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7-mile-christmas-tree-2015It’s here, the 7 Mile Bridge Christmas Tree! Once again Santa’s helpers did a fine job. 2015 7 Mile Bridge Christmas Tree has arrived. I will get some better photo’s. This is a one-handed smartphone shot at 60 MPH. We can do better. Blessing & a very Merry Christmas to all. ~Coconuts Bar & Package Store
[Records Requests Online] The City of Key West has just added a new tool to help the community better connect to City government. Now, you can make a Public Records request right through the City’s web site. We’ve upgraded the Action Line to ensure quick, thorough responses to request documents.

On the City’s home page:, just click on the drop-down link from the “How Do I?” navigation tab. Hover the mouse over the tab and you’ll see the title “Submit a Public Records Request.”

From there you will be able to request anything you need, from a police report to a bid document. With the help of GovQA Public Records Software, the City is enhancing its transparency to the public while integrating a system that will better track public record requests across multiple departments, standardize records processing and fulfill requests in a timely manner.

With this easily accessible web portal the public can be sure it is receiving complete and accurate records in a reasonable time frame. It allows requesters to submit a new public records request, track the progress and receive updates by email.

The requestor can also read any correspondence or notes about specific requests and download electronic records deliverables. Requestors can continue to contact officials in person, in writing, over the phone or by email, but the requests will be tracked internally through this new application. Frequent requestors like reporters and attorneys may also set up an account.

fish jumping on plateThe Fish restaurant is not owned by the same people as The Wharf and Looe Key.  It is owned by the people who manage the restaurant at Hurricane Hole on Stock Island.  They are getting rave reviews.  Bella Luna is a new, clean, bright restaurant with a lovely menu, an upscale wine list and outstanding wait staff.  My husband and I enjoyed a wonderful meal there and intend to go back many times.

Both the locals and the tourists want variety, good quality and comfortable places where they are made to feel at home and appreciated.  We have many establishments that meet that criteria – a few more will only add to everyone’s enjoyment.

[Corruption] Am I the only one that sees the huge conflict of interest in the new appointment by Governor Rick Scott of Richard Toppino to the FKAA Board? I saw no comment by the media besides what was in the press release.

This is way more than just a Bubba appointment. Monroe Concrete (formerly Toppino & Sons) is an FKAA material supplier and Charley Toppino & Sons, of which he is an officer, is a contractor on FKAA jobs. Richard derives his income and benefits from FKAA contracts. If you don’t think Richard won’t be giving his family sweet contracts at the expense of us citizens you’re dreaming.
This is the kind of crap that fueled the overwhelming support for the referendum to have the FKAA Board elected instead of appointed, but evidently that hasn’t worked out either. Appointing a family member to a position to award contracts to his family’s business is the wrong way to go, Governor Scott. And thanks for nothing Senator Bullard.

happy hour neon


Springer’s Bar & Grill has homemade delicious specials. Happy Hour is every day from 3 pm – 7 pm. Y’all come down and see us!

[Gun Rights] To the anti-gun nuts: You have the right to not own guns, the right to not defend yourself or your family.  The right that I wish you would exercise is the right to remain silent. What really puzzles me is that you believe that evil people will follow the directions given by a mere sign telling them that they are entering a gun free zone.  If the populace is disarmed do you really believe that the criminal element will not find a way to obtain a gun or will not commit evil by homemade explosive devices. Fortunately, the Second Amendment is not an issuer of rights, it is a limiter of government power. I am at a loss to determine if the anti-gunners are stupid, lying or innocently naive.


Neem trees grow prolifically in the Keys and they are a beautiful tree. The fallen seeds will sprout and grow, and apparently, the iguanas don’t like them. All parts of the plant are useful. In areas where they grow, there won’t be any mosquitoes.

[Restaurant Review] Bella Luna in Cudjoe. We have eaten there 3 times and all 3 times is being a great experience. Good food, good wine, great service. Small and quiet. Locally owned. It’s nice to have another good place to eat on Cudjoe. I hope the locals support them just as they do the “Grouper”.


Deflategate, Keys style!

While we are throwing out the 2nd Amendment, let’s not forget the 1st. We better get rid of that one to. Terrorist will use guns, bombs, cars, trucks, infections, poison, whatever they can make, steal or buy. You can look up all of the ugly stuff on the web, there goes the free press. Banning firearms is not the answer.


