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Port Pine Heights’ pumpkin remained safe through the Halloween shenanigans.

The BOCC and FKAA are willing to spend beau coup dollars struggling to get sewer pipes out to No Name, Middle Torch and Big Torch, but they went right by the FWS headquarters at the west end of Watson. The FWS accounts for 5 EDUs and can be connected with a little 1-1/4″ pipe running only about 700 feet. The excuse Tom Walker gave Paula was that they would have to make a water crossing. Big whoop. That amounts to a casing or using steel pipe across the little culvert and a couple of 1-1/4″ valves– not $200 in extra materials. The reason has everything to do with politics and the illegalities of how FKAA is handling the implementation of grinder pumps and nothing to do with expense. The actual connection cost is about the average of a one EDU connection in the CRWS and it would eliminate 5 EDUs from an on-site disposal system surrounded by the Pine Channel waters and their big red “beard” algae bloom that last year was so bad that their weight was pulling trap balls underwater.
mayan pyramid[Cortes vs Aztecs] “But now they should likewise renounce their idols, and no longer bring them human sacrifices. It grieved him sorely whenever he reflected on the monstrous heresy in which they lived: henceforth he would neither see nor hear of these abominations, of human sacrifices and unnatural offences: then only could a permanent and brotherly union subsist between us. Above all things the women must be converted to Christianity, before we could think of taking them. Further, all unnatural crimes must be put a stop to, and young men must cease to go about in female garments, to make a livelihood by such cursed lewdness. Indeed, hardly a day passed by that these people did not sacrifice from three to four, and even five Indians, tearing the hearts out of their bodies, to present them to the idols and smear the blood on the walls of the temple. The arms and legs of these unfortunate beings were then cut off and devoured, just in the same way we should fetch meat from a butcher’s shop and eat it: indeed I even believe that human flesh is exposed for sale cut up, in their titmifues, or markets. “All these atrocities,” added Cortes, “must cease from this moment; then only could our union be sincere, and should we be able to make them lords over additional countries.” To this the caziques, the papas, and all the other personages answered, “That it would be impossible to abolish their idols and the human sacrifices: for everything that was good they received from these idols; they made their seeds grow and granted them all necessaries; but with regard to the unnatural crimes, they would strive in future to put an end to them.” This unsatisfactory answer made a most disagreeable impression on Cortes and all of us; for, indeed, we could no longer bear to look upon their barbarities.”

~Excerpt from The Memoirs of the Conquistador Bernal Diaz Del Castillo -1520

This shows the value of officer-worn video cameras and just how fast it can happen out there. The officer gets off 13 shots in five seconds.  His hand is as steady as a rock. (The female officer never got off a round.) Video
bird-bridge-illusionComing back from the reef I mistook this row of gulls in the distance as a bridge and was using it as a navigation aid until it flew away.
[Independent Journalism] Somebody slammed KWTN ( in the Saturday edition of the CT. Why? Because Naja defended herself on Thursday’s Morning Magazine? KWTN is the only investigative reporting in the Keys. The other media are just parrot whatever the government official says. If KWTN smells a rat, they ferret it out as best they can, and usually do a first class job. Witness the Charles Eimer’s police “death in custody” on the beach and the KWPD cover-up of how they killed that retired visitor on his first day in town by suffocating him in the sand. We watched it happen on their linked videos. Witness the fraud of Robert Dean as he claimed an occasional guest efficiency in KW as his official full time residence so he could vote in KW and sit on two Boards (FKAA and KWHA). I eagerly look forward to every Friday morning. They tell it as factually as they can, with a lot more detail, instead of just quoting an official press release like everybody else. And they have the advantage of being able to link to documents or video evidence that the printed papers and radio cannot. Watching the depositions of the KWPD about Eimer’s, or the KW Canvassing Board voting to accept Bob Dean’s fraudulent residency right after video presentation of irrefutable evidence that he doesn’t live in KW gives you a whole different perspective on how far you can trust officials. I trust KWTN so much more, and I donate to help keep the truth coming.

