Friday, November 6, 2020

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[Faith] People many times die three months from their birth date. How did Larry Kahn transition? Opiates? I have read many parapsychology books on death and dying & the verdict seems to be that our souls have been here many times & crossing over is like getting into a different vehicle. We decide if we want to come back and where, for our souls to evolve to a higher vibration. Some people truly believe that when we go – we go out forever. Souls live forever! The Akashic Book of Records, Edgar Cayce, they can confirm this. People who had NDE (near death experience) always said the same thing: Love — beauty and they don’t want to be revived.



I asked my wife if I was the only one she had ever been with. She said yes, all the others were nines and tens.

[McLain Brothers] That’s so sad to hear about Perry McLain’s passing. His brother went a few years back. Both were expert A/C repairmen. They were such a big part of the community. I met them back when Little Palm Island first opened. They were good people. Not many of us old timers left. Miss the Bee Man, and so many others.
[Plant Sale] The plant nursery at the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden will be offering native trees, shrubs, groundcovers and vines for sale from 9 a.m. to noon on Nov. 21, and at any time by appointment at our website. About 160 species of plants are available with an inventory totaling more than 2,100 plants that attract birds and butterflies in 1- to 10-gallon pots. Key West Tropical Forest members receive a 15% discount. All proceeds directly benefit the garden’s conservation program. Face masks and social distancing will be required. The garden is located at 5210 College Road on Stock Island. For information, call 305-296-1504 or visit our website. Link



[Knitting Pervert] And just like that, Grandma was off the list for church fundraisers.
The Dildo Song by Uncle John. Video

In the 13th century a horse and a slave cost the same.



Best Winter road trips for R/V’s, from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to the Florida Keys. Link



[Electoral College] “And that, boys and girls, is how the Electoral College works. Are there any questions?”
“Is it as stupid as it sounds?
“Excellent question, Oliver. Yes, yes it is.”

[More Condos] EOS Investors LLC, a privately-held real estate investment firm headquartered in New York City, announced Oct. 29 its acquisition of the Faro Blanco Resort & Yacht Club, a 125-room, 16-acre waterfront resort and marina in the Marathon.



[Islamorada’s Pedestrian Bridge] We need that pedestrian bridge? Not!

[Benefits Of Covid Mask] Attend City of Key West commission meetings, doze off, yawn like you haven’t slept in 3 days, all behind the mask.
Hurricane Eta, which slammed into Honduras on Thursday, is projected to regather and head toward Cuba and Florida this weekend, bringing heavy rain and winds up to 65 mph, according to National Weather Service forecasters. The storm that hit Nicaragua as a Category 4 hurricane on Tuesday had become more of a vast tropical rainstorm, but it was advancing so slowly and dumping so much rain that much of Central America remained on high alert. As of Thursday, Eta had sustained winds of 30 mph and was moving west-northwest at 7 mph. It was centered 90 miles south of La Ceiba, Honduras.


[Phone Comments About Sheriff’s Department]  On Dec. 7, a site-based assessment team from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. will review all aspects of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures.

As part of the assessment, you can “drop a dime” on the cops during a phone-in public information session between 4 p.m. through 5 p.m. Dec. 8 by calling 305-432-1945.

The Prince of Wales may seem like an unlikely fashion guru, but he has waded into a domain normally inhabited by duchesses and princesses to urge consumers to end “this extraordinary trend of throwaway clothing”. Prince Charles has issued a rallying cry for sustainable fashion in which timeless classics can be mended and repaired and worn for years. When asked about his own “sense of style”, the Prince compared himself to “a stopped clock” that told the right time twice a day, suggesting he was accidentally fashionable every now and again. Video
[Idiot Department] Is it true that I can join the Communist Party in the Keys in any gas station or local market or bar?
[Cruise Ship Referendums in Key West Pass] Two of the referenda — the ones limiting the size of cruise ships and the number of passengers and crew allowed to disembark each day — each won by a 60-40% margin.

The third referendum, giving preference to cruise lines with superior health and safety records, won by a whopping 80-20% margin.

And there is virtually no question that this contentious issue is not finished. Legal challenges are on the immediate horizon that could change the outcome of the overwhelming voter approval of the three referenda that will significantly limit the number of cruise ships docking in Key West. Despite the high level of voter support for the measures, however, the expected legal challenges could gut them.

With the measures now part of city law, local taxpayers will be footing part of the bill to defend them in court. While the city was named in two previous lawsuits attempting to keep the three referenda off the ballot, it sat back and let the Key West Committee for Safer, Cleaner Ships, the non-profit organization that wrote the three ballot referenda, handle the cost of the legal response. Now, since the referenda are part of the city’s legal charter, city attorneys will likely lead the way on a legal defense.

[Veteran Celebrates 100th Birthday Flying for World Record] 100 year-old WWII vet is still flying! He’s a Living Legend. Link