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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

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homeless19If you have never been homeless, living on the streets of Key West, slept in a doorway, slept by the southern most point, slept in bushes, finding where you can sleep without KWPD finding you, you have no business giving your opinion.   A good friend of mine, an Iraq veteran, worked at a restaurant and spent almost two months sleeping at the southernmost point, before the cops chased her away.  (I used to stop 4 – 5 times a week on my nightly bike ride to drop off canned goods for her)  Why is it our vets, people with or without children, being made into criminals for being poor?

The problem is the KWPD has been instructed by the city commissioners to be as hard as they can on the homeless.  If the city of Key West would give up KOTS and let the homeless sleep where they want, life would be better for everyone.  The homeless disappear after dark, the homeless are not seen or heard from after dark, except for a few on Duval St.

Everyone in Key West talks about the street people.   Everyone in Key West whines about them.  Once you are secure in your house for the night, do you really care about who is sleeping where?  Most will not steal from you.  They just want a place to lay down their head for the night. They just want a place to lay down with their children to be safe for the night.  They just want a place not to be harassed by the KWPD.  Why is it a crime to be poor in Key West?  A homeless person who is lucky enough to have a job, but works until 2AM can’t go to KOTS.  They are by default a criminal in the eyes of the city commission and KWPD.

The homeless are not the problem.  The problem is the fault of the mayor and commissioners.  They alone caused this problem and whether they like it or not, they “own” it.  Their attitude is costing the tax payers millions every year for KOTS, jail, courts and the hospital.  I like Sloan’s idea of a drunk tank rather than jail and court cases.  If they’re drunk and causing a problem, lock them up until they’re sober, then let them go. That should also be done to tourists and locals.

The homeless are not going away.  There are more every day in this country.   With the downsizing of our military by the current administration, record home foreclosures, and no jobs available, there will be even more homeless.

