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Saturday, April 4, 2015

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easter egg  crack bunny slow[The Former Coconut Telegraph(Formerly Ed: After 13 years I stopped publishing the Coconut Telegraph on the first day of Spring. This site is too much for one person to operate. From now on I think I’ll publish when I have enough posts that I like. In order to reduce negative, sewer, and political posts, contributors will be by invitation only. Although all advertisers’ contracts have expired I’m still going to display their ads for free as appreciation for their support. Eventually I’ll figure out what I’m doing and hopefully, they will all want to keep advertising.)
Hi Formerly Ed, I’ve been curious as to how your new venture would pan out, so I just now checked the site. I’m sorry that you’ve elected to dump political discourse, frankly I think that a lot of folks from both sides of the aisle looked forward political dialog..  I think it added spice and interest.  But, it’s your decision, so if you want me to submit any more of my political rants, just drop me a note.  Thanks for the kind words in the FTR banner. Good luck.  ~FTR Guy
lady lays easter egg
[Microsoft Office Free Substitute] This looks interesting. Since it works on Linux based OS’s I think I’ll try it on my tablet. Get Started With LibreOffice Writer. In a previous article I described the benefits of LibreOffice, a free, complete office suite that not only works with Windows and Mac OS, but also in a Linux-based environment. Link
This was the tallest building in Paris: the Eiffel Tower under construction in the 1880’s.
[Formerly Ed]  I can see how the negativity would get anyone down after a while but just the mechanics and operations alone of running the site were daunting in my opinion.  I don’t know how you did it so religiously reliable for so long.  I’m pretty sure that I can accommodate the positive nature of what you want to print – as long as I haven’t been drinking too much.  I’ll have something positive (I hope) to report on around the middle of the month.  Di and I have tickets to a Dylan concert in Ft. Lauderdale on the 21st.
Freeze dried chicks
. Video
[Battle of the chile] New Mexico vs. Colorado. Link
[Bum Shoes] Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office “Today, I responded to a call of an unwanted guest begging for money at a gas station. When I arrived, I see an older male that appeared to be homeless by the looks of his clothes and the fact that he had carpet tied to each foot acting as shoes. After I get past the necessary, I ask him what size shoe he wears because I was going to get him shoes. As I’m talking to him, a K9 Deputy goes to his truck and gets an old pair of $200 boots and gives them to him. Just happens they both have small 9 1/2 feet. The guy instantly put a smile on his face
You made my day with your launch of the “Former Coconut Telegraph”……much like you…..I really was getting tired of all the political……and negative posts… is short…..and I much rather be reading funny….upbeat comments from my neighbors.
I’m getting married
and looking for a wedding officiate. Do you happen to know Amy Kuniyoshi?  She says she’s an ordained minister and lives in Big Pine. Any suggestions? Link
[Blown Engine] My 2003 200 hp Yamaha four-stroke has been running bad lately so I had the mechanic look at it. I overheard him talking to his boss on the phone, “Yeah, I got a blown engine here!” Bummer, anybody got an extra twenty-five grand they’re not using?
We the People are sure going to miss you and the CT!
Well “Formerly Ed” has to have a record for the quickest retirement ever. Well at least the few days off has done wonders for him. Here is photographic evidence of what I speak, “Formerly Ed” looking fit, healthy and tan. (Yes I did Photoshop Arnold’s face on to protect “Formerly Ed’s” secret identity.)
Caffeine is bad for you, fat is bad you, sugar is bad for you. But don’t worry, because that’s bad for you too
easter cross lily
Easter lilies stink
. They make your room smell like a funeral home. Happy Easter anyway!
I was out in the mangroves taking pictures of birds when out from behind the island a bald eagle flew. It flew right over me and I was so transfixed by its magnificence that I forgot to take its picture!
[Deer With Child
] I saw the most amazing thing the other day. I was studying the deer and trying to decide if one of them was with child when the damned thing wiggled inside the doe’s belly! I could see it clearly moving against the deer’s side. Very cool.
I, too, was sick of all the negative stuff. The world is tough enough without everyone posting their nasty thoughts about everything — mostly, I just scrolled through that stuff (the on-line version of rolling your eyes). It just scares me sometimes that people are so full of anger and hate.I am sorry that you will no longer be posting events, but I do understand.  You really do deserve a break.

I must admit I miss the coconut telegraph. It had become part of my lunch break.

Jugglers and exercise people use Indian clubs, those long-necked bowling pins. Why do they call them Indian clubs I want to know? Link
Electro magnetic signals are bad for the brain that’s why phone manufacturers say not to sleep with the phone near your head. Also it is much better to text than to talk on a cell phone.
I found these Easter eggs in a pile of fill in my yard. Are they turtle or iguana or snake? They are soft and about an inch and a half long. I think they’re from the Easter Iguana.
[Nuclear Iran] In 1957 the US has 31,255 nuclear weapons in its arsenal. Also, sixteen million people died in World War Two.
invasion-of-the-body-snatchers-pod[Conspiracy Man] I believe the real Deer Ed was either abducted by E.T.’s or fell asleep one night and his body was snatched and replaced with a pod look alike! I find this whole ordeal extremely suspicious.
[Garbage Day] In Daytona Beach this week a bum was crushed to death when the dumpster he was using for a bedroom was emptied and the garbage truck compacted him.
[Mother Nature Quacked Up] These vegetables dreamed of doing something else with their lives! This tomato wanted to be a duck.
Hey Ed, what could we possibly talk about if you exclude negativity, sewers and politics?
This little guy, of only an inch long, crawled onto the glass tabletop. The Geico lizard has nothing on this flamboyant Piner!
Thank you for all your hard work on The Coconut Telegraph! We have a home on Violet Drive and enjoyed your website over the years.


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