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(Ed: Oops, I forgot to hit the “Publish” button to get this edition of the CT to you yesterday. Here it is on Wednesday morning at 8:30 because someone asked where Wednesday’s CT was. That’s when I noticed my mistake.)
FKAA’s “pure” drinking water
leaves an orange coating on the interior of my pipes. Imagine what it does to my body!
[Drinking Clubs] I have been a Moose member for a very long time. The Moose is a drinking club, not unlike the Elk’s. The Moose has the cheapest drinks on the Island. They support the club on liquor sales. It’s a nice place to have a few. They also serve a good sandwich that will be the best deal on the Island. They put on a few events for the locals & support Moose Heart. It’s all good. If the smoke is not to your liking go to another bar. Of course you will pay more for your drink & food. If you are looking to be of service join the Rotary Club. The Rotary Club is a service-oriented organization. It encourages members to find ways to give back to the club and to the community. Danger Will Robinson: they don’t have a bar or a club house!
[Terror] Muslims attacked a Paris satirical newspaper killing 12 before escaping. Allah is not good! Link
I started out with nothing and still have most of it left.
paris-terrorist7[Paris’s 9/11?] The worst terrorists attack in France’s history happened today. It’s no surprise that the murderers were all Muslims. The question is, how did three terrorists dressed all in black and heavily armed go downtown during busy midday activity, unnoticed? It’s reported that one of them had a rocket launcher. They had to have had help. They executed a policeman guarding the satirical newspaper while lying on the sidewalk as he raised his arms in surrender.
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scientist beaker
[Test For ALT] Not to scare people, but I recommend everyone get a full blood test and make sure they test for ALT Alkaline Phosphatase and Osmolality. These can tell if you have bad chemicals in the blood fluid. My blood and my wife’s blood are very high and very low respectively, which can mean we ingested poisonous chemicals like glycol or an actual deadly poison. Since we only go to two local bars and drink only tap water at home, who knows what we are ingesting!? We are having further tests done.
 I visited the Moose Lodge in Vero Beach last week and ordered a Miller Light. The bartender charged me $1 and warned me that the price would go up to $1.25 after 6:00 PM. Yes it was smoky in there too. I’m not a smoker, butt I stuck it out for 3 beers and left with stinky clothes and hair. I will not visit again.
[“Sunrise Drive seaweed”] About 15 years ago when I was doing some renovation work for a retired doctor there, the open water properties on Sunrise had “electric thrusters” on the seawalls like overgrown trolling motors. These they would fire up when the weeds rolled in. The prop wash would push the weeds away from the seawall so they would go further along and stack up on the ‘poor folks’ waterfront who couldn’t afford the electric weed pushers. I always thought that was a rather un-neighborly thing to do, but maybe that’s why I don’t have an open water seawall to worry about.
bimini white
Bimini top
– white vinyl, three-bow Starr Brand. 54″ H x 6′ W x 6′ D, with matching storage boot. $85. Classified Ads > Boats
Thanks to the CT poster giving us links to music. I’ve listened to them all and enjoy both the music and the insightful comments made by the CT contributor. I never would have stumbled on the death of Little Jimmy (RIP) and “May the Bird of Paradise Fly up your Nose” Ah, memories!
Somebody has to do something to get Sears and Kmart to stay in the Keys.
[France’s 9/11] Three masked, armed gunman, dressed in black with black masks somehow made it to central Paris during the midday rush and attacked a newspaper critical of Muslims, killing 12. 3 of the dead were political cartoonists for the magazine Charlie Hebdo. Is this the end of free speech in Paris? Is this their 9/11?  Link
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is facing hard times, as an estimated 235 Kmart and Sears stores are closed or close to it. The good news is that the Sears and Kmart in Key West will remain open along with 1700 others across the country.
[FKAA Adds Salt To Water] I feel your drain pain. A few possible reasons: brackish water. In the winter, FKAA adds some salt water to stretch the fresh water supply during our dry, but busy-with-tourists season. Periods of no use (if you are a part-time resident) allows longer periods of air to contact wet, slightly salty plumbing, causing oxidization and rust.
[Discussion on Gratitude] Please join us every Thursday night 6 pm at the Garden Club mm 94.  This week Mimi Greek will be leading the workshop, she is a teacher, author and life coach.  Her topic will be gratitude. For more information call Ron at 305-504-3795. Whether or not you have been in the military, we all need additional strategies to deal with life’s challenges. Discover new techniques to improve all your relationships.  These work shops aren’t just about PTS, it’s about a better quality of life. We invite you to get a different perspective that may assist you in your relationships and helping those around you.  It will also give you an understanding of what we do so that you can tell others about it; we can all use a little help. Happy New Year!
