2013 August

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


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7mile-bridge6.96_8-00[Old Seven Mile Bridge] I have walked on the old Seven Mile Bridge a dozen times this year and I’ve never been to Pigeon Key. Most of the 200,000 other people on the bridge each year have never been to Pigeon Key either. I have met people from all over the world that have stopped just to see the old bridge. The restoration project is not about Pigeon Key. It’s about a two mile linear park across the sea. It’s great for riding bikes, walking or jogging and getting some fresh air and exercise. It’s also a big part of our history in the Keys. I have seen many turtles, porpoises, rays, tarpon, sharks and other species when I walk on the bridge. There is more to the Keys than Key West. By the way, that two mile span is called the Knights Key Bridge not the Pigeon Key Bridge. Try it you’ll like it.


[Roadwork] I got the letter about the road work coming for the Ramrod to Little Torch stretch in the mail. Today, on the way home for lunch, the surveyors were out there starting the marking.  So the question that arose in my mind is, Why are we doing this now when in 2 years they will be ripping up this work in order to lay the sewer pipes?  This work has got to stop now. It is not necessary and will be damaged in a few years.  We do not want the Lower Keys to be like Key West, when they paved Flagler one week and the next week (literally) they came out and tore up the new asphalt to lay water pipes and then the road was a mess for years to come.  I hope to see you all at the sewer (wastewater) meeting at Sugarloaf School tonight, Wed night at 6pm.  Stop the grinder pumps! Stop the FDOT road work! Another waste of taxpayers money.

hobo14[A Tale Of KeyWest] A city somewhere in the far north:  Worthless bum #1, “Hey Gordo, pass me the wine.”  Worthless bum #2,  “Sure Ratso, here ya go.”  Bum #1, “Gordo, did you hear about the new shelter down in Key West?”  Bum  #2, “Nope, I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout it, pass the wine.”  Bum # 1, “We gotta get down there and get a spot afore they fill up.  They gonna have really cool digs, free food, a doc if you need one and a good place to flop.  And they got a great beach I hear, nice place to kill the day and kill a jug or two.   And the cops don’t much bother anyone.  Drink some grape or some brewskies, take a bench, grab a snooze.  It’ll be great and you never have to work or nothin’.  They even got a free begging zone just for us.  It’s all free shit and the locals and tourists stay away from the beach ‘cause we scare ‘em off.”  After more wine …  Bum # 2, “How we gonna get there?.  Bum #1,  “I figure we pool our welfare checks and sell our food stamps and hop a bus.”  Bum #2, “Sure, O.K., sounds good.  I wouldn’t mind a nice place to spend the summer at the beach.  Hell, if it works out maybe we can just stay there.”  Bum #1,  “Let’s do it. If the people running the place keep going like I hear we’ll prob’ly get even more free shit and maybe, like,  free boat rides or fishin’ trips or somethin’”

City council meeting in the same far north city.  “Well Mr. Mayor, it worked.  After we published the stories about the new shelter down in Key West our street scum , er… I mean the poor homeless population, has dropped 65%.  Brilliant idea.  Lets run the story for a few more weeks and then maybe we can clean up the city park again.” 

A community garden to promote health. Stand beside this Keys neighbor & help yourself in the process. It’s all good. Or start one up in BPK or the Lower Keys and skip the 7 Mile Bridge drive. Link


[Good Sams] To the man and young man that picked up all the trash on SR 4A on Little Torch, thank you! Its so sad we have those kinds of people that can’t seem to dispose of their garbage properly. I wish they would leave the Keys. They don’t deserve to live here.

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Marathon Elks is open to the public tonight for dancing to the dulcet tones of Papa Pete, Cheeseburgers in Paradise, and with drink prices even locals will love. No cover through August either! We hope to see you there.

Costly grinder pumps rankle homeowners.  Link


[Style over Substance] I just got back from Ft Lauderdale. I had to go for a couple of days, unfortunately, for business. Incredibly in the 90 degree weather young boys are wearing hoodies all over town.

fukushima-radiation[Conspiracy Man] Radiation expert says enormous amount of contamination flowing from Fukushima will probably imperil entire Pacific Ocean. It also threatens other countries, food chain and can absolutely reach U.S. and Canadian shores.