[Faith] To anyone who believes that physical death is the end, I encourage you to read “Proof Of Heaven” by Dr. Eben Alexander. He is a neurosurgeon who was a skeptic until it happened to him.

Dan Reeder has a clever song. Audio
[thanksgiving piligrim indian tableThanksgiving] Celebrating the day Americans fed undocumented aliens from Europe.
[FKAA] This definition comes from the FBI: “Color of law” simply means that the person is using authority given to him or her by a local, state, or federal government agency. ….it’s a federal crime for anyone acting under “color of law” willfully to deprive or conspire to deprive a person of a right protected by the Constitution or U.S. law. … In the case of deprivation of property, the color of law statute would be violated by unlawfully obtaining or maintaining a person’s property, which oversteps or misapplies the official’s authority.”
This sure sounds like another FKAA federal crime to me! I was advised that it would be helpful to call and respectfully request that the US Attorney’s office act on the written request by Dump the Pumps, Inc. that they launch a full criminal investigation into the activities of FKAA. The letter only addressed extortion of easements for grinder pumps, extortion of sewer usage fees before a property is connected, and preparing the forged Army Corps document and using it to skip all environmental impact studies and apply for federal funding. Not even addressed in the DTPI letter were other RICO Act violations like the restriction of trade by sole source material specifications, the ongoing frauds against the public (and I think we can count as fraud the two Board seats occupied by persons living outside the represented district), and more. The Citizen Complaint phone number in Miami is (305) 961-9173. If they got about 8,000 calls from people who are getting ripped off or are about to be ripped off on their sewer bills, they just might act. It doesn’t cost you a dime to call them, it might save you over $40/month in sewer usage fees, and it’s about time we had a Bubba Bust for so many reasons. The DTPI request for investigation letter is here. Link
mohammed bomb hat

The barbarians are inside, and there are no gates. Link

[“The Blue Paper manipulates absolutely everything to fit their conspiracy theory”] That’s not true. They are the only paper that actually investigates issues. The other papers are owned by large corporations and don’t do investigative reporting at all for fear of upsetting their advertisers.
[Sea Level Rise] Have you contemplated what you will do when a bridge goes out and you cannot leave the Keys? Do you have alternate housing?  What about all your stuff?  Where will all the bubbas go? (Hell!) Why are developers building when there is saltwater intrusion? And the two hundred thousand dollar question: how are you going to sell your house with 6 – 10 inches of sea rise?

Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Well Runs Dry—Peter Tosh



[My Book] Fellow Piners, again, thanks so much for your support. You made the campaign for my book Maya a success on Kindle Scout. My latest novel, Amongst the Missing, is now being featured. I’m asking that you visit the Kindle Scout web page and vote. Knowing we’re all a little frugal these days, remember that this is free. Please accept my gratitude, see you ’round the Winn-Dixie! ~Sean Pall Link

[Muslims] We’ve been fighting them for 15 years and haven’t made one little bit of progress to quell them. Nothing has worked. Not one thing. We can’t even train the locals to fight them, because they all secretly hope ISIS wins. ISIS is only getting stronger. Troops will do nothing to stop them. Troops will only slow them down temporarily while they think of new ways to kill innocents. Those who call for troops to invade the Middle East again don’t have a clue how to stop Islam. It didn’t work before, hasn’t worked for 15 years, why will it work now? Our old white men just want to lead American soldiers to the slaughter with no hope of winning. There is no hope of changing a zealot’s mind (FTR is a good example), they aren’t capable of it. They are always sure they are right.

Islam is winning and we don’t have any idea how to stop them. I wish I could think of something, but I’m clueless too.

ballot box votes

Marathon just finished the election. The new councilmember is Michelle Coldiron. John Bartus will finish out Mayor Chris Bull’s term. The new mayor is Mark Senmartin. Bill Kelly is the vice mayor.

[No Refugees] The United States’ plan to take in Muslim refugees is insane. That is the only way for them to enter the US. It’s seem crazy to invite your sworn enemy into your house. How will we vent them? Will we ask them if they are terrorists? If they answer no, will we just let them in? We don’t have a data base on people from the Iron Age.


