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Friday, September 29, 2017

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[Irma Benefit] Hello! Kate from the United Way, suggested we reach out to let you know about an upcoming Hurricane Irma benefit concert that we’re partnering up for here in Homestead at the Seminole Theatre. I sincerely hope that you and those you love are okay and not in trouble after this devastating event.

In light of the destruction left behind by the storm, we’ve decided to make the first show of our season on Oct. 8 a hurricane benefit. We are donating 100% of the proceeds from An Evening with John Popper of Blues Traveler to the United Way’s Irma Relief fund to help with the devastating damage in the Florida Keys. Do you see a story here that could help spread the word about this? Video

[Relying On Others] This latest storm session woke me up to who is worth saving and who isn’t. It seems all the crybabies came out of the woodwork and are demanding we hard working fools give them this and give then that for free. Hey, I worked to buy insurance and extra things to protect myself, my family and my property. I don’t ask anyone to give me anything. It’s about time the useless eaters and breeders fend for themselves and get the flock off my back. From now on I will do everything possible not to pay income taxes, political BS fees and charges, and any other con game that sucks my hard earned income away from my home. Then I’ll do what the free-riders are doing, go and get my share of the free ride pie


[Deer] We have been, and are still all divided in the Key Deer issues prior and post Irma.  For myself and my wife, as pro-deer advocates today, we kayaked to Big Munson Island to finally assess if any deer are alive there. (We have a long-standing permission with the US Scouts to monitor the deer on their Island ever since screwworm).  There are a few left based on footprints but most are dead.  We placed several water buckets in strategic areas, since the very unique inland water holes there show salinities way past acceptable drinking levels even for Key Deer.  We continued on to Little Palm Island Resort that had a bunch of workers and managers fussing around trying to get on a boat to get them to leave the island.  We were quickly told by a twenty-something, self-assumed manager, to leave the island since everyone is leaving and its a construction site and private property.  She did indeed let us put down a bucket of fresh water for the deer since it had a pickle insignia on it and she had “never seen a pickle 5 gallon bucket before.” Oh girl, how much more have you not yet seen?

We live on Long Beach Dr. and a good 60% of our deer are dead.  From our survey today, the 60% mortality number is correct for the other outer islands.  Help keep monitoring the deers’ health through post Irma survey through Save Our Key Deer Organization

It shows so far the deer did survive in various pockets of BPK and NNK, but may be dying of thirst at this time (we have no data on other islands-please contribute).  Put out water as per Refuges acquiescence, do what you can, they were here first and deserve our help. The old argument that they have been here 10,000 years and survived many past cat 5s doesn’t hold since your house is now likely sitting on what used to be their drinking hole back in 2000 BC. Go deer!

[WiFi at Library] Better news on this report.  You can now drink the water without boiling it.  Every street in BPK has power.   A lot of streets already have phone and internet service if you’re with ATT.  I have seen Comcast in other areas but not in Port Pine Heights.  All Monroe Co. libraries opened this week so you can use their wifi if you do not have service at home.

Monroe Co. Building Department has opened their Key Largo and Stock Island office.  Marathon is not open yet.  Second hand news states that there will be no charge for pulling a permit but you will still need to get one specially if it’s a safety or structural concern.  They hope to post more information in the local newspapers along with their County website.  I’ll also forward it when I get a copy.

There are some canals that are blocked by fallen trees or sunken boats.  If you are here in PPH and know of any please let us know along with the street name.  We can then report it to the Corp of Engineers who is suppose to clear them. ~Chuck  Griffin

Hello, My name is Jess O’Neill and I’m the Managing Editor for WESH 2 News (NBC) in Orlando. I’m looking to have someone from Big Pine Key contact me in regards to the damage that was done to the Key and the work that still needs to be done to repair the Key following Irma.
[Free Labor] These same Army soldiers (82nd Airborne from Ft. Bragg, I think) were here where I live upstate in Lakeland. They cleared the runways at Lakeland Linder Airport and cut downed trees and cleared tons of blown vegetation so the Aero Rescue planes could take off and carry water, ice, medical supplies and food to the Keys.  Then their orders were to board transport planes and move to the Keys for the same mission.  We are all blessed for our military heroes. If you see a soldier there, thank them for their service – I did up here. ~Ed from upstate, back in the day from Eden Pines

