2014 February

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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[What’s in a name] After trying to find my family tree and getting all kinds of bs back, I gave up on the online line web sites who offer free searches and free lists when they are only trying to get your credit card number and email address to send you all kinds of crap. Who are they to sell my information and make a profit from it without consulting me or having a contract that gives me a share of the profit? Please do not give me the bs of public records nonsense. They are selling information about you that only you should be allowed to see or your doctors, lawyers, Indian chiefs, etc. Sometimes it pays to be a un-person!
[‘Seeing’] Some people see more in a walk on the beach than others do on a trip around the world.


[Ice Cycle] No one will argue the fact that the Chinese are ingenious. Who needs a snowmobile when you can have one of these things that give a whole new meaning to icicycle

[Free Computer Instruction] If you know anyone who would like to take a free course providing themwith an introduction to computing tell them about a course being offered at the Big Pine Senior Center (behind the fire station on Key Deer Boulevard).

The course meets on Fridays from 1 – 3 pm. You do not need to bring a computer because the Senior Center has several available for use by participants. Encourage your friends, neighbors and relatives to acquire basic computer skills needed for browsing media, receiving and sending e-mail, and keeping up with events around the world. Menu > Ongoing Events

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I saw this trash on Blimp Road this morning. I hope the jerk choked on his burger

[Haiti] The Clinton Foundation has awarded a $250,000 grant to a Haitian recycling plant that seeks to clean up the country’s dirty capital city, Port-au-Prince, that looks similar to a dump. Link 
[Pilot Rescue] Brigadier Gen Steve Ritchie tells the amazing story of the rescue of downed pilot Roger Locher in Vietnam in 1972. Video 



Happy Wednesday from Springers Bar and Grill. It’s comfort food day and today’s special has been highly requested. You asked and we delivered. Today we have our traditional shepherds pie, seasoned beef, vegetable medley, cheese and our scrumptious mashed potatoes. It’s sure to warm the heart as well as the belly. So join us for dinner and drinks to get you over that mid week hump.

[“Felony conviction denies right to vote”] Crimes that may be a felony in one state may be as low as an infraction (non criminal) in other states. For example: Here, simple possession of over 20 grams of pot is a felony, but a $75 fine if caught with up to a couple ounces in other states. You are handed the ticket.

I worked in criminal court for 35 years. Many young offenders, represented by public defenders, will plead to anything if they can avoid jail time. Public defenders’ goals are to dispose of cases. Sadly, these offenders don’t really understand the felony charge they plead to will follow them for the rest of their life when applying for a job or voting. Younger folks are apt to take the short, expedient route and only regret it later.

A felony is generally defined as a crime that carries a maximum sentence of over one year in prison. Should a person convicted of a nonviolent felony years ago be curtailed from the right to vote 20 years later? Is this a society with no forgiveness? Most states have a process to be pardoned years later after a hearing. That is the only way to restore your voting rights. 

What’s the matter, did the two Federal Marine Law investigators step on too many local toes around here?  Looks like it, because now, someone is angling to eliminate their jobs.  Get it, “angling”?



The PC vs Mac wars will continue until Apple discontinues their last models (they discontinued the 19” laptop recently). The public just doesn’t want to pay a premium price for a machine that limits them so much and offers no advantage over a PC. The uber fan will continuing to use whatever he likes no matter it’s limitations. He will always wear blinders.

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Are the people that are responsible for the Grinder Pumps getting them in their own yards? I bet not.
[Chinese Peugeots] Chinese rescue French automaker. Peugeot signs rescue deal with China’s Dongfeng Motor. Link


This 10-year-old stole his parents’ car, crashed it, then told cops he’s a dwarf. Link

[“Sister on boat never stopped talking”]  At least she was talking at you and was not fixated on her phone as so many are nowadays.
Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden was elect­ed Tuesday as the official representative of the student body at the University of Glasgow. Students at the institution say that they nominated Snowden to make a statement about democratic rights. We showed Edward Snowden and other brave whistleblowers that we stand in solidarity with them, regard­less of where they are,” they said in a statement 


[“You’re in a field, alone, just screaming at the sky”] That image perfectly describes this fellow.

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I think the whole grinder pump thing is a huge rip off. I have a couple of questions. Why can’t we get rid of all the crooks in our Key West government? Find good honest people to make our decisions on what is truly best for the people and environment (obviously not the designed sewer system). Last question. I would not buy a house slated for a grinder pump. Would you?
nira tocco realtor 9.12

house monopoly

Nira Tocco has a new listing at 1575 Lantana Lane in Eden Pines on Big Pine Key. See the new video

[Police]  A few days ago someone commented on the fact that he sees a large police presence where there is hardly any crime. I wonder if it dawned on him yet that the large police presence may be why the crime is so low! 
isaksen-flood-roof 4.23.13 
[“Travels all over the world and doesn’t see a thing”] Just like most of the posters on this blog do not or cannot read the freaking words, but just bitch and moan from their closets.


