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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

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mork robin williams
Robin Williams
killed himself last night (suicide due to asphyxia) and returned to planet Ork where he will now make God laugh.
A couple of disturbing things took place this weekend on BPK which might make folks want to pay a little more attention to what’s going on.

I live in Eden Pines and on Saturday night, someone stopped in front of my house and tore down a campaign sign for John Dick which was in my front yard. I mean, how low is it to resort to dirty tricks in a non-partisan school board election?

Then, my girl friend came back from shopping Sunday afternoon to find a late 20’s/early 30’s male coming out from behind our house. She confronted him and he did not or pretended to not really understand English, muttering something she thought indicated he was saying that he was lost. I’d like to know, though, how someone gets lost behind a house with a fenced yard and a closed gate. I’m guessing he was casing the property for a potential robbery.

[Name that plant] I was attracted to these mushrooms by the sound of buzzing that I thought were bees, but turned out to be flies. Flies were aplenty, but when I stooped to take this picture they buzzed off–all but one. If I were younger I’d taste one to see if I could get high? Now that I’m old, I’ll just put them in a soufflé.
I just checked all my medical records from the hospitals and doctors I have access to online to see what they have. Then I ordered copies of my records everywhere not online. I found seven errors. One had the wrong blood type. Another had a wrong listing of health problems. Several listed problems I do not have. There are misspellings of names, addresses, personnel data, etc.
I highly recommend that people check all the medical data anyone has on them very closely, especially hospitals and your personal doctors. Get paper copies of everything and keep a wallet card up to date with your problems, meds, contacts, insurances, etc. They can kill you with a simple typo!
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scratch hand itch
is a skin disease that can be easily spread by simply going to any medical facility and touching something that is contaminated by the previous patient that has it. Eye examination apparatus can infect your facial skin if they are not cleaned between every patient usage. This disease is very hard to cure. Shaking hands, playing kissy-face also can spread this. Be care out there!
[Garlic Breath] Eat an Apple. Fruits that brown when exposed to air contain an oxi­dating enzyme. This compound also sets off a chemical chain reaction that deodorizes of­fending sulfides.

Sip some green tea. Its loaded with plant chemi­cals known as polyphenols, which work through a similar mechanism to neutralize all four sulfide compounds.

Swill a little lemon juice. Acidic beverages with a pH below 3.6 destroy the enzyme alliinase, which activates when garlic is crushed and enhances the smelly sulfuric properties.

