2018 November

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

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(Ed: Friday, November 30. Oh, oh! I just found out it was Friday. Today’s CT will be online in about an hour. It’s mostly ready to publish. Sorry folks.)

[Murder Most Foul] A fisherman with his line in waters near the Vaca Cut Bridge found a woman’s body Wednesday afternoon, according to Monroe County deputies. The sheriff’s office said the body had “obvious signs of foul play” and that detectives already were speaking to a person of interest. That person has been detained, “but has not been arrested,” Sheriff’s Office spokesman Adam Linhardt said. “We’re interviewing him,” Linhardt said Thursday night. The fisherman was on a shore when he found the body in a wooded area north of the bridge in Marathon.
The sheriff’s office asks for the public’s help in identifying the woman and says she appears white, 50 to 60 years old, five-foot-seven, 150 to 180 pounds, with sandy brown hair. Anyone with information about her identity or how she died can call Crime Stoppers at 866-471-TIPS (8477); go to the Florida Keys Crime Stoppers web page
[Hoax] Mary Brown was chosen to donate her hair to become the crosshairs on Norden bombsights. Link

[Six Foot Long Cannon Found] The 18th-century cannon spotted last year is unquestionably authentic, Matthew Lawrence, maritime archaeologist with the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, confirmed after an underwater inspection Oct. 27 near Elbow Reef’s Hannah M. Bell shipwreck. Link

Enough of that murder plot of Schmitt.  Enough already.  We all know the story.  Let it go.


[Tiny Trees] Is it true Publix will be selling only 3′ Christmas trees but not any tall ones?

The ‘wheel ditch’ channel off Whale Harbor in Islamorada could be closed to motorized boat traffic as a safety precaution. A woman was killed when a boat running through the narrow waterway crashed in April. A flats skiff traveling through the creek in April crashed into mangroves, killing passenger Jereima “Jeri” Bustamante, a 33-year-old aide to Gov. Rick Scott. Link

[Murder] The brothers, Paul & Keith Caneiro, were business partners at Square One, an Asbury Park technology firm.  Both had their homes (in 2 different townships) destroyed by arson at the same time. Apparent it was a quadruple homicide of Keith Caneiro, his wife, and 2 children. Video
God Bless America sung by the Russian Red Army Choir in 2011. Video
[Help Wanted, Etc] Deer Ed, can you put a link on your home menu to the free ad menus such as help wanted, for sale etc. I saw someone wanting to post for help but poked around & can’t find the free advertising pages. (Ed: We removed the Classified Ad page as it was too time consuming to keep up to date. You can still post ads on the CT by clicking on the Contact Us link at the top of the page and sending us the information. Your ad will appear in the next issue of the CT.)

[Dead Whales] More than 140 whales wash ashore on New Zealand beach, all die. A mass of pilot whales that washed ashore a southern New Zealand beach have died. Many were euthanized. Video

[Dead Turtles] Hundreds of sea turtles have washed ashore on Cape Cod after being stunned by the cold, according to the conservation group Mass Audubon. Video

Mocha, nonfat, no whip.” ~Me ordering a dominatrix by phone.




Southernmost House” by William Welch

Online boating courses could begin soon. The timelines for both the mandatory Everglades National Park class for Florida Bay operators and the voluntary Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary boat class remain tentative. Link
[Boat Fire] The Key West Police Department is investigating as arson a boat fire that completely destroyed and sank a 45-foot vessel docked at Sunset Marina. Police originally were sent to the boat at the Barracuda Pier on College Rd., around 6:30 p.m. Thursday to respond to a domestic dispute and criminal mischief complaint. While there, the “boat ignited into flames,” said police spokeswoman Alyson Crean. Yimis Roman, 39, was arrested on a domestic battery count, accused of striking the boat’s owner, Elizabeth Krause. Crean said he is also likely facing arson charges. Krause, 35, lived on the vessel, according to Crean. Roman is being held in Key West jail on $25,000 bond.
[Winn Dixie Point System Not Fair] Thanksgiving & Black Friday only “16 X points on gift card“. Normally I get cigars for the guys and gift cards for the girls, so off to the Winn Dixie on Friday to get my gift cards. I got Macy’s gift cards. For $100 expecting 1600 points, but low and behold, much to my surprise, I only got 47% (750 points)of the 16X points. When I brought the discrepancy to management, I was informed that they don’t figure it out as 1 point per dollar X 16, but they have a special formula to calculate the points which comes out to 47%. Another scam by S E Groceries. I’m sure not to fall for that advertisement again.





