2019 February

Friday, February 20, 2019


Letters to the editor with pictures since 0202. Published on Big Pine Key’s garbage days, Tuesdays and Fridays.

(Ed: Tuesday, February 26, 2019. There is no Coconut Telegraph today because there has been a major family catastrophe. This is only the second or third time in 17 years that I’ve not publish.)
[Privacy] I have been using as my primary internet search engine for many years, with good results. Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc will log all the data they can about you to sell for marketing purposes. Gabriel Weinberg notes that ‘Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO and Chairman, famously said “Google’s policy on a lot of these things is to get right up to the creepy line, but not cross it.” But for most people, that line was crossed by Google, Facebook, and others long ago.’
DuckDuckGo tracks and logs nothing. How do they still make money? Data mining is not required, and their means is discussed here. Link
Best pool shot by a naked white chick. (I don’t make’em up, I just forward’em.) Video
[Amazon’s New HQ] Amazon out of Queens NY. You are not aware of what was going to happen to the neighborhoods where Amazon wanted to put their headquarters there. They were going to force the people out of their homes to build a huge complex to make room for jobs for executives and condos for them to live in. I know people who went to apply for jobs and were told positions were only executive positions with appx salaries of $150M. No jobs for the middle class but would throw all the middle class people out of their neighborhoods. How would you like it if some major corporation or hotel chain told everyone in the Keys to get out so only the rich and powerful can live/work there? Let Amazon build where people won’t be displaced. This would have been the equivalent to an act of eminent domain by a private business–which would pay zero taxes! Just check out the deal Gov Scott gave them. 10 years of no taxes with the promise of thousands of jobs some of which will never come to fruition and the ones created will disappear in less than 10 years when the “picker jobs” are replaced by robots.
[Free Speech] Whoever would overthrow the Liberty of a Nation, must begin by subduing the Freeness of Speech; a Thing terrible to Public Traitors.  ~Benjamin Franklin, the New England Courant, July 1722, while his brother was in jail for printing something that offended government officials.


[Secluded House with Pond in Key Deer Refuge] Located in the center of the National Key Deer Refuge on Big Pine Key, this secluded, large 3-bedroom house with two full bathrooms and central air conditioning it ready to move in now. Tile floors, stainless steel appliances. Large elevated deck outside the living room. House is on stilts with a concrete ground floor where the laundry room and storage rooms are located. The laundry room has washer and dryer hookups. The house sits on two wooded acres that includes a lovely pond. No smokers please. Yard maintenance is the responsibility of tenant. Utilities are not included. $2700 a month, plus first, last and $1000 deposit. ($6,400 is needed to move in). For more photos see Craigslist email

The next meeting of our Big Pine Computer & Smartphone Club is coming up this Saturday, February 23, 10 am at the Senior Center.  Hope to see you there. Full Menu > Ongoing Events




[Winn Dixie] Weekly ad. Link

I threw the wife out this morning and she came back in with a note from Waste Management. Seems they only take over size waste on Thursdays!
Slander is not a crime, at least not in the United States. It is a civil tort. Slander is verbal. Defamation is in writing, so a doctored photograph would be defamation at worst, but chances are it would be covered by free speech especially if it involved a politician or public figure. No president or ex-president is ever going to sue your worthless ass nor is it a hate crime. Do you know what a hate crime is? First, one has to actually commit a crime (usually a crime of violence) and if it was on the basis/motivation of hate (illegal discrimination) then the penalty for the actual crime can be enhanced. You can not be charged with a hate crime alone.



[Marilyn Monroe Didn’t Use Contractions] I’d long wondered what was unusual about her speech. She always sounded like a dumb blonde who was trying to sound smart. And that was it–no contractions.

