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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

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The-Coconut-Telegraph-w-CoconutsThe Original Unsocial Media. Anonymous Letters to the Editor with Pictures. Published Daily by Noon Since 2002. No Saturday Edition

bike-path00[Bike Lanes of Death] I went to Key West yesterday for the first time since the road construction was completed. I was so shocked at the DOT that I stopped my car and took this picture. It shows the right lane of traffic, in both directions, to be a bike lane! What were they thinking? What I’m thinking is the DOT has no collective brain and a total disregard for bicyclists’ safety. I don’t know one bicyclist who would risk his life driving among auto traffic going 40mph. There is even a sign telling bicyclists that they may use the whole lane. This is the same DOT who wanted to put up a fence blocking the beautiful view of the Gulf.
But, wait! We’ll double our order. Just pay extra shipping and handling.
[Monteray Pop Festival”] The festival was sold out so organizers held a free festival on the grounds of the nearby College (I forgot the name). Performers from the Monteray festival played around the clock. After three days of LSD I awoke one morning to the sound of Grace Slick and the Jefferson Airplane singing White Rabbit which was a big hit then. I was so exhausted I fell back into the real dreamland. That was probably the best time of my life. Free food, drugs, sex, and the best music I ever heard. “One pill makes you larger, the other makes you small…”
I went to the ear doctor because I kept getting clogged ears with what I thought was wax, but it turned out to be soap scum! The doctor suggested I use washable ear plugs when washing my hair. No problems since.
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Shrimp-EtouffeeHappy Wednesday from Springer’s Bar and Grill. It’s comfort food day and we have an amazing special for you. This Cajun creation is sure to invoke the senses and please the palate. So come on in and enjoy this New Orleans original, the only thing missing is the jazz band playing.
Thursday special: chicken salad
Friday special: fish and chips
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.
There’s always something special at Springer’s.
hockey fight
[“No Black Hockey Players”]
You need to do your homework. There are indeed black hockey players. In fact, P. K. Subban of the Montreal Canadiens won the Norris Trophy for the 2012-13 season as the best defenseman in the NHL.
[Grinder pump fix] The fix is in. Sole-Sourced Environment One Grinder Pumps, pump design not in conformance with rules and unsuitable to the purpose:
Violation of government agency purchasing laws.
The grinder pump specification used by FKAA for the Inner Islands states in 11210-1.04.B “The MANUFACTURER of the grinder pump stations shall be Environment One Corporation or equal.”, and then proceeds to specify required particular characteristics that without question disallows any other pump. The Specification rigidly requires details of construction that are exclusively those of The Environment One (E-One) pump, and some of which are actually less desirable than the construction of competitive pumps.. The CRS “Outer Islands” contract specification is similarly sole-sourced to Environment One.
The sole sourced Environment One grinder pump specified
1. is incapable of achieving a scouring velocity in even the smallest of force mains in the roadway,
2. is not explosion-proof as required by NEC and NFPA70,
3. is not suitable for homes that are vacant for an extended period,
4. is intended to be used in such vast numbers as to be impossible to keep pumped during a power outage, during a force main blockage or repair that affects a sizable area.
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[Smathers Beach] I wonder how much these steps to nowhere cost us?
[Islamic State] I haven’t heard any long term strategy from anyone on how to fix the Mideast. Bombing this and that solves nothing and only instills more hate. Is that the strategy?
Someone at the bar told me that the original title of the classic novel “War and Peace” was ” War, What Is It Good For?”. He went on to say that Tolstoy’s wife made him change the title. War--Edwin Star
[“Lizzie Borden Ditty”] That’s not the only gruesome ditty we were taught as children. “Ring around the rosey, pocket full of posey, ashes, ashes, all fall down.” That ditty refers to the Bubonic Plague, symptoms and death.
[Nicknames] Attorney General Eric Holder is a fortunate man seeing how his parents didn’t name him Richard!
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[Teach Your Children Well] Just in time for the new school year. Lorie Hill 49, reportedly showed up drunk on her first day on the job as a teacher at an Oklahoma high school before removing her pants in a empty classroom.
[“More bicyclists on the road down here”] And that is the problem. We built a million dollar bike path, but it is not good enough for you spandex fruit loops who still crowd the highways to flash your butts!
I thank God every day that I am a liberal, just in case there really is a God.
[“How to stop Muslims: send hams & bacon”] Have you lost your mind? Have you seen the price of bacon lately! It’s cheaper to bomb them.
[“The Brown shooting“] I understand a man lost his life. It’s very sad and the outrage is well understood. But why do you have to go out and start looting and robbing? It undermines the fight for justice and equality which is what we are searching for. During the civil rights era when people were getting hit in the face with rocks and sprayed with hoses and attacked by dogs, looting was the last thing on their minds. That should tell you something.
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[“Desensitizing Myth”] While watching the B-movie Evil Saint Nicolas I wondered if the director was trying to desensitize children to the myth. I got upset thinking, Is nothing sacred? And then I got annoyed that someone would want to deprive children of the fun and anticipation of St Nick. Than I thought about trying to desensitize Muslims of the myth surrounding Mohammed and all the hate and destruction that has caused. I concluded that if nothing were sacred the world would be a better place.
[“Bikes on roads”] The cops need to ticket you idiots or make you turn in your bike seat and ride home without it. Most of you ‘bikies’ probably would like that!
an_scale_jittery[Young Blacks] I am close to 70 years old. I have seen my country go through the race relation problems and the overkill tactics of busing and affirmative action as well as putting people in jobs they can not do, but getting the jobs anyway because they were black.Now we have all watched as minority has become the tail that wags the dog. We as a society have lost all sense of equality because we have tipped the scales in the opposite direction. The scales do not balance. The majority is now oppressed and the minority is the oppressor. Race relations in America have gone backwards into the 60’s again under a semi black president. What went wrong? Will the President have a beer with me and explain it to me?