[Gun Nuts] The 13-year-old son of an 18-time convicted felon facing life in prison on gun charges was shot to death this month in Florida City while playing with a firearm, according to court records and published media reports. Are you 2d Amenders going to tell us now about the customer who shot a thief in a 7-Eleven, saving the store $120 bucks?
[Sewers] How the hell can a gravity system cost more than a vacuum or pressure pump system? Being a freaking tax payer in this state, I want to see the detailed parts bills and who is getting the contracts, who is bossing this con job. Who? I have my rope ready!
Sewer firms want Cudjoe deal. Private partnership says it will do the job for less money. Link
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[Muslims Repellant
] Put this sign on your law. It’s in both English and Arabic.
[George Neugent Is Correct] ~by Walt Drabinski, Sir Isaac Newton Coalition/The Citizen
At the Home Town Pac last Monday night, George Neugent stated that because the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System (CRWS) is a pressure system, it will not suffer from salt water intrusion like that being experienced in Tavernier. A recent newspaper article pointed out that the Islamorada system is facing failures of the vacuum sewer system. To date there have been 25 leaking pits out of over 400 pits, or about a 6% failure rate. These leaks permit seawater to enter the vacuum lines and then be transmitted to the treatment plant. George is correct; with the pressure system using grinder pumps in the Cudjoe Regional Wastewater System (CRWS) water cannot enter the system. The design does not permit this. The fact is that if any of the thousands of plastic welds fail, or the connections to the almost 2,000 grinder pumps let go, or if a shut off or check valves at the street fail, or if someone cuts into the hundreds of miles of plastic pipe buried two feet deep, the sewage, under pressure of up to 150 PSI, after power outages, will flow into the trenches that were dug during installation and then into our canals and near shore waters. The fiction of a vacuum system versus a pressure system is that when components of the vacuum system fail, the operators see water incursion. When a pressure system fails, it is almost untraceable until the sewage runs into the streets or our canals. That is why pressure sewer systems are rated as only slightly better than septic systems when it comes to environmental quality. By George, you are right! When components of the pressure system fail, we won’t see water in the sewer, we will see sewage in the water.
[“Fuel price difference between Big Pine key and Marathon”] The reason BPK can get more for gas is because there are a lot of vehicles on Big Pine Key that would not make it off the island; and the rip off fuel sellers know it. When I lived on BPK I never bought gas there. Never. Convenience stores are just that. Convenient, but when I do go into one and the line is 5 people or more–not so convenient is it? I try to avoid them but, they are so … convenient.
How about latitude and longitude on the hidden beach out back in the Content Keys? Look like great spot.
[“Service dog cheat“] A friend of mine has a male Maltese with a service status card because he can fly for free. The reason for his service is emotional support. My friend dose not need the dog of course, but anytime she can stick it back in the airlines’ asses I’m all for it. If given the choice of sitting next to that delightful creature and some of the scumbags I’ve had to sit next to on flights over 6 and a half hours? I’d choose the dog every time. He has more personality then a lot of people I’ve met. I think the little guy has to be in his pet carrier and fit under her seat. Did you know that people can have those little horses for service animals? Sorry, but if someone brings a horse into a restaurant while I’m eating–I ain’t paying!
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Anonymous’ hacks
City of Ferguson, MO’s website in response to unarmed teenager who was killed by police. Link
Jane Pauly was hot back in the old days, but a real spoiled brat. Nice bod and face, but, oh, what a bitter, self-centered bitch she was! Hope she changed.
[“Yap dogs”] How about those damn yap kids that do the same when you are trying to eat your $100 dinner?
] A former lower Keys commercial lobster fisherman who was banned from fishing and served more than two years in federal prison in the largest poaching case in Keys history was cited again last week by state wildlife officers for having 140 lobster illegally. David Dreifort, 47, was cited for improperly displaying a dive flag, not displaying his buoy color on the top of a commercial fishing vessel, and having no commercial fishing license while diving for lobster off Cudjoe Key. Some people are hard to train.
[“Service dogs“] The original post was asking about all those people who can’t be apart from their dogs for one moment, who stoop so low as to buy phony service dog vests to fool us so Fluffy can go to the store with them. Jerks all.
Tim Dorsey
novels are all great reads. I love the characters and the way he works in a lot of Florida history. He obviously loves the state but has an appropriately jaundiced point of view. And Serge is so creative in teaching the moral scumbags a lesson.
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How about another desensitize Mohammed photo?
Chaos is order yet undeciphered.
[“Constantly focusing on tearing down others’ belief systems”] We are not tearing down anything. We just want to cure the insanity called religion and mysticism that has all but destroyed logic and truth on the planet.
[Lobster Buddy]  I told my wife that I was going lobster hunting with my dive buddy.  She said, “Great, good luck, and bring us back a couple of nice ones.  I’ll stop at the store and grab a couple of steaks.”  When I got home with a few nice bugs I showed her a picture I got with my buddy holding part of our catch.  She threw the steaks in the garbage and now, for some reason, she’s not speaking to me.  Women,  I’ll  just never understand them.
[“Bank of America”] I accepted a check from a customer once drawn from BoA. I stopped at a branch to cash it because it was very close and cash would come in handy on a upcoming trip. $6 fee to cash their own check! They got the $6, but as I threw the candy I picked out of their bowl in the lobby coming in back into it, I mentally noted to myself, never deal with these people again. Needless to say, when people ask me if I will take a check, my response is, “If it’s not drawn from BoA, its okay.”
