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Friday, December 24, 2021

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[Infecting Others] Look, get your shot if you want, and quit whining about everyone else. If you are vaccinated evidently you are saved. What other people do doesn’t matter.
[High Energy] Old movie stars dancing to ’I’m So Excited! High energy! Everyone sit back, relax, and watch this 5 minute clip. Whomever put this together was patient and amazing, enjoy. One of the best I’ve seen. Put your dancing shoes on. Video
[Cheeseburger in Paradise] $37 dollars for a freakin’ cheeseburger! I can get laid for $10 on Duval Street.


Nativity scene 2021

[Building Codes] But the 2012 proposal was blocked by a little-known organization that sets the building codes widely used by states and cities around the country. That group, the International Code Council, is made up of state and local code officials from around the country. Before it could vote, the proposal was scrapped by a council committee made up of building industry representatives and local code officials. The committee found the 2012 safe room proposal to be “overly restrictive and contained several technical flaws.” Link


Using Let It Snow wrapping paper wasn’t perhaps the best idea.

[“Cops fighting”] The poster states “These two cops are bullies with badges – and I’d be in fear for my life if I was ever stopped by these two. Always turn on your cell phone camera when stopped. That will document everything.”

He is absolutely right and not exaggerating. If they don’t beat you, they will at minimum take you to jail which immediately starts the money drain, paying the court, the attorney, bail. $5000 minimum– feeding the corrupt Monroe system.  They are all in it together. Been there, none that.  All charges dropped; still cost $5000.  Plus, the holding cell is filthy, and conditions are inhumane.

“I am saddened by this incident and it will be fully investigated,” Sheriff Rick Ramsay said in a statement. “Nonetheless, whenever something significant happens involving the sheriff’s office, good or bad, I want you to hear it from me first.”

Yea, right, if you believe that one, I have a bridge to sell you. Nothing significant will happen to these policemen. Link

[Cloud Computing] Recent glitches illustrate the power, and fragility, of cloud computing. Amazon Web Services and other major cloud providers underpin much of the internet. Here’s what to know about them—and why they can fail. Link
[“Cop fight”] Any update on the sailor who was shoved to the pavement by Deputy “Chubs” Curry after being smashed in the face by Deputy Curry’s drinking bro? I know if a citizen did that and caused injury, permanent injury, or loss of the victim’s ability to perform normal duties, there’d be a civil lawsuit.
While I understand both MCSO officers were off duty, their lack of judgement in this instance shows their immaturity and possible lax hiring procedures in their cases. A night of drinking is one thing, getting into a fight is another, injuring someone to the point of a head injury severe enough to be airlifted to a mainland hospital is egregious. Anyone remember former MCSO Deputy Jon Riggs? These two deserve no less than the discipline than he received
[Covid Cruises] Islands Block Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship After 55 Aboard Test Positive For COVID. The cruise line said it is not accepting new bookings on its ships until Jan. 10 to better accommodate social distancing, and it will now require masks indoors. Link
[?] Two things, were you asleep the last year? Ever heard of Google? Just a guess, but I’ll lay 3-1 odds you’re not vaxed.


[Sun on Fire] Spectacular time lapse shows the hypnotic flames on the surface of the Sun. Video

[White Supremes] A Florida FBI informant found “dozens of police officers, prison guards, sheriff deputies and other law enforcement officers who were involved with the Klan. Link
[“Cop fight”] The real question about the three Navy Sailors and two Deputy Sheriffs fight, is that Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay is not hiring the best qualified candidates for employees, this becomes a leadership issue.
Do you notice when a major crime is solved Ramsay is at the head of the line taking all the credit and not recognizing the Officers that actually did the work? And when an employee violates policy or the law, Ramsay says he wants to tell you first, more like damage control. But Ramsay never makes a press release about employees that go above and beyond the call of duty and never gives the officers credit for solving crimes.
The true issue is Leadership, not management or politics. Remember, managers intimidate; leaders motivate. Sheriff Ramsay a politician

The fact that 2021 is already over is proof that time also flies when you are not having fun.

[Critters in Winter] Wildlife photographer captures charming portraits of the creatures that visit her garden. Link