[Hurricane Repair] I have 100K in cash to spend to rehab my home. I need a reputable local contractor–soon. Call me at 770-815-6392. ~John

A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims but accomplices.  ~George Orwell
[Sheriff’s Air Force] Another year has come and gone, and the Sheriff still has lots and lots of tax payer’s money to throw away. Seems the Sheriff’s Director of Aviation has attended two S-76 Initial Pilot courses at the tune of over $50,000 dollars including salary, hotel, & per deim and the Director in over 24 months still has not flown a single passenger or patient as a qualified pilot in command. It’s time for a review of Trauma Star and the Sheriff’s wasteful spending habits
Dear Applicant, FEMA has added a letter to your account on It is important that you read this information. You must have an online account to view the FEMA letter. This account is different from your FEMA registration. If you have already created an account, follow steps 10 and 11 below. If you have not created an account, complete the following steps:
1. Go to
2. Click Check Status.Account Registration Page
3. Click Create Account (located at the bottom of the page).
Create Account Page4. Enter the date of birth and Social Security Number of the person who registered for assistance.
5. Click Submit.
Security Questions Page
To verify your identity and further protect your privacy, you will be asked to answer four multiple-choice security questions*. You must be able to answer the security questions presented.
If you cannot answer the questions, you will not be able to create an online account. You will need to call the FEMA Helpline for updates. Contact information is provided below.
6. Answer the questions and click Submit.
User ID and Password Page
7. Enter a User ID and Password (one that can easily be remembered).
8. Enter your email address, if it isn’t already displayed on the screen.
9. Click Next.

I tried my damndest to find the letter but could not! Typical.



Hugh Hefner passed away. He was 91. He was the only person who could truly say he loved his job!

[Fifty Dollar Scammer] Want To leave the KEYS and lower your living expenses by 75%. I did it last summer and i can show you how in my 20 page booklet for $50 live in the real world and go to movies and bowling shop at wal mart and rural king and lowes, tj max ,hobby lobby

I just went through the eye of Irma with 100 mph winds and all the damage we had was limbs down and a few carports blown over. I can show you how and what to do in sequence the secret is a little known way of living in mid Florida that is the housing of the future especially for 50+ age people or people on social security cash in your home, equity or lot and live high on the hog up here.I can tell you how for $50. This booklet I wrote will save you thousands and help you move and tell you how to do it cheap and quick.

Call me at 813-395-4949 and I will send a pay pal invoice for $50 plus $5 shipping and mail you the booklet —-I spent a lot of time up here last summer researching my new way of living

I was paying in keys $750 for a small apartment, $150 electric, $150 cable and internet, and a fortune at stores and gas stations. I now pay $300 rent, $50 electric, free water, free trash, free sewer, and free digital TV off towers and cheaper restaurants and stores. I can tell you how for only $50—it will pay for itself in one night’s motel you will save in your search up here

Call me at 813-395-4949 if you don’t believe me—this is not a scam and I’m not hiding anything and I think there are a lot of people who could use my knowledge and experience about moving to mid Florida. Good luck Piners.

Q: How many poor starving peasants can a politicians Rolex feed?
Q: How much can we get for the Gucci clothes the Puerto Rican Officials ware?
Q: Why can’t you shoot the insurance people who took all your money and dropped you?
Q: Where has all the tax mony gone, long time pissing?
Q: How come the rich officials can take from us but we can’t take from them?
Q: If the Fed shuts off all electric, how long do we have to live?
Q: If the Earth is 7/8 water does the FKAA own it all?
Q: Do the Dutch and English send aid to their resorts in the Caribbean?
How about some good news? Living with cats, cockroaches may reduce kids’ asthma risk. The researchers analyzed dust taken from the kids’ homes to measure the concentrations of cockroach, mouse and cat allergens. Link
[Lost Cat] My friend Moose Boles lost his ginger cat, TC after the storm, near a motorbike repair. They rode out the storm in his car because the shelter wouldn’t take the cat. If anyone sees him, please contact Moose at his Facebook page:

And good wishes for speedy recovery to everyone in Big Pine!

[Smelly] I have heard about the smell in BPK and the other keys. Is it getting any better?

