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Friday, July 13, 2016

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The term “affordable housing” is being used by politicians and developers to justify projects that would not normally get approved. They are working on people’s emotions and hoping that they don’t use their brains to figure out they have been conned. This is the same ploy used by the government when they say “do it for the children”.  If enough well-meaning, but not so bright, people allow this affordable house ruse to continue, they’d better expect in 10-20 years a lot of 30 story condos down here with rent way too high for any local.
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[FTR] A poster woofed about “war weapons” and by extension blamed the Texas lawman massacre on the tool used, not the hate in the heart of the shooter. That particular shooter was dead set on killing cops…especially white cops. The racist hate in the shooters heart is the guilty party. That hate has been encouraged by the latest iteration of the left’s war on the Second Amendment.  The Texas cop killer was prepared to use explosives or any other weapon or device that he could put his hands on.  The firearm used was not an assault rifle. Indeed, it was such an inefficient weapon that it was replaced by assault rifles.

It has been coddled and spoon fed by the Obama admin. It became obvious less than 6 months into the O’s admin that he held law enforcement in utter contempt. A police officer lawfully detained a black college professor and O called that officer’s actions “stupid.” It has gone downhill from that nadir. O has rushed to judgment on each and every instance of law enforcement officer being forced to take lethal action against a black suspect. I believe that all of the more publicized episodes have resulted in judicial exoneration of the involved officers. Obama’s knee jerk response is pure unbridled racism.

While the poster woofed about the type of weapon used, it is obvious that the poster is unaware that a revolver can deliver aimed fire at very nearly the same rate as a semi auto. Further, the poster is probably unaware that rifles, all rifles, kill fewer Americans than do clubs, fists, and feet. The poster is probably unaware that the FBI does not even consider so called “assault rifles” to be a sufficient threat to public safety that they even bother to count the times such firearms are involved in shootings. All of these proposed feel good laws will accomplish nothing, will not prevent a single crime. (continued on the National Politics page …)

coaster-invention[Dripping Drinks] I don’t have air conditioning because our house is designed for the tropics, consequently iced drinks have too much condensation and always drip. The condensation drips on my shirt as I lift the glass to my mouth. I usually look like a slob with drips on my shirt or chest. No matter what coaster I try the glass still drips. I used to wipe the bottom on the arm of the couch, but got yelled at, so I came up with this solution. I made a frame and fastened some galvanized wire mesh to the bottom and set the thing on a terrycloth square that I sewed together from a facecloth (I got yelled at for that too, for not asking first). I have tried insulated glasses because they don’t drip, both plastic and glass, but their lips are too thick for my enjoyment.
[Guns] The poster that thinks the police can protect you while you’re in your home and someone comes in to do you harm is ignorant. If you choose to be a victim that’s your choice. I choose to defend my home and family. Do you really think that making guns illegal will take them off the street? Look at drugs, including alcohol. Making them illegal really took care of the problem didn’t it? When we made pseudoephedrine illegal the Mexican cartels had a party, and that’s why meth is so cheap and available now. Guns are not going to go away, in fact, making them illegal will only make them more available to people that would mean to do harm. I truly hope your home is never invaded by someone that means to do you harm but, if they do, won’t you feel silly not having the ability to protect yourself? You really are not very wise to the reality that it could happen to you.
overseas-bar-sign[Bar Review] The Overseas Liquor store and bar in Marathon is finally opened after years of City obstruction. They have a great inside bar with a refrigerated strip to set your drinks on that is supposed to keep them cold–pretty cool!

There is a walk-around outside bar for smokers that was not built as an afterthought, but part of the whole design. There’s also plenty of parking in the rear.

One thing I noticed when I got there about a quarter to six. The outside bar was jam packed, not a seat to be had. Everyone looked like locals, furry, wrinkled and without shine. At the stroke of 6, when happy hour ended, the bar completely emptied! I’d never seen anything like it. Woosh, they all left in a mass exodus.

With a crowd that cheap, I think they ‘ll have to do something about their expensive $5 a bottle domestic beer after the shine of a new bar wears off and people start returning to their previous favorite places.