I had a checking account with them several years ago in N.C. and I can’t remember why I closed it, but I’m sure it was not because I liked their practices. Banks!
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Dry Tortugas National Park
(Fort Jefferson) is giving free admission on August 25. Whoopie. Big deal. If you’ve got enough money or a big enough yacht to get to the park, which is 70 miles west of Key West, you probably aren’t too concerned with saving park admission.
If they are controlling mosquitoes by using chemicals to change their DNA, why do they not do the same for poison spiders, snakes, bugs, and useless creatures like rednecks and illegals?
Atlantic City is falling apart. The fourth casino this year is closing due to bankruptcy. It’s hard to compete with Vegas and it’s legal prostitution and world wide reputation.
I could almost believe the BS that Islam is the religion of peace if they weren’t running all over killing people.
How to instantly fail a drunk driving test. Except for the heavy coats, this could be just another normal day in the Keys.  Video
lower keys boat rental7.11.14
For the record in Dubai.
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Hi there from Springer’s Bar and Grill
. It’s Tuesday and you know what that means … It’s Pizza Day! Any 2 topping pizza all day today for $10 (eat in only). You’ve got to love that.
Wednesday special: Santa Fe Shepard’s pie
Thursday special: shrimp po’boy
Friday special: pesto crusted mahi over rice.
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.
There’s Always Something Special at Springer’s!
[Obamacare] Q: Is it true that, under the Affordable Care Act, “Medicare will not pay anything” for patients receiving only “observation” care in hospitals?
A: No. Medicare will pay a significant portion of observation care costs after copayments and deductibles are met. Nothing has changed as a result of the ACA.
[“Killer pacifist”] You are a pacifist and you want to wipe out everyone in the Middle East? Please see a therapist. And consult a dictionary too
Let me get this strait. Islamic jihadists force the Yazidi religious minority to a mountain top in northern Iraq. So what do we do? Airlift food and water to them. Then what? Wait until the ruthless bastards just go away? How about dropping them .50 caliber machine guns and food and water? May as well do nothing rather then prolong the inevitable. Typical soft USA approach to a problem that has no end in site
The Christian’s Bible is a drug store. Its contents remain the same, but the medical practice changes. ~Mark Twain
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[“Desensitizing Islam”] Look at the money they will save us on paper bags!
[Frivolous Lawsuits] I’ve had a small business for over 25 years now and in the 2 instances someone tried to sue me, my lawyer friend told me he would take care of it. He immediately filed counter lawsuits to cover my expenses as they were both ridiculous and both cases were dropped. I oft times wished I were a judge so I could say just once to some douche bag, “Get out of my courtroom, get a job, and if you every come in here again trying to extort money from a hard working man I’ll put you right in f**ing jail you useless piece of crap!”
I really like the photo of the sky and the clouds that replaced the dog butt Jesus. If you looked closely at the clouds in the photo you can see the naked Virgin Mary (she does have nice breasts).
You get what you pay for. Valero is an unbranded gasoline, not like CITGO or Mobil or Shell. Surely you have heard the term “came from the bottom of the barrel”. How about, it came from the bottom of the bilge of a ship? You purchase a good vehicle for lots of bucks and pump the cheapest crap into its fuel tank. Then when your vehicle starts to run like crap with lower fuel mileage, you being cheap, wonder what’s wrong. Or maybe you have a Keys clunker and are just looking for something to bitch about.
[“Obamacare premiums”] Those that buy their policy on the exchange and get subsidies, pay a percentage of their income based on that income and where they fall in the Federal Poverty Level chart. A couple can make approximately $62,000 or less and get a subsidy. If the premium goes up, their payment stays the same as it’s X%
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lipstick on pig
[“Desensitizing Islam”] I have to hand it to Ed- he has more juevos than the people at all of the major newspapers and magazines in the world. None of them will show a picture of Mohammed for fear of repercussions. I’ll bet he hired a herd of big, mean Jersey girls to guard corporate headquarters. Those people he risked offending won’t come near mountains of pork.
[Sloan Issues Royal Edict] I’ve changed my campaign platform to abolishing the city commission and mayor form of government, and the citizens electing a king or a queen every two years, who has absolute power over the city government and the citizens, with the caveat that there can be no second term, ever, and during the two year term, the monarch’s subjects can dethrone his/her royalship by such methods as shooting, stabbing, strangling, drowning, keelhauling, feeding to sharks, and so forth and so on.
So the Coconut Telegraph is cutting back Sundays. Sure hate to see more of this blog go, even with some of the crazy posters. But if Ed needs to get his head straight, so be it. Enjoy it Ed!
[Robin Williams Dead] Another great one is gone. He will be missed.
“Slander” or the facts? Formal ethics complaint filed against George Neugent by Rick Boettger. Link
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I was watching TV the other day and a company said their product was developed by a top hairstylist. I could only imagine.
If somebody passed by that sinking sailboat offshore from Key Largo,  somebody tell me what they were doing that was so important that they kept on going without checking it out ? Were they too busy texting or updating their Facebook page?  What’s wrong with these modern people anyway?
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from the right
A POSTER WROTE: “Senator McCain wants troops sent to Iraq because he says the latest threat to Iraq’s Kurds is a direct threat to the “homeland” I think McCain forgets that Iraq is far away an no matter who wins there, they don’t have camels that can swim the Atlantic. Iraq is not a threat to the homeland.”