an_paul revere lantern
Paul Revere’s 1795 time capsule unearthed. Video
[Sears in trouble] It’s no wonder. I’ve been trying to figure out how they stay in business. An example is yesterday when looking online for sanding belts, all retailers who stocked them offered free shipping, Amazon offered free 2-day shipping, but Sears charged $6.35 shipping. I went with Amazon.Sears built it reputation on Craftsman tools, but now they only stock common tools that you can get anywhere. No more specialty tools or large sizes. Sears makes a great work boot for construction, but they only sell size 12 and smaller, when construction workers are usually big guys needing larger boots. And my wife says their woman’s clothes are out of style.
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I feel many aspirations were broken with the No Name Key electrification. So be it. I, honestly, don’t think that anyone who had to get up and turn on the generator would agree.
hareens 12.2.14
[“No Name Key and Electricity”] I don’t think the change at No Name is done. Isn’t the Sheriff Ramsey sister that was instrumental to getting electricity the same secretary for Neugent? Isn’t that the same sister who is now appointed to the zoning and planning board? No, methinks the changes to No Name are not truly apparent yet. Stay tuned for further adventures on No Name Key.
bleach bottle7
[“Corrosive water”] I like the tap water here. I suspect the corrosion comes from the salt air. The same thing that eats our cars (OK, mine are old and not fiberglass) and anything else metal we have. My six apartments have not needed new fixtures for many years, but then again I try to buy quality items to begin with. Boats have the same problem. Cleaning with bleach without rinsing it off adds to the problem since the chemical make-up of bleach is the same as salt.
The AARP calendar for January is here. Full Menu > Ongoing Events
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lantern china2
Peace Light
is a web site dedicated to facilitating the distribution of the Peace Light from Bethlehem throughout the North American continent. Link
I think people miss the purpose of the Moose. Old persons, kids, and the fact they help those in need. So stop with the Moose and get off your ass and help and not drink all you can with eyes closed. No more about these hard working people just trying to help.
[Drinking Club] If you removed the bar from any Moose Club you would have an organization with no members. If you want to do community service join the Rotary Club.  Moose members delude themselves and are very protective of their real mission.
barry7[Bending Guitar Strings] Barry Rillera and his brothers were part of the Righteous Brothers phenomenon, playing the music behind the blue-eyed soul of Bill Medley and the late Bobby Hatfield. The Righteous Brothers were booked on the Beatles first big tour of the United States in 1964, which is how Rillera ended up on the plane with the Fab Four.”That tour was a real experience for all of us,” Rillera stated. “Often times, the kids in the audience were not aware that there were any opening acts before the Beatles. And so, during many of our shows, all we could hear were kids screaming for John, Paul, George and Ringo.”And then there was that guitar sound that Rillera achieved, bending his notes by pushing up on the strings. “In many of the arenas where we played, the Beatles could sit backstage and hear our set through a little speaker in their dressing room. I guess they liked the sound of my guitar that they would hear each night, and that’s why Paul tracked me down on the plane. A few years later when I heard that beautiful George Harrison song, ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps,’ and I heard him bending those strings, I remember, smiling.” Video
[“The Asshole song”] This is the ultimate asshole song by Dennis Leary. Video
[Crowded] Shopping for chow at Publix in KW has become a nightmare with the snowbirds from everywhere crowding the place. It’s the same at Big Pine’s Winn Dixie.
[Half Empty Half Sandwich] I wonder what the cost would be for a whole Philly cheese steak I bought at one of our local restaurants?
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ice fishing bear
[“Quit Your Bellyaching“] That post that said to stop crabbing about where you live and enjoy it , said it all. It was 8 degrees this morning when I got up. My wife’s auto starter (me) fired up the car a half an hour before she left. Start the new year positive or come up and go ice fishing!
American troops in Afghanistan through the eyes of a French infantryman. Link
[Celtic Festival in Marathon] I’m planning on going because I like all music and I support local events and this sounds interesting for sure. But seriously, I really don’t know what Celtic music is? Is it Scottish, Irish or British? Or all of the above? All I know is I love this song by Flogging Molly.     Events
[“Bashing the local Big Pine Key Moose”] What was previously written was concerning their mis-advised policy of smoking indoors to the detriment of others. Smoking indoors where food is served is against the law in all states. The Moose found a way around the law that is harmful to all those inside where smoking is still allowed. Talk about addiction!
[Why bitch about every little thing? Have a good day and rock on!] Don’t tell me what to do!
