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[“Amberjack taste awful”
] I guess everyone has an opinion, however I would rather have fresh amberjack than fresh Mahi Mahi any day. It is less fishy tasting and, for me any way, easier to come by. It does take a little bit more trimming than most people are either willing to do or have the knowledge to do properly. With the help from my friends at the Big Pine Restaurant I have converted hundreds of people into believers with the cook-your-catch special at the restaurant. I can catch and clean amberjack, but I am lacking in culinary skills, but not the discerning palate.Most people at one time in their lives have tried amberjack at their favorite fast food joint by way of the fish sandwiches served. Yes the amberjack is often the Mc, king or other choice for the inexpensive dish, chosen for it’s mild flavor.

So until you have tried it properly cleaned you don’t know what you are missing. As a professional charter capt. with 30 years experience I have tried just about every fish that the Keys waters have to offer and amberjack is among the best.

[“Cut gumbo limbo”] Leave the tree alone.  Move the fence or cut it around the tree.
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[“Gumbo Limbo tree
”] Leave the tree as is and remove the fence around it and float the fence above the ground to meet the trunk instead, if that’s where the problem is.We desperately need more trees in the Keys to protect from the heat and provide shade for other plants, less we turn into desert islands. Many trees get damaged or destroyed during hurricanes, but take decades to grow back. People are just too quick to kill, destroy and pollute then wonder why the Keys look like New Jersey.
Bubba lived in a trailer on the South side of the street, Avenue F on Big Pine Key Florida. He had been in a terrible Motorcycle accident once and was lucky to have survived. I did not know him prior to his accident, but due to his accident he had slurred speech and he sort of dragged his feet along the ground when he walked. He was generally obnoxious to a small degree. He always wore white shrimpers boots. He drove a black Jeep Cherokee with big tires and wheels on it. The Jeep had two flag poles attached to it and he flew two flags, a Conch Republic flag and a Jolly Roger. He used to drive like a maniac on the roads that connect County Road by where the Bougainvillea Villa Liquor store used to be and Wilder Road that runs by Winn Dixie, 15th Street, 16,17th and so forth. Terrible roads, never graded. Something about the Key Deer being protected or something.Bubba seemed happy in his own sort of way. He was always glad to see you and would blab on. He liked smoking weed. He would always finish up a conversation and bid you farewell by saying, “It ain’t nothing but love” and repeat that a few times, maybe with the word “brother” at the end.

Bubba would occasionally have a prostitute come by his trailer and give him service. One day I was over at his place and he had a pile of Hustler magazines in the living room. He told me that he jacked-off (masturbated) befor she came over so he would not cum as fast on the second go-round. His way of getting more “bang” for the buck. He was clever like that. Money well spent, you could say.

I bought a boat from Bubba once for $20  T., a good buddy of mine, still has it a few streets over. We named the boat the Algae Bloom.  I have no idea how many times we went out in that boat and got annihilated on potato vodka. Bubba cut his hand on something and got what we used to call coral poisoning. Maybe it is was actually Staph, when the discoloration of your skin (the infection) starts creeping up your arm or wherever your injury is, you better run to the hospital. Bubba thought he would be okay. He waited too long. He eventually went up to the hospital and, simply put, he died there.

I went to his funeral at the crematorium on Big Pine. There were only a few people there — his sister and her husband and she had a few pictures of him in his younger days.

Ain’t Nothing but Love, Bubba.