[Election Envy] Even if Britain’s new prime minister turns out to be totally crappy, the fact that they only spent about two weeks to pick her makes me insanely envious.
super swirls around one leg


[My Super Power] I can look you dead in the face and not hear a damn thing you’ve said.

[Zika] I knew a woman in Ohio that had a large lake on her property. She would take several table spoons of Skin So Soft and dump it into the lake every month during the summer. The Skin So Soft put a micro coating over the entire lake and kept the mosquitos from breeding. One DC3 tanker plane could do Florida in an hour!
judge woman runs from gavel

[“Faker”] Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader-Ginsberg should have kept her mouth shut and not commented on any currant candidate. It’s her  job to be impartial. It is wrong for a Supreme Court Judge to comment on any political candidate or elected representative. What if the situation repeated itself like in 2000 when the Supreme Court had to decide if Bush or Gore became President? Do you think Ginsberg would be fair in the present contest? There should never be an appearance of partiality. I think she should be impeached if not fired. She apologized Thursday, but that is too late. Link

[Crooks] Stock Island Stolen iPad. On June 13, Detectives David Cruz and Spencer Curry got a call from the victim. He said he was checking his iCloud photo album on his cell phone and found a photo taken with his stolen iPad uploaded to the album. The picture was a woman who he recognized as his stupid neighbor.
[“Peary Court”] So Balfour Beatty wants 15% interest on their money? Isn’t that loan shark rates for commercial loans?
fly lime green1[“Key lime fly”] That is a really great photo of a green horse fly, Chlorotabanus crepuscularis, which are pretty common throughout North America. The UF-IFAS extension service is a great resource if you need an insect or pest identified. Mosquito Control also employs a few entomologists who are good at insect ID. Posting on the Coconut Telegraph also helps get the word out. Key lime fly is a very fitting name!
[Conspiracy Man] Isn’t it strange how the Dallas shooting incident suddenly helped everyone forget about the Clinton scandal?
slingshot2[FTR] A poster woofed about “war weapons” and by extension blamed the Texas lawman massacre on the tool used, not the hate in the heart of the shooter. That particular shooter was dead set on killing cops…especially white cops. The racist hate in the shooters heart is the guilty party. That hate has been encouraged by the latest iteration of the left’s war on the Second Amendment.  The Texas cop killer was prepared to use explosives or any other weapon or device that he could put his hands on.  The firearm used was not an assault rifle. Indeed, it was such an inefficient weapon that it was replaced by assault rifles. (continued on the National Politics page …)
How come no comments on “Bloodline” the Netflix big hit filmed in the Keys? No comments. I think it is spot on.
red-featherThank you to all the nice women who helped me sort out the bags of things that I brought to the flea market from the Key West Ben Franklin’s Craft Store. A lot of them worked so hard sorting stuff, they got what they wanted free. It seems strange to me that most people came in wanting Christmas decorations. I have 20 boxes of them. There is so much paint and craft stuff I know it will not be all sorted out til November. If you want to buy anything from that store, please come to the Flea Market Saturday and Sunday 8 am til 2 pm.

We are trying to sort out masses of craft stuff. I welcome the charter school here and I called the Fill the Bus United Way program in Key West to come up, spend a little and then I will donate a lot!
The flea market is open till the end of July, then we close for August and September. By October first I will have tables full of craft stuff.

I learned something new this week. Little colored cotton balls with plastic inside work for fishing. I put one on too big a hook and got a tarpon in 5 seconds. I was told to use them for pinfish bait. It broke my line.

Anyone who want deals on this stuff please come by so I don’t have to pay for storage.

We still have homemade soaps, discount store, tools, tarps, reading glasses, shells, jewelry, sunglasses and lots more much cheaper than other stores.

The stupid question of last week when I got the contents of the Ben Franklin store was, could I order more of the $29.97 paint that I sold for $5? Or the paint I sold for $1?

If anyone knows what I can do with 200 bags of red feathers, please let me know. Plus 100 of every colored feather.
Thank you to everyone that helped me

Celebration of life for Hurricane Dave aka David Alan Oldham. This Saturday (tomorrow) from 1 to 4 at the Looe Key Tiki Bar. Thanks to all who have made this event possible.
[“Affordable housing”] The only possible affordable housing is if FEMA allows downstairs enclosures. Why this solution is not continually pursued is surprising. It is such a logical solution, maybe too logical for politicians to grasp. Any objection FEMA raises can be answered. All it takes is the will and that is something out politicians sorely lack.