[Sad news] A member of our Coconuts Family, Robert “Buzzy” Blackistone, passed away on Dec. 3rd from congestive heart failure. There will be a memorial service in Jan. Rest in peace, old friend!

[Restaurant Review] I couldn’t disagree more with Sundays posters saying that we don’t need Italian Restaurants in the Florida Keys – and citing Zaza’s as his example of a failure. Zaza’s failed for one reason and reason alone – the service was terrible, the facility was clean and beautiful (yes noisy too), the food above average. I went twice and never went back — the service was truly horrible.

I’ve been twice to Bella Luna on Cudjoe. I had the Chicken Parmesan the first time and spaghetti and meatballs the second. Caesar salad and Mussels Rosa both times. Everything has been excellent, especially the service.

smelly fish fliesNow a reality check for our crazy posters: I’ve lived here for 27 years, my wife grew up here. We, and everyone we know, are sick of another seafood restaurant with frozen fish from Ecuador or another bar food place. If you are going to open a seafood restaurant serve local fresh seafood and not Sysco or GFS frozen fish. The total boycott of locals on the Wharf on Summerland Key is a good testimony to that. Their employees were told by the management to lie and say they were serving local seafood.  This was told to me by two ex-employees, both I’ve known for years and wouldn’t lie about that. I found the poster who dined at the former establishment on Duval Street with the gangsters painted on the walls humorous. With all the great food in KW, who would dine at a place like that.  That speaks volumes.

Not one member of the NRA has been involved in a mass shooting.
service cat

This “service animal” thing has gotten out of control, and the lawyers are having a field day. Anyone who questions the owner of said animal is breaking the law because the ADA says you can’t even question if an animal is a service dog or not. I wonder if any of these animals have attacked and/or injured people? That would be a grand battle of the lawyers. Link

The Keys are a microcosm of what is happening in America and that is what will do us in if we don’t wake up and smell the gun powder and hear the screams of the citizens.


Hello (hackable) Barbie. Link

[Living in Paranoia and Proud of It] To all you who are against firearms and those who own them.  What are you afraid of?  Do you think I’ll shoot you?  Do you think my weapons will kill you?  I personally own 26 weapons. Long guns are 3 – 30-06’s, 4 – 12 ga shotguns, 2 – 20 ga shotguns, 1 – 308, 3 – 30-30’s, 2 – AR15’s, 1 – SKS, 1 – AK47, 3 – 22’s.  Personal protection weapons are 1 – 44 magnums, 1 – 44 auto-mag, 1 – Glock 19, 1 – Sig 40 cal, 1 – 380, 1 – 357 magnum.   All weapons are fully loaded at all times. I have a concealed carry permit good in 27 states. I never leave home without a weapon. In all the years I have kept loaded weapons, have any of my weapons killed anyone?   No! (at least not since ‘Nam) If you are at the Winn-Dixie when an active shooter starts you will be glad to have me there.  If your children are in class when an active shooter starts, you will be glad to have me there. When a co worker goes “postal” you will be glad to have me there.  Please stop blaming the gun.  Guns don’t kill anyone. Gun free zones do not work. Gun registration won’t work. Registration only tells “Big Brother” who has one. Not one of my weapons is registered in any state. Gun laws do not work. (see Chicago or California for proof) Kennisaw Georgia has not had a murder with a firearm in 25 years since they passed a city ordinance requiring every household to have a weapon.  You want to take my weapons away?  You can have them, one shot at a time.
caducis medical

[Health in Cuba] Cuba is not a rich country but it has free, universal healthcare and some impressive health statistics. The US should follow Cuba’s lead instead of being afraid of the peaceful island nation. Link

[Needy] When I see someone in a store clutching their little dog my first impression is how weak and needy the person is.



Finally, a prayer candle that makes sense. You know this one will at least keep away ghosts.

[Sign of the Times] When turning on the TV in the morning, my husband says, “Let’s see who the Muslims killed last night.”
cat gun ak47[Guns] It seems to me that people on this site, some people, don’t understand hardly anything at all about firearms. Some say automatic rifles should be banned to the public. Well sweetheart they already are, since the 1930’s. One can’t just walk into a gun store and buy an assault rifle. It is illegal. Fully automat weapons are not what was used in these latest terrorist attacks. They were semi-automatic rifles. Not ‘combat assault riffles’. This is an important distinction. Words matter.
[“NRA biggest threat to our security”] Somehow I doubt this. Check this out, or if you don’t believe it, read some history books. They are not going away. Link



The International Sand Art Competition was in town last week. I find it odd that they had to import sand for the competition.