FTR Guy goes into detail telling us the threat to Iraq and the Mideast, but again offers no solutions. No one does. What can we do that we haven’t tried for the last 11 years? “Bombs now” is just a tactic that accomplishes short term goals, if that. What is the strategy to stop militant Muslims? There is none. No one has any idea how they can be stopped.
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Nothing will help or work in the “Holy Land”. How many empires have there been there? Egyptians, Turks, Jews, Romans, Arabs, Persians, Europeans, pretty much everyone, the list goes on. They have been killing each other in the name of Jehovah, Jesus , Allah, and countless other idols since the written word and before. That is what they do. It’s the land of hate not of holy
[Iraq] What will doing the same thing (bombs and bullets) we’ve been doing in Iraq for the last decade change what they are still doing?
[War, What Is It Good For] In theory, war is a contest among warriors. In reality, more than 90 percent of conflict causalities in the last two decades have been civilians.
The whole world hates Americans, but they love the dollar!
[Cyberattack] In 2010 a software glitch knocked out 10,000 military GPS receivers offline for more than two weeks, meaning everything from trucks to the Navy’s X-47 prototype robotic fighter jet suddenly couldn’t determine their locations, rendering them useless had they been engaged in combat.
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[War, What Is It Good For] In theory, war is a contest among warriors. In reality, more than 90 percent of conflict causalities in the last two decades have been civilians.
A 71 year old man died snorkeling in the upper Keys last week. That’s about 6 this year, so far.
[“CT late because Ed watched Hendrix Woodstock video”] Actually Ed posting late is apropos. Hendrix took the stage (late) at 9am on Monday morning when there were less than 200,000 of the 500,000 in peak attendance. Link
My God, that Hendrix video was awesome! I was 10 at the time, but grew up in California. Due to circumstances beyond my control I had to grow up fast. I smoked my first joint the very next year. We used to go to San Francisco in those days it was a happening. I grew up a couple hours from San Fran. I wish I could have gone to the Monterey music festival they started way back when. I have a lot of albums still today. I stopped counting at 4000. I look at albums not as music, but as memories. In those days you could hitch hike everywhere and it was always a party. It was definitely a different world back then. Life might go on, but at times I sure do miss those days. Peace, Love, and Happiness is the key for all of us. Draft beer not boys.
[Punny] All this sewer talk in a bunch of crap.
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fisherman kiss
[“Mangrove Snapper limits”] 10 fish per person per day in Federal waters. 12 inch size limit. 5 fish per person per day in State waters. 10 inch size limit. Except for Federally licensed vessels, which must go by the more restrictive size of 12 inches.
The poster that said everybody has a price was spot on. Anybody notice Waste Management recently gave city for a statue at the Southernmost Point after receiving a massive no-bid contract? Key West’s price is pretty low.
[Kinky] Everything was completely consensual, Ms. B.J. Geardello, 53, assured officers in Ohio County, West Virginia, who caught her taking a stroll along U.S. Highway 40 at 9:30 a.m. on July 29 — she in purple nightgown leading her nude boyfriend, 56, by a leash, on all fours, hooded, with his ankles bound. Prosecutors were unsure whether to file charges. And you thought life in the Key’s was weird!
cartman finger
Now I understand, I heard it from a definitive source, “War is the natural order of life.”  ~Eric Cartman, South Park
DEF: Shrink n, A suited nut who is licensed to observe other nuts and count their money!
DEF: Salt n, A line of stuff you leave on a bar with a rolled up dollar bill for the lousy bartender!
DEF: Frenchmen n, Guys who really know how to read between the lines!
DEF: Black n, The absence of color except in welfare lines!
DEF: Arab n, A ragheaded anthropoid blowhard who loves goats and hates his manhood!
DEF: Brown n, A flushable substance derived from the mishap of combining black and white
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Henry Darrow will turn 81 on September 15.  Fans are trying to get his book into as many libraries as possible by then. For years I have followed the career of actor Henry Darrow who first came to the public’s attention as the “roguish ladies’ man” Manolito Montoya on the classic western “The High Chaparral”. His career spanned over fifty years of stage, screen, TV and activism. The first Hispanic to play Zorro, he also won an Emmy for his work on the daytime drama “Santa Barbara” and in 2012 was awarded the prestigious NCLR Award for Lifetime Achievement. Henry Darrow’s biography, Henry Darrow: Lightning In The Bottle has garnered outstanding reviews. It was Wild West News’ 2012 Book of the Year, received the Lucky Cinda Grand Prize for Non-Fiction in 2013 and is a 2014 Readers’ Favorite finalist in two categories
[“Hillary is rich”] Why do Republicans get so upset when Democrats are rich? Yesterday a guy was ranting about Hillary making so much money from speeches? The same hypocrites complained because Al Gore was rich too. I don’t get it. Do the critics think that only Republicans should be rich?
area 51 saucer alien
I heard a rumor that in addition to a waste treatment plant being built on the backside of Cudjoe, there is an Area 51 type facility being constructed by the military. They probably will try to pass it off as affordable housing because they are housing aliens!
What ever happened to Little Torch Cottages? Everyone seemed to be up in a tizzy about how awful they looked. They were supposed to be occupied months ago but I haven’t heard anything more about them. When I drive by from US1 they look unfinished.
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[Kelp Forest] As beautiful as our coral reef are to divers there’s nothing more mystical than diving in the giant kelp forests of California with the sunlight streaming through the canopy on top.  It’s like swimming through a tropical forest and the critters you encounter are incredible.  At night it’s surreal  when the only things you see are those illuminated by your light.  Kelp diving requires a bit of special training to be done safely but the rewards are worth it
Why are there no black hockey players? One of them must know how to skate!
One statue to another, “We’re up to our shoulders in this crap.  So much for the grinder pumps!”
Grinder Pumps, Will They Mean the End of Key Deer? ~Walt Drabinski, Sir Isaac Newton Coalition
Commisioner George Neugent states that a pressure sewage system, with grinder pumps, is the optimum sewage collection system for Big Pine Key. He says grinder pumps require less excavation and have a smaller footprint. While these may or may not be immediate benefits of a pressure sewage system, we need to consider the impact of alternative systems, long term environmental issues and the unintended consequences of this political decision. You may or may not agree with my hypothesis, but it needs serious analysis, debate and input from independent professionals before long term, permanent and potentially disastrous decisions are made.

