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1 cent tax[Rip-off] Taxpayers of Monroe County, just to put the record straight, it’s the Monroe County government and the Monroe County BOCC that are the cause the cause of the grinder pumps, the extortion to have the FKAA obtain an easement to put Monroe Counties grinder pumps (Yes those grinder pumps belong to Monroe County) on your property, it’s Monroe County that refuses to pay for traffic bearing lids so their grinder pumps could go in the right of way like Monroe County paid for the lids for the 167 Monroe County grinder pumps that went in Grassy Key, it’s Monroe County that is refusing to pay for electricity to run their pumps like they did on Grassy Key.
So what is Monroe County doing with our infrastructure sales tax money that was supposed to go for a “Complete and fully funded” sewer system? Why the Monroe County government and the BOCC decided to take the tax money that was voted to be used for Monroe County infrastructure and gave 2.7 million dollars of this fund to the state of Florida to fix the state of Florida’s infrastructure. Does anyone but me think my tax dollars are not being spent as the voters decided?
[A Good Muslim] I taught English in Tehran, Iran for a few months in the mid ’70s. I lived with a guy, Naseem Reza, who was a “good Muslim”. He showed me the best opium den, got me the best hash, but he didn’t use, he was a “good Muslim”.  He would hustle drugs, etc. to tourists, ripping them off, and proud of it: he was a “good Muslim”. One day he told me that he would tell what Muslims are like. This is what he told me. He said, “This is not a joke or a simple story, it is a lesson about what us Muslims are.”
A Muslim, a Jew and a Christian are walking across the desert. They are famished and it’s still a day’s journey to the next oasis. It’s just about sunset, so they’re all saying their prayers, when all of a sudden a bird flies over, dropping a dried fish. They all agree that this is a gift from their own god. However, they also agree that in their various faiths, they don’t eat after the sunset. So they decide to wrap the fish in cloth for the night, and whoever has the most far-out dream in the night will eat the meat, go to the oasis and come back for the other two because the fish was only big enough for one man. Of course they’re all knowing that if one gets to the oasis, he isn’t really coming back for the other two.
They awake at dawn, all smiles and the Jew is ecstatic. He said he was at the sixth level of heaven and eating juicy fruits and meats that he didn’t even know. The Christian butts in, saying he had been at the seventh level of heaven, not even knowing hunger, just feeding others luscious fruits. They ask the Muslim what he dreamed and he said, “Mohamed came to me in the night and said, ‘wake up fool, and eat the meat!”
Folks, this is a war going way back to Isaac’s sons, Jacob and Esau and it will get worse until the end. They are most definitely on a mission.
for sale lady


Do I need a permit for a real estate for sale sign, placed outside of my property? The sign size would be 4’x3’x6′ and 2 sided.

US1 Radio changed their website and I have not been able to get it to play Morning Magazine from previous days since the change. Am I doing something wrong or is everyone having a problem with it? Link


Mooselims at morning prayers.

[No Name Sewers] I just suffered through Agenda item S1 discussions at the last BOCC meeting on MCTV Video on demand. This was a discussion about the difficulties of several homes on No Name Key running grinder pumps. You would think there was no other way to transport wastewater except conventional gravity or a damned E-1 grinder pump. A septic tank effluent pumping (STEP) system is a very viable alternative and it takes one helluva lot less power than a grinder. That’s what Charlotte County uses for thousands of homes. You could pump STEP with a bicycle. However, FKAA would have to install one of their beloved E-One grinder stations to re-pump the flow from all of the STEP pumps up the to the high pressure of their so-called low pressure system. Not a problem. That is exactly what they do in “gravity neighborhoods” and exactly what they designed for Middle and Big Torch. I caught false statements and assumptions throughout the grinder sales pitch. Locked rotor current draw of an 240 volt E-one pump is 30.4 amperes, so it will be double that on 120 volts. A 120 volt grinder is going to need a 60 amp service just to reliably start it! Remember that the grinder may be chewing through something tough or up against an impossible back pressure when the level switch or thermal overload turns it off. Wilson said 37 amps tops. But everyone missed the main point. The grinder pump is an integral part of a grinder pump collection system. It is not the homeowner’s responsibility to power it nor to provide space for it, in spite of what FKAA claims. And there are passive on-site treatment systems that can meet the BAT mandate without a blower running all the time. No Name collection is only difficult if you follow rules that FKAA and County Engineering pulled out of thin air to get more E-one grinder pumps sold. No Name folk need to get on board the pending court case to make FKAA power the pumps on public property. FKAA has no real legal authority to demand otherwise. Dump the Pumps is coordinating the lawyer arrangements. BTW, FKAA cannot promise to maintain your grinder pump. They are only leasing the sewer system and can be kicked out with 7 days notice. Read the lease.