traffic light[“Stopped in intersection on green light”] I was once pulled over by a MCSO deputy for doing just what you rudely advocate. I understand that you are frustrated. We all have frustrations. We are not all rude (Ed: It was much ruder before I edited it). He told me that I must wait at the painted stop line for the intersection to clear before making my left turn on the green light. Which one of you is wrong? Here’s a quote from
GREEN Go, but only if the intersection is clear. Yield to pedestrians and vehicles still in the intersection. If turning left, wait for gap in oncoming traffic to complete turn.
[“Asshole song“] Canadian version — The Rodeo Song
I was curious about the conflicting reports concerning the Wounded Warrior Project, so I looked them up on the Charity Navigator website. The overall information seems positive with 3 out of 4 stars. My biggest objection is the percent of donations spent on fundraising as yesterday’s post pointed out. This is worth the read. Link
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[Toilet Brush Use] I’d love to hear the story behind this one.
Now that gay people can get married I hope they all do. I also hope they go someplace to be as gay as they like and shut the hell up about it.
What happens to Cuban migrants that cross the Gulf Stream now? There is a large influx of Cubans crossing. In the last 2 days one USCG cutter had over 120 Cubans aboard. Are they legal, do they get stay? I don’t think President Obama gave much thought to how the Coast Guard, F&W, Customs, Border Patrol will be handling the increase in Cuban rafters. My bet would be he never ask for any input on their part. This has the look of ready, fire, aim.
Insanity is electing John Boehner Speaker of House over and over and expecting different results — or any results.
Harvard liberals back Obamacare?
 If this Country was run like Cuba Obama would throw everyone on Fox News in jail.
It’s crazy how someone from the Right made smoking at the Big Pine Moose a political issue in yesterday’s CT. This is a good example of how the Right makes everything a political issue including science.
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A reminder for those who forgot or for many that didn’t know Here is what will happen on January 1, 2015 : Top Medicare tax went from 1.45% to 2.35% Top Income tax bracket went from 35% to 39.6% Top Income payroll tax went from 37.4% to 52.2% Capital Gains tax went from 15% to 28% Dividends tax went from 15% to 39.6% Estate tax went from 0% to 55% Remember these facts: These taxes were all passed only with democrat votes, no republican voted for these taxes. These taxes were all passed under the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare.For anyone that feels these increases don’t effect or apply to them, your wrong. Everyone will be passed on to your beer, soda, rent, gas, fried chicken & BBQ ribs. Everyone of YOU will pay for. As a business man when my cost go up 6 cents I pass a 10 cent increase on to you. I get my 6 cents back and make 4. We are not here to break even. I used pennies as a example because they are what dollars are made out of.. Remember this my friends. Poor people have been voting Democratic for a very long time and they are still poor. If nothing changes, nothing changes,
FTR logic = The Republicans did very well in the midterms so finally America is on the right path.
The 1940s = Adolph Hitler won the election so Germany is finally on the right path.
Today in the Soviet Union = Putins approval rates are thru the roof = He must be a great leader
“We should remember that Obama, who is not running for office, and the Democrats suffered one of the most crushing defeats in a midterm election in decades” What? “Obama wasn’t running but he suffered one of the most crushing defeats in decades You can’t argue with logic like that. No ,really, you can’t It’s also good to know that it is the reader’s responsibility to see if his facts are indeed facts. He feels that it is not his duty to do so. He’s right when he says he’s not a journalist.
from the right
It is impossible to know  whether or not the dissing of police by so many liberals, especially our very liberal President and the even more liberal Mayor of NYC is a proximate cause, or even a contributor to the rash of assaults on police officers in recent weeks. But it sure smells like it.bad cop no donutUnfortunately, cop smashing has become very fashionable. Obama’s unscripted, off the cuff, comments about police are nearly universally critical of cops. Those comments probably accurately reflect his heart. In his carefully crafted press releases and in his teleprompter speeches he claims respect for the cops and job they do. I believe that far left liberals like Obama and Di Blasio have at their core disdain, disrespect, and dislike of cops. Di Blasio actually used his disdain for the police as a campaign weapon.After Ferguson we’ve endured five months of anti-police propaganda. It was fueled by the president. Di Blasio gleefully bought into Obama’s propaganda in his campaign and in his private life. The probable result? Anti-cop violence, demonstrations, and an increase in criminality.It is and always has been “cool” in some segments of our society to diss or even hate cops. Yet those who profess to hate cops are not shy about calling the cops when they are victims of crime.