[“Big Pine gun dealers going to jail”] Just reading this post, I would say there had to be a lot more to this selling guns story than is mentioned here. They are doing a lot of hard time for just a few gun sales to undercover cops. Smells like example time to me!

[Muslim Backlash] Palm Beach County voters have been assigned to polling stations in about 80 Christian churches and five synagogues or Jewish centers this year, along with schools, government buildings and other locations. Until last week, a single mosque was part of this mix. County Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher had invited the Islamic Center of Boca Raton to host a polling site for the Aug. 30 Florida primary and Nov. 8 general elections. Then she dis-invited the mosque after an anti-Islamic backlash.

What ever happened to “equality for all”?



[TV: Bloodline] It’s official: The Rayburns and all their dark, Keys family secrets will return to Netflix for a third season of “Bloodline” premiering in 2017. My sister won’t shut up about the great acting in season 2. Trailer Season 2

[Joke Friday] Last January on a bitterly cold winter’s day, a North Dakota State Trooper on patrol came upon a motorcyclist who was stalled by the roadside. The biker was swathed in heavy protective clothing and wearing a full-face helmet to protect the face from the cold weather.
“What’s the matter? asked the Trooper.
“Carburetor’s frozen,” was the terse reply.
“Pee on it. That’ll thaw it out.”
“I can’t,” said the biker.
“OK, watch me closely and I’ll show you.”
The Trooper unzipped and promptly warmed the carburetor as promised.  Moments later the bike started and the rider drove off, waving.  A few days later, the local State Troopers’ office received a note of thanks from the father of the motorcyclist. It began: “On behalf of my daughter Jill…”
mosquito-control-logo83h[FTR] Deer Friends, believe it or not, there are some people who post here who just don’t know the facts. These persons put forward notions that are misleading. For example; recently we’ve read some pretty wild claims about Mosquito Control Board commissioners. We’ve read that they earn outrageous amounts of money and that they do little or nothing. Deer Friends, it jest ain’t so!

Here’s the facts: Mosquito Control Board members are elected officials. They meet between 14-16 times per year. The meetings are held in various places up and down the Keys. Usually, on their meeting days, they hold a public meeting, when that meeting is concluded, then other work shop meetings are held. Typically, on meeting days the attending members will spend 6-8 hours in the meetings. But the job doesn’t begin and end with the meetings.

Board members, at least those board members who are serious about their responsibilities, spend up to a couple of hours a day involved with tasks such as research, communicating with persons who have contacted them about board business, site visits, public outreach, reading and answering emails, and sundry other board business. It’s safe to say that a board member will spend about 8-10 hours a week engaged in board business.

Let’s consider that’s about 500 hours a year. Then add the 96 hours a year spent in routine meetings and workshops. Then add the time spent preparing for and then going to and from meetings. Then add the time spent attending out of area conferences and sundry other duties. A dedicated board member will devote well in excess of 600 hours per year if he or she is doing their job properly.

The salary of board members used to be about $23k per year. Thanks to the efforts of a couple of conservative board members, that salary was cut to about $18K. Conservative commissioners tried to get it reduced again, but other board members, including Steve Smith, blocked their efforts.

Board members do not get cars, but they do get a mileage allowance for their travel to and from their residence to the point where the meetings or other board business is conducted. The rate is set by state law, not the board. Additionally, each member receives a small meal allowance on meeting days, again as provided by state law to all state staffers. And yes, board members do receive the exact same health care benefits that every other Mosquito Control staffer receives.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been some massive screw ups from the board.

One of them is the $6 million Taj Mahal of a facility that is being built on Big Coppitt. That $6 mil is just for openers–wait for the cost overruns. This facility is going to cost you millions. It is a massive waste of your hard earned tax dollars.

Why? Because they are building a magnificent office structure, but only a garage and warehouse are needed. Steel buildings would have served perfectly. The shining, architecturally elegant, new edifice is being built simply because a couple of long time staffers are reluctant to drive to Marathon where a just dandy nearly new administrative building is located. The Marathon facility has empty office space aplenty, it is beautiful, efficient, and is only a few years old. We spent nearly $8 million tax dollars for this wildly underused administrative facility.

