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sailor-ww2In 1997 as the Truman Annex was being prepared for redevelopment, a storage area was being cleaned out and a long abandon trunk was opened. Inside the trunk was found this poem–author unknown. This poem was written in1942 by a serviceman stationed in Key West during WWII. When the brand new Sculpture Garden at Mallory Square was dedicated in late 1997 a time capsule was buried at the Sculpture Garden containing information about what political issues were happening. Included was a copy of this poem and if they open the time capsule as planned in 100 years, people will again get to enjoy this sailor’s work.

Beloved Key West
Key West, oh Key West you moth eaten town,
Your unpainted houses should all be torn down.
Your winters are damp and your summers too are hot,
The air is humid with mildew and rot.
The land of bad colds, of sore throats and flu.
Of stiff aching muscles, pneumonia too,
Your people, dull witted and God, what a bore.
Your streets are filthy as spring now approaches,
This materially adds to your crop of cockroaches.
The home of side porches and bumpy thoroughfares,
With slovenly girls and their awful bland stares.
You live among roaches and don’t mind the rats,
And all seem to thrive on mosquitoes and gnats,
You don’t speak English, you talk Cubanese,
Inhaling sewer gas which you think is the breeze.
You make us pay double for all that you sell,
But after this war you can go straight to Hell!
And when you reach Hades and Satan greets you,
You’ll feel right at home, for he’s a Key Wester too!
Yes, Key West. oh Key West, it isn’t all gravy,
To be plunked at your feet by Uncle Sam’s Navy.
Have you ever wondered why none of us grieve?
Why all of us welcome the first chance to leave.
The worst of it all is you think you are swell,
You think that you are perfect – that gripes like Hell.
You’re rotten, you’re dead, and you think you’re alive.
You think you’re a place – instead you’re a dive.
You’re not worth this paper, you’re not worth this ink,
You can take it from me dear old Key West, YOU STINK!




[For Sale] Hardly used handheld Garmin GPSmap76Cx Marine GPS. Half price. I have receipt. $250. Big Pine Key.

[“Conspiracy theorists”] Don’t be a fool. Just because someone asks a question doesn’t make them a conspiracy theorist. Why don’t these people just answer the question? I feel sorry for you if you eat up all the stuff they’re telling you and you don’t ask a question. The truth is you haven’t been told the truth for some time. Once you look down the rabbit hole and are un-blinded you will never look at things the same way. Once you realize you been lied to about everything, everything is suspect. Just stick your head back in the sand and let conspiracy theorists make a change that’s long overdue.







[War memorial] Local Bill Bunn was honored along with all military who served in Vietnam at the Living Memorial dedication in Key West on Nov 11. This was a very emotional ceremony that honored all who have served or currently are serving our nation.
Photos by Dixie Lee Henckel

[Muslims Slaughter Hundreds in Paris] If I’m elected President I will deport all Muslims; and those that can’t be deported will be placed in concentration camps like we did with the Japanese during WWII. This is WWIII and we should treat it like it.


There are two pvc pipes (markers) just off the south end of Key Lois. What are they for? It’s too shallow to get a boat in there and they are almost right up against the island. There’s no little channel or inlet there to mark.

[“Sewer connections”]  I don’t know who put in the first post, but I suspect it was a competitor to the plumber they disparaged.   I just used that plumber, and thought they did great work.  It was thorough, neat, clean, and they were very polite.  There wasn’t a pipe they put in the ground that didn’t have a level placed on it multiple times.  The county plumbing inspector and FKAA inspector both concurred when I said I thought they did good work.  When I was getting quotes, they were much less than the others.  The only bummer was their terms with so much up front, but they did everything promised for us!


Forgotten Felines will be having its 3rd annual fundraiser on December 4th from 8 am to 8 pm. 12221 Overseas Hwy, Marathon. Richie Moretti is pictured here with the President of Forgotten Felines, Karen Liskey.  Mr. Moretti is matching the first $5,000 we raise.  Mr. Moretti has been a supporter of Forgotten Felines for many years.

I don’t know how the Lawnmowerman worked on your generator last month, they closed in July.