I just watched, on national TV, a young black kid deck an old white dude so it could be caught on a phone cam and tweeted to his friends. The TV ran the clip over and over and over. I felt there was a black kid in Miami calling all his friends saying, “Hey N—– I’m on National TV – Channel 7.”

Now when I walk through a crowded street I keep my eye on young black kids thinking that I could be the next tweet.

Going viral is the goal of a majority of this minority. It is social climbing via the internet. It is the new way to become famous and rise above your social status. It is backwards when looters want to be seen looting on TV. It is backwards when black people hold signs that say kill white cops. Cops have to protect themselves from a new cult of YouTubers. Now it is worse than the 60’s.

Now white has become black, lies have become truth and as a 70 year old white dude I have to watch my butt or go viral as a victim to some black kid.

I like black kids (no shit) and I don’t want to see them the way I see them today. It hurts me to see my country revert to the way it is today. A progressive thinking society has ruined my homeland. It has ruined the black minority and it is satanic at best. When our major Midwest cities have become black killing black war zones you know that the social engineering has gone to crap. When a lie can incite race riots it is because truth is not politically correct to report.

I am not a really smart guy, but I am smart enough to know that nobody in charge knows what to do. We are back in the 60’s without Reverend King

lower keys boat rental7.11.14
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empty bench20
Does anyone know what happened to Bench Bob, the bearded guy that reads books? He moved from CVS’s bench to Big Pine Shopping Center’s curb, but no one has seen him for months. Is he on vacation?
[“No black hockey players”] I was watching Michael Moore’s Canadian Bacon (hilarious). They were watching a hockey game on TV when one of the white actors asked that questing to the only black actor who joked, “Do you think it’s easy for blacks to take over all professional sports?”
[Homeless] So you’re telling me, because I haven’t been homeless, I can have no opinion about the filthy, substance abusing habitual criminals that use our streets and yards as their bathrooms? Those wonderful people who leave a wake of trash in our wetlands? Not only do I have an opinion of them I have one of you and Sloan too.
perry indicted
Texas Governor Rick Perry has been indicted on two counts of abuse of power. I’ll wager FTR defends him in today’s From the Right–just because Perry’s a Republican. I don’t care about Perry as I think most politicians are somewhat crooked or unethical, but I’m attempting to point out FTR’s complete lack of objectiveness and his lack of concern for right and wrong in the political arena–unless of course the crook is a Democrat. Link
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dinosaurs and man[Religious Nuts] In the past few years, a handful of charter school systems have sprung up in Texas, Arkansas, and Indiana that use textbooks that call evolution “an unproved theory” and explain that “supernatural intervention created the first cell.” Between them, the schools account for at least 17,000 students and $82.6 million in tax­payer funds (your tax dollars at work). Scientific literacy among U.S. grade school students has flat-lined since at least 2003, according to a 2012 report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.In Kentucky there is Ark Park, which contains the Creation Museum which features animatronic dinosaurs next to Adam and Eve and says the earth is only 6,000 years old
Greetings from Stow Vermont!
flag wave 81h[I’m An American] I’ve been watching the news about what is going on in Ferguson. All you hear is the term “African-American”. An “African-American” is a person who was born in Africa and immigrated here. If you were born here you are an American not African-American”. Maybe I should claim to be “German-American”. Maybe we all should be “Italian-Americans, or Irish-Americans, or French-Americans, Mexican-American” Native Americans, etc. The only true Americans are the native Americans. Central and South America was stolen by the Spaniards and Portuguese. North America was stolen by Europeans. Maybe not stolen, but overrun. Are we the true owners of this land?The whole point being, we are all Americans. Stop the madness of the race baiters like Jessie and Sharpton. Think about what is best for our country. Go to school, get an education, understand economics, understand the law, be a productive member of society. Don’t claim to be African, German, Irish, French, Greek, American. We are all Americans if we were born here. We were raised here. We love our country. We will die for our country as thousands have. We will not change our laws to make you feel comfortable living here. We have our laws, if you want your own laws, (Sharia) go home.

Those of us who believe in the American Experience will do our best to improve on what our founding fathers started. America has been called a melting pot, not an extension of Mexico, Ireland, France, Greece, Russia, Costa Rica, etc. If you want to be an African-American, go back to Africa, if you want to be a Mexican-American, go back to Mexico. I think you get the idea.