Elon Musk begins testing “economy class” rocket for his SpaceX program.

[“FKAA fraud case”] Reminder that this Thursday (11/29/18) at 11 AM in the Key West courthouse, it would be much appreciated if you would attend to show support for Louise Delaney’s case against FKAA and Monroe County’s unlawful forcing of easements from homeowners to install grinder pump stations in their yard. Others are counting on you like you would want them to stand for you.
[Raising Building Heights] A foot or two could make a big difference in keeping an Islamorada home dry and cheaper to insure, members of the Local Planning Agency agreed. Building rules in the village’s charter set a maximum allowed structural height of 35 feet, which should remain. “Clearly that means we can’t go higher than 35 feet,” said Mark Gregg, a board member and former village councilman. “It’s a question of where you measure that 35 feet from.”
[Dead Women] More than half of all female homicide victims worldwide were killed by a member of their own family last year. The most dangerous place for a woman? Her home! Link
Is the Konk Life blog an American blog or some communist left-wing blog? Seems everything they write about is anti-American!
The Keys Chamber Orchestra and the Lower Keys Community Choir invite you, your family, friends and guests to one or all of our Christmas concerts.  We have 3 concerts scheduled:
7:30 p.m. Dec. 10th at the Big Pine Key Methodist Church, 280 Key Deer Blvd
7:30 p.m. Dec. 12th at Venture Out on Cudjoe, 701 Spanish Main Drive
7:30 p.m. Dec. 13th at San Pablo Catholic Church, 550 122nd St in Marathon.
Cookies and punch will be served after the first 2 concerts and San Pablo has an amazing walk through holiday light display.  Please join us.  Concerts and parking are free and a goodwill offering will be available.  For more information, contact Wayne at
[Caravan] U.S. Military used tear gas.  Mexico will deport all identified in the incident. Video

[Early TV] When I was young there were only three TV stations, so a show didn’t have to be good to be a hit, it just had to suck less than the other two shows in its time slot.

The AARP activities calendar for December is online. Full Menu > Ongoing Events
Crook accused of using a device right out of a 007 movie. Florida Highway Patrol officers arrested Robert Craig Davis, 70. They say he repeatedly used a remote-control device to raise and lower a black cloth shield over his license plate so that toll cameras could not read his plate and send him a bill for using a toll road. Link


[Free Rides] Free minibus trial run planned in Islamorada. During the local trial period, the small buses will run mostly on Old Highway on Upper Matecumbe. Those commercial low-speed buses are not approved to cross bridges. Link

[Abortion] John and Barbara Willke wrote the handbook on how to attack the law that legalized abortion. They’re gone now, but their strategy is paying off. The Willke Way: How an Ohio couple put Roe v. Wade on the ropes. Link
[Mr Know It All] The only reason there are millionaires and billionaires in this world is because they over charge for their products PERIOD!


[Snake Hunter] One of the South Florida Water Management District’s snake hunters last week killed the largest Burmese python caught so far in the state — a 17-foot, 5-inch female weighing 120 pounds. Homestead’s Kyle Penniston made the solo capture. It’s the third python measuring more than 17 feet captured as part of a state program that started less than two years ago. Link

[“The Plot To Kill Bruce Schmit”] Heh, yeah. Good ol’ cheap meat Ralph. I can’t wait for Bruce to get the other names redacted from the documents – he’s liable to be the antibiotic in the petri-dish known as Marathon. Stay on ’em Bruce!