[“Can I cut gumbo limbo”] In the City of KW: No. In the County: I think so.
Public transport in Havana.
 Called a Camel, these are Spviet built busses provide free transportation on major streets in the city.  They are typically very crowded and dirty with standing room only and most are smog belchers.
[Something’s Fishy in Sewerland] I had dinner with a friend a while back and he told me a person of influence has been stockpiling these very pumps for years in a warehouse in Marathon, and my dinner companion, a ferret when it comes to public records says that’s the only reason he can figure the Aqueduct is insisting on using these pumps when he believes their widespread use is not only not necessary but also harmful to the effective implementation of sewage system. Apparently the re-shuffle of the leaders of the Aqueduct may have been related to this sewage operation which my friend sdays the old director would never have countenanced. In fact I wondered at the time what the speific reason was that important people at the public utility lost their jobs and friends of Board members took their place. One word: sewage! So now there is a movement across the Lower Keys if my friend is to be believed, of homeowners who are pushing back against these infernal grinder pumps. He also says the county has sought funds promising one system while actually planning to install another and that sort of thing can invalidate the bond issues. How is it possible the county, overseeing the funding, could be so dense? Surely it can’t be true says I.
Probably no ancient tale has raised as much controversy as the story of the Greek inventor Archimedes using a giant mirror, or set of mirrors, to set fire to Roman ships attacking his home city of Syracuse in 212 B.C.. Did it actually happen? Link
Corps of Engineers concerns could delay Everglades cleanup for years. Link
[“Concrete and Pearock”] Go for the grass it’s lovely.  If you plant the right grass there will be less maintenance then if you planted some northern variety. I think St Augustine is popular here. Don’t use zoysa grass as it clumps in hard to get to places.
key27[Lost Car?] Here is something that will be interesting to everyone especially us seniors who forget where they parked their car, if your car can be opened and locked with an electronic key. Just because you are not a senior, still watch this video and learn something that may be useful to you. The wave length of the electronic key is limited to a certain distance. If you want to expand it, learn the trick by watching this video. You won’t forget it. Video (Ed: Here it is again because the link didn’t work before.)
[“Is sod a good idea”] Some sod is a good idea.  Plant just enough that you can keep all at the same height with a weed wacker.  A mower is always in the way, and the salt air will destroy it in no time.  Don’t even try a full lawn down here.  The maintenance will make you crazy.  It’s not the mowing, or trimming, but the constant vigilance  required to keep from chinch bug infestations, fungus, dry spots, fertilizer requirements, and constant watering.  Remember with the new FKASA water scam, we’ll be paying twice for our water–one time coming in and a second time going out.
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Dealing with the workers that FKAA and and some of their contractors send to your home. Get yellow No Trespassing signs sold at Ace Hardware and post them -signed- about every 50 ft. If they enter without your permission tell them to leave or call the police. Don’t engage in idle conversation unless you have read up and know more than they do. If you already signed an easement, send a certified letter letting them know you’re revoking it. Keep the receipt of certified mail for proof as they may not answer.We had already called the local police and gotten permission to protest up at the Big Pine Key light months ago and yet I see nobody there. The information is out there and is clear about what this County has planned for its central sewage system.

You can always go to and get recent updates or or the Barometer. We have spent a long time working with professionals and we know what we are doing. If you want to help, great, We have over 1,000 people and some mainland attorneys working with us as well as local professionals. We can always use more help. No reason to be scared or intimidated by threats. These people will lie or say whatever it takes to get you to comply. Meanwhile the County first has to prosecute over 2000 people up the Keys before they begin dealing with us. The Cudjoe Plant has to be done, which it is not, and everything has to be connected and running, and by that time we should have this resolved and save the Keys environment and the residents from lots of grief

Well this is obviously a fake. We men know we can never really win an argument.
[“Cut gumbo limbo”] As long as you own the fence you can cut it down permitless.
[“Sod the yard”] There are many ways to landscape in the Keys without going to the trouble of sod. Xeriscaping with native and low water vegetation will give the tropical feeling without the huge maintenance problems involved with grass in the practically desert environments that are the Keys for half of the year.
[Vote if you know what’s good for you] Our first president and one of the county’s Founding Fathers is quoted as saying: “Every post is honorable in which a man can serve his country.” Like most ideas from our Founding Fathers, that line is as poignant today, as ever.Serving in public office is one of the most patriotic things a citizen can do. One of the pillars of what makes our country the nation it is, would be the democratic process. The ability to elect people to, and out of office helps ensure those in positions of power reflect the desires of the voters. Those in elected positions serve as the direct line between the voters and government.