Having said all of that I believe that we must find a better methodology of investigating incidents wherein a police officer takes the life of a civilian. We need it because the default posture of so many citizens, politicos, and the media today is to immediately suspect or insinuate wrong doing on the part of law enforcement. That must change.

In the Judicial Circuit that I served, it was routine practice for most of the police agencies who were involved in a police caused death to immediately notify the State Attorney’s Office (there was a rep on call 24/7); then at least one rep from the office would immediately respond to the scene and be an observer of the investigation. Further, in most cases wherein a police officer wounded a suspect, the SAO was notified. If the wounding presented the likelihood of death, the SAO  rep responded to the involved PD to observe the investigation. That helped foster public trust and transparancy.

In many cases the States Attorney Office would actually conduct the investigation. I can recall one very incendiary case wherein rioting had ensued after a police caused death. Rioting and looting was in progress when the SAO was notified. People were being dragged from cars and being beaten. At the request of the involved police agency, the SAO was requested to lead the investigation.

When the lead SAO investigator arrived at the local PD, chaos ruled. The PD was mobbed with protestors. The lead SAO investigator addressed the mob from the PD’s front steps and invited community leaders to “sit in” and observe the investigation while it was in progress. The mob was permitted to name community leaders as observers. It was permitted with the condition that the selected community leaders could not say a word, only listen, while sitting behind the interviewee or observing from behind a two way mirror in an interview room. The leaders were encouraged to bring witnesses forward. Only one leader was permitted to observe each interview.

It worked, the rioting stopped. At the conclusion of the investigation, it was presented to a Grand Jury.

In that case the involved officer was indicted for Murder 2, went to trial, and after two trials was found to be not guilty.