The Key Deer thrive on Big Pine Key because there are two separate fresh water lenses that hold an estimated at 20-30 million gallons. The very existence of the key deer, lower keys marsh rabbits, rice rats and now two species of endangered butterfly depend on the availability and quality of the water. These two lenses provide a freshwater source to the Blue Hole and small ponds that support the deer and plants needed for this a unique ecological system. According to studies, most of which were conducted in the 1980-90 period, it takes about 2.5 years for water on the surface to make its way through the lens to the nearby waters. There are no recent studies on the size, movement or impact of a sewage system of any kind on the freshwater lens on Big Pine Key.

A pressure system, with almost 1,200 grinder pumps and plastic pits, thirty lift stations, and two booster stations, require many miles of HDPE plastic pipe, thousands of thermal pipe welds, thousands of shut-off and check valves, and dozens of concrete pits all buried anywhere from 2 to 12 feet deep. Grinder pits only hold about one day of sewage during power outages, after which sewage either flows into your home or yard if you continue to flush. There is a 100% probability that there will be leaks: thermal weld or valve failures, excavation or drilling through the pipe, or simply cracking of the plastic pipe or concrete pits over time. When that happens, the leaks, which are almost impossible to detect in a pressure system, will contaminate the freshwater lens, eventually creating a poisoned source of water for the fragile ecological system that will take years to dissipate. Think about a two year plus cycle to get rid of any spilled sewage! A gravity system is somewhat better because the number of miles of piping is greatly reduced, but the real solution for Big Pine Key is a vacuum system, which is also the least cost alternative. As George recently pointed out, when a vacuum system leaks, the water enters the system, instead of the sewage entering the water. BTW, the problem of leaking vacuum pit seals being experienced in other parts of the Keys, will likely occur with grinder pits as well since the pits use the same type of seals between the plastic pit and the surrounding area.

Almost eighteen months ago I asked for a review of the CRWS design in order to address the many serious questions being raised. While we are now at the eleventh hour, the final decision for Big Pine could have major consequences and needs to be reviewed by professionals, not politicians. Every politician, environmental and homeowner group who loves or has a concern for the unique environment of Big Pine Key should demand legitimate answers. The representatives of the Key Deer Preserve, the EPA and DEP should demand real, timely and independent analysis before any work goes forward. Simply meeting the minimum design requirements of State law is not adequate for this sensitive environment. This is too important for the FKAA to just do what our politicians want without questioning the long term impact. I live on Cudjoe Key and will have a gravity system. I seek no political office and my firm, by choice, does not work in Florida, so I have no financial interest in this issue. I am raising these questions because I have a moral obligation to my neighbors and our children to assure that we get the right system.

The residents of the Keys and all of Florida need answers. When this system leaks, is there any way to find the leaks? How long will it be before the plastic piping begins to deteriorate? How do you keep 1,200 grinder pumps working when there is a power outage? What do the scientists say about the impact of sewage in the freshwater lens? Why is a system that costs more over the long term even being considered?

lower keys boat rental7.11.14
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Seeing that you are in such a quandary as to how to stop the terrorists in the middle east, as  most of the rest of us are, how about this for starters. Let’s give Israel whatever they need and say, “Their you are fellows, now go get it done, just do it right and include the annihilation of any nuke threats so we don’t have to come back and correct a lot of major errors.” For some reason I think they probably would do a bang up job and we would sidestep a lot of the hullabaloo that having to do it ourselves would cause. We must realize this thing is going to end one way or another. If it ends on the other I hope I won’t have to be around and try to exist in the remaining carnage. So their, now I would like to read about your plan if you have one to stop this coming apocalypse. Maybe we could come up with something constructive?
cutter19[Tour Coast Guard’s Newest Ship] On Tuesday, August 19th and Monday, August 25th, from 10:00-2:00 pm, the latest Sentinel Class Fast Response Cutter (FRC)   WPC-1110 RAYMOND EVANS will dock at Mallory Square during training. While docked, they will offer tours to the public. The fast response cutter WPC-1110 RAYMOND EVANS is soon to be the fourth cutter to be commissioned in Key West, FL and is the namesake of the late Commander Raymond J. Evans.

