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Monday, August 12, 2013


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I’m looking for a couple named Jennee and Chris. They are to do some work for me and I must change the date.They have my number but  I do not have there’s. They just moved to Lt Torch. Please  tell them to call Barbara.


[Horny Jerk] This comment is to the jerk who Monday morning at 6 am was so inconvenienced by us riding our bikes single file on Key Deer Blvd in the rain, at the very edge of the road, because our bike path was so underwater.

No, it wasn’t raining when we started, or we would have canceled the ride. Since we were out we wanted to finish our ride. You felt the need to lay on your horn for a quarter mile to show your frustration? If your life is crap, and you can’t keep a relationship with anyone, maybe you should look at your attitude. Or at least have the balls to discuss it with me. I did go looking for you when you turned into Koens subdivision.

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cashier devil an


[Pay to Pay] I had to go to Keys Energy for a different matter and walked by three cashiers behind the front counter doing nothing. This was at 3:15 Friday. Then I went around the corner and there were 5 girls behind that counter doing nothing with them. I think the other poster was right in that Keys Energy wants you to physically come to the Grinnell St office in order to keep the Bubba Babes working. 8 girls sitting around while they charge me extra to pay online that takes little or no Bubba Babes. Hmmm. 

The weak are more likely to make the strong weak than the strong are likely to make the weak strong.

[Phony Fish] Now we are getting somewhere! We want to make a list of restaurants that serve fresh Keys’ fish and restaurants that lie about their fish so we can clean out the cheats.


I am getting very tired of getting screwed by the manufacturers and retailers by them cutting back on their product sizes, number of pieces in a box and the quality of the crap they make us pay many times its value for. I am going to cut back on all the unnecessary junk I do not need, and if I do not like their advertising that degrades my intelligence, I will not buy that product either. They are sticking it up ours, so I will stick it up theirs. This goes for restaurants and bars too!

[The Journal interviewed Marathon’s Wheels-2-Go Gary Dowdell] What is the history of your company? February 2004 started a company in the NAPA building. It was a small place, but did the job. Then he “graduated” to larger digs. The company was a “work in progress” and continues to be even to today. Gary rented bikes, scooter, motorcycles, and even was a U-Haul dealer. He eventually expanded his rental fleet at one time going from 10 to 140 bikes. He tested and worked kayaks into his “fleet”.

How have you improved your business through the years? Tried electric bikes; sold all of them eventually. Dowdell was particularly proud of his new rack cards that staff helped with as well. They contain GPS maps to the best kayak trails. Gemini Printing, a Journal advertiser, did the rack cards. Gary explained that his bike fleet is made up entirely of (R) rental type bikers that are built tougher and last longer. He talked about a complete redesign of the store and the front parking lot.

What does the future hold for his company? He showed me his growing stack of certifications, licenses, and other such documents. His business buys in bulk to reduce long-term budget demands. More equipment means a busier business. Gary talked about his staff in glowing terms. They are a vested part of the future of his company.

What are your last thoughts? Standby for some very good Garyisms in quotes. Last thoughts included the city helping most of the time to a few times of stress with city staff. That sounds about normal. He said, “Thou shalt improve” every day to ensure a bright future for his business. I said, “It is good to be busy.” Gary said, “Make sure you have more luggage than baggage.” This man is a genius, right? His very last thought; sales, exposure, personnel, prices, and quality are keywords to his successful business.



[Playing All the Hits All the Time] Check out the following link so that fellow readers of the Coconut Telegraph can see what’s hot in the American music charts. An alternative to the corporate radio BS. Check out the Airplay top 10. Link


[“Organizer wanted for house full of stuff I no longer need”]  Do you want to pay for this help?  What MM is your house? Is this a legit post or will we see a reply tomorrow that’s really an ad for cleaning services? (Please pardon my cynicism, but it does happen.)

I know 2 women who help Upper Keys people (usually seniors) clean out their houses, and donate a lot of the stuff to local charities. Once your extra stuff is gone you will probably decide to organize your newfound space yourself.