The whining and wheedling of a couple of staffers apparently struck a nerve with Commissioner Steve Smith which in turn led to Commissioner Smith’s avid support for the Skeeter Money Pit. It’s reported that this privileged pair simply does not want to have to drive to Marathon from Key West where they live to go to work. Smith was and is passionate in his zeal to get the Skeeter Money Pit built. Isn’t that just so sweet that Mr. Smith is so concerned about the commute of a couple of staffers that he is anxious to spend millions to keep that commute to a minimum!

Did I mention that the new $6 mil Skeeter Money Pit is largely responsible for a 19% hike in the 2017 Mosquito Control budget?

In this olde world it ain’t what you know–it’s who!

[Not So Nice Nice] A Muslim plow a big truck through the crowd watching the Bastille Day fireworks in the resort town of Nice, France killing 84 and injuring a lot more. The death toll is climbing. Why do they do this? Can someone tell me? What do they want? Video
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[“Gun nuts”] Which gun nuts are you talking about? The ones for guns or against guns? How about Bible nuts and Koran nuts or M&M nuts?


[P-51 Mustang] The Story of “Bad Angel” Link

[Lionfish Reward Programs] Two new reward programs were approved by FWC in April, and the competition officially started on May 14. These programs are designed to increase public awareness about the lionfish invasion, increase diver participation in removal efforts, and help reduce the number of lionfish in our waters. Link



[Find the iPhone] This one is tough, it took me a long time.

[Conventions] What important things do people expect to come from the upcoming conventions? Nothing, that’s what we expect. So what is the point of them? Before modern communications, that’s where all the important decisions were made; and the planks of the party’s platform were selected. Now all that is completed before the start of the conventions. I think the only reason for them is to get sound bites.
boat ramp[More Boat Ramps] Kudos to the Chamber of Commerce for promoting the idea. It’s not just for tourists. Plenty of us full time residents need a ramp to get on the water because we could not afford a canal-front house. But worse than the scarcity of boat ramps is the lack of parking! For example, it used to be at Spanish Harbor’s ramp, that you could back your trailer up the US1 embankment so you could fit in a car space. Then guard rails went up to prevent that, leaving just 5 truck & trailer spaces–3 of them parallel parking, and the two good, normal boat ramp parking slots are often filled with some Miami-Dade tourist’s car so his group doesn’t have to carry their poles so far to fish off the little piece of old bridge.

There used to be overflow parking available across the street, but now there is a meandering bike path, and a stormwater detention berm to defeat that option, plus carboline barrier posts to further discourage parking attempts. The newspaper article about the Chamber’s suggestion for more ramps quoted our very insincere BOCC “representative” (ha!) as saying he’s all for it- just show him where. This is the guy who abandoned a whole chunk of public road with an unpaved boat ramp at the end on Little Torch to his buddy on that road. And he did it by including the abandonment in the middle of a “bulk approval” item that was mostly for renewal of toilet paper supply contracts and such. My friend used to take her two old dogs with hip problems down there to walk into the water for a swim and some fetching fun.

There is also a very shallow draft unpaved ramp off Newfound Harbor Rd right into N Pine Channel that now has a guard rail across the entrance. The “old swimming hole” near N. Pine Channel bridge that is being developed into a park has a shallow draft marl ramp that could be improved, but won’t be.
Shoreline access is continually being hampered by no parking signs, bike paths, and expensive railings that serve no useful public purpose. Forget the political B.S.-take a look at what any politician has actually done to improve your quality of life.

Two thirds of gun deaths are suicides. Gun violence is most acute among young black males.  National Council of Crime and Delinquency reported homicide rates per 100,000. White males between 15-19—1.8/100,000 Hispanic males. 15-19—14.6/100,000 African-American males. 15-19–50.6/100,000 In Cincinnati in 2007 less than 1% of the population was responsible for 74% of homicides.  Except for sensational mass shootings like San Berdu, Orlando, etc. gun violence appears to be predominantly with young African-Americans.  Perhaps if the black lives matter movement starts cleaning up their own house the violence might slow down.
Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.  ~John Lennon
gas mask marijuana



[“Legalize It”] I got so high once that I had to turn down my TV because I couldn’t taste my grilled cheese sandwich.