Commander Raymond J. Evans, USCG (Ret.) enlisted in the Coast Guard on 18 September 1939 in Seattle and immediately volunteered for sea duty when offered the chance.  In the years prior to World War II new recruits were sometimes sent immediately to sea without attending boot camp if a local cutter needed crewmen.  Such was the case when CGC Spencer tied up in Seattle while en route from Valdez, Alaska, to Staten Island, New York.  Along with Evans, another local recruit named Douglas Munro also joined the Spencer.  They both struck for signalman and both later transferred to the Coast Guard-manned assault transport USS Hunter Liggett (APA-14).

During the war Evans saw extensive combat service, including participating in the attack on Guadalcanal, where both he and his shipmate, Douglas Munro, gained national acclaim for their heroic rescue operation that saved a Marine Corps unit that was trapped behind enemy lines.  Munro gave his life for his country that day and was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor.  Evans survived the mission and was awarded the Navy Cross.  Evans was commissioned in mid-1943 and continued his Coast Guard career after the war, retiring as a Commander in 1962.

During the war, in addition to his Navy Cross, he was awarded a Presidential Unit Citation Ribbon with 1 battle star, a Commandant’s Letter, the American Defense Service Medal with one battle star, the American Campaign Medal, the European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal, the Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with five battles stars, and the Coast Guard Good Conduct Medal, among others.

History regarding Commander Raymond Evans, Jr. provided by USCG. Link

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Why you should never give your dog the leftover Super Burrito.  This message brought to you by Pooches Carpet Cleaning.
The American trained Iraqi Army is a lousy one. It’s no wonder they can’t do much good against the Army for the Islamic State. Americans were not able to instill a sense of ‘country” in them. The fault lies with President Maliki who continued the sectarian divide in Iraq. You can’t have a country or a loyal army without some sort of unity in that country that embraces all ethnic and religious peoples. Americans tried to tell him so, but Americans can’t train Muslims to do anything well.
Thank you for your comment concerning martial law. I am fully aware of the meaning and purpose for martial law, but my question still remains unanswered. In the history of the United States, never before has there been such an outrageous amount of ammunition ever purchased by any law enforcement agency. These purchases are on a national level unlike ever before why? Are they planning a national form of martial law? That’s what it seems like. What are they preparing for, that the people aren’t being warned of ahead of time? The obvious answer is that when the event occurs, it will create chaos throughout the entire nation.
[How to Stop Muslims
] “If sending bombs and bullets doesn’t work–what will?” Send hams & bacon!
Hi there from Springer’s Bar and Grill. It’s Tuesday and you know what that means. It’s Pizza Day! Any 2-topping pizza all day today for $10 (eat in only). Gotta love that.
Wednesday special: shrimp étouffée
Thursday special: chicken salad
Friday special: fish and chips
Happy Hour 2-7 daily with great drink specials and happy hour menu.
There’s always something special at Springer’s
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ax bloody
[“Lizzie Borden Ditty”] I don’t know why we were taught this song as kids, but it went like this: Lizzie Borden took an ax and gave her mother forty whacks, when she saw what she had done, she gave her father forty one.
I do evictions in St. Pete. 15 to 25 days or your money back. Not months!
FTR says, “Mr. Obama has chosen not to act until now.” What about the 5 or 6 years he’s been bombing and shooting the hell out of them? Doesn’t that count Mr FTR Guy?
She met him on the Internet
. He said he lived in a gated community. You have to admire the attempt at honesty.
[“The Brown shooting”] I understand a man lost his life. It’s very sad and the outrage is well understood. But why do you have to go out and start looting and robbing? It undermines the fight for justice and equality which is what we are searching for. During the civil rights era when people were getting hit in the face with rocks and sprayed with hoses and attacked by dogs, looting was the last thing on their minds.
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The janitor at my job is testing a theory.
Yesterday’s posters were all correct in their argument that America doing the same thing in Iraq we’ve been doing for eleven years will produce different results. We created the atmosphere for the creation of an Islamic State. Iraq was much better off under a dictator like Saddam. Brutality is the only thing people stuck in the middle ages understand and respect. Ask them and they agree. Ask Americans and we want to get all touchy-feely and make things how we think they should be.
[Wealth Only For The Rich] Why does the Right get so upset when Democrats get rich? Do they think that Democrats don’t like money as much as Republicans do?
I have noticed more and more bicyclists on the road down here. Since they are smaller, quieter and harder to see than motorcycles, perhaps we should promote bumper stickers that demand that we “Look three times for Lycra”
[Oh, boy, free money!] My name is Dr Keneth Ubah the new Director International Remittance Department Zenith International Bank Plc.
This is to inform you that we receive a payment instruction and go ahead order from the Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) and from office of the new president to release your over due contract payment, please we want to know if you give MR ALI MOHAMMED go ahead other to change your banking information’s because he gave us the new account.
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[Dumb Natives] Primitive African natives in Liberia broke into an Ebola quarantine building and forced those quarantined, out saying there was no such disease.
All the crazy things going on in Missouri, where are Uncle Al and Jesse?
A poster said that no conservatives will say what a person that exudes Conservative leadership will do to correct the illegal alien problem.

