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[Suicide] Manny Madruga shot himself. For the past 26 years, Assistant State Attorney Manny Madruga has been a fixture of the Monroe County prosecutor’s office where he developed a reputation as a tough-nosed and professional litigator who gained the respect of police and other lawyers alike.

I live on BPK and just got a letter from FKAA on 11/14 telling me I need to hook up by 12/12. Are you shitting me! No pun intended. Anybody else get one? Billing will commence January 2017.
pilgrim-hat-rotate[Commercialization] I’m ashamed of Coldwell Banker for their blatant commercialization of Christmas. They decorated their Big Pine office a month before Thanksgiving hoping to generate more business. Why didn’t they decorate for Thanksgiving? Oh, right, no one spends money on Thanksgiving.
“The complaint about the dolphin marina noise is misguided. The boat launch is only open from 7:30 until 5 pm. The launch is locked any time after these hours. The individual your speaking of was trespassing and is not the fault of the marina.”
Exactly. You are making my point for me. They will not be able to control the noise surely to be generated with their ambitious development plans.
hurricane-bar-michael-ngelo-savinelli[Pervert] Michael Angelo Savinelli a prominent Marathon business owner was arrested Thursday on suspicion of having graphic child pornography on his computer following a state and federal investigation. Savinelli, 49, owner of The Hurricane bar and restaurant, faces six counts of third-degree felony of possession of child pornography. Savinelli is facing a maximum of 30 years in prison if he is convicted.  His computer had multiple photos and two videos in which all depicted naked or partially naked prepubescent girls. The videos depict young girls performing sex acts. (The bright side is that he isn’t gay)
[Crooks] $1,000 for a stinking permit to keep your septic tank as a back-up? Who the hell are these bastards to make us pay this crap so they can guarantee their obnoxious profiteering con game? Enough already!
[Climate Change] It’s been going on for billions of years without man’s help. Don’t believe me, ask the rocks. Lately there is a growing movement that is claiming that man and his machines are what’s causing this phenomenon. A study in 2010 showed that human activity was estimated to be in 35 billion metric tons of CO2 thrown into the atmosphere annually. The industrial revolution started approximately 270 years ago. You figure the math.

Now let’s look at 1 volcano. There was a study of Mt. Kilauea in 2007 that estimated there was between 8000 & 30000 metric/t of CO2 per day (19000[avg.]) x365= 6.94 million/tons/year. That’s just for 1 of the 1500 volcanoes considered active above the surface of the water. No one cares to estimate what submarine volcanoes contribute to the pollution of the atmosphere. How long has volcanism been active on the planet? There’s no doubt in my mind that humans do contribute to polluting the atmosphere. The government tells us that it’s our individual responsibility to stop polluting. What is the government doing with the airline industry that has 10s of thousands of commercial aircraft in the air at any one time dumping their pollutants into the atmosphere at 30,000 feet? What about all those commercial ships polluting both the water and air? It’s easy to tell someone else to solve this problem without doing your part. Don’t you think that you should clean your own house before telling others it’s their fault? Don’t forget that this governmental crusade on climate change is all about the money. (ED: Correction. Scientist say it’s man’s behavior that has escalated this natural phenomenon. No mainstream media, I’ve ever seen, said man ’caused’ it.)



Was this the late night noisy boat at Dolphin Marina that was misguided? Dolphin Marina knew this boat broke down so they misguided them out.

I’m as good in bed as I ever was. Only now, it’s more about the sleeping.
Invasive Lionfish, Meet Super Grouper! Link


[“Super Moon of the century”] I can’t believe I missed out on this!

[Spam] It only took one week to collect the email addresses of 200 spam senders. Then it took only five minutes to send these email addresses to other spam locations so they get a taste of how it feels to receive unwanted junk email!
I wonder if Manny Madruga killing himself had anything to do with his boss losing the election? Does Denis Ward, the new State Attorney, dislike Madruga?


2016 was the warmest year in history since 2015 which was the warmest year in history since 2014 which was the warmest year in history … See the pattern? And people still deny global warming. I find that amazing.