Why is it that the media has avoided any news, or information on such an extremely serious subject as to the dangerously high levels of radiation seeping into the Pacific Ocean? According to my research, the levels of radiation leaking from the nuclear power plant, and from the ocean ground, cannot be contained. Sources have reported that this situation is getting out of control, and they do not have any clue as to how to deal with it. The radiation has already affected residents in japan, and is spreading to residents of many Pacific Islands. It is also believed that the radiation cloud plume traveling across the Pacific, maybe causing the sudden increase of respiratory and cancer related illnesses in Alaska.

There is absolute evidence that the radiation leaking into the Pacific has already taken it’s toll on abundant sea-life, and will continue to get worse. I wonder how long before it begins to effect us down here? Again. Why isn’t this being mentioned by our supposedly free media?


[Prima Donna] Oprah.I feel that the majority of Oprah’s issues with the pocketbook shop in Zurich was that the clerk didn’t recognize her and cater to her every demand, and Oprah needs that very much or else we have an international racial incident.

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[Hurricane Georges] I also remember how quiet everything was after the hurricane.  It was quite eerie to walk around the middle Keys with very little noise except for the occasional sound of a generator.


[Crazy] Its a scientific fact, never tell a woman she’s crazy, unless you want to see crazy.

Sometimes it’s best not to question me, just help me dump the body in the river.
isaksen-flood 4.23.13

[“Looking for couple”] Please, people, stop assuming this couple was scamming me. They are a nice couple I just neglected to get there phone number and I need to reschedule the work plain and simple.  Thanks for your concern.

(Thanks to CT, the couple called me.)


[Dual Citizenship] Snowden’s situation is an important lesson to all of us. You’ll likely never be in danger of being extradited…but it’s just one of the added safety nets a second passport can provide you.

A second passport can expand your legal rights. For an American, that means allowing for freer world travel. Edward Snowden’s current situation would be quite different were he to be holding one. Plus a second citizenship/passport can serve as the key to reducing your taxes and protecting your assets. It can open doors that would otherwise remain closed to you.

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[Righteous Dudes] Remembering Bobby Hatfield, resting in Rock ‘n Roll heaven. Bobby we’re proud of you! Vintage “Unchained Melody” from the “Shindig” TV show of the ’60’s.

Lobster shell disease.  Link

[Sewers] Having worked for a company that maintained sewer plants here in the Keys, it is a fact that grinder pumps require a lot of repairs and replacement.  They do not last.
motor14[Trolling Motor] 42″ shaft Motorguide Laser II with remote foot pedal. No wear on the prop and zero pitting. What do you have to trade? Anything musical or furniture.  Or best dollar offer. Will deliver.  The wife says it’s got to go.  Classified Ads > Boats 
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[Sewers] I am sure the high and mighty are drooling at the prospect of future kickbacks and other benefits assured to them by the scope of this project. List them and it will be taken care of!


I have noticed lately that the Religious and Political section of the CT is almost void of religious preaching BS and the political propaganda is most all leftist closet screaming. Guess the sane and stable people gave up on the CT huh?



Bud Light with lime? What’s the primary target demographic for that? Rednecks with scurvy?

I bought 90 octane gas in Marathon for $3.99 today. Valeron is across from the airport.

[Gas Prices] While I agree the new Shell owner did a great job with those places, the fact that the 90 octane  fuel is 50 cents higher than Marathon, and the gas prices are higher than Key West  are never before seen situations.    I hope he stays in business. I will keep my money local, and I know it cost more to live in the Keys than mainland (that’s ok, it’s worth it), but gas is gas in the lower Keys.

nira tocco realtor 9.12



Welcome to Jehovah’s Witness training school

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Gravity is cheaper than a pump]  Brilliant!  What you seem to be forgetting is that the amount of digging, road repair, lift station installation, gravel, sand, pipe, plenums, and concrete needed for a gravity system is much, much more than for a grinder pump system.

Now for the individual homeowner, it’s a different story. You have to pay for a 240 v line to be installed  in addition to the pvc pipe.  If you Isaac Newton Society members really want to do something for the Cudjoe Regional citizens who are supposed to get pumps, ask the County to explain why we have to pay them $150 to get a permit to put in that mandated connection.


[Stolen Plastic Mahi] Nothing lower than stealing another person’s Mahi.  I think the old horse-rustling punishments are in order for those dirtbags.

tarps bungee cords


A plague in China is breeding two many people. Let’s escape from town and go to the beach shall we?   Gee, the water is not yellow yet, so it must be early spring in China.