Microsoft isn’t forcing anyone to upgrade to windows 10 unless you are on a Windows version no longer supported like Windows 98. I would be hard pressed to upgrade from Windows 7. I do hate those annoying reminders to reserve my copy of Windows 10. Link

[Desert Reef] New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment and the original reef. Video
atom bomb1These Muslim terrorists seem to enjoy blowing things up. I wonder what Mohammed or Allah would do if we get really pissed off and started turning their cities into fused glass craters. You know the law of survival isn’t to turn the other cheek — it’s to kill him before he kills you.
Keys mythology story. Video


Coconuts’ pool room has the finest Brunswick pocket billiard tables in the Florida Keys. No other compares to Brunswick quality.

Coconuts! Open from 7 AM to 4 AM seven days a week, 52 weeks a year.

[Sewers] The Niles Channel sewer forcemain that was bored almost a mile under the seabed has been a great cause of concern since it was discovered that it was placed without a protective casing as was originally planned. So instead of rubbing on the inside of a thick walled plastic pipe, it will rub on rock. And if it is leaking, nobody will know and the sewage will be uncontained in an outer casing pipe. This pipe is expected to transport an average daily flow of about 540,000 gallons of raw sewage pumped at considerable pressure from collections of Big Pine through Ramrod. If it blows out, it will spew raw sewage into Niles Channel for many months. If it breaks or clogs, a new pipe will have to be directionally bored in. FKAA can’t just turn off the flow- it has to go somewhere and they cannot truck that much sewage. Now we hear that the contractor was unable to successfully pressure test the pipe! It already leaks! It is inaccessible to repair, or even find the leak, and would have to be replaced completely. So the whistle-blower says they simply faked the test to save a few million bucks. FKAA management denies that, of course, but we know better than to believe anything FKAA says. Before this pipe goes into operation, the valves could be closed and the pipe retested. That should happen right now, and be witnessed by an independent, non-government, honest inspector who knows how to spot a fraudulent test. Right now, the contractor is at risk. Later, the risk is all ours.
alibabaAlibaba, the Chinese online shopping giant, did $14.3 billion dollars of business in just one day! Yes, that is billion with a b. The amazing thing about them is that they don’t own a damned thing! No stock, no merchandise, just brilliant computer engineers. Just imagine if they made a penny on every dollar.
[Cop Insults Petty Thieves] Captain Clay Higgins needs your help locating two men accused of stealing change from a Port Barre car wash and destroying a business owner’s machine worth three thousand dollars. Video
rattlesnake chess piece


Islam is just like rattlesnakes. They want to bite you. They can’t be talked out of biting you, they can’t be trained not to bite you, and they can’t be bribed not to bite you. You can move away, but then they win. The only thing that you can do to stop them from biting you is kill them.

[Muslims] I had to both laugh at the ignorance by many posts on Wednesday about those ‘evil’ Muslims. The best by far, was the one talking about “how can we ‘vent’ stone age people”. We’ll you need a hole/pathway/conduit and a breeze to properly ‘vent’ anything. That alone illuminated the IQ of said Muslim bashers. Now, ‘vetting’ is a different animal. We do have extensive tools to properly vet any refugee.