[The game you can’t win] Have you had Flappy Dog pulled off your Google Play or AppStore? Screw the control freaks Apple and Google both! Play FlappyDog online in your web browser — don’t need no stinkin’ app. Works with all computers. Isn’t a free and open web and software wonderful? Flap away and good luck! Play 

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jukebox50’s Sock Hop Benefit. Two grateful Good Health Clinic patients, Joel Cote and Jane Amador, have organized a benefit on the nonprofit’s behalf. A “sock hop” with 50s themed buffet and music will take place at the Island Grill at the Mandalay resort, Mile Marker 97.5, on March 8 from 6-10 p.m.

Tickets are available for $40.00 each at the Key Largo and Islamorada branches of Centennial Bank or online For more information, contact Joel at 305-896-4954.

The Good Health Clinic serves over 600 Upper Keys residents and employees who are at or below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty level. Sponsored in part by Baptist Health South Florida, the clinic receives no state or federal funding. To make a contribution to support our community’s only free healthcare facility, contact the Good Health Clinic at Events

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It sure is a shame that Mr. Ed. got castrated and doesn’t want to print the important stuff like world politics. Who talked to you Mr. Ed?
Would you please learn what it means to devalue a currency before you start your anti-government rant. Or better yet, find a ploy that you understand to make your end run around Deer Ed’s national politics ban.
Trailer tire on white rim, 4 lugs. Tire size is 5.30-12. Super, like new shape. $25 Classified Ads > Boats



[Shoot ’em Up Wednesdays] A twenty year resident exercising her 2nd Amendment to ensure her 1st and 4th Amendments are still intact.

Of course you haven’t heard anything in the news about Ray Nagin’s bribery conviction in the news.  Far be it from them to tarnish the media darling after Hurricane Katrina.  Do you think he’ll be lucky enough to be sent to a “chocolate” prison?

rip flowersThe family of Mel & Elsie Marshall are sad to report that our mother, Elsie, has passed on to the other side. Elsie battled Alzheimer’s for many years and as of 3 am this morning (2-18-14) she joined her handsome husband, Mel Sr. in the great fishing grounds in the sky.

Elsie and Mel Sr. lived on Big Time Key from 1971-2004. Mel Sr. passed on in 2003 and that is when Elsie followed her Piner friends to Spring Hill Fl on the mainland. After two years in Spring Hill Elsie moved to Toledo OH to be closer to some of her grandchildren.

No more cold winters for an old time Piner. All the best to all of you and be sure to love on those who love you. RIP, Toots!

~Mel Marshall

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2013 150 HP (2)Evinrude E-TEC outboard motors. Standard 25 inch shaft. Both standard rotation. Will sell separately. On boat running and can demonstrate. Warranteed until 9/2017. Asking below low book value at $8,900 each willing to discount if you want both. Call John. (fish is extra) Classified Ads > Boats 

[Lucky’s Landing] We put millions into making Route 1 an adventure in Paradise with the beautification scam only to start building low rent factory made junk like this? Excuse me, but what happened to the grand plan to build mansions and estates here? Trash begets trash for a cheap quick profit!
from the right

When I came across the article about the Harvard study that showed that young persons are ready to throw Obama and government under the bus, I thought that it might have been just an aberration. I may have been wrong, and I sure hope that I was wrong. I’m one of the millions of Americans who have been deeply concerned for the future of our nation and our society. We’ve witnessed what we fear may have been a fundamental shift in our society to the left. The stats show that more and more Americans are embracing entitlements and seem to be abandoning the American work ethic and the pride of self-reliance. But even though those numbers are high, they still are a minority.

Recently Economist/ conducted a poll that was designed to examine the media hype about a comeback by 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney. The new poll found voters still uninspired by Romney, but also deeply dissatisfied with Obama.

remorse19The poll asked those who voted for Obama’s reelection a simple question: “Do you regret voting for Barack Obama?”  It’s incredible, but 71% said they did regret their vote for Obama. 100% of Hispanics also regretted their vote for Obama. About 40% of Blacks also regretted their vote for Obama. The common notion is that women are strong Obama supporters, but 84% of women regretted their vote for Obama as did 61% of men. Incredibly even 55% of Democrats regretted their vote.

Can this poll be a harbinger of a return to trustworthy, sensible, mature governance? Let’s work for it.


Part 2) What do Greg Eagle, Scott Rothstein, Alan Mendolsohn, and Jim Greer all have in common.  All were political heavy hitters, all were bundlers of cash for Charlie Crist, all were a part of Governor Charlie Crist’s inner circle,  and all are now convicted felons each in a separate case. Most of their convictions involve corruption and/or theft.  Crist seems to draw corruptors like donkey dung draws flies. I suggest you read the link for a very revealing look into Crist’s relationship with Jim Greer. Link


Crist and Rothstein were very close.  Together they blew out the candles on Crist’s birthday cake a couple of years ago after Rothstein gave Governor Crist the tidy little gift of the birthday cake that Rothstein had paid  $52,000 for, (a grand for each candle). Isn’t that just so special! Link

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