Thought provoking quote from Dallas Police Chief: “We’re asking cops to do too much in this country. Every societal failure, we put it off on the cops to solve. Not enough mental health funding? Let the cop handle it. Not enough drug addiction funding? Let’s give it to the cops. Seventy percent of the African American community is being raised by single women. Give it to the cops to solve. Policing was never meant to solve all those problems and I ask for other parts of our democracy, along with the free press, to help us. Serve your communities. Don’t be part of the problem. We’re hiring. Get off that protest line and put an application in.”



The U S Olympic gymnastics team has introduced their 2016 Rio uniforms.

[FTR’s vitriol definition: cruel and bitter criticism”] You are the guiltiest of vitriol. But to move on, I suggest you read the report on Zika from Wednesday. To quote Tom Frieden Director of CDC, “These redirected funds, however, are not enough to support a comprehensive Zika response, and they divert funding from other critically important public health activities.” Another quote from the McClatchy piece, “The Senate overwhelmingly approved a compromise 1.1 billion bill in May, but when it was returned to the chamber last month, House Republicans in a conference committee had inserted provisions unrelated to Zika that Democrats have long opposed. Among the provisions are limits on Obamacare, restrictions on abortions, funding cuts for birth control and the lifting of key environmental controls. Also stated at the hearing, Sen. Boxer criticized another added clause that would override a law that bans displaying the Confederate flag at cemeteries for veterans.

Few issues pose as an immediate threat to the health of Americans as the Zika virus. There’s no room for politics in this. My deer FTR, it appears most Republicans do not care about Zika prevention as much as you do and only care about their usual non-associated interests like denying healthcare to Americans. Your writings about Zika prevention are excellent. Maybe you should post them to the websites of those Republicans playing games with the health and safety of Americans. Because it’s not helping much just posting them on the CT. Please forge ahead

vacuum tiger

When is the last time you vacuumed your mattress? Not something you thought necessary? Think again. Here is a great, short article about what is living and pooping or dropping spores on your pillow and mattress. I went to a plastic lined mattress cover long ago after a heavily ejaculating new girlfriend (a “rain woman”) destroyed my new mattress. Then she proceeded to destroy my life for over two years. Since then, I switched to a plastic shower curtain liner under a regular mattress cover, since the lined covers do not launder well and cost a bunch more. Link

[No Zika Death in Keys] The death of the guy who had Zika was not a Zika death. He was ill from serious ailments but also had some of the typical mild Zika symptoms that have been characteristic of the disease for the last nearly 70 years. Nowhere did anyone say Zika caused his death, but that is how mainstream media played it. Making everyone fearful is the name of the game. Create a stampede of sheeple and position yourself to profit from it: an entertainment for those who pull your strings.
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There were some good tips on removing rust from boats. I tried the Ospfo tip. I diluted Ospfo 50/50 and it worked so good removing the rust stains from fiberglass and stainless steel that I’ll never buy another expensive boat cleaner. I don’t think the acid etched the gelcoat at all. I’m going to try diluting the next spray bottle-full even more just to make sure it doesn’t etch the gelcoat.
coral reef montage



Watch incredible microscopic video of corals kissing, growing, and fighting. Video

Well, Friends of Old Seven, you screwed yourselves as well as everyone else with the repair of the Old 7 Mile Bridge. Now you not only cannot walk on the bridge and the entire parking lot is fenced off and closed to the public. I heard it’ll be closed for 4 years.
You can’t even take Granny down to watch the sunset anymore. She may have seen her last. Poor Granny. We have also missed the last chance to turn around if you didn’t want to cross the bridge. What happens if you forgot to get fuel and won’t be able to make it across the bridge? Tough. You could die making a U-turn on the bridge.Do you see what is being repaired first–access to the new resort planned to replace Knight’s Key RV park. For this abuse, the BOCC surrendered infrastructure tax funds to the State. If they wanted to do something for Marathon with the tax funds intended for sewer, they should have paid down the sewer assessment in Marathon for equality with other areas or upgraded Marathon’s sewer plants so they can actually treat everything that comes in before dumping into a shallow well with conduits to the ocean. How can Marathon approve the Knight’s Key Campground expansion when the treatment plant can’t even handle the waste from water-conserving RVs? Did the developers, Marriot and Singh, cough up enough impact fees to pay for the new forcemains and additional plant capacity?
dna test tube


[Ancestory] After spending over $2500 in time and money researching my DNA and ancestors, I have learned absolutely nothing important. How disappointing.

