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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

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Published daily since 2002. Published randomly since Spring of 2015

[The Former Coconut Telegraph(Formerly Ed: After 13 years I stopped publishing the Coconut Telegraph on the first day of Spring. This site is too much for one person to operate and the negativity is too much to bear. From now on I think I’ll publish when I have enough posts that I like that can fill the page. Contributors will be by invitation only, in order to exclude negativity, sewers and politics.

Although all advertisers’ contracts have expired I’ll continue to display their ads for free in thanks for supporting this site for so long. Hopefully they will all want to keep advertising when I figure out what I want to do.)

The hardwood hammocks are a neat place for a hike. You never know what you will find and strange things everywhere like this tree bole filled with tree snails.
I’m very disappointed in decision not to allow political criticism. Your sight allowed us to use our 1st Amendment rights to bring attention to our elected officials abuses of their obligations to Serve the People who elected them. Your Politically Correct attitude will not help address these abuses. Bring back our avenue of expressing our concerns. Don’t wimp out. (Formerly Ed: No one has ever accused me of being politically correct before.)
lady lays easter egg
I’m not easily offended by anything in your blog, but the Easter “sextoon” did just that. I guess it really is time to retire if this is what you feel is of interest or entertaining.
Dear Ed got tired of all the negativity-unless you pay. Never anything negative spouts from-From The Right (Obama sucks) guy. He now calls himself” one o he leading conservatives of our time’ Wow-no ego on this guy! (Formerly Ed: I called him that for his free ad. FTR is now on Facebook as Walt Lagraves.)
[Vacation Rentals] I am so sad to say and more sad too see so many of the work force out of here. The rentals do not add up to the wages. Vacation rental have flooded the market, they might work if they were limited to how many and the rules we’re actually enforced. In one weeks time I saw 3 different sets of people next door. What happened?  When did we sale our paradise?
How long does a cellphone’s bright flashlight from a flashlight app last?
[Correction] I am the person who had his Yamaha go kaput for a $4000 repair job. I erred and wrote it was a 200 hp, but it is a 225 hp.
exhibit from Michele Byrne. Link
I knew a fellow named Hardiman who once lived on Chickasaw St in Big Pine Key.  He sold his place to another fine fellow name of Cassidy who still lives there today.  I seem to recall that Hardiman once told me it was his father, who lived on one of the Torch Keys, that was running a website.  I see a lot of reference to a guy named Ed on the site, but when I looked around on the internet, a guy named formerly Ed pops up.  So now I don’t know who is really the site registrar or where the site is really headed.  I like the place, it was casual and very typical.  All this new stuff about folding and quitting, however, caught my eye and made me wonder who was really doing all the heavy lifting.

I am also know as “the Computer Guy”. I have worked with computer hardware since 1986 and with internet-related stuff since 1992.  Am not a spring-chicken and don’t pretend to be. Knowledgeable I am, as that is my stock in trade.  I live on Big Pine Key, although I do travel far and wide doing various projects related to networks, access and data fail-safe strategies. If you want to get your site together so it is not such a burden (although you have to love what you do to do it well), or, if you want someone to help lighten the load, by all means give me a holler.  Like I said, I liked the site for all these years and it would be a shame to drop the ball now that it is getting somewhere. (Formerly Ed: Thanks for your offer, but the day I decided to retire the chore was the same day I saw Hardiman’s obituary in the Citizen. Hardiman of Little Torch was the man I purchased the domain from. I thought that was another confirming omen to quit while I was ahead.)

