splendid in their preparation and presentation of the picnic delicacies. Their military vehicle and missile displays created an exciting presentation to everyone attending our ceremony.
Fire Chief Don Brock and his staff provided an impressively beautiful flag, displayed to all those entering the facility.
American Legion Post 333 and VFW Post 10211 lent their strong support to the picnic and ceremony itself. Thank you all so very, very much.
Left to right 1) Key Largo Safety Patrol with appreciation sign. 2) Key Largo Safety Patrol planning their flag ceremony. 3) Elementary class singing and signing song. 4) Florida’s Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nunez. ~John Donnelly
Fatigue and exhaustion: causes, symptoms, and treatment. Unexplained, persistent, and relapsing exhaustion. Link

[Novel Idea For Hair Styles] All the young people with a fade, dreads, ponytails, mullet, colors, etc. How about a new style of a bald spot which most of us old guys have?  Old guys be stylin’ again, man.

How can you help but notice that all these Hamas terrorists and the pro-Palestine denominators have their faces covered. Why don’t they want to be revealed? Are they afraid to be recognized and be “cancelled“? As for the Hamas who are about to be martyred, go for it, but don’t fall for that 70 virgins bs.
Get your kitchen sparkling clean with our Kitchen Cleaning Checklist book! No more guesswork, just efficient cleaning. Link
[Scissors] Why do almost all household scissors have one finger hole larger than the other? Almost every time I pick up scissors, I have to flip them over so I can get my thumb in the small hole and two or three fingers in the larger hole. I Googled that question and that is the only time there was no answer
Abortion is not only a moral issue but an economic issue. My friend and I worked alongside each other for over a decade. Both our wives worked too. They had a kid and lived conservatively, we didn’t have a kid and traveled a bunch and invested. I’m not smart and neither is my wife, but 20 years later we have millions of dollars, and my friends have loans and mortgages and tuition. Their kid moved out last year, but my friends are still far behind economically and may never catch up.
Abortion keeps poor people poor. If the religious right and the government want abortion banned, then they should bear the financial responsibility of raising an unwanted child for 18 years—not the taxpayer or the unwilling parents.

This is one hell of a raggedy-ass deer. Her ears were deformed at birth. She’s the oldest of our herd and just keeps kickin’.
Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propagandist, said without the radio (Twitter) Nazis would not have come to power.
[Small Minds] All this time men thought it was our ability to love and feel that made us human but in actuality, it was our ability to select each image that contains a boat.
[Going Blind] Aging is an awful thing and brings about some physical and health related concerns. One of those concerns is macular degeneration, which is the leading cause of vision loss in Americans ages 60 and older. Link
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Three of the hardest things to say are:
“I was wrong.”
“I need help.”
“Worcestershire Sauce.”


Forward march!

[NPR] A tiny deer and rising seas: How far should people go to save an endangered species? Link

[Stick Shift] The best auto anti-theft feature in the US is a standard transmission. “What’s a clutch?”

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Hate and mistrust of the government prevents them from recognizing truth.
[Key Deer Survival] It is very important that the Key Deer receive humane treatment when they are injured. In the past there were always Key Deer refuge employees that would respond to deer injured in vehicle collisions. The local veterinarians would treat deer that were candidates for rehabilitation. There was a facility at the headquarters where deer would be kept until they could be released and severely injured deer were euthanized very quickly.
Although there seems to be little effort to address these issues, we have issues that are even of greater importance with regards to the survival of the Key deer as a species. Although there are two Key deer groups on the island, they appear to have little interest in maintaining the Key deer habitat. In less than ten years, more habitat has been cleared within the refuge, than was cleared in the previous 25 years of development. The loss of food plants of the deer is staggering, and this seems to be an ongoing issue.
[eBooks] Libraries buy just a few eBooks–if they buy any at all, so when your are finished reading an eBook before the 14 day check out period, please be sure to return it so the next person in the hold queue can read it.  To return it early you can return on the Loans page by clicking the Return button.
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