[Share The Road Signs] I noticed something on the way back from Marathon and I had to laugh. What the hell is with the fluorescent “share the road’ signs?  Were there tons of road hogs out there before the sign placement? Have any studies been done to see if these signs have any impact whatsoever?  When I see stuff like this it reminds me that the government receives a certain amount of budget money every year, and if they don’t spend it all, their next year’s budget is reduced by that amount. The system is designed to promote wasteful spending.
Evil_Weed_PosterA continuation of a support for legalization of the Evil Weed. In the July 13 issue of the Washington Post a startling revaluation on the benefits of the legalization of marijuana. A study by the Journal of Healthy Affairs revealed that the 17 states where medical marijuana is available more patients are choosing pot over RX narcotics. Physicians in medical marijuana states prescribed 1826 less for pain, -562 for anxiety,-541 for nausea, -519 for psychosis, -486 seizures, -362 for sleep, -265 for depression. These figures appear to be indicating that in medical marijuana available states the costs of prescription drugs sales are declining. One figure given in 2013 was $165 million dollars less were spent on prescription drugs.
Evidence is available to show that big pharma is actively lobbying federal officials not to approve medical marijuana. In my opinion this lobbying and bribery is more than likely. It’s a known fact that we have the best politicians that money can buy. Florida lost medical marijuana approval by 1.8% last election. Let’s try again and tell big pharma to get lost.
[Modern Malady] Here are 4 ways texting neck or forward head posture is destroying your health. Link
[Grinder Pumps] Somebody suggested in the Tuesday CT that maybe the grinder pump victims are being lied to about the perpetual “free” maintenance and replacement of the pump stations that are being forced on people’s lots. FKAA refused to put the lie in writing on the easement when requested to do so. Here’s what is written: The County-FKAA Interlocal Agreement declares that the County shall own all sewer infrastructure located on County property or easements to the County, and FKAA shall operate the system, collect fees, and make all repairs to County infrastructure.

Now do you see why the easement is to FKAA (the County’s contractor) instead of to the County?
The FKAA Rules (made by the appointed, not elected, Board) states that anything built by FKAA on private property shall be deemed to belong to the property owner. However, FKAA retains the right to enter the property to inspect, maintain, repair or replace the infrastructure, and ‘MAY BILL THE PROPERTY OWNER FOR FKAA WORK’. If the bill is not paid, the water is turned off and they can sue for the amount of the bill and all attorney’s fees and other costs of collection.

You’ve been screwed as well as lied to. FKAA has extorted an easement without compensation–so far. And no, Dump The Pumps did not pick up their marbles and go home; they have just not broadcast their activity. If you do get scared and sign an easement, send a letter of protest along with it so it cannot be later claimed to have been willingly granted

sand castle

Carl Jara’s work  doesn’t have turrets, mermaids, or fish, but it does depict  otherworldly scenes (along with realistic recreations) that spark  the imagination. The Cleveland-based sculptor and woodworker does  that on purpose: His intention is to create things you would never  normally see in a sandcastle competition. His work is definitely  unusual, not to mention totally impressive. See what Jara does with sand, patience, and a ton of talent. Video

[Junk Food Bad For You] Widely used additive linked to food allergies. Link


[“New spy poles on Key Deer Blvd”] ‘What do you think the new spy poles are for?’  It sure as hell isn’t to watch the comings and goings of Key Deer and other wildlife.  They’re watching you! Believe it

Common medications and remedies can make you “allergic” to sun exposure, causing photo-sensitivity or photo-toxicity. That really bad burn may not be from too much sun, it might be that antibiotic or pain killer you’re using. You might be amazed at the meds that can cause this! Link
sheriff app


[Sheriff App] It lists the active calls and if US1 is impacted there will be an asterisk. The footnote at the bottom will tell you the MM, direction, and if there is a time for reopening if the road is shut down. I look before we head to Marathon. The arrests are very interesting too if you’re really bored.