Just look at what Conservative President George Bush tried to do to help stem the aliens flowing in.President Bush said the nation has failed millions of illegal immigrants who live in fear of deportation, he proposed an ambitious plan that would allow undocumented workers to legally hold jobs in the US for the first time. The program that would bestow temporary legal status for at least 6 years on 8 million undocumented immigrants, as long as they keep their jobs. But it would not automatically put them on a path to obtaining citizenship or even permanent resident status.

“We must make our immigration laws more rational, and more humane,” Bush told 200 Latino supporters attending his first White House announcement of the election year. “I believe we can do so without jeopardizing the livelihoods of American citizens.” What Bush calls his “temporary worker” program was eagerly embraced by business groups but condemned as stingy and impractical by advocates for immigrants.

He wanted to give them amnesty for 6 years.

later of course one of the leading Conservative Presidential hopefuls Jeb Bush told us “they come here for love”.

Maybe the new RNC logo should be an elephant inlaid with a hippie peace sign. We will see Rick Scott and Jeb throwing flowers on them as they cross the border if they get elected. Peace my brother conservatives

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ISIS. The Republican solution is to do more of the same thing that we’ve been doing since the Republicans started the war and expect different results. That’s the definition of insane. Republicans haven’t had an original idea since … I can’t remember when. It’s no wonder they don’t even have a normal candidate to run for President. All they can agree on to lead our country are crackpots and religious nuts. Republicans are on the losing side of all modern day social issues. They should rename them the Party of the Scary People.
from the right
YESTERDAY POSTERS WROTE: “Everyone’s talking about ISIS and their blazing takeover of the Mideast than the world, but nobody has even one suggestion how to stop them. We’ve thrown everything we have at them for eleven years and they’re only getting stronger. So if sending bombs and bullets doesn’t work–what will?”

“Have you noticed that every week when FTR Guy has his tirade against Obama and Democrats for doing, or not doing, something. He never has a plan of his own, I mean he doesn’t even say what the Republicans would do in whatever situation he is ranting about. The closest FTR Guy has come to this was last Friday when he was going on about immigration from Central America. It was “The answer is crystal clear: Republican governance.” And that means doing what?”

FTR’S RESPONSE: Thank you both for your postings. I really appreciate the lead in.

Contrary to the first posters statement, ISIS/ISIL is a fairly new threat. They have only been identified as a serious threat within the last year or so. Please remember that at the end of the US presence in Iraq on December 18th 2011, Iraq was pretty much pacified and had an operating Democratic government. That withdrawal was required by the terms of a treaty negotiated by GWB. Obama failed to negotiate an agreement that would have permitted a small peacekeeping force in Iraq such as we left in Germany, France, S. Korea, Japan, etc. etc. etc.. As a result ISIS/ISIL was born and nurtured during the Obama admin.

lead from behindObama has purposefully adopted a “lead from behind” philosophy in foreign affairs, he has purposefully made the USA into a nose picking bystander rather than a leader in world affairs. His treachery in his dealings with Israel, Poland, Ukraine, Syria, et al, have destroyed our worldwide reputation for leadership.