[Flash Cube] Remember this? If you do, then damn you’re old. Rembert when answering machines had cassette tapes in them.

[“KW Shootout”] I concluded, after watching the dash cam video and seeing Timothy Thomas waving his left hand in the air out of the driver side of the car, as if pretending to surrender and to fake out the approaching deputy, but having a pistol in his right hand, ready to shoot the deputy, which Thomas then did, shooting the deputy in the chest, but the deputy was saved by his bulletproof vest, while he returned fire.



Exercise to prevent leg and knee pain. Michael Jackson, eat your heart out! Video

[“Marine mechanic”] Actually, it’s not ‘Dustin’s’ Outboard Service 305-304- 5189. It’s ‘Justin’.

Deer Editor, While you’re updating the Business Directory there’s also Boyz N Their Toyz on Cudjoe at 305-745-8951. Business Directory > Boats & Needs


[“Cleaning concrete”] Neither gasoline nor detergent will do much to clean mold, mildew or algae off concrete.  Try a spray bottle with bleach.  The weak bleach at Winn Dixie will work, but you may need to apply it several times.  GFS carries a stronger mix that will really do a great job in less time.

[“The Political Section on the bottom worked for all of us”]  I don’t know who posted this, but I’d love to know the logic that was applied.  I, for one, hated the political section anywhere in the CT. It was useless drivel from armchair talking heads with more misinformation in each paragraph than a night full of presidential debates.  I don’t see how you can say, “It worked for all of us.”


Ukulele player whose hits are going viral. An enterprising bar owner (hint, hint, Coconuts) would hire him for a special performance on a Uke Nite at Coconuts. Too bad Tiny Tim’s dead or they could have him too! Video

[“High energy little girl”] Little samurai? and you talk about gun nuts?
karate high kick

Aikido is a martial art and a fine way to learn to defend yourself as are any oriental disciplines. But if you do go to these classes or any other form of martial arts, be warned that if you earn a certificate or license, you are liable for your actions just as though you had a gun or knife and you are considered a lethal weapon. Just reacting to someone’s push or shove can put you in jail. Do not graduate from the class.

[“What restaurants use MSG”] That was a question by itself. The ‘fresh fish’ is another question in need of a truthful answer. Now answer both without spinning and getting off the track.
little-princess-floats wilson-float


I guess the names of the lobster boats who own these traps are, “The Little Princess” and “Wilson”.

CheapShots will be in the Keys this weekend doing low cost veterinary care from Key West to Islamorada. Call 305 390-0325 or go to for times and locations and more.
bleach-pool-shock[“Cleaning concrete”] Pool stores have the highest concentration of bleach in powder form that is used to ‘shock’ pools. Wet the surface liberally and sprinkle on the powder, wait a while and rinse. This concentrate works real well on old wooden decks. I’ve done this many times and surprisingly, the plants around the deck didn’t die from all that bleach. I did rinse them off real well!

Or you can make your own. Link

Hillary says, “It’s time to have a woman in the White House.” Bill smiles and thinks, been there, done that.
pc computer repair

The next meeting of the Big Pine Computer Club is coming up this Saturday, November 14, 10 am at the senior center.  We hope to see you there. Full Menu > Ongoing Events

Marathon’s second annual bacon fest. Video



[Personal Helicopter] Perfect timing for Christmas. And yes I want one. Video

Marriage is like a walk in the park–Jurassic Park.


[Killers] I wouldn’t give money to any organization that feeds/harbors outdoor wildlife killers, no matter what little other good they may do.

[New Smelly Crowd Control] A degrading form of abuse or safe, non-toxic alternative to rubber bullets? Video
sombrero-light[Weather Station] What does it take to get the damned communications reestablished with Sombrero Light? There has been no report of wind, water temperature, air temp since August 10th. Does the communications link also warn that the light is not operating? This is a valuable tool to boaters because the land reports are always interfered to at least some extent by the surroundings. It is the one thing that I gave NOAA credit for and they can’t keep it together without a 3 month loss of service–and counting.

