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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

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animal burglar
[Ferguson] The residents are so happy the officer wasn’t indicted for the killing of some turd. If he was indicted they wouldn’t have been able to riot and get some free TVs and cellphones. They’re not fooling anyone!
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The Bill Cosby scandal reminds me of when women were coming out of the woodwork to say they slept with Tiger Woods. Almost daily another women would pop up with their claims. It makes you wonder if both of these guys were flat broke, would we even hear about any of this?
[Ferguson] The DA presented all the evidence he had, not only to the Grand Jury, but to federal investigators, an unusual step because the DA always wants indictments and usually presents evidence that will back up his conclusions. But not in this case. It was too hot to handle and that’s why he presented all the evidence in order to make it really justice and not just a feather in the DA’s cap. In today’s news the lawyer for the dead man was comlaining that they weren’t treated fairly.
We lived in Big Pine during Hurricane Wilma. I sent some photos from our house back then. You used one of the photos several times. It was a photo from our steps with my husbands pick up truck bed in water. The disk I had these photos on was destroyed. I was wonder if you have a copy of any of my pics. (Ed: Here’s the one you described. For the rest you’ll have to use the search feature at top in the banner.)
I want to give a shout out for the good service I received at the Sea Center on Big Pine. My 2005 115 Johnson has been giving me problems ever since I bought my boat about a year ago. I was just about ready to throw in the towel and buy a new motor. I took my boat to the Sea Center by water, no trailer required. I talked to one of their mechanics, (don’t remember his name, damn it ) anyway he told me he had 28 years experience working on Johnson motors. I asked him if he could be the one to work on my motor and he said he would. Man, my motor runs like a new one, thank you Mr. Service Man, You have made me a loyal customer.
Obviously rentals are a waste of money, but most younger people can’t afford the down payment to buy a home. Also it’s interesting to note that there aren’t any rentals in the area. Everything is rented. Many rentals now have waiting lists.
thanksgiving turkey gobble
Someone should write a Thanksgiving song. It has to be catchy with cheezy lines and a sing-along refrain. The refrain should have “gobble, gobble ” in it.
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chuck hagel25
Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel resigns; Senate GOP to block replacement, then blame Obama for leaving America undefended. I think Hagel is the 4th in Obama’s administration.
[“You act like that Conch title is the badge of honor”] Not one post praised the merits of being a conch. Learn to read, mam. It was a discussion not an endorsement to be born in Key West. The only time being a conch has any value is when two conchs are together. They share a common bond that the rest of us don’t.
[“Ferguson”] That’s what entitlements and the culture of victimhood will get you. Ferguson will probably become a impoverished ghost town now. Traditional families and businesses will leave. Link
vulture family
[“USFW attracts predators to the Refuge”] Turkey Vultures are not predators and are valuable for their removal of garbage and disease-causing carrion.
[Conspiracy] Upper Atmosphere Study. With all the conspiracy theorists how does HAARP slip by this group? Link
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[“Average weight of a vehicle is 4,000 pounds”] This sounds like a science problem, but they left out some important variables. The problem could be stated as follows: A 125 pound inebriated snowbird from Michigan is driving a 4,000 pound vehicle down Key Deer Blvd at 60 mph. A texting Jersey girl who weighs just under one metric ton is riding a 30 pound bike in the opposite direction at 8 mph. The vehicles collide. Explain what happens. Include both physical and verbal damage.
[“Missing rabbit”]  Oops, sorry!  Didn’t know it was a pet.  It was delicious.
[“Trigger happy cop”] The only person that I feel bad for is the cop. He followed protocol. He can not know if the gun is real or not and the fact that the kid was 12 is no factor in the shooting. There are little kids who commit heinous crimes all the time. Parents need to instruct their offspring to immediately follow the orders of uniformed officers without question. If the order is not lawful there are ways to bring charges after the incident is over.
[Zombie Fish] This is the photo that I thought was sent with the spoof on Turkey Point nuclear reactor.
[“Picture of Vultures in the tree”] They are not predators, they are scavengers of opportunity. A predator or bird of prey, would be a hawk, eagle, etc.
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champing at bit
A note from horse country: It’s not chomping at the bit, it’s “champing” at the bit.
[“No Hurricanes”] The rent-seekers, opportunists, third-rate academics, carbon-market scam artists and peddlers of catastrophic prophecy can see the alarmist bubble deflating, so they’re trying harder than ever to sustain the scare. Problem is, Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.
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bear chase man
[“Pepper Spray Dogs”] Concerning the fat blonde chick on Hudgins Drive in Summerland that sprays dogs with pepper spray for the hell of it, I think everyone in that area that has a pet should carry a pepper spray used for bear, it will fog up to 30 feet and can be purchased at Cabella’s. The next time she sprays an animal for no reason she should experience the same.
Lost rabbit, small female. white w/black spots. Went missing 11/22/14 in vicinity of Lyttons’ Way off of Wilder Road, Big Pine Key. Has bad teeth and needs attention. If found, please call Classified Ads > Lost and Found