Another notable laugh was the ignorant ‘kill the infidels’ Quran references.  A little research (I know, intelligent folks research, ignorant just parrot) would prove that as asinine. Let’s list the Christian bible itself about ‘killing infidels’.
Deut 13:6, 13:13, 17:3, 2 Chron 15:13, Num 13. Go ahead, look them up!
I’m saddened by the kneejerk reaction of xenophobia, fearmongering and basic American stupidity. The only way to defeat an ideology is education, not an ideology of stupidness. Unfortunately the American dumbing down of the population is working for the ideologues. Just as a side note to the freaked out ignorants, how many have been killed in the US by mass murders of Americans in stores, schools, universities, etc. Oops, none have been those DAESH/ISIS folks. Knowledge is power.

free delivery


[Rug Busters Busted] Jerry Phelps, 54, of Key Haven, faces multiple cocaine trafficking and other cocaine related charges for using his mobile carpet cleaning business, Rug Busters, for delivery.

If a woman tells you that you are right, that’s called sarcasm.
co2 smoke stack[Why Coral Reefs Die] When CO2 is released, some goes into the atmosphere while the rest is absorbed by plants and the ocean. About 30% of manmade CO2 ends up in the ocean, increasing acidity levels. Today our oceans are roughly 30 percent more acidic than before the Industrial Revolution. This could be devastating to coral reefs, bivalves and other marine life—pretty much everything that lives in the sea.
[Muslims] There are close to 6 billion humans on this rock. 1.6 of them are Muslims. 3 billion are women and children. 1 billion are a mixture of old men and cripples unfit for combat. All Muslims will attack non-Muslims. So what does that mean? It means we lost already, unless the scientists figure out how to deal with this plague and they better do it fast.
antenna tower radio


[No New Tower] The Monroe County Planning Commission shot down a proposal to place a 199-foot radio tower on Upper Sugarloaf Key after more than a dozen residents spoke against it at Wednesday’s meeting. Yeah!

[Muslims] Wednesdays CT was a hoot with all those pretending ISIS is not so bad after all. Typical of the religious folks who will not admit we are being driven out of our world by barbarians who think they are better than the rest of us. It is going to be a bloody next few years. I just wonder where the Muslims will burry all of us infidels. Maybe they will eat us? We would make great fertilizer or camel food.
friends of earth shake hands[Conservation] U.S. and Cuban government officials signed an historic agreement Wednesday that establishes sister sanctuaries between the Florida Keys, Dry Tortugas and Everglades and two areas in Cuba. The agreement is designed to facilitate joint science efforts, stewardship and management, foster conservation and the sharing of technical and scientific data and promoting education.
What happened to Kari Dangler? She was in Missouri for a while at her parent’s home. She had gotten a new car thanks to her parents, a good job, apartment, and for reasons of her own, hit the sauce, wrecked the car, lost the job, apartment, and all of the stuff she worked to furnish her place. She was dumpster diving and lived with some old, old man. And poof–gone.

I happen to know her very well. I can’t understand what happened to her, but it was something horrible. She was an only child, raised by her mom an stepdad. Who were both teachers. Her and both parents had horses they rode in shows. They were above middle class people. They had very nice things and there home was immaculate. Who knows what happens behind closed doors. Kari married after college to a wonderful guy that loved her dearly. They had a lavish wedding, bought a home in the suburbs. After 4-5 years she divorced him and that’s when I lost track of her. She went under the radar. She reappeared in her hometown to say she met a man who moved her to Florida. They have a baby. The husband said he would set up people displaced from hurricanes with temporary homes like RVs, etc. The rich people is who he would help. She never said that he was scamming people, but possibly, she did say to me that he was a bigot. He has wives an children in other states. I think that put her over the edge. She gave this man her love and life and he just was nothing but a total fake. She was a number, but not a number 1.