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[Captain Doom and Gloom] DEF: Booze n. The Holy Water that controls your life Happy Hour by Happy Hour.
DEF: Dope n. Any substance that shows you the reality of who you really are.
DEF: Smoking n. Escapism through puffs of your life.
DEF: Narcissism n. Do It Yourself Perfectionists.

What is frustrating about the people (not folks) is that they all have their mindsets and will not analyze anything logically or in some cases, even sanely, that affect the masses. Guns, booze, dope, cars, religion, prostitution, or anything that may upset their small minded lifestyle, is God fearing, criminal, distasteful or out right wrong in their introverted worlds. No wonder we are being spied upon everywhere and the sick holies are winning. We aren’t going to make it. 

religion politics zone

On this date in 1935,  President Franklin D. Roosevelt  signed the Social Security Act,  guaranteeing income for retirees and the unemployed. The Tea Party would have been incensed that Americans would have a comfort zone in their old age.

[Benghazi] Former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova, who now represents one of the Benghazi whistleblowers, told a Washington radio station Monday that the real scandal in Benghazi is the theft of 400 surface-to-air missiles “stolen by some very ugly people”.

400 US surface-to-air missiles were stolen from Libya during the Benghazi attack and are now in the hands of Al Qaeda, claims the whistleblower.

[Fun with polls] Im glad our polls poster gave us the total numbers breakdown of our country. He stated that 41% of Americans are Conservatives,  moderates comprise 37% and Liberals only 19%.

Yet Obama did great during the last election.

That proves again that its not simply the Liberals that are liking the way America is coming back but there had to be a great numbers of Conservatives, Tea Party members and Moderates that went into the polling booth and pulled the lever for our President. They just didn’t share that little bit of info with you.

That’s an astounding number of American moderates who usually vote for the best man no matter what party he supports backing our President. Great polling info.

We can assume all of the Tea Party voters counted were considered Conservative in our posters breakdown and since they are the far right of the Republican party that means the number of Conservatives has to be lower then the stated 41%. Tea Party candidates could not be counted into the moderates polling numbers by any political standing means. They would have to be counted as conservatives. Using that logic it makes the highest number of Americans by far  the moderates.

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Frankly, the issue is not Obama, like shingles or hemorrhoids, we’re stuck with him for the next 31/2 years. Yes and just as painful.  The mid-term elections will show if America is happy with our President Obama, Obamacare, Benghazi, food stamps,I.R.S., Fast and Furious and on & on.. If conservatives take control of the Senate and keep the House, you will have your answer.  If not and we keep moving to a socialistic government, so be it. I would like to think the great American experiment in Socialism is on it’s way out.  Time will tell.  

from the right

an_hit-headIt’s heartening to know that some of our left fielders are beginning to pay attention to stats. For example yesterday a left fielder quoted an unidentified poll that claimed that we seniors were shedding our Republican allegiances like dandruff.  It’s probable that our left fielder really didn’t want you to know the source of his/her numbers. Well, the fact is that they came from Stan Greenberg, who is a leading Democratic pollster and political strategist who has advised the campaigns of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and John Kerry, etc. etc. etc.. Greenberg and his firm are unabashed liberal activists, and propagandists.  I suggest that you look at his web site and make up your own mind as to his objectivity: Link

It is very much worth noting that the internals of the poll, the questions asked, are nowhere to be found. Frankly I doubt the accuracy of his findings.

Please recall that Gallup, in May did a poll to determine the percentage of people who self-identified as conservative or liberal. Conservative = 41%, liberal = 19%.

Speaking of stats, the other day I read a liberal puff article that claimed that Obama had created twice as many jobs as had GWB.

Deer Friend that was easy to check. Once again, it turns out that the liberal claim was totally false.  In GWB’s first 4 years, he added just under 12 million jobs.  In Obama’s first four years, he added only about   1,223,000 new jobs.  By the way, did you know that there are now about 1,700,000 fewer people with jobs than there were when the Democrats took control of Congress in January of 2007 before their recession? Now that’s a sterling example of more than 5 years of Democratic governance. But it’s no surprise that Democrat governance costs America jobs. There were 1,537,000 fewer Americans with jobs after 8 years of Clinton.  If you’d like to check the stats, feel free to checkout Team Obama’s  Bureau of Labor Stats at: Link