I remember watching the lighthouse’s data and having a more up to date location of Hurricane Irene than what was available from the National Hurricane Center, Weather Channel, or anywhere else. You could tell position by wind direction and locations from which the reports came. Meanwhile, the county EOC was getting their information from the Weather Channel. And their food catered by Key Colony Inn! (It’s a nice place to ride out a storm if you live in a trailer, but they couldn’t have handled any emergency. Nobody even remembered to drag the emergency generator over from the airport to power the EOC. If the power had gone out, they would have been totally in the dark–literally.)

Has anyone used the trencher that Home Depot rents to dig their sewer line? I’m interested to know how it worked and how long it took.
pg-camoI served in Gallup (PG-85) in Vietnam during ’67-’68. I am currently writing my seventh novel which centers around the PG’s operations during the Vietnam war. I would like to use the Marathon camo photo as the book cover. Is this photo in the public domain or do you own the copyright? If you are the copyright owner and grant permission I will cite as the source. (Ed: Someone sent it in; or I found it during an internet search. I don’t recall which.) Full Menu > Big Pine MuseumLink
A lobster’s brain is located in its throat, its nervous system in its abdomen, its teeth in its stomach and its kidneys in its head. It also hears using its legs, tastes with its feet.
antenna tower radio




[Skyscraper Tower] The Monroe County Planning Commission will decide Wednesday whether placing a 199-foot radio tower on Sugarloaf Key is appropriate, in the wake of opposition from area residents.

[Hero Dies] A Key Largo man working as a mate on a dive vessel died Thursday trying to help divers who were drifting away in the strong current, the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office said. Steven Kipp, 59, became unresponsive in the water and was taken to Mariner’s Hospital where he was pronounced dead, said sheriff’s office spokeswoman Deputy Becky Herrin. At about 6:45 p.m. the vessel, out of the Amoray Dive Resort, was offshore Key Largo when four divers began drifting from the boat, Herrin said. Kipp suited up in a snorkel, mask and fins and jumped into the water to bring them a line to tow them back to the vessel, Herrin said. He was able to reach two of the divers before he became unresponsive.
I love Morning Magazine on US1 and listen to it live or recorded.  But there is one guest that rubs me the wrong way. The Blue Paper.  That seems to be a one person show that manipulates absolutely everything to fit their conspiracy theory.  I used to read that newspaper when they could print it – now I can’t believe what they publish.  I think The Blue Paper would be better served to dedicate their existence to covering the presidential primaries. It seems they’d fit right in with the rest of the talking heads that like to hear themselves talk.



Technically they’re stairs and probably designed to keep out drunks.

[Shootout Conspiracy] I am convinced that the dash cam videos of the Stock Island shoot-out of Oct 24 were doctored. The 2nd patrol car covers in 6 seconds the same distance that the 1st car covered in 14 seconds, but the landscape does not fly by at more than twice the speed. The 2 second black-out of the 2nd car’s dashcam as it arrives was too convenient and was unexplained. Probably, the editing is an attempt to cover up that the 1st Deputy on scene shot first as alleged by the felon. If the felon had a gun in one hand while the other hand was raised, I don’t blame the cop one bit for shooting first. I sure would have… while I still had the chance. But there is no justification for police doctoring videos. That puts law enforcement in the same criminal classification as the people they are supposed to arrest. The Channel 7 TV news did a much better job of video editing, blending the two dashcam footages into a seamless story of courage. That was especially easy because there is only one siren for two cars.  If you look at the height of the holes in the house on the TV 7 interview and the palm fronds in the background of the dashcam videos getting shot up, you can understand why only two shots hit the felon…. and not well. A link is provided to the Channel 7 video in the comments section below the KWTN online story that includes both dash cam videos. Turn off the sound on the two videos and you will observe more without the sound distraction. Video
The FKAA con continues. Unlike the water treatment and distribution infrastructure that FKAA owns and maintains, FKAA does not own ANY of the wastewater infrastructure. ALL of the sewer system that FKAA has control over is owned entirely by Monroe County. FKAA has only a lease on the sewer infrastructure as an independent contractor. That lease can be terminated with 60 days notice just because the County might feel like it, and with 7 days notice for violation of lease terms, which has already happened.
If you read the FKAA Rules (available on their website with a search), you will discover that any wastewater facilities that you or they construct on your private property is deemed to be yours and you are responsible for maintaining it to their standards, but they claim the right to come on your property and repair, demolish, or replace any of it…. even without an easement.
Those of you who fell for the FKAA verbal promises of maintenance of your grinder pump station forever if you only just gave them an easement were suckered and deceived again. They cannot promise anything for more than 7 days with any validity…. and what sewer promise have they ever kept anyway? If you do not want to own and maintain a grinder pump, you need to keep one off your property or have it removed. Dump the Pumps, Inc. is coordinating a lawsuit to challenge the validity of the coerced and extorted easements as well as the claim that you have available sewer service without a gravity connection at your property line or pre-existing utility easement. Because DTPI owns no property, they will not be a party to the suit, and they are only coordinating this as a free public service. If you are not listed as a litigant, you may get no relief from a win of the Circuit Court lawsuit. So if you want in, let DTPI know. The email address is or write PO Box 1956 Big Pine Key 33043. Or go to the next meeting that I think is next Wed 11/13 at 6PM Coldwell by the BPK post office. Absolutely everything that FKAA has done with the Cudjoe Regional sewers has been a violation of the public trust and we are discovering more all the time. A taxpaying citizen should not have to sue to force honest and equitable treatment from a government agency, but what else is there?