[Drag Racing] Who really won? Video
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[Crooks] JP Morgan Chase to pay $264 million in fines for bribing foreign officials by hiring their friends and family. Link
ny-harbor[Pollution] The EPA is one of the most successful government programs ever. Just think what our air and rivers looked like thirty years ago before Nixon created the EPA, and look at them now. We can breath and swim without problems. Let’s not go back. Don’t weaken the EPA. Keep it strong. (NY Harbor pictured)
[Boer Wars] The English soldiers were notoriously careless with their ammunition. If a round or two dropped from their bandoliers they would never trouble to dismount, as they knew they could get more, and at their halting- places one could almost always find cartridges lying spilt in the grass. So much was this the case that latterly it had become a regular practice to trail the columns, sometimes for a week on end, to glean these crumbs from the rich man’s table, and I doubt if the British ever realized to what an extent the Boers were dependent upon this source of replenishment!
Springer’s Bar & Grill this coming week.

thanksgiving piligrim indian tableThanksgiving Day Buffet: Traditional Turkey Dinner with all the fixin’s, Deep fried or oven roasted

Monday: Cajun Gumbo

Tuesday: Steak Night, Sirloin Steak Dinner with two side dishes

Wednesday: Meatloaf – Sandwich or Dinner, Homemade and delicious!

Thursday – It’s Turkey Day: Traditional Turkey Dinner with all the Fixin’s, Deep Fried or Oven Roasted

Friday: Fish n Chips. Mahi-Mahi in homemade Beer Batter, even malt vinegar if you like

NFL on 14 TV’s, Cold A/C & Beer served in chilled 16 oz. glasses

World Famous Beignets

Happy Hour / Full Bar: Mon – Sat 3pm to 7pm, Sun 1pm to 7pm

31251 Avenue A, Big Pine Key, 305-872-3022



Flip Flop Bob (with the beer) and, the now dead, Leon Russell mid-late 80’s. He had, I believe, fallen off a stage some time earlier and was in a wheel chair (rock and roll is hard on the body).

Leon Russell – A Song For You (1970)

The rifle was pointed in the direction of Elián González and his ocean-rescuer, Donato Dalrymple. Elián González’ father was not present in that photo, but waiting at Andrews Air Force Base to claim him. Elián González is now 23 years old, is quoted as telling Fidel Castro that “He would fight from any trench”. He is also quoted as saying he [Elián] would like to visit the US.

From Wikipedia: Armando Gutierrez called in Alan Diaz, of the Associated Press, to enter the house and entered a room with González, his great uncle’s wife Angela Lázaro, her niece, the niece’s young son, and Donato Dalrymple (one of the two men who had rescued him from the ocean). They waited in the room listening to agents searching the house. Diaz took a widely publicized photograph of a border patrol agent confronting Dalrymple and the boy.

[Mail Order Drugs] Feds arrested former executives of Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Laval, Quebec, Canada, and a defunct mail-order pharmacy it helped to establish, charging them with running a high-stakes fraud-and-kickback scheme that bilked the company and its shareholders out of millions of dollars.


[Super Moon] If it was too cloudy to see the super moon, a large tortilla on the window does the job.

Sloan needs a cause. Lately it’s the homeless. He’s gets obsessed with his causes. Thinks of nothing else.
[“Tuesday’s unedited comment”] From all your readers out here — we really wish you’d edited that (edited it into the deleted folder).
note crooked sour change colors[Music Review] I see Reach is playing Friday at Looe Key Tiki and Voodu Soul plays Saturday. Friday is usually a much bigger night at the “Leaky Tiki”, but that may switch this weekend. Reach used to be a great band, but since they got the FKAA Construction Manager of the Cudjoe Regional as their drummer, nearly all the songs are at sluggish tempo. (Sluggish is just like the sewers, although that’s not his fault, it’s his boss’s. The sloppy construction is his fault. Complain to him Friday when he goes on break. I will.) I complained to the drummer, Joe, about sluggish songs, but he says the lead guitarist can’t keep up to speed. I don’t buy that because he used to play at full speed, and he can’t be a day over 85 now and still gets the notes right on. I have only seen Voodu Soul on Youtube, but they sounded like a real good party! I hope they still have the same musicians or better. ~
The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming. Oh, they are already here? Just go to Billy’s Bar on Summerland Key and ogle at the help with all the nice tats. Looks like an invasion from a Moscow tiki bar. I wonder why vodka is not the house booze?
You do not need to abandon your septic or aerobic system when you connect to the FKAA’s sewer. It it possible to get permission to keep your old reliable system as backup for when the inevitable happens and you cannot flush to the sewer. At the moment, it costs about $1,000 for permission to keep your existing system in place for backup, and that is very close to the cost of a septic abandonment, so it is well advised. However, there is an effort afoot to make it simple and cheap. If you are in a hurry to get a sewer connection estimate, get it in three parts: the actual connection piping (and electrical if you got shafted with a grinder pump), the septic abandonment, and the landscape restoration. Include permitting in the quotes. Currently, you must get the septic abandonment permit before the connection permit, so it’s a little confusing, but may be made simpler soon. Keep checking back right here or look for information updates when available at Don’t be stuck with a camp bucket just because FKAA engineering is inept.