Test your connection speeds and then gripe about what you should be getting and are not! Link
The next round of The Marathon Games is a pentathlon coming up October 1. Video
naked scarf on penis


[Human Anatomy and Physiology Study Guide] Master the complex topics of anatomy quickly and easily. Link

[“Religion and the Second Amendment have caused more death”] This has to be the dumbest post of the year. Religion doesn’t kill, the nuts who believe in it do for God. And guns don’t kill it’s the people using them. Ask a Muslim or Christian!
city-hall-marathon-new[Review New Marathon City Hall] City Manager Chuck Lindsay gave me a preliminary tour. The interior needs a final painting and other minor tweaks. The outside is still under construction and the parking lot will be very good when completed. Everywhere we toured had a common theme. City Hall maximizes efficiency allowing for collaboration among other things. The staff offices are laid out well. The copier room is central to all the offices allowing for easy access.

City Council meeting room will be ready soon. Then meetings will play out at the new council room instead at the Monroe County EOC.

The entry point at the front of city hall has two compass rosees, a smaller one at the front door and one in the center. There is a kiosk full of information, more to be added.

We talked a little about the utility building going up at the 104th Street in the near future. Workforce housing will go there as well. Even the coffee tastes better joked City Manager Lindsay.

Don’t vote for president, vote for pot! In 1928, Herbert Hoover promised a chicken in every pot; In 2016, it’s just pot. And the minimum wage. And the death penalty. Will ballot measures get jaded voters to the polls? Link
police speed trap gun

I really chaps my ass to know someone is getting paid to monitor traffic, or whatever they claim to be doing. At least in the UK they put up signs to tell you youre speed is being recorded. Just another Police State move.

[Dead Bum] Monroe County Sheriff’s Office detectives are investigating the cause of death of a homeless man found on Big Pine Key Wednesday night. Fred Joseph McDonough, 59, was found about 5 p.m. near Quail Roost Trail in a wooded area where homeless are known to camp, with cuts to his throat and a knife in his hand.
What has happened to the written law. Every time someone posts something about somebody getting busted for this and that, it seems the coppers make up the “got busted for sharpening a pencil in public” or “wore the wrong color sandals for Fantasy Fest”. Gee, I cannot wait for a broad to bet busted for busting out of her t-shirt or he got busted for wearing a rubber on Sunday!
james bond gun


[Insane America] The law is letting people come to the Cleveland Convention wearing guns! Who of you can remember when America was great and it wasn’t necessary to carry a gun just to go out.

It seems to me there is not enough hate in this world, hate for phony religions, guns, bankers, suits, junk food, junk vehicles, oil companies, greedy people, drug dealers, on and on! Now what are you bleeding pussies going to say about this? I hate you.
bill-bubba-work[Captain Doom and Gloom]
DEF: Lethal n, A large Philly Pretzel, 6 Hardboiled eggs and a 6 pack of Bug
DEF: Blonde n. A hair color signifying a phony
DEF: Shower n. The only legal way to verify a blonde
DEF: AK47 n, The only address in the trailer park the postman won’t go to.
DEF: Raghead n, The ladies restroom
DEF: Laptop n. An intellectual sex partner
DEF: OHIO n, Property Pennsylvania did not want.
DEF: Default n, A state that should have been left alone as was
I understand they are naming a mental illness after the Kardashians? It has to do with egomania and sex problems I think!
pokemangoPokemonGo is the latest silliness to sweep the nation. Users are trespassing and getting shot, being lured into deserted areas to be robbed, having their privacy violated by sharing where they are in real time. And the app creators are laughing all the way to the bank.
I saw a blonde driving while putting on makeup, lipstick and Texting at the same time. How she was steering I have no idea!
pc computer repair

Welcome to WikiFixes. Computer repair solutions on an open-source platform. Link

[Terror] Sounds like France with their ultra strict gun laws should outlaw trucks too.
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