[Letter to John Dick, a member of the School Board] According to a report in today’s Keynoter, you are not supportive of hiring Latour “LT” Lafferty to investigate the financial fiasco in the HOB daycare program. If not Lafferty, who would you recommend and support the investigation?

The School District clearly is unable to resolve what became of the missing $20,000 and who is responsible.  The District has taken two shots at the problem, one by the Finance Department and one by the King & Walker auditing firm.  Neither effort was successful and the public remains wondering what happened to the $20,000 and on whose watch did it go missing.

Clearly, there needs to be an independent investigation.  Your recommendation that the Board “ask questions and find out what’s going on before we start spending money” will not, I do not think, achieve the objective.  While I am loath to spend money unnecessarily, I have to agree with Board Chairman Andy Griffiths when he says that “We have to have accountability….” I do not believe that, as Griffiths opines, that the District “can afford to go cheap on accountability.”

I think you would agree that this unresolved financial scandal has a very negative effect on the District’s public reputation and may well influence votes in the spring election regarding funding for District operations.   The sooner that there is clarity, the better it will be for all involved.

Again, if you do not want Latour “LT” Lafferty to conduct the investigation, then who do you recommend?

~Dr. Larry Murray, Fiscal Watchdog and Citizen Activist




Maggie Ruley

If you think confiscation of some firearms by the government is the right thing to do and you don’t own a firearm then I’m glad you think that way. All people will do is claim that their guns were stolen. We already have towns that have turned into a crackhead zombie apocalypse and you think I’m going to give the government my guns?
drowning man beer


If the average American male drinks about 25 gallons of beer per year and walks 1,00 miles, he gets 40 MPG. Not bad!

Ancient Geek Proverb: To be a genius is to be misunderstood. But to be misunderstood is not to be a genius.
tropical palm santa


Fanci Seafood will be open Christmas Eve for your holiday special seafood dinner.

Tom Waits turns 66. Audio
duct tape piece

Even duct tape can’t fix stupid, but it can muffle the sound.

[Guns] You will never keep weapons of mass destruction or mass shootings from the hands of whackos.  If all are unarmed, there is no deterrent at all–a predator’s delight; imagine a dog’s joy upon discovering a herd of declawed cats. A few returned gunshots would lessen the damage and maybe remove a predator from the gene pool. Unstable people with cars kill way more people than unstable people with guns, so let’s have everyone on bicycles. As for me, I am getting a concealed carry permit to protect my snack-sized dogs on leashes from the unattended pit bulls running the roads on the north side of Ramrod (amongst the relocated Key Deer). Authorities have ignored the complaints of several people. I should be able to legally open carry like in the old
xmas carolers notes[Christmas Cantata] The Lower Keys Community Choir and the Keys Chamber Orchestra proudly present ‘A Noel Celebration’. These concerts are free and a free-will offering will be taken. Please join us for another holiday experience.
Monday Dec. 14, 7:30 p.m., at the Big Pine Key Methodist Church, 280 Key Deer Blvd on Big Pine Key.
Wednesday Dec 16, 7:30 p.m., at St Peter Catholic Church on US 1 on a Big Pine Key.
Thursday Dec. 17, 7:30 p.m. The community center in Venture Out on Cudjoe Key, ask for directions at the gate.
Dump the Pumps meeting was rescheduled to Thursday (instead of Wednesday) Dec 10 at 6 PM at Coldwell Bankers

The regular meeting of Dump the Pumps, Inc was rescheduled from last Wednesday to tomorrow, Thursday, Dec 10 at 6 PM at the Coldwell Bankers office by the Big Pine post office. If you own a home on Middle or Big Torch, it would be very good to attend before the FKAA misinformation gain momentum there. If you think you have already been run-over on another island, all is not lost–not by a long shot. That includes those 30 homes on Duck Key. Come on down grinder-pump-victims. it is informal and a friendly group of real good people who are about to kick criminal butt.

bike path routeDid anyone notice the bicyclists on US 1 this past Saturday morning?  Every single one of them was riding on the road instead of using the bike path.  Motorists had to move to their left to avoid hitting them.  Shouldn’t there be some rule about using a bike path when available?  I realize there are road crossings, etc., but when the bike path is right there, it seems they should be required to use it.
[Movies] A Very Murray Christmas. I have never seen a worse movie in my life. At least Ed Wood’s crappy movies were amusing. It was mostly depressing except for a dream sequence where Mily Cyrus stole the show (which wasn’t all that hard to do). Murray co-wrote the gloomy special with Mitch Glazer and Sofia Coppola, while Coppola also directed it. How could these talented people put out such crap.
junk food man

[Junk Food is Killing US] I saw a commercial for Burger King’s “Nuggets” for $1.49. No where did they allude to chicken or meat because it is against the law to mention meat if a certain percentage of a product does not contain that meat. Which leaves one to question what their “nuggets” contain if not meat?