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an_oil_1lamp[“What if no electric”] I’m guessing you weren’t around for Hurricane Georges. On the Florida Keys, 90 mph winds were reported for 10 hours during the storm’s passage; heavy structural damage from the storm, according to the Florida Division of Emergency Management. More than 900 homes suffered minor damage, 500 major damage, and more than 150 homes were completely destroyed, including 75 houseboats on so-called “Houseboat Row.” All Key West residents were without power, and residents were under a “boil water” order. Utility restoration was expected to take 7-10 days. Big Pine Key and Cudjoe Key were hardest hit, including severe storm surge damage. Since the highest elevation in the Keys is 14 feet, high water quickly swept into homes and businesses. 
 Waste your time wisely.



The Moon waxes across upper Scorpius.

[Big Word] Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, the official term for a person who is terrified of long words. Nothing to worry about on this blog!



[Channel Widening] And they want larger ships? Look at the damage the current sizes are doing!

[“Ex-engineer warns against buying the old 7 mile bridge”] I agree. Can’t we just leave it alone and hang a “walk or bike ride at your own risk” sign on it? Link

isaksen-flood 4.23.13




[1984] If you read this from today’s perspective, it is the blueprint being used right now. Link

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[“What if no electric”] Hurricane Georges knocked out the electric on BPK for 11 days, but FEMA gave us plenty of free ice so we always had cold beer and didn’t complain.

torrent12[Torrents] The links to free stuff online can be very dangerous. Once connected to a torrent site, they can download your entire HDD in seconds if they have the right software. To get free stuff, use a totally independent computer connected to the web with a wire, not WiFi, and have nothing on it of importance except the software you need for the torrents sites. Also it is a good idea to use another ISP and web account ID if you’re able. Link

[“TSA never caught a terrorist”] Maybe TSA stopped potential terrorists from even trying to get on a plane?



[Madagascar Jasmine] The perpetual wedding guest. Link 

I just found out Philip “Fish” Fisher has passed. RIP



[Big Bug] Adventurer Mark Moffett has found the world’s biggest insect – which is so huge it can eat carrots. The species were wiped off the mainland by rats accidentally introduced by Europeans. After Mark found the female weta he fed it the carrot before putting it back where he found her. Link



[Grinder Pumps] The word on the street is that the Isaac Newton Society has been meeting with County Commissioners . My guess is that they decided to give up on trying to get us to believe that grinder pumps come from the devil and are back to trying to convince the County to not use grinder pumps in the Cudjoe Gardens section.

If you look at the FKAA map, the outer part of Cudjoe Gardens is to have grinder pumps and the inner portion is to have the gravity system. If everyone in Cudjoe gardens believes the society’s self-made report that grinder pumps are bad , and want to get the more expensive gravity system, that’s fine with me as long as they do it on their own dime. Those of us who are getting the gravity system, or don’t believe the report the Isaac Newton Society put out are going to be pretty angry if we end up paying more just so that they can have the same system as their neighbors.



[Vincent Van Bacon] Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh as rendered in bacon. 

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Yes, it’s a tattoo.

nira tocco realtor 9.12

[Portable Dumpster Living] A wole new meaning to Trailer Trash and Dumpster Damsels. Video


Awwwww. Do owls purr?

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[Outing Gun Owners–Backfires] In December of last year, a suburban New York newspaper, the Journal News, caused quite a stir after publishing an interactive map that showed the names and addresses of every person in two counties with handgun permits.

Gun owners were outraged and those who had information published felt threatened. Inevitably one owner’s house was broken into by burglars and though his guns were thankfully locked in a gun safe, the safe and house were damaged during the incident.

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, according to the Rockland Times, editor Caryn McBride has been fired along with 17 other journalists working at Journal News. Folks, that’s what real justice looks like!


Watch live video from the Northeast U.S. Canyons Expedition. Videos



[Legalize Medical Honey] A new honey has been produced that has had ‘amazing’ results treating wounds and infections. The bio-engineered product Surgihoney was tested on babies, new mothers, cancer patients and the elderly for over a year in Hampshire hospitals. Wounds and ulcers, including those infected with the superbug MRSA, healed within days, while the number of women who suffered infections after giving birth by caesarean section has halved. Link

[“Too much profit on booze then you wonder why nobody comes to the Keys”] You got a problem with that business model? Don’t drink when you’re out. It’ll save you a lot of money, a hangover and a possible DUI.