He took their only child, a daughter from her. She had no one to help her get her daughter back. He had control of everything and of Kari. She was made to stay home and leftcaresne[?] all the time. No friends, no family, nothing. When she found out about him and who he was it didn’t matter, she was still at his mercy. Her parents are crap. They want to sweep her under the rug (so to speak) because they don’t want to look bad. They have a perfect life. How sad it really is. If you knew Kari like I knew her you would understand she needs mental help. She is an alcoholic who needs sobriety. I wish I could help her, but I can’t. She needs help that I am not qualified to give. She comes from a very educated background with morals and values. She is a kind-hearted person who has no one to care enough to help her. I just wanted to let you know this. What she has done is bad, but she is in desperate need of mental help.

Key West the Newspaper has done another fine job of investigative journalism. Check out their article “State: What the hell is going on in the Florida Keys? Must be ‘other forces at work” This follows the saga of the variance issued to allow Boondocks to keep scads of seating with a woefully inadequate sewage disposal system. A recording of the Variance Review Advisory Committee meeting is available with a link on KWTN. It never registered with me that with a “waterless urinal”, the waste stream is much more concentrated than a flushed urinal, so the actual nitrogen load is much higher than the usual wastewater and therefore not well represented by the water consumption. In a nutshell, the local DOH and County Growth Management have turned a blind eye for years with what Boondocks has been doing. When the whistle was blown on the lack of sewage treatment, DOH investigated but issued a Variance. The Variance horrified the Review Committee in Gainesville, so it was denied, only to be reinstated by the DOH’s Environmental Health Bureau Chief in Tallahassee. Bubba law evidenced again. Why bother having laws if they do not apply equally? This is like watching an old Western, but so far no Lone Ranger on the scene. The article is well worth the read and the audio clip from the meeting is both astonishing and highly entertaining. DEP declined to touch it although it is properly their responsibility. Your tax dollars at work. Link
railroad tracks big pine inn


I’m looking for old pictures showing the train station and other buildings in the area from mm 30- 31 – or simply any photos from when the railroad was here and some years latter.  Money paid for the right stuff.

Prejudices are what fools use for reason.  ~Voltaire
drone-gun[Armed Drones] These drone toys are great. My kid has a new one that he can fly all over the place and take pictures. He wants to make it a dive bomber so he and his buddies can play war games. I think there are attachments for that but I do not know where to buy them. Anyone know a good place? Video
[Conspiracy Man] There’s a great conspiracy that has been taking place for several centuries and continues today. It began in 351 A.C.E., by the Roman Emperor Constantine. Constantine, who was a Pagan from birth ’til death, was the creator of organized Christianity. After successfully unifying the once divided empire, he foresaw that he must bring order to the religious turmoil taking place in his empire at that time. Constant revolts were taking place between the Jews, Gnostics (Jesus followers) and the Pagan worshipers. He ordered the Jewish high priests to canonize their Torah, and also did the same with the Christian bishops. Combining the Torah and the newly contrived Christian book into what’s known as the Holy Bible. The Jews were allowed to continue with their doctrine as long as they remained peaceful, while the Pagans and Gnostics were ordered to follow this new religion named Christianity. He replaced the story of Apollo/Helios who was born from a virgin mother, in which the entire empire celebrated his birth on December 21st which marked the winter solstice, with that of Jesus. Taking the Greek word “Christos” meaning “Messiah”, and thus, Jesus Christ had become official. The Gnostics refused to follow Constantine’s ruling, being that they knew the story had become corrupted and false. Resulting with the Gnostics being put to death or having to flee from the empire.

During the 14th century the Holy Roman Empire had become more powerful and wealthiest land owners, and ruled over all of the known world. This is when the creation of Satan and Hell had become a popular scare tactic towards the people, in order to gain more Christian converts. The more converts, the more rich and powerful the church became. This is when the story of an invisible God who lives in the heavens watches everything you do, and decides if you enter heaven or go to hell. And the more money you gave to the church, the better the chance of you getting into heaven. Indulgences were sold. The poor weren’t as fortunate though.