In my mind, the corporate heroes of Hurricane Irma were US1 Radio and Winn Dixie.  The radio station stayed on the air throughout the storm and was the only source of information we had for days.  The Big Pine Winn Dixie was distributing ice, water, and food on Monday, the day after the storm.  That was two days before any government agency or charity was doing so.

Kudos to both of these selfless corporate citizens!

[Black Lives Matter] When the design of my American flag was considered much thought was considered regarding the significance in it’s colors. Red was decided upon to Represent the Blood spilled by the millions of American Service-people, (in Alfa) Caucasian, Mongoloid , and Negroid, and  myself included, defending  The Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic so that these racists, be they players, coaches, team owners, The Commissioner, the media (stirring up the pot) Hollywood stars and all others who fail to respect the flag are totally disrespectful of all those who bled and died protecting your abilities to make money in the land of the free. I have a prediction for all of these disrespecters, karma shall follow you all the days of your life and you shall be known by all as to your lack of integrity and ethics.
County, FDOT sparring over debris removal. Link
An advance party for the National Guard set up a table at BPK Community Park on Thursday to take applications and the CT talked with their officer in charge.  Starting on Friday, 10-15 teams of 4 soldiers each will be available to provide this service.  Unlike the Baptists, the National Guard is saying they will focus solely on the interior.  Also, unlike the Baptists, their crews are housed locally and they have a consistent workforce.
Silence speaks when words can’t. This isn’t one of those times. What help do you need?
Irma taught me that nothing in the Keys is sustainable, especially water supplies, electricity and fuel sources. It only took a few days for people to start panicking and turn vicious.
[Pemmican] Invented by the natives of North America, pemmican was used by Indian scouts as well as early western explorers. These people spent a great deal of time on the go and depended on having portable, high-energy, highly nutritious, and filling foods that would last for long periods of time without refrigeration. Link
What plants survived Irma in the Keys? The mangroves of course and all other “weeds” planted by humanity are either gone or harboring mosquitoes and bugs.
[Black Lives Matter] I keep reading that one of the main reasons people are upset with the NFL players using their fought for right to protest is the amount of money they make. Show me a list of Congressmen that are not millionaires. How many middle-class politicians are working in D.C.?
A huge thanks to the North Carolina Baptist men & women! They have been passing out 3 hot meals a day, ice and water. Also, thanks to the Vineyard Church for turning it into a well stocked grocery, cleaning, toiletry & paper goods store. Also for sending volunteers out to help clean-up. God bless as the Piners recover.
[Paradise Lost] I hope the junta realizes the Keys are not the paradise they advertise it to be, but simply a bunch of sand covered chunks of unfertilized wasteland that could never harbor humanity without being covered with concrete.
Marathon Community Theatre, like nearly every other business and resident in the Florida Keys, took a major hit from Hurricane Irma.

The 2017-2018 season will be modified until repairs can be made to the building. At this time, MCT plans to present a Christmas Variety Show in December which will serve not only as a welcome relief from the devastation but also as a fundraiser to help MCT make necessary repairs to the building.

In addition, a spring musical, title yet to be determined, is being planned.

Marathon Community Theatre appreciates each and every patron and asks that you keep us in mind as we pull together to recover.

We hope you will consider making the cost of any season tickets you have already purchased a donation toward our hurricane relief fund; however, if you would like a refund, please email for processing.

Please continue to visit our website and Facebook for updates. For more information about Marathon Community Theatre or to become a member or volunteer, call 305-731-7929

You need power only when you want to do something harmful; otherwise love is enough to get everything done.   ~ Charlie Chaplin
Southern Baptist Field Kitchen still operational. Current hours are:
Closed for breakfast.
Lunch – 11:30 AM -1:30 PM
Dinner-  5:00 PM- 6:30 PMThere was a rumor that they were ‘going home’ on Saturday and some thought that the kitchen was closing.  In reality, the crew from NC is going home but they are being replaced by another state.  The kitchen will remain open for ‘quite some time’ according to the Recovery Manager.  The phone number for their command center is 919-459-5686
Property values are going to drop to 10% in the Keys simply because no one in their right mind would buy a suicidal property here and have to pay the ridiculous costs of insurance then temp fate to get out if another hurricane comes along
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