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I have some input for the situation in Iraq as a former service member. The people in the middle east have always been governed by a heavy hand, and told what they can or cannot do, and it seems that it is needed. Most, if given the opportunity to do as they please, now become lost since they have never had that in their lives. We attempted to train a Free Iraqi Army, it was not done with the threat of torture or beheading. It was a joke to most of them.
Some are very fine fighters, others which account for the majority, not so much. Just like here in our great country, if someone decided to rule this country as a dictator, we would rebel and fight to our dying breath. ISIS is fighting for a cause, one I do not understand or comprehend, but they believe it and that’s all that matters to them. The people of Iraq and Syria have no cause to fight for because freedom means nothing to them. They are sheep in the company of wolves.
soap scraps[Great Depression] I had occasion to work for a wealthy old lady who’d lived through the great depression and wondered why she saved all here old soap bars and pressed them together to make a one fat one. She used them in her laundry room. We became friends and one day I asked why she saved old soap scraps. She said if I’d ever been through a depression I’d know why. Some instincts die hard.
[Homeless] What do you mean I can have no opinion because I was never homeless? Was the writer trying to empower homeless people with his bs post? The majority of the homeless are bums and leeches on society. That’s what we used to call them before it was no longer politically correct–bums. Most stink, are obnoxious, untrustworthy, irresponsible and every other negative word in the dictionary. Just because a few are okay, doesn’t improve the rest. I was walking around Mallory Square yesterday afternoon and every shaded area had a group of bums eying me suspiciously as I walked past. It was unsettling and I was glad it wasn’t nighttime. Homeless people are bums and losers. And when Sloan brags about being homeless, remember it was just an experiment to him. He’s always received a fat check every month. He could have ended his ‘homelessness’ any time he wished.
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beach chair lady
[Tourism Up] Gov. Rick Scott announced Tuesday that 24 million tourists visited the state during the second quarter of 2014. That’s a three percent jump over the same time last year.
FTR said “in 2011 Iraq had an operating democratic government”. It did? Please explain.
[Sanctuary Regulators] They’re planning on closing off areas as large as 20 to 25 miles to fishing. They won’t stop until we have to watch the ocean and backcountry on designated televisions that they control.
Looe Key Tiki Bar is looking for bartenders (imagine that!). And they require a photo with your resume? Good Lord, who do they think they are? Seriously
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Disco music
was such a success in part because the beat duplicated the lub dub of the human heart. How many beats per minute has the heart?
[Homeless] Downsizing the military is not causing more homelessness. That’s just ridiculous.
There is an auto repair business on BPK to be bypassed for incorrect analysis as well as over pricing. I won’t say their name, but they are between Springer’s and Bistro 31.
I went instead to Monroe Auto Repair on BPK, and they were awesome, cheap, and honest! Their number is 305-872-4742.
Also, there is a great auto body repairman who comes to your home or business and does wonderful work, is affordable, and completely professional. Business name is All New Again. Bryan Suter. 305-849-4151. I highly recommend him. ~
] The old restaurant behind the old Quay restaurant in Marathon used to serve bacon burgers and BLTs with a full quarter pound of bacon on top! It didn’t get any better than that.
[Do they think that Democrats don’t like money as much as Republicans do?] Sure you do, but you do not want to work for it, you want Republicans to hand it to you!
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RICH DEMOCRATS ??….how can there be such a person(s) when all they preach about is giving all you have to thegovernment in the form of taxes, for the government to pass out to all the lazy cry baby loafers ?
from the right
Ferguson Mo. is an abomination. Not the community itself, not its residents, not the cops, not the state police, not the National Guard, but rather the decision of the Obama administration to make it an even more obscene cause célèbre.We can’t now know what the actual facts of the shooting of Brown are. We can’t now know if the shooting was justifiable or criminal. We simply do not know the facts attendant to the shooting itself. But we do know that the shooting led to rioting. Initially it was limited to the good people of Ferguson, but very quickly the rioting, like a flame drawing moths, drew in militants from nearby St. Louis and from all corners of our nation. It drew in the vultures like Sharpton and Jackson who feed on such deaths and use them to gin up racial hate. Now even the President has perched shoulder to shoulder with the vultures.