This conspiracy is alive and doing very well in today’s world, by the many people who refuse to believe in an alternative truth, and insist in believing in a book of fiction, and the translations of personal views of its preachers. They will believe and follow whatever that man preaches, blindly believing and following. The tele-evangelists that preach on TV in front of thousands of congregations are some of the richest and most influential men in politics today–all with your help!

ramsey7Going through some cities and seeing how the young are maturing too fast today, like school kids that look like playboy playmates, boys that have beards in middle school, and other changes in their evolution makes me wonder when the governments will make the legal age a lot lower to match the new 12 year old adults we have now? Responsibility must be given to these new ‘babies’ because they are as big and bad as 18 year olds used to be, but at 12. They can be just as dangerous at times as full grown adults.
I just drove from KW to Miami and the road was very clear. It seems lots of people are a bit scared to drive into Miami because of the Muslim stuff going on (at least that is what a few bartenders mentioned along the way).
Duane Allman was born on this date. Allman Brothers Band – Whipping Post
[Politically Correct] Hotel chain bans bacon and sausage from breakfast menu. Link


My old therapist.

I almost wiped out a bunch of Big Pine bums last night. If they’re going to be so stupid to stagger along the road instead of using the bike path, they should have to at least wear lights.


1957 Lincoln Premier

The Syrian refugees coming into the U.S. are being brought in by a Gov’t contractor that calls itself Church World Services.CWS gets paid per head for everybody they bring in. It is run by a 47 year old Bosnian named Erol Kekic. Who of you remembers the Tsarnaev Brothers? They were also Bosnian, and I don’t trust any of them.
We haven’t experienced a war on our homeland since 1865 and these people want to bring it to us. I’d rather nip it in the bud.
To his credit my absentee phone-in Governor Chris “Are You Going To Eat That?” Christie has announced that New Jersey will not accept any of these refugees. My question is this: Why aren’t affluent Muslim countries like Quatar and Dubai stepping up to shelter their Islamic brethren?
[Boots On The Ground] Mali had a terrible problem with Muslim terrorist so France sent in the troops and withing a year they cleared the country of terror. France went so far as to leave all the troops in Mali (as some politicians here are demanding the US must do). Yesterday Muslims terrorized the Radisson Blu Hotel in the Mali proving that troops aren’t the answer to terrorism.

My point is that you can’t control ideologues like Muslim terrorists. Many in Congress want to send in the troops, and leave them there forever, but all that will do is get them killed while the terrorists will just develop new means and ways to kill innocents. Troops aren’t the answer as the French have learned in Mali.

A better offensive is to stop worrying about collateral damage and to start to indiscriminately killing innocent civilians and babies who are in the way of our bombs. Maybe Muslims will get so outraged that they will start killing the terrorist themselves in order to stop the bombings.



[Ice “Box“] I doubt this was a big seller.

In 1930, when Maharaja of Patiala (Bhupinder Singh)visited a Rolls-Royce showroom and inquired the price of a top-end model, the salesman mocked at him and said he would not be able to afford it. The infuriated Maharaja bought all the cars from the showroom, cut open their roofs and began to use them as garbage trucks.
Have faith. You’re born, you live and then you die. Death is guaranteed. End of story.
ftr5[FTR] Registered Republican and Democrat voters need read no further.

The deadline to register as a Republican or Democrat for Florida’s Presidential Preference Primary Election is bearing down on us it is February 16, 2016.  Unless you are registered to vote as a Republican or a Democrat, you will not be permitted to vote in the Presidential Preference Primary Election.

This election will certainly be one of the most important elections in the history of our nation.  Never in my lifetime has our nation been so fragmented nor the political dialog so harsh.

This election will not be decided by party line Republican or Democrat voters, it will be decided by Independent voters. Voters who have chosen not to register as Republican or Democrat, but rather as unaffiliated or Independent. (…continues on National Politics…)

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