Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Letters to the editor with pictures since 2002. Published on Big Pine Key’s garbage days, Tuesdays and Fridays.




[Expert Concrete Repair] Pictures for a recent job by jtpcrete inc. Slate work, topcoat and spalling repaired. To prevent spalling from reappearing we sandblast and chemically treat steel before pouring the new concrete.



November is the windiest month for the Florida Keys. The nearly 30-year record for the Sand Key C-MAN station has recorded 14.8 knots as the average wind speed during the month of November. So far this month, Sand Key has averaged 19.8 knots, and this coming stretch will pull that value even higher.

[Slavery] Still, civil war was to be; and, now that it has come and gone, we can rest secure in the knowledge that as the chief cause, slavery, has been eradicated forever, it is not likely to come again. ~Gen William T. Sherman



[“Why close Boca Grande beach during race week”] Because when race boat wannbees were asked not to go to Boca Grande, they said they wouldn’t and then went.

If 2020 were a drink, it would be a colonoscopy prep.


If you mix Tabasco sauce in with your hand sanitizer, it will not only kill germs, but will also teach you not to touch your eyes. Follow me for more tips!

[Graciousness] Bush graciously did “all he could” to ease the transition between administrations, Obama wrote in “A Promised Land”


[For Sale] 2017 Ford Transit 250 medium roof, extended wheel base, asking $35,000. Boca Raton, Florida. Joan at (561) 212-3947. converted to camper, 35,500 miles, shore power hook up, 345 watts solar on roof, 40 watt charge controller, 2000 watt inverter, 4 agm batteries, max air fan air conditioner, 15 gallon fresh water, 12 gallon grey water, water heater, shower, sink, lots of storage, screen door, full size bed, refrigerator with freezer.

[Benefits Of Covid Mask #4] They make my voice seem lower.


A truck loaded with thousands of copies of Roget’s Thesaurus crashed yesterday losing its entire load. Witnesses were stunned, startled, aghast, taken aback, stupefied, confused, shocked, rattled, paralyzed, dazed, bewildered, mixed up, surprised, awed, and dumbfounded!

[Weather] A typical November gale is on our doorstep. A cold front over the Florida Panhandle will limp to the southeast today and tonight, driven south by a burgeoning high pressure system sliding east through the Mississippi River Valley. This frontal passage will not feature a sharp wind shift and a cold blast of northerly winds. Instead, northeasterly breezes will freshen steadily today through Tuesday as the high pressure system matures over the southeastern United States. By late Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, near-gale northeasterlies will overtake the Keys. Winds will peak Wednesday evening across the Straits of Florida at 30 to 35 knots. These November blows are known for their persistence. Although winds will relax somewhat by Thursday afternoon, strong northeast to east breezes (22-27 knots) will persist Thursday night through Saturday.
[One Human Family] Ha ha ha . So glad I moved – as in left Florida. The northern haters have ruined the state. I’m two hours from an interstate and can walk to the beach in a military town with the sound of freedom overhead and the thud of artillery rattling the walls – and I can buy all the seafood I want fresh – right at the docks! Green tails, mahi, crabs and more.
[Coffee] I wondered how coffee was discovered. How did the peoples know if you heated a bean in water it would taste good and give you a jolt? How did they know to roast the beans first? I thought I figured it out at the time when the internet was new and email was just starting. I only had about three or four addresses, so I sent each of them my revelation about the discovery of coffee. Well, each and every one of them emailed me back saying they “didn’t get it”. That’s because at that time when email was new people only used it to send jokes and they all thought my email was a joke instead of a brilliant discovery.
Climate Change will make parts of the U.S. uninhabitable. Americans are still moving there. Instead of moving away from areas in climate crisis, Americans are flocking to them. As land in places like Phoenix, Houston and Miami becomes less habitable, the country’s migration patterns will be forced to change. Link
[Crossing Panama 1850] Arrived at Panama, we hired mules and rode across to Gorgona, on the Cruces River, where we hired a boat and paddled down to the mouth of the river, off which lay the steamer Crescent City. It usually took four days to cross the isthmus, every passenger taking care of himself, and it was really funny to watch the efforts of women and men unaccustomed to mules. It was an old song to us, and the trip across was easy and interesting. ~Gen William T. Sherman


Are the Boy Scouts selling wreaths this year?

[“Anti-Semites”] So sorry to be reading about your hate mail about your religion–or anything else. Today so many people want to hate anything and anyone for any reason. I guess it makes them feel something, not sure what. Please try to overlook these A-holes, they are not worth one second of your time.


Apparently PETA and Old Bay have been having a billboard battle in Maryland.