In Israel Obama has consistently given more credence to Hamas than to Israel. He has harshly criticized Israel for defending itself from Hamas terrorism

In Poland he reneged on the American promise to install an antimissile defense. He did so to curry favor with Putin.

In Ukraine, he stood by silently while Putin invaded and conquered the Ukraine territory of Crimea. He did so to curry favor with Putin. In Ukraine, Obama’s most recent failure to act was in direct violation of an agreement that we had made with that nation to defend them from aggression. Ukraine gave up its entire nuclear arsenal in exchange for our promise of protection.

Obama was warned more than a year ago about the ascendency of ISIS/ISIL by the military and the intel community. He did nothing.

Iran has just now announced that they will not meet the deadline they agreed on, November 2014. Obama does nothing.

Obama should set about repairing America’s fractured international reputation. He should set about building alliances with other nations to first contain ISIS/ISIL, and then to strangle them. He should take lessons from GWB’s skill at alliance building, but he seems to have only scorn for other world leaders except Putin who he seems to fear.

Britain, France, Italy, Holland, Germany, Turkey, Kurdistan, Egypt, and Jordan are among the nations that have expressed deep concern for the explosion of the power and influence of Muslim fundamentalism. Obama dithers, vacations, and postures.

No matter what your views on the invasion of Iraq by GWB are, no one can deny that it was a multinational effort. GWB put together an alliance of 48 nations to prosecute the Saddam Hussein regime. ISIS/ISIL and Muslim fundamentalism are a real danger to free people everywhere in the world. It will take a multinational effort to smother that danger.

That effort will have to include rewriting immigration laws and closing borders. It will have to include support of moderate Muslims and the suppression of teaching of fundamentalism in Madrasas. Today, globally, Muslims have the lowest literacy rate. That must change.

The effort will have to include finding means to combat poverty in nations and areas that are populated by Muslims because the masses, especially those who suffer economic hardship, increasingly follow the fundamentalists. Population growth, lack of development and a falling standard of living, set against the backdrop of oil riches that elude the masses, create a setting that is ripe for fundamentalism. The rulers of those Arabic nations must be convinced to put in place measures that will encourage work and improving living standards for the masses. None of this can be accomplished by leading from behind.

All of that is academic if we fail to vanquish ISIS/ISIL on the ground. We must provide light and heavy weapons to the Kurds and Iraq. We must support them with air power. We must make use of the superb skills of our special operators whenever those skills are needed. We must increase our dedication to intel gathering on the ground. Electronic surveillance is important, but it will never replace human intel. Obama and the Democrats are dead set against nearly all of the foregoing.

They refuse to acknowledge that the world is getting smaller and much more dangerous.

hillary-jetPart 2) Certainly you will recall Hillary’s determined efforts to convince one and all that she is “just folks”. She told us that she and Bubba were essentially broke when they left the White House. That notwithstanding all the royalties from her books, speaking engagements, etc.. They try to minimize mention of it, but they are fabulously rich.

In fact, Hillary and Bubba are raking in money hand over fist. Hillary charges about $300k for each of her speeches. But wait there’s more: What follows is a part of her standard demands before she will speechify:

* Round-trip transportation on a chartered private jet “e.g., a Gulfstream 450 or larger jet,” plus round-trip business class travel for two advance staffers who will arrive up to three days in advance.

* Hotel accommodations selected by Clinton’s staff and including “a presidential suite for Secretary Clinton and up to three (3) adjoining or contiguous single rooms for her travel aides and up to two (2) additional single rooms for the advance staff.” * A $500 travel stipend to cover out-of-pocket costs for Clinton’s lead travel aide.

* Meals and incidentals for Clinton, her travel aides and advance staff, as well as all phone charges.

* Final approval of all moderators or introducers

But wait, there’s more: No more than 100 spectators, including her entourage of 20. No more than 50 permitted to have their pic taken with H. And the whole gig can’t last more than 90 minutes. Not bad for $300k.

By the way, H hasn’t driven a car since 1992.

Yessir, good ole Hill and Bubba are just regular folks. Democrat rank and file have a lot in common with them and just love them like crazy. –Not!