Nonetheless, in each and every case, in our jurisdiction, investigations of a police caused death were presented to a Grand Jury. I don’t have the exact stats, but we did indict and prosecute several officers for homicide. In each case, an in depth Grand Jury report was issued and made public.

crime scene investigationBut, I believe that’s not enough in today’s world. I believe that each and every death by police officer should be investigated by a special team of homicide investigators from the FDLE and law enforcement agencies who have substantial experience in homicide investigation. The team would be an “on call” operation.  It would operate out of the Attorney General’s office. The team would consist of designated homicide investigators from each major jurisdiction in Florida. In the event of a police caused death, the involved agency would notify the AG’s office.

The team would be activated, a state plane would pick up the investigators and deliver them to the involved jurisdiction. In today’s Florida, such an “on call” team could be assembled and be “on the ground” anywhere in the state in very short order.  The team would operate very much like the NTSB’s “Go Teams.”

Under no circumstance would any of the investigators be acquainted with the involved officer(s) or witnesses. Every investigator would be from “out of town.” The investigators would report directly to Florida’s Attorney General. Each and every case would be presented to a State Wide Grand Jury, as opposed to a local Grand Jury. At the conclusion of each case, if the officer was not indicted or charged, the totality of the investigation would be made public record for the review of the media or concerned citizens.

In the event of the death of a civilian at the hands of a police officer, the involved agency would have only the responsibility of “freezing” the scene, collecting available evidence, and identifying and ascertaining the pedigree of witnesses. All but the most cursory interviews would be conducted by the special team of investigators.

As it stands today, there are no accurate stats to be had as to the number of police caused deaths. Nor is there any accurate method to determine whether or not such deaths are justifiable. The FBI stats are woefully inaccurate. The FBI gathers the stats from police agencies that voluntarily submit them. It is the police agency that tells the FBI: a) if there have been a police involved death, and b) whether or not the case is justifiable.

Police caused deaths are not uncommon, in 2013 the FBI reported that there were 461 felony suspects that died as a result of justified police action.  But, as noted the stats are not to be trusted. The FBI should not rely on the individual law enforcement agencies to report the episodes and to classify them. Each FBI field office should have the responsibility of monitoring such cases in their jurisdiction, record them and make an annual report for the FBI’s annual Uniform Crime Report, classifying each case by its judicial disposition.

Frankly, the idea would be extremely difficult to put into place. Some law enforcement agencies can be extremely parochial and reluctant to cooperate with agencies that have oversight responsibilities.

But, the idea is worth consideration.  What do you think?

A POSTER WROTE: “I would like for FTR to provide one source for climate change denial that is not paid or supported by a special or political interest.  Just one!”

FTR’S RESPONSE:  A come on, you’ve got to be kidding! First, I join with most people who completely agree that our climate is changing. It always has and always will. Climate change has nurtured and destroyed civilizations as long as there have been civilizations.

As for funding; governments, especially our government spends billions to support “studies” and “research” with the aim of pushing the idea of anthropogenic climate change.

According to the GAO, annual federal climate spending has increased from $4.6 billion in 2003 to $8.8 billion in 2010, amounting to $106.7 billion over that period. The money was spent in four general categories: technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, science to understand climate changes, international assistance for developing countries, and wildlife adaptation to respond to actual or expected changes. Technology spending, the largest category, grew from $2.56 billion to $5.5 billion over this period, increasingly advancing over others in total share.  Data compiled by Joanne Nova  at the Science and Policy Institute indicates that the U.S. Government spent more than $32.5 billion on climate studies between 1989 and 2009. This doesn’t count about $79 billion more spent for climate change technology research, foreign aid and tax breaks for “green energy.” Link

In addition to public funding, five environment-specific groups alone raise more than $1.6 billion per year (Greenpeace, The Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, National Wildlife Federation, and the Sierra Club). All five focus solely on environmental issues and are frequent and prominent advocates for global warming restrictions.

Need, need I mention that Al Gore has made tens if not hundreds of millions on global warming hysteria. Link

I urge the poster to provide us with the name of a single researcher who is convinced that anthropogenic climate change is not a valid theory who is “paid or supported by a special or political interest.  Just one!”