While there may have been instances throughout history when an elected official was so popular that they would have unanimous support of their constituency, we seriously doubt that is the case in any of the upcoming elections. We find the exact opposite to be true in that virtually everyone in political office has their detractors. This is a good thing; it means the political process is working.

Unfortunately, the political process gets tripped up when the voters don’t get to participate in an election because there is only one candidate in a political race. With only one candidate, the political process falls apart, and the voters get cheated.

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The argument for legalizing pot is not about whether it is harmless or not.  It should be about the fact that the laws against it are ineffectual and irrelevant and arresting those caught with it is meaningless and a waste of tax money.   The crap is here to stay and is all around us, often you can smell it coming out of the vehicle in front of you on the highway (get it, HIGHway), and anyone who wants it can buy all they want, illegal or not.
[Sawatdii] Have you noticed the group of young Asians that are currently working at Winn Dixie? They’re from Thailand and there are eleven of them. I find them very polite; and while they may seem standoffish to some, that’s understandable as they are still learning the English language. I doubt they are comfortable making small talk just yet. So I took the initiative and learned how to say “hello” and “thank you” in Thai. I am rewarded with an immediate ear to ear smile and get reminded that (yes, here it comes again) we are all one human family.  Video
Religion is the political arm of God.
[“Gun Nut against one human family”] The man who cites man’s destructive nature and feeds that destructiveness by his comments and actions is the reason to embrace brotherly love and the one human family wish. That man is the problem we must all work together to fix. Ommmmmmm …
Around here we call the gumbo limbo tree the Tourist Tree, because it’s bark is red and always peeling!
Religion is worse than communism, because you can’t see it coming, it is totally accepted and the results are pretty much the same.
[Be A Muslim] If one is thinking of perhaps embarking on some kind of a criminal endeavor he or she would perhaps be wise to first  convert to the Muslim religion if one has not done so already as it seems most Americans are sharing the belief that most if not virtually all members of the Muslim faith are only committing  crimes due to the restraints placed on them by the citizenry of the U.S. and by so doing one is far more likely to receive favorable treatment from our judges and jurors.
[“Why bring a Amberjack on board“] Because smoked amberjack is delicious!
[Camera Film] Some of you are too young to know what it was like to take a ton of pictures and have to wait two weeks to find out they were useless.
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[“Gumbo limbo tree”] Other than being a beautiful and clean shade tree, my favorite thing about the tree is that you can plant any part of it anywhere and it will grow. They don’t need anything once you get them started. If you throw a chunk of it on top of the ground and water it –it will grow. If you plant a chunk or limb and it doesn’t grow you must be the devil!
Racist Donald Sterling
crawls out from his plantation, enraging many. If you haven’t heard, L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling has won the Pretty Much Most Awful Human Being on the Planet Award after an audio leaked of him ranting at his girlfriend for bringing to his games and otherwise “associating with” black people – like, you know, most of the guys who play for him.
[Sea Floor Junk] I just read something by, I assume, was a commercial fishing guy in a local paper who claimed that trap scrap on the bottom was really beneficial for the ocean ecosystem.  How about all of it littering the backcountry islands?  That must be beneficial too, right?
[Muslims Will Hate — No Matter Who] Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said we’ve got to stop being on the defensive concerning Muslims. He said they were against us well before 9/11. He said their hatred for the west is not our fault, it’s theirs and we should act accordingly towards them.
Help, please!  I lost my keys on BPK Sunday, 4/27. The key ring has a Ford truck key w/black plastic top, black remote opener, 2 silver keys, 1 brass key and 1 small key.   Thank you! If found, please call me at  Classified Ads > Lost and Found