Who’s wondering why nobody comes? I’m wondering at what point the morons who rent here for mini-season and the first 10 days of August will go the hell away, forever. I’m tired of dodging all the pick-up trucks & bass boats with 20 fishing rods and 6 dive tanks parked on the sides of the road. I’m tired of having to wait for a beer and some food because an entire family tree of inbred mainland lobster mobsters thought it might be cool to go out to the bar and order “cook our catch” with the $8.95 for vegetables — and then bitch about drink prices. I’m damn sure tired of hearing your voices and those of your children echoing down the canal as you communicate in your big city voices at 2 am.

Look, here’s the new Keys deal: 1) The Keys ain’t a cheap place to come party no more. 2) The Keys have a Sanctuary and lots of rules that you guys skirt by making multiple trips to the reef. 3) You can legally gather half of the lobster you can take on the mainland, so mini-season and the opening week does not make sense anymore, except to come here for the party, of which you are bitching costs too much. 4) Unless you catch the fish, it’s not fresh fish (or shrimp), and it’s no more local than you, and the 12 people with you whom you rented the two bedroom house on my block are.5) It costs a lot to live here, if you want to come visit, you’re going to pay. And pay as you do, because I don’t pay what the Griswold’s on vacation pay for a drink.

Wait until next year when you have to pay for our fancy new grinder pumps, sewer hook-ups and new flood insurance rates. You’re going to pay a lot more to rent the same place that’s close to your lobster spot, and you’re going to pay a lot more for drinks too. Bottoms up!

tarps bungee cords

[Monday Curb Alert] Free cinder blocks at 201 20th Street Ocean, Lot 19 Marathon and $5 each for 55 gallon metal drums. Same place, 201 20th Street Ocean, Lot 19, Marathon.

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While driving by the old Seven Mile Bridge I would wonder why there were usually divers to be seen around the old bridge supports.  Now I know the answer. The underwater concrete bases are eroded and corroded away enough to form a lot of giant, perfect lobster casitas.  Sorry your secret got out guys.


Ed, what if you brought back Saturday’s CT and dumped Sundays and maybe even Monday’s too, because it seems the illiterates come crawling out of the mangroves on those days saying nothing but garbage anyway!? On Saturday you will get input from people (not “folks”) who just cashed their paycheck and can bitch and moan about the real world.

gas fill old car

[Gasoline] Between Sunshine Key and Big Coppitt there are four gas stations. One is Tom Thumb, and the others are all Shell stations with the same owner. The gas prices at the Shell stations are outrageous and Tom Thumb has been able to raise their prices since there is no other competition. Boat fuel is actually cheaper at some marinas than at the Shell stations. I never thought that I would save money by filling up in Key West, but I do now. Adios Shell.

Sorry, I forgot about Dion’s. When I drove by there today I saw that they had matched the Shell station price. It looks like we have our own little Lower Keys gasoline cartel.

[Slut Walk Insanity] The real war on women. Having occasionally seen photos of such protests, I hypothesize that the likelihood of any feminist protesting topless is inversely proportional to any normal man’s interest in seeing their breasts. Celine was a statistical anomaly in this regard and, because a mysterious technical malfunction with my digital camera accidentally erased my photos, I felt obliged to offer a word-picture. Link

religion politics zone

Republicans on the Sunday talk shows. There was The Donald, Rep Steven King the immigration expert from the Midwest and Rep. Louis Gohmert (Texas). What a crew. And for dessert Senator Ted Cruz was in Iowa. The future of the Republican Party. Too bad Michele Bachmann bowed out.

I guess the talk shows decided to go with comedy during August.

[Under Siege] Fear on the Border in Fort Hancock, TX Video

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Have to love the spin when 1 uses so much bandwidth posting poll numbers. It always feels like those postings should be ended with a huge “harumpf” with a picture of folded arms.