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om rotating‘House-mainteneur’ or Mainteneur– a new word I am coining as to what I do. I don’t just house sit or check on things, I operate as a professional Mainteneur for people that have homes, condos or upscale apartments that are largely vacant and need attention. Attention is qualified as: introducing Pro-Life-Energy (i.e. I AM Presence) for a period of time, and tending to aesthetic/upkeep/maintenance/cleaning issues.Former and formal skills in: electrical, mechanical, electronic and optic engineering; automobile technician, maintenance mechanic, handyman, rentals, large and condo facility maintenance/operations, health and wellness. I am proficient in most areas from a-z when it comes to house or condo operations. Painting to electrical to plumbing, mechanical, landscape to whatever…however, this not about major or large scale renovations or projects. I am in Virgo, so I have a keen eye in details and aesthetics. Below are key words in which I resonate to and they are there to magnetize, do not be confused about them.Mastery, love, soul, service, maintenance, professional, handyman, house-sitter-sitting, driver, driving, live-in, on-site, travel, nourishment, growth, expansion, cocreating in life consciously, MASTERY, love, God vision, God Power, God Love, Energy, lifeforce, vibration, quality, beauty, rich, prosperity, abundance, flow, joy, FLOURISHING, Thriving, serving, compassion, bliss, ecstatic, awakening, Spirit, One-mind, Cosmos, Cosmic consciousness, Universal Love, Humanity, Master Jesus, Full potential, The WORD, Spiritual pragmatics, Spiritual BEING, organics, fasting, wholefoods, living food, herbals, art, living ART! Mentoring, learning, sharing, group consciousness, meetups and intentional living. Divine Beings, Divinity, unfoldment, blossoming Consciousness. Opening the Heart. I AM. MASTERY AND LOVE. Classified Ads > Situation Wanted
Senior couple wanting to lease for long term a 2 bedroom 2 bath home on the water. Must have dock for 26 ft. boat and access to the ocean. Can offer a large security deposit and first and last months’ rent. Home can be furnished or not. Need by February or March. We have two very well trained and house broken small dogs, so a fenced yard would be nice. We would like to be in Marathon or further south, but want to avoid living in Key West. We have great credit and are reliable. We can maintain a pool, spa, and can do yard work so there won’t be any monthly cost for you. We will do almost any maintenance needed at the property. If your home is for sale and you would be willing to take it off the market for a couple of years and build more equity. This can be a win-win situation. You will have an income of almost $45,000 in the next two years without the hassle of dealing with month to month renters or vacation traffic through your home. We will make payments to you directly so no need for a property manager. Please contact ASAP at Classified Ads > Situation Wanted
[“Summerland dog pepper sprayer”] God forbid the person that would pepper spray my dog. They would be digging that pepper spray out of their ass. Sure I would go to jail but it would be worth it and you can bet she would never do it again.
permit25[“Permit fee”] I rent in Monroe County.  I owned in NYC. Although there are huge taxes in NYC, Monroe Co is the worst.   There are pros and cons for both situations. If you rent, any major repairs or replacements of walls, doors, furnishings is the responsibility of the owner, and many places have laws that the owner has to provide certain minimum living conditions. If you’re not into doing your own repairs or paying for someone else to do them, then renting may be what you want. You get the pleasure of living in a house in the Keys, but without the full responsibility. But it cost a lot to rent a house and you aren’t paying rent-to-own, you’re just paying rent. Plus, if you do something against the terms of rental, or if the owner sells the house, you may be evicted. Some owners have rules against owning pets (God forbid, I have 2 fur babies) and other things which may compromise the integrity of the features of the house (carpets, floors, walls, etc.). But in turn, if you don’t like living in the house, you can simply hand in your termination and move out without worrying about having a property you still need to pay a mortgage on even though you no longer live there. If there’s some disaster and the house completely collapses or disappears or burns ot the ground or whatever, you are only out a place to live and your possessions. You can stop paying rent and go find somewhere else to live. If you owned, you are still responsible for the monthly mortgage payments to the bank even when there isn’t a house anymore. In a rental, just like in an apartment, you won’t be able to do any remodeling or renovations without the owner’s permissions in advance, sometimes they don’t even allow you to paint your walls the colors you want.  But I don’t need a permit to paint the outside of the house, the landlord has to get it.
A news report has just came in from FOX news stating, “It has just been confirmed that JFK died of natural causes on November 22nd, 1963” Case closed!
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[Text Trance] I heard a good one the other day.  “Look at Sally with her iPhone, she’s in a text trance.”
FTR, I don’t think NOAA  is grudging about “the change in Earth’s global mean surface temperature has been close to zero”  If you bother to read the link you posted you will find the heat going in the deep ocean, Noaa’s reference link
[“pred-a-tor in Science”] It’s predator. (prěd’ə-tər) An animal that lives by capturing and eating other animals.
[“Broken Computer”] Deer Ed, Man, you need to upgrade your systems to something reliable like this.
[“Thursday it hit 24º in Jacksonville”] Says FTR. Well there you go! How much proof do you morons need that there is no global warming? More importantly to FTR should be what’s the temperature on Tralfamaor?
A large section of illegal aliens that were sucking up taxpayers monies will soon have to ante up and start paying. Now you know why the Conservatives are so upset. If they have to cut back a little on B.S. rhetoric it sends them into a FOX induced coma. They are not big on reality.
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from the right
O.K., by now we all know that Obama has decided to ignore the Constitution, the results of the recent election, and the very cornerstone our Republic, our system of checks and balances on our government. Instead he has chosen, with contempt for our Constitution, to grant amnesty to about 5 million persons who are living in the U.S. illegally.illegal25Those 5 million persons are but about 1.45% of the population of the US. You might ask: So what’s the big deal?”Please set aside, for the moment, the deeply disturbing ramifications of an American President who is acting as if he were the supreme power in our governance. And please simply think about the fiscal impact of his actions on our society.