Today in 1914 W. H. Carrier patents air conditioner making Florida possible.
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[The NRA Has Declared War on America] Wayne LaPierre and Co are not out merely to defend the Second Amendment or Newtown or gun laws anymore. They want you to pay the price for freedom and they want their money now! Link
trimmer28[“$20 a month on razors”] One is supposed to dispose of disposable razors after one shave due to the build up of bacteria. Although the cheapo razors often will come under $20 a month, they typically don’t do a very good job and nicks occur more often with them.I’ve found a good trimming and shaving solution. I purchased one of those Andis barber shop style trimmers with the extended edges to get into tight spots, like in the ears and nose. They also remove most of the unwanted hair and trim beards, eyebrows, mustaches and sideburns with fine precision. For the open areas of remaining hair, followed up with a decent disposable razor. Since the trimmer’s professional level blade lasts a very long time — as long as the life of the trimmer a few barbers have said. It’s a $70 investment that lasts many years, especially with only one user. The disposable razor can be cleaned and sanitized in rubbing alcohol to be reused over the course of a week or weeks, as the bulk of the hair removal has shifted to the trimmer. The electric trimmer requires only a little cleaning, followed by a tiny dab of oil after use (included). Gives a nice endorphin rush in the morning due to the vibration of the trimmer, the same feeling one typically gets after getting a barbershop haircut. Sally’s Beauty Supply is where you can get them.
[Climbing Season Canceled] Everest tragedy exposes big business interests at play. Link
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On this date in 1940 Glenn Miller records “Pennsylvania 6-5000″Glenn Miller — Pennsylvania 6-5000
The CT’s new moving banner looks great and makes me miss the Keys.
I wondered if any CT readers have MetroPC mobile service? I’m thinking of changing to this provider and wonder how the reception and smart phone features fair in Keys.
[Drone] It was pretty cool watching the drone scream past our deck Friday evening. I’m just guessing it was 25 feet over the water in Pine Channel and made about 4 trips up and down the shorefront of JRE[?] at about 50 mph
[“Cut gumbo limbo”] The gumbo limbo is a beautiful tree providing us with much needed shade and they make very little mess with their leaves. Don’t cut it, cut the fence!
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I love  the slide show banner, Deer Ed. Thanks for persevering to get it done!
[Captain Doom and Gloom] If people lived forever the deodorant industry would make a fortune!
I made a deal with the Devil for my soul so I could live forever.
You can see me in the park, holding up the pigeons.
My wife told me she is leaving me. And they say, “Wishes never come true!” Marriage is the copulation for biological creation, except in China where it is a production line affair.
With WW3 just over the horizon, which stocks should I invest in?
I passed a church the other day that had a gigantic speaker that replaced the bell and is rang out, “Bring Ye Thy Money, Bring Ye Thy Money!”
[Work Pride] No matter what your job is, you should always try to make it more interesting.
FOX News was quick to spin and fold that NBA owner’s racist comments into a fresh attack on the NAACP.
National politics is back. Click on this link to send your national political post anonymously. No one will know your name or email address, [Well, maybe the NSA will] not even me. FTR is going to be the new national politics editor. Do not fear, FTR promised to post everything, even if he hates it, he’s that kind of guy.
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from the right
A POSTER WROTE: “Q: If the Federal Reserve is now owned and run by itself, a private company/corporation, don’t they also control the IRS? If so, does the World Bank(s) have their hands in it to? The insurance companies? The International Media? Real Estate Moguls? Just a thought!”FTR’S RESPONSE: When I read the posting concerning the Federal Reserve, I realized that what I don’t know about the Fed would fill volumes.  So I read up on it, just a little, and learned that, at least to me, the Fed is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma (Thanks Winston Churchill).