[Doves] A few years ago, it used to be all Ring Neck doves everywhere you looked. Then they seemed to vanish and it was Mourning doves all over. Suddenly, it seems, the flocks are all Ring Necks again. Does anybody know what’s going on with that?
Somebody said the Ring Necks are Republicans and the Mourning Doves are Democrats, but that seems unlikely. Still, we are talking bird-brains in both parties crowding the public feeding trough and taking all they can.
xmas tree 4

The Christmas trees are here! They have tabletop trees, and5, 6 and 7 foot trees at popular prices. The trees come directly from a North Carolina supplier. The Youch Group is also selling red, white and pink poinsettias for $10 and $20. You can buy them in the St. Peter Pavilion on US1 BPK Monday – Friday from 11 am-6pm and Saturday and Sunday from 8 am-6 pm. Merry Christmas!

When is the lighted boat parade this year?

(Ed: Lower Keys Lighted Boat Parade is Saturday, December 19 at 7 P.M. Pine Channel Causeway. View from Kiki’s Sandbar. Santa and Mrs. Claus will be there. Candy for the kids, too! All boats welcome to enter. Call Holly at 305-872-0106. Merry Christmas!)




[Pearl Harbor Day Faded] First it was, “Remember the Alamo” then it was, “Remember Pearl Harbor” now it’s “Don’t forget 9/11”. There was almost no mention of Pearl Harbor Day yesterday.

Guns and the NRA aren’t your problem America. Switzerland and Israel are both heavily armed societies. Mass murder by the gun is almost non-existent in those place. Except for Jihadist killing sprees. I’m pretty sure I just won that argument.
County Commissioners make $197,000 a year plus $78,000 in benefits. And they wonder why our economy is going to collapse. Our government is out of control with its pay.
bingo winner


Bingo is back at the Big Pine Moose Lodge. Open to the public. Every Monday, doors open at 5:30 and play starts at 6. Guaranteed $50 payouts with 2 bonus jackpots of $250. Food and beverages are available. Come join in the fun! Full Menu > Ongoing Events

[American Values Gone] ‘No more American values’ seems to be this year’s theme. Increased spying on our citizenry and getting rid of Muslims and Mexicans are the highlights. What a great country – not!
First recorded marlin caught on a fly rod. Vintage IGFA video
vegetable man



[The Green Market] At St Peter’s Church in the pavilion on US1. Open every Saturday from 8 am – 3 pm. Over 25 vendors with fresh produce, baked goods, flowers and lots more. Full Menu > Ongoing Events

Beware of the “chicken” tacos at the Tiki Bar. You are not being served chicken breast (which should be noted on the menu). This goop is a blend of something, but certainly not chicken breast and is gross! Maybe their chicken tacos could be renamed chicken ‘coop’ tacos.
ftr from the right 75h[FTR] The ineptitude of Obama and his Secretaries of State is astonishing. The mess that they have created is so horrific that it is difficult to believe that it is only the result of ineptitude.

When Obama took office he inherited a mid-east that was relatively stable. The Afghan war was ongoing, but much of that nation had been pacified. Prior to the Obama administration there had been a total of 1049 military fatalities in the US led coalition since the inception of the conflict in October 2001. Since then there have been an additional 1821 military fatalities.

The grim reality of the Afghan war is that that nation has again become a redoubt for radical Islam. Even Mr. Obama recognized this and was forced to change his vow to leave that country, he now intends to keep 9,800 American troops in the country through much of 2016 and 5,500 thereafter.

The Iraq war had been won by 2009, AQI had been decimated and its remnants had fled to Syria. Iraq was a functioning democratic nation with a Constitution not too dissimilar to ours. Mr. Obama refused to even attempt to keep a peace keeping force in Iraq, but rather for political purposes, withdrew all US troops. Today Iraq is partnering with our enemy, Iran, and is rapidly being overtaken by ISIS. (continued on the National Politics page … )

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