Bat guitar.

[Agent Orange] The high point of my week was spending a grey, rainy Tuesday at the big V.A. hospital in East Orange (read Newark) N.J. There are few places more depressing than a large, inner city hospital staffed by minority, affirmative action, and third-world employees. I was told that the large red patches on my legs were the long term effects of Dioxin (Agent Orange) poisoning. Also, there was nothing they could do and the patches weren’t going away. But, hey, I’m still alive so I guess I shouldn’t complain.


Killer lime Buick

NOAA officials thanked their partners and the community for making the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary a success as they marked their 25th anniversary with a dinner and festival hosted last weekend by the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.


On a street in Philadelphia.

Up here in Brevard County, by way of MA, Irish, I am naturally interested in most things Kennedy. After watching the film PT-109, I began reading about the incident online and just wanted to say I really enjoyed your article about the filming of the movie. Very Interesting. I hope to get down to see the area some day.
[Immigration] We should build a wall along our southern border, giver all illegals a resident alien card that will enable them to stay here, work and pay taxes. Let’s stop kidding ourselves, deporting 11 million Mexicans is an impossible task that will never happen. It’s time politicians and the American people admit that, and end this foolish debate. We allowed them to come here, farmers even encouraged them, now we must pay the price for their cheap labor. No path to citizenship, but resident alien status for all those illegals so they can pay their fair share and end the uncertainty in their lives.
A thief came into my house looking for money, so I got out of bed to help him. When he did not find any, I shot him.

[World War III] The pope called the Muslim mess WW3! He’s right. And who do we have to thank? George W. Bush who’s bravado and lack of foresight woke the sleeping giant and united them against the West.

Kids in kindergarten through fifth grade are invited to join the free, fun-filled Discovery Saturday at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center (35 East Quay Road, Key West) on Saturday, November 21st from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Locate a shipwreck on a nautical chart. Go on an ‘underwater’ scavenger hunt. Follow clues from a message in a bottle. For more information contact 305-809-4750. Space is limited, so please call to register. Learn more about the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Link


[“When you’re dead, you’re done”] I know a fair amount of people walking around, and their brains are definitely in neutral.

[Junk Mail] I figured out a way to cut junk email, set your email programs tools to send all email directly to all of your ISP’S departments, to the FCC’S departments, to the White House, and back to the senders. Some of these will work, some will not. Another way is to order stuff and give a bogus credit card number. This will take up their computer time which is money to them. There is no easy way to become un-fettered with unwanted advertising. (Ed: How naïve and what a waste of time. All you need is a good email program like Gmail or Workforce that once you drag the offending email to the junk mail folder it remembers and never shows mail from that source again.)
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