From what I’ve read, I’ve gathered that the Federal Reserve System is a set of 12 privately owned regional banks that are “owned” by other large private banks that are a part of the Federal Reserve System. But, the large private banks that “own” the Federal Reserve, don’t necessarily make policy and run the show. The Federal Reserve System is actually led by a Board of Governors whose seven members are appointed by the president and confirmed by the Senate, they serve lengthy terms. It is subject to Congressional oversight. Is all of that confusing? Read on!

The Fed itself says “The Federal Reserve System is not ‘owned’ by anyone and is not a private, profit-making institution. Instead, it is an independent entity within the government, having both public purposes and private aspects.” HUH?

The Feds authority to mint money, set interest rates, determine how much money is in circulation etc. etc. comes from Congress.

Deer Friends, if you’re interested I suggest that you check out the following link.

As to any connections or conspiracies between the Fed, and the IRS, and the insurance companies, and real estate moguls, I doubt it.


A POSTER SENT ME THE ATTACHED LINK: It is not for the faint of heart. It purports to be from Syria. It depicts Muslim Fundamentalist justice.  It matters not which side is which because all the various combatants are Muslim Fundamentalist. The video may be the best argument that I’ve seen for us to continue to battle Muslim Fundamentalism. It is an existential danger to free people everywhere.  Thanks BB. Link


A POSTER WROTE: “FTR always picks losers so why should we vote for his latest pick?

FTR’S RESPONSE:  My Deer Friend, if you think that massive debt, sky-high unemployment, higher college tuition, higher car tag costs, fewer businesses, and higher taxes and fees are good for you and good for Florida, by all means snuggle up with and vote for Crist. That is Crist’s record.


Part 1)  The recent armed standoff between the Bureau of Land Management and a crowd of supporters of Nevada rancher Clive Bundy was disturbing on many levels.  Forget for a moment whether or not Bundy was right or wrong in his dispute with the Bureau of Land Management. Then just concentrate on the methods used by Team Obama’s BLM to enforce their will on Bundy.

They deployed over 100 armed agents, they deployed a helicopter, and they deployed trucks and earthmoving equipment. All to enforce a landlord tenant dispute. The operation had to cost you and I many tens of thousands of dollars. Bundy had not been paying his land use fees. BLM attempted to kill or to capture the cattle that he had been grazing on federal lands for decades. In their attempts cattle were killed.

Bundy instantly  became a folk hero and his cause was championed by hundreds if not thousands of persons, many armed. The threat of a major firefight between BLM and the Bundy supporter was very real. Fortunately BLM withdrew. Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid soiled himself when he labeled the Bundy supporters as being “domestic terrorists”

The BLM is run by Neil Kornze. He is young, and during his confirmation hearing his experience was questioned. But, Kornze had been one of Harry Reid’s staffers, and given the Democrat majority in the Senate, he was approved.

Bundy is no saint, no role model. Apparently he is a bigot and a scofflaw.

But the idea of the Feds mounting a paramilitary division sized assault in such a circumstance is deeply troubling. It brings to mind the extraordinary amount of firepower civilian federal agencies are amassing.

A little more than a year ago, the Social Security Administration put in a request for 174,000 rounds of “.357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow-point” bullets. Why on earth does the Social Security admin need guns and ammo, they have no arrest powers whatsoever.

Before that, it was the Department of Agriculture that requested 320,000 rounds of small arms ammo. Perhaps the D o A is girding its loins for a  firefight showdown with the evil corn weevils.

The FBI bought 100 million hollow-point rounds. There are about 13,412 special agents with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. That means that they bought about 7,500 rounds per agent. I believe that Agents qualify 3 times a year and shoot 60 rounds each time.  You do the math.

In the war in Iraq, our military forces expended approximately 70 million rounds per year. In March DHS ordered 750 million rounds of hollow point ammunition. It then turned around and ordered an additional 750 million rounds of miscellaneous rounds including some that are capable of penetrating walls. Why so much, and why armor piercing ammo?

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also requested 46,000 rounds. Why, do they intended to enter into armed conflict with tornados?

We have local police, backed up by each state’s National Guard, backed up by the Department of Defense. Why does the alphabet soup of federal regulatory agencies have a need to be armed? Under what rationale do they justify arming themselves. Why do the SSA, NOAA and other government agencies need to create their own armed civilian security forces?

It is becoming crystal clear that Team Obama is succeeding his goal to be a “transformational” president. The evidence strongly suggests that he and his are morphing many branches of our government, they are mutating regulatory agencies into paramilitary assets. Our government is increasing its power each and every day. The taste of power is sweet, and to some it is irresistible.

All of this sounds warning klaxons for people who respect the Second Amendment. Please think about the eternal and ever growing liberal quest for their Golden Grail of abrogating the rights enumerated in the Second Amendment.

National Politics. Your name and email address are not required. Please be civil.  I Have Something To Say About National Politics–Click Here