Eggs Benedict served on a hubcap because ‘there’s no plate like chrome for the hollandaise’

[Muslims] It is suggested that we educate Muslims not to kill us. Okay, where do we start? Give me an address. I’ll go myself.


Consumer Reports says the best insect repellents are the cheapest. They don’t even mention noseeums. That’s my biggest problem. Since they’ve been spraying the birth control bug juice the mosquitoes are no longer such a problem.

[Muslims] How come Muslims don’t attack China?


I know the stories about the women of Walmart, but I saw the most beautiful woman in line at Walmart. I joked. We laughed. I left. Then I saw her next to me at the stop light. Gave her my phone number. She called. We’re in love.
Second thoughts on the Rockland Key Walmart? I think so.

[Muslims] The way I see it, if some Muslims are bad guys and their families know this, those family members are just as guilty as the terrorists.

To arrive at the edge of the world’s knowledge, seek out the most complex and sophisticated minds, put them in a room together, and have them ask each other the questions they are asking themselves.  Else go to Springer’s and talk to the guy sitting in the bar stool by the door!

[Muslims] The only way to slow down ISIS (they can’t be stopped. No one can stop an ideology) is to put American troops on every street corner in the Middle East. Even that won’t stop them because they’ll just start picking off those street-corner soldiers. Remember — they like to die.
[Muslims] It’s been suggested that some of the Paris attackers slipped into Paris with phony passports among the Syrian refugees. Now we want to invite those same refugees into the USA. Doesn’t that sound crazy? Let’s just put importing refugees on hold until we figure this out.
tapping[Emotional Feeling Technique] “Tapping” There are meridian points in our body and some connect with the amygdala subconscious part of brain.  We can connect with the subconscious by repeating affirmations while tapping on the areas. It is supposed to release the negative and help us feel better.  There are videos on YouTube that go over it. Tapping can also help with pain. (This came from California—where else? Ohmmmmm.) Video
[Muslims] 130 dead and still the peaceniks keep praying and burning freaking candles hoping the Muslims will go away. Well it isn’t going to happen dreamers! They are laughing at your weakness and will use it to cull you out of existence. Don’t you sheeple get it? You are being butchered and disposed of so they can get this rock all to themselves. Just like the Christians tried to do 1000 years ago and the Jews are trying to do today too! This is not a war of religions, but a war of very sick frustrated people. The only good thing that could come of this is if the human race is disposed of the animals can live in peace!


Flip the bell peppers over to check their gender. The ones with four bumps are female and those with three bumps are male. The female peppers are full of seeds, but sweeter and better for eating raw and the males are better for cooking.

[Muslims] To people blaming refugees for the attacks in Paris. Do you not realize these are the people the refugees are trying to run away from?
reading mom to girl[A Story] Once upon a time a small boy named Fred lived in a small village. All his classmates hated him for his stupidity. Especially his teacher who was always yelling at him “You are driving me crazy Fred.”

One day his mother went to check out how Fred was doing at school and the teacher told her honestly that her son is simply a disaster, getting very low marks and never had she seen such a dumb boy in her whole career. The mother could not accept such feedback and she took her son out of that school. She even moved to another city.

25 years later, that teacher had a heart attack and all the doctors have advised her to go for open heart surgery which only one surgeon could perform. Left with no other choice she did it and the surgery was successful. When she opened her eyes, she saw a handsome doctor smiling to her, being under anesthesia effect, she wanted to thank him but could not talk, in turn, he was staring at her face which started turning blue, she was raising her hand trying to tell him something but in vain, she died. The doctor was shocked and was trying to understand what just happened, till he turned around and saw our friend Fred working as a janitor in that hospital who had unplugged the ventilator to connect his vacuum cleaner.

If you were thinking that Fred became a doctor, it’s because you have been watching too many Hollywood movies or have read too many motivational forwarded messages. Fred is still Fred. The End.