Humans are the only mammals with chins.
[It’s all about the bass ,’bout the bass, ’bout the bass …] Carol Kaye, the first lady of bass, worked with Phil Spector and The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, She has been playing guitar since she was 14 – and celebrates her 80th birthday this month. Audio
bacon eggs eyesThose eggs in Saturday’s posting are from an iguana. Usually they lay about 30 to 50 eggs which are much smaller than Winn Dixie chicken eggs. Years ago when we lived out west for a few years my Dad would get them the same day the iguana laid them and make one big omelet.  The whole family would gather around for a taste. I know that sounds gross today, but back then we didn’t have all the hang-ups we do today. So, hey, give it a try!
I guess most CT readers are happy that the negativity and hate are gone, but not I, because I do not live in a phony dream world and need to know reality. (Formerly Ed: Watch CNN or al Jazeera if you want reality, not the former Coconut Telegraph. I now live in a dream world and no longer suffer from reality.)
[Boring] Why are accountants and dentists two of the most boring categories of people?
The Faro Blanco Story in Marathon, as shown on Marathon Florida TV (YouTube). Video
I want to grow my own food, but I can’t find any bacon seeds.
Dear Formerly Ed, (sorry you will always be Ed to me) I just decided to pull up the CT and saw that you are back, well, somewhat back and I am thrilled. I know it has been a lot of work for you to do this on a daily basis, and as an advertiser on the site, I am hoping that you will continue the former CT, even if it is sporadic.
I loved ready the CT and will always advertise with you. I would hate to think that we have lost you forever. Welcome back my dear friend. ~Hareen’s Suncare & Hats
earth small[Earth is Blue] Kids in kindergarten through fifth grade are invited to join the free, fun-filled Discovery Saturday at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center  (35 East Quay Road, Key West) on Saturday, April 18th from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. When astronauts first ventured into outer space and looked back at our planet, they made an unexpected discovery. Everything you do to help the planet counts. Play a game of Earth is Blue Bingo, and make a “Save Energy” Door Hanger to take home. For more information contact 305-809-4750. Space is limited, so please call to register.

Learn more about the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center here. Link

[Conspiracy Man] So I can continue with my conspiracies? I don’t think they’re negative. In fact if one of my conspiracy theories proves to be right, it should have a positive effect, right?
I completely agree with you that the negativity on the C.T. was becoming overwhelming and left a bad taste in my mouth too! Hooray for you buddy! let’s make it the Positive Social media!
[Babies] On March 25 I was watching the does closely admiring a particularly fat one’s coat when I saw her side move. It was a baby inside, kicking, getting ready to come out. It was amazing.
[Movies] A common sight in action movies is when the man is walking away and the building, car or boat behind him blows up and he doesn’t bat an eye. There must be bunches of movies that copied that scene from James Bond.
free movie[Free Movies] Earth Day, Wednesday April 22  Big Pine Key 7pm. Key Deer Films past and present. Friends And Volunteers Of Refuges invite you a free film night at the Lower Keys Property Owners Association Building ( 1668 Bogie Road, Big Pine Key, FL 33043 )

Doors open 6:30,  raffle prizes. Free Organic popcorn, byo drinks. Films start at 7:00
1967   Key Deer & Jack Watson (Endangered Species Special) 20 min
1986   Florida’s Key Deer  ( International Video Projects; Best of Series: ) 32 min
2013   The Private Life of Deer ( PBS Nature 2013)  60 min.

More information Call 305-849-7484

A happy marriage is all about kissing ass. “Yes, dear, you’re right.”
A hug is a beautiful way to share your feelings silently
[“The poor guy with the 2003 Yamaha 4 stroke that failed”] There’s actually a known problem with defective materials that leads to premature corrosion on the dry side of the engine (exhaust side). It’s covered in a class action suit that’s been filed by The Hayes Law Firm, P.C., , if they reach out to them, they’ll get the latest on the class action suit status. I know the 2003 225 hp are covered by the suit, I didn’t know there was a 200 hp 4 stroke though.
shrunken head7
What we used to call operations are now procedures. In the movie Robo Cop 2, when they cut off his head they called it a procedure. I should think it’s more than a procedure!
I love it! Today I clicked on the CT bookmark on my computer, just to see the banner for old time’s sake. Imagine my surprise and delight when I learned that you only a “semi”- retired. Congrats Ed – you found a great solution and we loyal (and, yes, perhaps addicted) fans have regained our beloved and improved CT
[Artistic License] In the movie Three Kings, “Major” George Clooney had a three day growth of beard while every other officer was clean shaven.
wizard magic dust
I had a Word document disappear last month and yesterday I had an Excel document just vanish. When I tried to open it a blank instance of Excel was all I got! I had to restore my computer to a previous time in order to recover it. When I closed it I remember it ‘blinking’. Has that happened to anyone else?


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