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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

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The-Coconut-Telegraph-w-CoconutsThe Original Unsocial Media. Anonymous Letters to the Editor with Pictures. Published Daily by Noon Since 2002. No Saturday Edition

[Crooks] It looks like yesterday’s poster narrowly avoid being burglarized. Some years ago my construction crew and I were sitting around drinking beer after work in the back yard where we were working and a neatly dressed man came through the bushes. When I asked him why, he said he and his wife’s car broke and he was soliciting money to get back to America. I threw him out, but was sorry I didn’t hit him because I knew he was a crook as the house looked empty. Two days later I was at home and the same man came through the gate with the same story. This time I punched him without a word. He went down, but got his shirt hung on the gate’s picket. I left him hanging there until he came to. Several days later while walking down Duval St I spotted him again, coming in my direction. I didn’t look at him but kept closing the distance until I was close enough to tag him, but he recognized me at the last second and started running. Coincidentally there was another guy after him too and coming from the direction the crook was fleeing in, but he recognized the other guy too and ran in another direction and got away. I never saw him again. That’s one good thing about small towns; you can always find someone unless they live there and know where to go to hide.
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noose13Robin Williams‘ personal assistant found him with a belt around his neck at his San Francisco Bay Area home. Superficial cuts were found on Williams’ wrist and a pocket knife was found nearby. Toxicology results on whether Williams had any drugs or alcohol in his system are weeks away. Williams was 63 and had suffered for years from periodic bouts of substance abuse and depression. Just last month, Williams announced he was returning to a 12-step treatment program. He was last seen alive at home around 10 p.m. Sunday.
[Medical Records] I completely agree with Tuesday’s poster who advocates obtaining and checking one’s records as well as keeping an up-to-date card with all of your meds, allergies, and conditions. Medical professionals are more over worked than ever and their mistakes become your problem. Your best health care comes from an effective partnership between you and your health care team. Do your part!
[“Hidden beach”] It doesn’t really matter where it is because most of those beaches are inaccessible unless it’s a full moon high tide. They’re really good places to get stranded by low water! Tip: Brown, brown, run aground.
A poster asked about the black spots on the leaves of the poisonwood trees. As I understand it, it’s from the sap coming into contact with the air (oxidation, for you scientific types.) You’ll see it on both the leaves and the trunk, wherever it has been scratched or bruised. Perhaps one Deer Ed’s master gardener readers can confirm this.
[“Boater doesn’t save sailor. What’s wrong with these modern people”] I thought the same thing! I am not laying blame in the following statement, I’m questioning thought process. Someone snapped a picture of the sinking vessel low in the water. They had time to think to snap a picture but no thought to try to establish contact. There is a Law of the Sea that says stable vessels should assist those in distress, not snap a shot for a Facebook update. I heard a report the other day that said the sailboat was trimmed up to ride out a violent storm and the hatches were closed. The thought of that young diver dying and going down with the ship is a sad one for this former SCUBA instructor.
[“Canal Cleanup”] Last spring we received notice of the cleaning up the canal in Eden Pines. Did they ever start the construction for that program? Did they finish it? Is it up and running? I hope so, it seemed to be the perfect project.
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You can’t fix stupid
, not even with duct tape.
[Pop-ups] I’ve been wanting to tell you how I got rid of that pesky BrowserShop that put so many ads onto my screen that I couldn’t see what I was looking for on Home Depot & Amazon. It was only on Google Chrome, so I was able to use Explorer & Juno Web without the pop-ups.

I Googled sites that showed me how to get rid of it, but they were too complicated, or didn’t work. Taking matters into my own hands I uninstalled than reinstalled Chrome and the pop-ups are all gone!