[Muslims] It’s so sad what happened in Paris, France. These extremists are barbarians. It’s also sad the hate directed to Muslims. The Muslim community has totally condemned this and said that ISIS is not practicing the Muslim faith.  Muslim is the second largest religion in the world, according to Wikipedia – let’s not condem an entire faith based on these barbarians (we’re better than ISIS, we don’t need to spread hate)

It would be good if you’re so moved, to do something positive – here’s a link to the French Red Cross for contributions. Link

help wanted sm

[Part Time Help Wanted] Mature woman looking for 4 – 4 1/2 hours on Saturday working retail sales. Must commit to now thru middle of April and enjoy dealing with the public. Please call 305-333-4024.

Anybody else have problems with Microsoft Windows 10? I installed it over W7 Pro and it keeps crashing. All updates are in, but it will not run right. If MS really is going to force us to upgrade to W10, what can we do except sue them?


World’s Muslim population will surpass Christians this century. Link

[Muslims] The world was attacked this last weekend and 130 people died by the hand of insane religious nuts and 350 were harmed. But no, we must all hold hands and kissy-face to bring peace to the world. Like Pearl Harbor, 911 and last weekend, never forget those sick bastards will try to get to you soon too. Lock and load!



How invincible you feel by age.

[Muslims] This is in response to the person who said that we can thank George W Bush for awakening the sleeping giant (ISIS). How do you explain all the bombings and terror attacks including 911 that happened before and early in Bush’s first term? If you ever study history, you will see that this has been going on for 2000 years. The Muslim religion teaches that there are 3 acceptable alternatives when dealing with infidels, convert them, tax and restrict them, kill them. That’s what we are up against, not anger at George W Bush.
Ferry Havana Stock Is[Cuba Ferry] This idea was talked about 20 to 25 years ago by some big guys with black suites and bent noses in Jacksonville, Florida. I was there. They had all the plans for a passenger ferry system and for a vehicle ferry system similar to those used in New England to Newfoundland and other places. They had all the money lined up and the ships too. I took one look and asked a few simple questions. 1. Who in their right mind would travel 150 miles from Miami to Key West to get on a ferry to go to Cuba when you can fly there in an hour? 2. Who would spend all that money to drive their car and back? 3. What insurance company would take the chance to insure my vehicle in a Communist country? 4. If I just walked on the ferry, who do I rent a 1953 Chevy from in Cuba? Those guys threw the papers straight up and I quietly walked out the door. Let’s spend more tax payers money to do a million dollar study on this OK?
[Useless Eaters] I’d like to read the CT, but I can’t be late for work so I can pay for the Big Pine bums’ food stamps so they can trade them for drugs or cash so they can drink liquor at 7 in the morning. One local “fake cocaine dealer” acts like we should have a benefit for him. I guess because he has to ask for a handout when they should be just sending it to him automatically.



I’ll have two extra large cups please.

[Ragnar Race Cancelled]  Maybe some introspection is in order. Why would a region that lives for tourism turn away an event?  There’s a number of reasons that need to be considered. It looks like the Ragnar event is safely dismissed until it can be sized to fit here in the Keys.  We said talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words (past performance of Ragnar).  But for all the talk look at their Facebook page to see how the Ragnar people respond. Is this the type of people/event you want running around?

– It’s too big for the location.  The Keys will never host the Olympics, not because it’s not wanted, because it obviously won’t fit.  Scale back the size so it fits in the environment

– Actions speak louder than words.  This isn’t the first time you’ve been in the Keys.  The past behavior of some of the group has left a sour impression with the residents and other tourists.  You can’t be inconveniencing people and interrupting their livelihood just for your pleasure.  Businesses need customers to be able to get to the location.  Residents need to be able to move. The arrogance exhibited in the past by some of your members needs to be reined in.  I think it’s telling that this is about the only event that the Keys has declined.

– Pick a better time.  This is peak season, we’re already at maximum capacity.  Do this in one of the less peak times (we lost ‘off peak’ a long time ago)

– Find a better spokesperson.  Using an ex-city commissioner who lost his seat by a landslide (seriously, when has an incumbent lost an election by 30%?) is not a strong advocate for you.  He’s out of touch and doesn’t command any respect.