Nalu Salon  305-735-4900 Business Directory > Beauty Salon





Last real life Great Escape prisoner dies aged 99. Link

The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts and the stupid ones are full of confidence.   ~Charles Bukuski
[The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Fraud] Did you know no one knows where the billions spent on military spending goes or how many troops we actual have dispersed around the globe. There is on real accounting. Everything is cloaked in secrecy. If the the accounts don’t balance, they simply take a number from one column and move it to another column. If this wasn’t the military it would be a crime. Link
[13th Century England] The long-bow, handled by the well-trained archer class, brought into the field a yeoman type of soldier with whom there was nothing on the Continent to compare. An English army now rested itself equally upon the armored knighthood and their archers. The power of the long-bow and the skill of the bowmen had developed to a point where even the finest mail was no certain protection. At two hundred and fifty yards the arrow hail produced effects never reached again by infantry missiles at such a range until the American civil war. The skilled archer was a professional soldier, earning and deserving high pay.

He went to war often on a pony, but always with a considerable transport for his comfort and his arrows. He carried with him a heavy iron-pointed stake, which, planted in the ground, afforded a deadly obstacle to charging horses. Behind this shelter a company of archers in open order could deliver a discharge of arrows so rapid, continuous, and penetrating as to annihilate the cavalry attack. Moreover, in all skirmishing and patrolling, the trained archer brought his man down at ranges which had never before been considered dangerous in the whole history of war.

[“Rip-off dental prices”] I paid over four hundred dollars a year for dental insurance. Not once did it cover the cost of tooth work. The only thing it fully covered was cleaning twice a year and I think I still had to pay twenty bucks extra for each cleaning.  I cancelled it.
[Restaurant Review] Update. Second review. On February 19, I along with six others returned to the Tiki Bar & Grill on Ramrod Key. The service was very slow, unorganized and orders came to the table, haphazardly, over a period of more than an hour. The tacos, the night’s special, were cold; the hamburger cold; the fries, you guessed it, cold. It is the fault of management. The waitresses are working like dogs but overwhelmed by the crowd. Severe under-staffing for the “taco night.” Strike two, I’m out.


The dunce cap used to be a sign of intelligence. Thirteenth-century philosopher John Duns Scotus thought a pointed cap would funnel knowledge from its tip to his brain, and his “Dunsmen” followers wore the hats as badges of honor. In the 1500s, his ideas became less popular and the meaning of the Duns cap was turned on its head, becoming something of a joke

[“Garage sale rules”] Never put your signs out until you are ready to sell.  Placing signs out directs drivers to turn in to locate your sale.  Writing a small time or alternate day only wastes the shoppers’ fuel and time as the time and day cannot be read while driving down the highway.  I have seen Friday signs saying Saturday sale, turned in and have been followed by a half dozen others only to be led on a wild goose chase.
[“Drag Queen headlines children’s story hour at public library”] It better thank God it was not in Key Weird in front on my kid. It would be a “real” queen when I got done with it. My wife would also be in the hospital healing. Enough of this crap. Why do we continually encourage these sexual deviants?
[“Restrict whose living here”] It works well in Boca, and other rich neighborhoods.


The Monkees‘ surviving members mourn Peter Tork’s death. Video

Annual Watercolor Society Exhibition opening night March 3, 2019 at Marathon Community Theater. Video
[“Rip-off dental prices”] What a line of BS that was on Tuesday. It covered up the over-pricing of dental work and smacked us in the face. One tooth – one price no matter how the dentist charges you. Rip-off all!



[“Medical marijuana pen”] What else can you put in the vaporizer? Mixtures? What? Link

[The Pentagon] Records reveal lucrative business of U.S. Army landlord. The Pentagon has never disclosed the precise terms offered to developers and property managers such as Picerne, deeming them confidential business transactions. Link
[Friday Joke] We just bought a king size water bed with a base. $600 total price, but $1500 delivery fee! I asked the movers how much to deliver if they took the water out of the mattresses first? We’re still waiting for their reply.


[Engrish] This would explain all of the extra assholes on the road.

[Immigration] Insanity, like pornography, some say, is hard to define, but you know it when you see it. The definition of insanity should be expanded to include, “any nation with a 22 trillion dollar debt, and with a major political party proposing an open border to the third-world.  ~Thom Neidenbach