[“Fort Jefferson free admission day”] It’s been a few years since I’ve been there and I don’t even remember them charging admission. If I was able to travel those seventy miles of open water to get there and back I wouldn’t be concerned with saving a few measly bucks on admission. I wonder who thought up that silly plan to get more visitors. I hope they didn’t get a grant to study it.
gas additive[Valero is an unbranded gasoline] The only problem with unbranded gas is the profit it takes from the big name brands. It is not “bottom of the barrel”. It is all about additives and marketing. You can purchase all kinds of additives from your local auto parts stores that are reliable and do enhance vehicle performance and life. The poster must have vested interest in big name outlet or is just misinformed. Link
Robin Williams’ tremendous talents notwithstanding, I admired him mostly for not becoming a political know-it-all, like the majority of them have done. Becoming an entertainment success doesn’t increases your political intelligence 2%, and Robin Williams knew that fact, unlike the rest of the pompous fools.
[“Child shoots self”] I will not mention the doctor that stopped a mass shooting with his legal weapon. If you will not try to convince me that a 18-time convicted felon would give a crap for one more gun control law. He has already broken every one we have now!
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harlan-contents00[“Secret beach“] If you publish the GPS location it won’t be secret for long.  Every weekender tourist and local will find it, likely trash it, and ruin your so called secret spot.  I also have two “secret” little beach spots, one in the Content Keys and one in the Marvin Keys.  I can go to either in mid-week and often on weekends and be totally alone with my lady friend, a picnic basket, some wine, fruit, cheese and some soft tunes and enjoy a beautiful afternoon.  I always take a rake and smooth the sand and remove every bit of our presence before leaving, leaving the site as we found it.  The spots are hard to find and I would never, never post a GPS location so that my paradise could be invaded by a bunch of idiots who would trash the place.
[“Sewer firm wants Cudjoe deal”] Does anyone think that post is really news worthy? The date on that newspaper story was Monday, May 25, 2009 and the Board of County Commissioners made it absolutely clear that the state legislature had put FKAA in charge of the construction of the sewer project by then.

Do you have any current recommendation or solution to get Cudjoe completed cheaper? We’re listening.

[“One day of free admission“] When they give me a free ride on the Fast Cat, I’ll be taking that trip to the Fort Jefferson. That’s what needs to be free to get us all there!
[Entitlements] Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes that you can do these things. Among them are a few Texas oil millionaires, and an occasional politician or businessman from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid. ~Dwight D. Eisenhower.
[Crooks] A young man in an AT&T polo shirt appeared on the second floor of my stilt house after entering my fenced yard , asking questions about my internet. He did not have a clipboard or a business card, did not know if I had U-verse or my name. Anyone else have unusual AT&T salesmen visit them last weekend?
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Location numbers for a hidden beach out back in the Content Keys. Ah yes, yet another “explorer” who moved here from somewhere else to discover an unfound treasure. I’d check my charts before I start navigating back in the Contents. The Refuge office in the WD shopping center has maps that show areas where motorized vessels or jet skis are not to be. A lot of places out back are only accessible to paddlers and plastic boats.
[“Voting Independent, be careful what you wish for”] Now wait a minute! Since when are the Independents Communists? According to the Conservatives, Liberals are the Communists, and according to the Liberals, Conservatives are Nazis. I understand what the poster was trying to state, but you don’t seem to understand the danger of continuing to keep both Democrats and Republicans in Congress. These two parties are bringing America down. Both economically and with party resentment. The end result will be a civil war.

The only way to avoid this from happening will be to vote Independents, getting rid of both parties for now. We make it perfectly clear that by replacing both parties with Independents, we demand two term limits from now on. We demand a minimum wage for these elected officials. We demand that corporate lobbying will not be tolerated anymore by the people. As long as we continue to keep both present Reps and Dems in Congress, they will never allow these demands to happen, because it will cripple their super salaries, pensions and corporate fringe benefits. That’s exactly my point.

These Independent replacements in Congress will be fully aware that they are to serve for two terms only and with a minimum wage salary. This will keep us in charge of all their legislative decisions. After the two terms are up I will bet you that both Reps and Dems, will have learned their lesson that the people are fed up and might change their attitudes towards us and our government for the better. Can’t it be possible that the Independents will do everything possible to satisfy the American populace demands, being that they’ve never really had the chance to serve the people politically? We have never given the Independents the chance to show what they can do as a majority in political office, and I truly believe it’s time we give them this opportunity in November.

Two term limits will cripple the corporate take-over of our government. This is where we need to fight back for our power to the people declared by our Constitution. The present politicians in Capital Hill have made a career out of being in office and have empowered themselves both financially and dictatorially over the people of America. They were supposed to do what we want and demand, and yet, they now dictate to Americans what they want and demand from us. This is not the way it was intended by our Founding Fathers for Americans to live. The next step, if we achieve this goal, is to do the same for the Presidency in 2016.

If you agree with this idea, I urge all of you to use the social media to spread this idea all over America. Let’s take our government back now, this coming November!