Heres the 1 poll result that matters above all.

President Obama received more popular votes and  won a wide margin of electorial votes over his challenger.

The rest of the poll numbers are just fluff trying to make others feel like they were right.

Im enjoying all of the posters who seem to be standing in the face of the anti American posters and responding with positive news and views for our great country.

You folks thinking America has fallen are way off base. But whine on people its your dime.

You cant buy this kind of funny. We all know (other then Tea party fanatics) that Hawaii is indeed a State of this country. It turns out that Florida Republican Ted Yoho is on the record for supporting a bill that would again launch an investigation into whether the Presidents birth certificate is fake. Yes sir folks the crazy right has come back to life with this gem yet again. Talk about taking a walk away from reality.

Yoho went on to say that if the birth certificate is truly illegal Obama shouldn’t be in office. This is the same man that said the 10% tax on tanning beds is a racist tax because people born with darked skin don’t need to tan.

Yep, You cant buy this kind of funny from the right. Wonder why the Tea Party is falling apart and their numbers are plummeting?

And to our Tea Party zealots. Hawaii is a State of this country. Do the research.

from the right

an_stethascopeOne of the main arguments the Obama administration and many Obamacare supporters have made in support of the Affordable Care Act was that it would provide coverage for the uninsured. Mr. Obama has repeatedly and passionately speechifed: “There are now more than 30 million American citizens who cannot get (health care) coverage.”  The implication was clear, no one would be without health care insurance.

But in a recent report, the CBO estimates that in 2022–8 years after the Affordable Care Act has been fully implemented–30 million people will remain uninsured. And it’s gonna cost us damn near 2 trillion. In short it will not have accomplished a damn thing and it will be bleeding us dry.

Obamacare is being fought by the Unions, businesses big and small, even Congres, and Team Obama  has exempted themselves from the bill. The Affordable Health Care Act was rammed down our throats, or up our …….well, you know, by Democrat governance, it will cost us dearly, and it will diminish the quality and availability of health care. It’s good intentions run amok.

People just don’t like Obamacare, even those who now have no coverage. Even the Huffington Post reported that a majority of American disapprove of the act.  And for good reason,, an industry fact finder projects that 64 percent of those without health insurance haven’t decided whether they will buy into Obamacare  by Jan. 1, as required by the Affordable Care Act.

Many people who are barely able currently to afford health care insurance will not be able to afford it under Obamacare. For example, in Florida, officials constructed a hypothetical average plan based on the offerings available today. Then they looked at how the cost of that plan compares to the comparable plan that will be available on the Obamacare mandated exchange. The analysis found premiums will rise between 7.6% and 58.8%, depending on the insurer. The average increase would be 35%.

Please permit me to repeat and highlight that: (in Florida) premiums will rise between 7.6% and 58.8%, depending on the insurer. The average increase would be 35%.

Single Americans with incomes not exceeding $45,960 will be eligible for some subsidy. A family of four earning $94,200 will be eligible for subsidy. But, and it’s a huge butt, make one dollar over those amounts and you’re on your own, no subsidy. Please check out: Link

There’s nothing good about Obamacare. Aside from its sociological faults, it does nothing to actually drive down the cost of delivery of health care. In fact, with its 22 new mandates for new taxes including new taxes on medical devices, it increases the cost of healthcare.


In 2009 cAGW alarmist, enviroprophet and charlatan Al Gore, speaking at the Copenhagen climate change summit, stated the latest research showed that the Arctic could be completely ice-free in five years.

In his speech, Mr Gore told the conference: “These figures are fresh. Some of the models suggest that there is a 75 per cent chance that the entire north polar ice cap, during the summer months, could be completely ice-free within five to seven years.”

Fast forward five years. Artic sea ice volume is higher than in many recent years: Danish Meteorological Institute: Arctic Sea Ice Now 1.7 Million Square Kilometers Over Last Year! And it’s still gaining.

That’s right folks not only is the Antartic setting records for ice volume but the Artic is not shrinking it’s gaining sea ice. In fact this is the most sea ice the Artic has produced since 2005!