-Ragnar post: Congratulations to ‘citizen 1’ and the rest of the citizens of the Keys. Maybe now they can focus on killing Fantasy Fest and Pride Week while they are at it. Very sad that it has come to this.

– response from the citizen:  You just don’t seem to understand we don’t have issues with other events. Commissioner Kolhage said today he has never received a single complaint about any other race but gets many after each Ragnar. I’ve never complained about any other event; I volunteer for many. You really ought to take a look at the way your fellow runners behave to understand why we became fed up with this event, and only this event.

– Ragnar responses: personally I plan to keep my reservations and sit in ‘Citizen 1’ driveway at 2am every morning and honk my horn because I’m “disrespectful” like that.

– Another response: As far as Key West goes I have no plans to ever go back. As far as Steve goes he obviously has nothing better to do than troll the Ragnar page.



[Thanksgiving] I’m not much of a cook but I can follow directions.  The directions said to allow the turkey to rest in the sink for three hours before roasting.  So I did.

[Chicken Fricassee Easy]
2 cups chicken broth
3 tablespoons flour
1 teaspoon paprika
½ teaspoon salt (1 teaspoon more for boiling chicken)
½ teaspoon ground black pepper
1 tablespoon butter
1 ½ cups chopped onions
1 cup chopped celery
3 cloves minced garlic
1 cup minced carrots¼ cup dry white wine
¼ cup chopped fresh parsleyBoil whole chicken in 1 teaspoons salted water until tender, remove chicken and save the broth. Let chicken cool and remove meat from bones.In a saucepan add flour and a little of the cooled broth to make a loose paste so flour doesn’t clump.Add paprika, salt, pepper, butter, onions, celery, garlic, and carrots. Cook over medium heat for 20 minutes or until vegetables are tender. Add wine, parsley, and all the chicken meat except the breasts (save the breasts for another use). Stir and warm fricassee. Serve over mashed potatoes. Full Menu > Recipes


Yogi Berra to be honored with Presidential Medal of Freedom. It’s just a shame that he didn’t live to see it. Link

[Conspiracy Theory] Claudia Hammond talks to Chris French, Professor of Psychology at Goldsmiths University of London about conspiracy theories. Are they really harmless, and why is it that some people believe in them but not others? Audio
PTs-late-night[PT’s Late Night] Do any of the readers remember the great Jamaican Wings that were served at PT’s? I enjoyed them for many years.I am searching for the recipe for these wings and would like to know if any of the readers know the recipe, or know of someone that can share this recipe. I was given this recipe late one night, but woke up the next morning with a slight case of the Keys Disease, and was like, OK I go to Fausto’s for this, Publix for this and well my mind just came up blank.
[Muslims] Muslims around the world are saying we should not condemn all of them for what the extremists do. Well, I do condemn all Muslims for not lifting a finger to stop the radicals. I don’t recall any Muslim group speaking out against extremists or doing anything to stop them. I think the reason they do nothing and say nothing, as a group, is because secretly they are all sympathetic to the extremist’s cause, but are afraid to say so in public.
de gaulle

[Terror attack on Paris] What I noticed is that French men have exceptionally long noses.

To the feeders of the three Muscovy ducks on Key Deer Blvd: Knock it off! The deer are eating your handouts. The deer will get hit by a passing vehicle. The deer will get killed or have to be euthanized after it’s struck and injured. The ducks will do well on their own without your selfish interference.

[AWOL] Where’s FTR? Did he run out of opinions?

[FTR] We’ve been busy. Out of town.  We went to the Republican Sunshine Summit in Orlando.  All of the R Prez wannabees speechified.  Interesting.  Donald Trump is a raging asshole.  I simply can’t understand why he is polling so well.  Sure, we’re all pissed at politicians in general, but this guy makes politicians look like Little Orphan Annie.  I was hot for Beb Carson, but he just doesn’t seem well informed enough and his thoughts and suggestions are “gauzey”.  Now we’re leaning very strongly toward Rubio.  He seems to have his stuff together, is very bright and articulate.  He’s young and he’s Latin.  No candidate will ever be perfect, but he fills at least 80% of what I want.  National Politics
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