[“Psoriasis”] Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that is not, repeat not contagious. Psoriasis is not “hard to cure” it is currently impossible to cure, although its symptoms can be treated. It is difficult enough to suffer from this problem, without having to battle false information. Information can be verified through National Psoriasis Foundation. Link
[Marvin Key] Is there a back way to Marvin Keys at all tides? I can only figure out how to get there during high tide and from the Gulf. Is the Marvin Keys Channel navigable at all times as that’s a hell of a place to get stuck!
A good man breaks your headboard not your heart.
[Spies Like Us] Use this trick to see a map of everywhere Google knows you’ve been. Link
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The second bag down on the left looks like it has real possibilities.
[“Psoriasis contagious”] The poster yesterday was sadly misinformed. Psoriasis is not contagious. It is not something you can “catch” or that others can catch from you. Psoriasis lesions are not infectious. Link
[Stinky] I was riding my bike past Venture Out and almost gagged from the perfumed smell of their waste water treatment plant. That starting me thinking that if there is any odor at all from the Blimp Road Cudjoe plant, a north wind will take it right to the more populated areas, such as Cudjoe Gardens. I will make a prediction now that this is going to be a major issue after that plant gets up and running; I have never been near one of those plants that didn’t stink.
sexy moves geek dance
Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance!
[“Hidden beach latitude and longitude”] Try these coordinates: 21 16’50.49 N 157 50′ 13.51 W.
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
[“Lobster crook”] Shouldn’t the lobster Driefort stole had been confiscated?
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[Vegan Tick] This bug’s bite could turn you into a vegetarian. It causes you to be allergic to meat. Link
Beloved dog from Vernon Hills wins national service dog award. Link
Florida gun law. Link
santa-fe-sheohard-pieHappy Hump Day from Springer’s Bar and Grill. It’s Wednesday and that means another great comfort food special. So today we have Santa Fe Shepherd’s Pie. It’s warm, yummy in the tummy, and a party in your mouth.
Thursday special: Shrimp po’boy
Friday special: Pesto crusted mahi over rice.
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.
There’s always something special at Springer’s
Psoriasis isn’t contagious. It can’t be spread by touch from person to person.
To the ‘schroom poster. There is and old saying: There are old mushroom hunters and there are bold mushroom hunters, but there are no old bold mushroom hunters!
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brain transfer
Robin Williams
had the fastest time from brain to lips than any other comedian. Steven Colbert and Johnny Carson are the two runners-up.
[Problems with dead obese people] Dead obese woman had so much body fat she set the building on fire during her cremation! Link
Ever notice when doctors and lawyers go on vacation, they don’t give a damn about you, but when you cancel or change your appointment for your vacation they freak out!
chevron-logo[“Cheap gas”] To the uninformed person that thinks unbranded gas comes from the “bottom of the barrel”, realize this, you have no clue! Valero is a brand of gas. I have not only bought gas from them in Marathon, but in Fargo, N.D. on a trip to see my Brother in the Air Force. That makes them a national chain. All gas in South Florida comes from Port Everglades whether its Shell, CITGO, Chevron or whatever. The specific fuel companies add their own techrons, or what have you, and make it different while the hired transport gas truck is there to pick it up. The only logical thing commented on in yesterday’s spew of misinformation was that Big Pine’s gas prices are too high. They, in theory, should be about $.20 cents lower. Knowing these facts I fill up in Marathon whenever I can, as many others do as well. ~With much love, former gas station owner
[“Hidden beach”] Asking for the lat/long on a deserted beach is like asking for the coordinates to someone’s best fishing spot
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headdress indian
[Chief Fire] Just for clarification, a local political campaign advertisement recently implied someone other than Jason Pearson was the Volunteer Fire Chief of Big Pine Key Volunteer Fire Department. Jason Pearson is the Volunteer Fire Chief and he has my full support for the work he does in the department and for the community. I do not want there to be any confusion about who is serving you.  ~Respectfully, Paul Roxenberg, President, Big Pine Key Volunteer Fire Department
[“About the customer who shot a thief in a 7-Eleven”] No way, not me, but I have to mention the lad did self cull the herd!
I want to get a service animal jacket and put it on a Key West hooker so I can take her anywhere. I hope this would not offend anyone?
[“Service Dogs”] The poster who cheats because she doesn’t want to go anywhere without her dog needs more help than this foolish forum can provide. Anyone can cheat and buy a service dog jacket for $26.85 at
It looks like the FTR guy is playing the right wing creepy America,-love-it-or-leave-it card. I haven’t seen that one since the days of the Vietnam war debacle.  What’s next on the agenda, public loyalty oaths by every “patriot”?
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[Dolphin & Whale 911] Marine Mammal Smart Phone Apps. The Dolphin & Whale 911 app will enhance accurate and timely reporting of stranded marine mammals in the Southeastern U.S. Link
The info posted on Tuesday about psoriasis is completely wrong. Maybe it’s someone trolling but I wouldn’t want Deer Ed’s loyal readers to get all worked up about erroneous information.
[Mad and not going to take it anymore] Are you people getting sick and tired of these ‘Children’ busting into stores, robbing seniors, knocking out strangers for kicks? I am and I hope some low life piece of crap tries it on me or my family. They will never do it again! It is about time the legal age was lowered to 12 and make parents just as responsible for their off springs actions as the punk. Enough of this BS!
This came on a car with Michigan plates — big surprise!
[“Sexy lobster buddy”] That is typical of today’s wives, they do not understand. Now if you had caught some crabs…
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[Recipe] Shrimp Tacos with Spicy Slaw. Link
Sorry FTR you were wrong. You tried to say I am paying a subsidy for my health care coverage even though I mentioned I do not qualify for that subsidy offered thru Obamacare.  I simply said I don’t qualify for the listed subsidy of the healthcare act. Then you went into goalpost moving.  Im saving money compared to my last premiums I was paying. Im sure even then I was paying a subsidy. Since I was with the same company for a decade. That means I was paying a subsidy when President Bush was in office also. That part never changes.

