2019 November

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Letters to the editor with pictures since 2002. Published on Big Pine Key’s garbage days, Tuesdays and Fridays.


[Plastic Straws] They’re making like it’ll have some impact. I’ve been in the ocean and in the mangroves and straws are not the problem. Plastic bottles and containers are the problem. There should be a deposit placed on every one. Bums will collect all the plastic bottles and straws if they can get money for them — end of problem. Imagine that, bums cleaning up instead of messing up. Banning straws is just a feel-good move so the do-nothing politicians can say they did something.

November is Transgender month.
Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl – The Barbarians


[White Castle Turkey Stuffing] Long-standing stuffing recipe reinvented with trendy ingredient. Easy recipe for turkey stuffing this year. It goes good with a hangover or beer. Link

[Marine Sanctuary] I too am concerned with the Sanctuary. I can’t think of anything they have done to improve water quality or saving the reef. It seems their only solution is to stop all humans from using the Ocean. Even if they do, the water quality will not improve, and the reef will not thrive. The biggest culprit is the chemical runoff from the sugar growers up in Florida through the Everglades. I say, get rid of the Sanctuary and continue to let organizations like Mote Marine and Reef Relief, etc do the jobs they’ve been so good at. Those groups have been successful so far, but the Sanctuary has not. Like someone wrote, “… all they [Sanctuary] do is have meetings and close popular areas.”
[How Old Are You] I’m the girdle-section-of-the-Sears-catalog-was-my-porn-years-old. We didn’t get National Geographic until years later when I had my own real porn.



Banning plastic straws is not enough. The BPK brain trust says the County Commission isn’t going far enough. Why not ban single use water bottles and what about single use plastic beer cups, single use bags and single use plastic soda bottles? Luckily, beer doesn’t come in plastic containers –yet.

[“Noseeums”] If my memory serves me correctly (which is getting scary) years back some one said to spray Deep Woods Off on the screens. But I can’t remember if it worked or not.


[Grapes] How can there be seedless grapes? The guy who figured it out was a really good guy. Video

[Coconut Oil] Coconut oil might not be as healthy as you think. We talked to experts about the product’s “unfortunate” health halo, and learned that it has more saturated fat than butter and lard. Plus, we discover claims that coconut oil can help people lose weight are the result of a study whose author says has been misinterpreted. Video

[Live Music] Come check out the “Just Some Guys” duo, with Robert “Douggy” Douglass on Acoustic guitar and vocals and Sammysam on backup percussion. It’s a 2-man gig, but everyone tells us we sound better than a six-man band. So, come on down to the Looe Key tiki bar this Saturday, November 23rd from 7 to 11pm  and let us know what you think. See y’all there! ~Sammysam

Noseeums flying through your screens? The best defense is noseeum screen replacing the standard type. Years ago, Avon Skin So Soft was applied to regular screens to deter them. Probably Cedar Oil mixed in a spray bottle of water would work, or try a different bug repelling essential oil like lemon, eucalyptus, citronella, lavender, lemon grass, etc. A stiff breeze works wonders and a fan will keeping you cooler with those windows open.





[Mass Shootings] Lip service is all we get.

[Movies] It seems they have run out of monster categories like werewolf, vampire, zombie and are looking for a new monster to make a million movies about. The first zombie movie had them barely walking. The last one I saw, they could run, plan, and talk, and their feelings could be hurt. Like I wrote, we need a new category of monster
Science is magic that works. ~ Kurt Vonnegat
I don’t like car air bags. They were going off for no reason after Wilma soaked some floorboards. I think it is stupid to surround yourself with explosive devices. Unless you are a terrorist in which case you are not only stupid but really should off yourself (preferably in an isolated location). It used to be easy to disable airbags but not anymore. Most service manuals will not show you the wiring diagram nor provide the control narrative. Some cars disable the airbags if the seat belt is not secured but some don’t care. I know Dodge has had numerous complaints of seat belts that did not restrain along with air bags that did not deploy in accidents. I know of one person who crashed a new Dodge with the seat belt on, but the computer said it was not in use and the air bags did not deploy. The injuries indicated that the belt did not lock either. The seat belts are often tightened by an explosive charge and intentionally lock in an accident. Often they cannot be released for escape or rescue. What idiot designs these? Here is a different person’s experience:
“My curtain airbags deployed when they shouldn’t have, without an accident or rollover condition, and presumably at the same time the passenger belt retracted so hard and so much that it broke the belt housing on top of the seat back and even popped off the buckle stop. (plastic pieces blew everywhere). The belt is so tight that it is actually deforming the leather seat in my 08 Trailblazer with 1066 miles. I fear what this would have done to a passenger or child! I fear this system.



[Bad Reputation 1789] Captain Bligh only punished two sailors with flogging. One struck an officer and the other stole his cheese. He says they mutinied because most of them had wives and children on Otaheite (Tahiti) after their long stay gathering breadfruit plants. The crewman liked the naked woman on Tahiti and their free sex offerings. Bligh says that was the reason they mutinied, not his discipline. The mutineers took those families and friends and settled on Pitcairn’s Island.  ~A Voyage To The South Sea by William Bligh

[Bad Reputation] If you get arrested, and never convicted it doesn’t matter. You are so right. Anyone who looks you up will see your mugshot. In small letters somewhere, it may say you weren’t convicted. There’s no way to make it go away. All you can do is get a certified copy from the clerk of the court saying you were never convicted. It’s ridiculous that when you aren’t convicted it doesn’t just disappear. In this day and age that simple task would be easy to do.





[Take One] Well, isn’t this typical!

[Oppose 5G wireless technology] While there have been no studies indicating safety, there have been many indicating really serious harm. It is bad with 4G and certainly far worse with 5G wireless. Even Bluetooth has adverse effects, and your car may have Bluetooth that you cannot turn off and you are within a metal box with the radiation. Like being in a microwave oven except not strong enough to actually cook you until the meat falls off your bones. Here is a very informative article that may blow your socks off about wireless technology and especially 5G. Link
[“Noseeums”] Regular screen are 20×80 mesh. Noseeum screens are 20×20 mesh — much smaller holes. We replaced all our screens with the smaller 20×20 mesh and see no difference in the number of those little buggers entering our house and the breeze is restricted by half!



[Snowbirds] This Florida trailer park is taken over by French-Canadian retirees every winter. Video

[Plastic Straws] Banning plastic straws to solve the plastic waste problem is like requiring mental health checks to stop gun deaths. Both are merely feel-good moves to appease the masses instead of going after the real problem: plastic water bottles and guns.



[Snowbirds] Enjoy November and December before the Jersey girls arrive!



[Biker Dog] Dog rides a motorcycle with his dad through all 50 states. Video

[Queensland, Australia Bushfires] Two dead and at least 100 homes destroyed. Aerial footage showed widespread property damage and destruction as more than 80 fires burned at midnight on Friday night. Video



[Doctor Chop ‘Em Up] South Dakota doctor made millions of dollars performing unnecessary surgeries Video