When these illegals become legal residents they will become eligible for welfare, unemployment compensation, government paid/subsidized health care, social security, etc. etc. etc,  a golden harvest of entitlements. The cost will be $40 billion per year for the next 50 years.

Once the new illegal immigrants become legal, they will receive social security cards and will immediately be competing for jobs that prior to amnesty they could not occupy.  Good jobs will become even more scarce. Wages will be driven down as a flood of new workers flee the shadows and enter the marketplace.

The very fact of the amnesty will encourage even more immigrants to attempt to breach our borders. They will be convinced that they too will get amnesty.

Our school systems will be severely impacted. The cost of educating immigrant children is substantially higher than native born American children. 47 percent, of illegal-immigrant households consist of parents with children. This proportion is more than double that of U.S.-born households, where just 21 percent are parents with children. Over the years, the number of children of illegal immigrants has increased significantly, and is certain to balloon with Obamas amnesty as even more illegally breach our borders. Each of the tens of thousands of illegal immigrant children pouring across the U.S.-Mexico border who remains in this country is legally entitled to a free public education. If President Obama allows large numbers of illegal alien children to remain in the United States, the public schools will have to manage an unforeseen and possibly unmanageable influx of new foreign children.

Already a flood of immigrant children has engulfed NYC’s schools. In Miami a flood of unaccompanied minors from Central America are forcing officials in the Miami-Dade school district to expand first year English language classes and make other special considerations this school year. Texas public schools have seen a huge increase in illegal immigrant Hispanic students with dismal Mexican and Central American education histories that are contributing to an overall lowering of academic standards across the board. In New York State about 12% of all public school children are illegal immigrants.  NY public schools have seen a huge increase in illegal immigrant Hispanic students with dismal Mexican and Central American education histories that are contributing to an overall lowering of academic standards across the board

Yep, Obama’s amnesty for five million illegal immigrants will cost Americans about $2 trillion, or roughly $40 billion a year for the next five decades. The cost of Obama’s generosity is equivalent to 30 cents extra for every gallon of gas bought by Americans. Or a $10 monthly fee added to every cellphone. Or a $22,000 tax on every American graduate’s four-year college degree.

There is a rule book that governs immigration matters. It’s the U.S. Constitution, our most fundamental and important document. It is the spine of our nation.

Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress exclusive authority to “establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization ….”  And it is the president’s constitutional duty, under Article II, Section 3, to “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.”

Obama has abrogated the powers of Congress. He has violated his oath and the Constitution by refusing  to: “take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed.” And by usurping the powers that belong to Congress alone.

Even though, for purely political reasons, it is extremely unlikely that Obama will be impeached, his actions most certainly are the “abuse of power” that is contemplated in our Constitution as a “high crime or misdemeanor,” a reason for impeachment.

It is galling that Obama is acting solely to seek good will from the Latin community. It is ironic that there is now growing evidence that his actions are actually degrading trust for Democrats in the Latin community.


black angelPart 2) I am enraged at the media’s description and depictions of Michael Brown. Unfailingly they describe him as an “unarmed teenager”. They always air photos of him as a young teenager that seems to have a pleasant disposition.

The fact is that Brown was a young adult.  He was a high school graduate. At the time of his death he was 18 years of age. That’s old enough to vote, old enough to serve in the US military, old enough to hold down a full time job. He was old enough to marry.

Brown was no skinny harmless kid. He dabbled in drugs and alcohol. He is described as being 6’4” and 300 pounds. He was a huge young man.  Brown was a bully who used his size to intimidate and to commit at least one strong arm robbery, a crime that if committed in Florida, would be a 2nd degree felony that could carry a 15 year prison term. That crime was caught on video. That video clearly shows Browns size and criminal demeanor. Check it out for yourself. Link