Please remember that we know nothing of the reputation of the Ferguson PD, we know nothing of the quality of their police work, we know nothing of how they interact with those that they serve. We only know that a white cop shot and killed a black man. Ask yourself if the turmoil would have occurred if the cop had been black and the decedent white?

black-violence20It is fundamentally wrong that Obama should interject himself or his Justice Department into this matter. To the best of anyone’s knowledge there has been no complaint, nor is there any evidence, that the decedent’s civil rights were violated. Obama, on national TV, made a statement that basically said that the rioting, looting, and killing were not an effective means of accomplishing the goals of the rioters. Yet he failed to condemn the rioting, looting and killing. His statement was clearly designed not to heal, but to exacerbate the chasm between black and white. His failure was the functional equivalent of a refusal.

Ask yourself where was his outrage at the murders of 7 and wounding of 29 in Chicago over the weekend. Where was the administrations outrage over the 15 shootings and 2 deaths in an 8 hour period last weekend in NYC?

Then of course you have to ask yourself what Obama has done to address the fact that the unemployment rate for blacks is nearly twice that as whites and actually increased last month. What has he done to address the fact that unemployment among black teens is nearly 40%? What has he done to address the fact that black on black crime is a blight on the black community. In NYC ¼ of population is black, yet 2/3rds of violent crimes are perpetrated by blacks. What has Obama done about that? What has he done to try to tamp down black out of wedlock births? 72% of black births are out of wedlock! The lack of a male role model in a family is considered to be a serious harbinger of a failed life, a life of poverty and crime.

Now Obama is sending Holder to Ferguson. That act is overtly political. Holder has spent his entire tenure trying to drive a wedge between whites and blacks. He and Obama have vigorously supported voter ID laws, yet a majority of blacks support such laws. Where is the Obama admins condemnation of black on black crime?

Please recall that the Democrats had complete control of the legislative branch of our government for 4 years from 2007-2011, for two of those years they fully controlled the congress and the presidency. In the last 2 years they have controlled the presidency and the senate. Yet, in black and white America 60% of our earners have seen their income decline and their spending power is down. The number of full time jobs has declined while the number of part time jobs has increased.

Times are tough, especially for those on the lower end of the socio-economic scale, especially Americans of African ancestry.

Obama assured us he would be a “post racial” president. What has he done to improve the lives of black America, what has he and his Democrat minions done to improve the relationships between whites and blacks and the quality of life for Americans of all colors? Nothing!