I understand you cannot bring yourself to accept that a hard working taxpayer is saving money on healthcare costs but im sure youre not buying local law authority vehicles all alone. That’s how any insurances work. Can you name an insurance company that only has 1 customer who pays everything themselves?  Group insurance coverages are usually cheaper which means they are all subsidized by others insured.

It was that way well before Obama was elected and will be well after hes left office.

Seems youre trumping up the obvious in all due respect.

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FTR thought he responded to a McCain post, but he evaded the fact of the post, that whenever you see McCain the TV he’s beating the war drum? The guy thinks of nothing else. His POW experience harmed him in more ways than was obvious.
from the right
A POSTER WROTE: “Gun Nuts– The 13-year-old son of an 18-time convicted felon facing life in prison on gun charges was shot to death this month in Florida City while playing with a firearm, according to court records and published media reports. Are you 2d Amenders going to tell us now about the customer who shot a thief in a 7-Eleven, saving the store $120 bucks?”

FTR’S RESPONSE: It appears that the poster muddled the facts. The fact is that the Dade authorities have made an arrest in the case. According to news reports there are two versions of what occurred. One claims that the shooter has “issues” with the victim and purposefully shot him. The other claims that the episode occurred when the arrestee, while in a group of youths, showing off, had pointed the gun at the vic and pulled the trigger three times. During the first two trigger pulls, the cylinder was empty, on the third it contained a live round. The vic was hit in the x ring and died. Whichever scenario is accurate, it was a crime, a purposeful act that was a crime. Allegedly the arrestee chose to break the law, a human died at his hands.

The young man, the shooter, was illegally in possession of the gun, he used the gun in an illegal manner. A human died. Everything that happened was a violation of the law, and everything that happened reflected a decision made by the alleged shooter. No new gun law would have changed a damn thing. Link

There are other news reports available by using a simple key word search.

The poster claimed that the vic’s father was a habitual gun felon. It’s obvious that no gun law prevented dear old dad from having and using guns. Criminals have no regard whatsoever for gun laws. Many welcome them because they feel that they will not encounter armed citizens.

Jurisdictions that have the most draconian gun laws have the highest incidence of gun violence.

As for the poster’s suggestion that the “theft” of $120 from a 7-Eleven is unworthy of armed intervention.

A theft is a completely different animal from a robbery. In theft there is little or no danger to the vic. In a robbery, force is used. It can be armed or unarmed force. The vic is in danger in a robbery, and if the vic sees that danger as being a threat to his/her life, or serious bodily harm, he/she would be a damned fool for not trying to protect him/herself. Deadly force convincingly threatened may be countered with deadly force. It is my personal belief that when convincingly threatened with deadly force, a citizen has an obligation to his/her loved ones to resist by whatever means available.

Armed, responsible citizens thwart violent crime and save lives. I strongly urge all to read that attached link. It is a fascinating story: Link

Part 2) Fascinating stuff going on in left field. Hillary is dumping on Obama, Obama is dumping on Hillary. Hillary is strongly criticizing Obama’s foreign policy “failures”.

In an interview with the Atlantic published on Sunday, the former secretary of state says the “failure” of the United States to help those protesting the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad led to the rise of al-Qaida-inspired groups like ISIL, the militants currently creating havoc in Syria and Iraq.”

horseshit13“The failure to help build up a credible fighting force of the people who were the originators of the protests against Assad — there were Islamists, there were secularists, there was everything in the middle — that failure left a big vacuum, which the jihadists have now filled,” Clinton said.”

Obama says her claims are “horseshit”, and that she is “disloyal”.

They’re both right. You’ve got to ask yourself why didn’t Hillary have the stones to quit as SOS and voice her opinion while these events were in progress.