FTR’S RESONSE: We must wonder how on earth some people get their information. First of all, the Kurds are a present target of ISIS. ISIS is sweeping though the Mid East like a forest fire. In fact we are relying on the Kurds to act as our surrogates in the battle against ISIS. We’re sending them weapons and limited air support. We should amp up our support for the Kurds and attacks on ISIS by many magnitudes.

isis-egyptSecond, ISIS is a real and present danger to the US. That comes not from McCain but the heads of the FBI, Homeland Security, and the Director of National Intelligence. Each has testified before congress that ISIS has aspirations to wreak more terror attacks on the US. As ISIS swallows more and more territory, its wealth and abilities grow. ISIS is not a rag tag bunch of bomb throwers, they have demonstrated battlefield discipline and professional tactics. They are now more powerful than AQI ever hoped to be, and far more brutal. They are sworn to annihilate all who do not follow their own subset of the Muslim faith. They make AQI look like Cub Scouts. Their ultimate goal is worldwide Muslim rule. They have announced their intent to assault America with terrorism.

Finally, apparently the poster has forgotten that on 9/11/01 about 3,000 persons were killed in an attack on American soil that originated in the same general neighborhood that is now aflame with ISIS. Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is the head of ISIS, is closely allied with the Taliban, and lived for an extended period of time in Afghanistan.

We are now relying on the skill of a small set of people to keep us safe. The same set of people who can’t close our southern border. The same set of people who were warned about the Boston Marathon bombers, but did nothing to prevent the bombing. Since Obama took office we’ve had several failed terror bombing attempts in the US. Nearly all failed only because of the ineptitude of the bomber(s). Only blind ass luck saved us from losing many lives. The same set of people who did not recognize the threat posed by ISIS until ISIS had begun it’s rampage through the Mid-East.

We should be developing a strategic plan to neutralize the threat from Muslim fundamentalism. But we’re not, Mr. Obama is busy in Martha’s Vineyard improving his chip shot


A POSTER WROTE: “…………..I’m saving money (on health care costs) for once and its refreshing. Again, I have no subsidy I earn to much to qualify.”

FTR’S REPONSE: The poster actually does have a subsidy, it is a hidden subsidy. The subsidy is paid for by everyone who pays taxes.

The Affordable Care act has a provision called the “risk corridor program”, its purpose is to ensure that the insurance companies won’t lose money. Politically, the cooperation of the insurance companies was absolutely essential in order for Obama pass the act. Therefore Team Obama made the program a part of the legislation.

The program redistributes money in the Obamacare exchanges, from health insurers who make money to those who lose money. Remember that Obama pressured insurers to set rates as low as possible despite Obamacare’s myriad mandates that have driven actual insurance costs up dramatically. The “risk corridor program” bought the insurance companies cooperation.

Now, nearly no insurance companies say that they will be paying money into the program, and nearly all say that they will be taking money out. The program will soon be broke.

Obama intends to pump nearly a billion of our tax dollars into the program to keep Obamacare afloat.

And that’s only one of the reasons that Obamacare is a sinking ship. Don’t forget that Team Obama has effectively removed all penalty for those who refuse to join, or that far too few young, healthy people are signing up, and that the Obamacare does not do a damned thing to actually cut the costs of health care, all it is is an insurance program run by the government. Sort of like the VA, and look how well that is run.


Part 3) The Crist camp is receiving a ton of money from national Democrat interests. A California whale Democrat donor is funding an advertising campaign that falsely claims that Governor Scott is “soft” on the environment. The fact is that Scott has a rock solid record on prosecuting polluters and is endeavoring to do even more to protect the Everglades and our Keys reefs. In fact he was in Marathon just the other day to announce a massive funding initiative for our waters.

The link is a video of Crist, ever the hypocrite. He is seen debarking from a corporate jet, possibly the same jet that he recently flew to an environmental conference. Yep, that jet is owned by a developer who is a serial polluter. Oh Yeah, not seen on the video is Charlie hopping into a Prius. The jet flight had been from Gainesville to Tallahassee; that is only about a two hour drive. Charlie then drove the Prius from the airport to an environmental conference where he pretended to care about the environment. Video