[Canal Restoration Program] Guests from Texas came for a week of enjoyment in our Keys paradise until the woman wanted to swim in my canal and wondered where the handle was to flush it first. They will not be invited back!

What’s the deal with all this prejudice crap? Black people are all looking white, and evidently white people are looking black. Prime example is a white girl running the NAACP.
[Watchdog] In spite of his bluster and his arrogance, I will be very sorry to see Ed Davidson step down from the school board.  Along with John Dick, Davidson tried to keep the district accountable rather than be nothing but a rubber stamp like the other members.  The person who was elected has already said she doesn’t see herself as a watchdog and that’s unfortunate.  We need to have someone in that function.  Have we forgotten that former superintendent Randy Acevedo and his wife walked off with nearly a half million dollars of taxpayer money — your money? There was no watchdog then either

[Late Night noise at Dolphin Marina”] Misguided complaint? Ramp Locked after 5 pm?  Sheriff’s Deputies on site due to multiple complaints?  Trespassing? I think maybe you need a new and better ramp lock!

[Screwworm Volunteers Needed] We have settled into the Treatment Schedule of treating one geographic zone, one day per week (with two opportunities to get treatment supplies).  This seems to be working fine so far, let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Some of you had friends who might be interested in another upcoming classroom or field training time.  The next one is this Saturday, Nov. 19th, we’ll have both a classroom and field training, so if you were classroom trained and still haven’t gotten the outdoor field training, this is another opportunity.

Classroom training:  3:00-4:00 pm at the Visitor Center. Field training: 4:00-5:30 pm (you can attend just this if you’ve already completed the class training). When you complete both, that is when you get on our list of volunteers who can receive treatments, and you’ll get an official volunteer shirt.

Friday- Zone 4- Staging Area: Key Deer Refuge Visitor Center. The Avenues, Ships Way, Sandy Circle, Newfound Harbor, Industrial Road, Long Beach. We will bring a crew of folks out to each region to a staging area at a designated point. We will have all your supplies.  You’ll be able to come at your convenience and assist. Staging areas will be open 6:30 am-8:30 am and 4-5 pm

Re: All this talk about illegal aliens and how we should treat them. Try being an illegal alien in Mexico if you want to see what Hell is like.


[“FTR: Everyone who reads this knows my identity”] I guess you sign your tax returns FTR. Print your real name, then everyone will know your identity. Put up or shut up!

[Canal Restoration Program] The Monroe County Board of County Commissioners unanimously approved continuing with the development of its canal restoration program during a special meeting Monday at the Marathon Government Center. The 5-0 decision was made after the Commission was presented with the early results of seven restoration demonstration projects that showed improved water quality and provided information gathered on which techniques work better.
It’s a massive undertaking to address the problem: 229 man made canals in unincorporated Monroe County are impaired and do not meet State water quality standards. The approximate cost for restoring these canals is daunting at $671 million.
(sarcasm against restoration) We welcome this fixing of the canals to allow the big yachts into our waters and the rich to have their share of the Keys like Boca peoples have! The first yacht, Das Exodus, will arrive in Cudjoe Gardens Marina in Jan 2017. Welcome Exodus.
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