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Thursday, December 27, 2012



[Drug-fueled Murder Plot] The co-owner of the Marathon Boatyard, Dennis Zecca, the former commander of the Coast Guard Station in Islamorada was arrested after he hired a fake hit man to kill realtor Bruce Schmitt. Zecca found the hit man while trying to buy 10 kilos of cocaine. 



Agave plant from Indian Key planted by Doctor Henry Perrine the botanist who Perrine County is named.  Link

[Big Box Store] County planners are limiting the size of the proposed retail space on Rockland Key. I wonder why? As it is now it is a no-man’s land anything would be an improvement. The bigger the space the more national retailers would come and Rockland Key is the perfect and only place for them. Rockland is the only key that doesn’t look like the Keys so it can’t be ruined. Target may be interested.

an air condition coil


In the for what it’s worth column, I run my air-conditioning off solar and wind energy. It’s available anytime I want. Last time I was analyzed I wasn’t found to be sophomoric. However, I must concede, I’m a schizophrenic… and so am I! 

[Busy Day] In just one day the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor (killing 2400 people, that was less than the 9/11 terror attack in NYC), Thailand, Shanghai, Malaysia, The Philippines, Guam Midway and Wake Islands.

an_gauge_indicator[Running on Empty] I’ve been trying to figure the fuel efficiency and range of my boat so I let the tank empty to where the fuel gauge started flashing EMPTY. I loaded the boat with three 5 gallon cans of gas and set out to run the boat’s tank out of fuel. I drove 81 miles (that’s a lot of miles in a 21′ boat) around Big Pine Key, No Name Key, Bahia Honda, Big Spanish Channel, Hawks Channel, Harbor Channel, Bogie Channel and the sucker never ran out of gas. I finally gave up for the day, docked the boat, left the gas cans aboard and will wait until I’m refreshed and try again. I conclude that the only time you run out of gas is when you don’t want to.
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Sweden gets 48% of it’s energy from renewable sources. The United States could approach those numbers too if our politicians weren’t so corrupt and looking towards the next election instead of the future



In 1831, the HMS Beagle, with naturalist Charles Darwin aboard, set sail from Great Britain.

This video shows several species of wildlife filmed in the mountains of the Leuser Ecosystem in Sumatra, Indonesia by using video camera traps. Get some feel good here!  Link



Poinsettias for butterflies.  Link

Accentuate the Positive--Dr. John-Live Link
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an safe


[“If the guns had of been locked up the shooting would not have happened”] Another illogical approach to gun safety. What good is a self-defense firearm if it is locked up? “Excuse me, Mr. Burglar, can you wait until I unlock my gun safe and get my home defense weapon ready?” 

Stolen gun penalty is suspension, removal from Monroe County SWAT team.  Link



The fools who keep saying that guns the forefathers meant when writing the 2nd Amendment were flintlocks are forgetting the government only had flintlocks too and our 2nd amend was giving us to keep us safe from a govt like we have today. When SWAT and local PD’s carry flintlocks I will too. Till then I have the right to be as armed as they do. Whether hippies and cowards like it or not.

belarc[Free Utility] I like the Speccy download from yesterday especially for the temperature readouts. Another free utility I’ve been using for a long time is Balarc Advisor. It is a comprehensive report of everything on your computer even the product keys and license numbers in case you’ve misplaced them. It list current versions of installed software, all updates are listed and a whole lot more.

The 13th annual No Name Race 5k Walk/Run is set to take place in the Lower Keys Jan. 12 benefiting the Domestic Abuse Shelter of Monroe County.
The 3.1-mile race begins at 8 a.m. and is presented by the shelter and coordinated by the Key West Southernmost Runners Club.
The event is based at the Old Wooden Bridge Guest Cottages & Marina, located beside the No Name Key Bridge on Big Pine Key, where walkers and runners start and end their trek. Race participants twice cross the No Name Key Bridge.
Awards await the top male and female finishers in age groups ranging from 9 and under to 70 and older. A post-race celebration with refreshments and prizes is planned.
Cost to enter is $30 per person in advance or $35 on race day. For entrants under age 15, registration is $10 per person.
Runners can register online before the race at or at the official pre-registration, set for 4 to 6 p.m. Jan. 11 at Centennial Bank, 200 Wilder Road on Big Pine Key just off U.S. 1 bayside.
Final registration is at 6:30 a.m. race day at the Old Wooden Bridge Guest Cottages. Packets also can be picked up that morning beginning at 6:30 a.m. at the race site.
The Domestic Abuse Shelter’s mission is to reduce the incidence and impacts of domestic and sexual abuse by directing victims to appropriate programs and services.
People who want to support the shelter but can’t travel to the Lower Keys to run can register online as “virtual racers,” enabling them to participate and raise funds from a distance. Bulletin Board



New Year’s recipes.  Link

A Train Ride for the Holidays. Slide Show


The perfect weapon of chose for family and home defense, but is sure has some kick!  Link 


[School Guns] Sidwell Friends, a Washington, D.C. area private school, has 11 armed security guards and is apparently hiring an additional police officer. The reason that the not-at-all biased staff at Breitbart is bringing this to everyone’s attention is because Sasha and Malia Obama attend Sidwell Friends, as did other First Kids like Chelsea Clinton, Tricia Nixon, and Archibald Roosevelt (where, presumably, he wasn’t tormented for being named Archibald). “Shame on President Obama … for trying to prevent the parents of other school children from doing what he has clearly done for his own.

I wonder what MSNBC will have to say about the NRA proposal now.


S. Florida birders treated to Razorbill sightings.  Link

Murder-for-hire plot goes awry in Marathon. Dennis Zecca, co-owner of  Marathon marina & Boatyard involved.  Link

an fan dog ears


[Solar Run AC] I have a neighbor that’s been running his AC on solar energy stored in batteries with an 220v inverter for many years. I don’t know why so many people are against alternate energy, maybe because it’s the future and they don’t like that.

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An ion thruster produces small levels of thrust relative to chemical thrusters, but does so at higher specific impulse (or higher exhaust velocities), which means that an ion thruster has a fuel efficiency of 10-12 times greater than a chemical thruster. The higher the rocket’s specific impulse (fuel efficiency), the farther the spacecraft can go with a given amount of fuel. Given that an ion thruster produces small levels of thrust relative to chemical thrusters, it needs to operate in excess of 10,000 hours to slowly accelerate the spacecraft to speeds necessary to reach the asteroid belt or beyond. 

Atomic Rooster drummer Ric Parnell was also the Spinal Tap drummer made famous by spontaneously combusting during a gig from rocking too hard.  Link

What , if anything, could have been done to prevent the massacre.  Link



Perhaps that you think the blessings of God are only the more “spiritual” states of being or are merely symbolic and metaphorical. This is simply not so. 

Nira Tocco has a beautiful new listing in Doctor’s Arm. Video tour

Nira Tocco has another beautiful new listing. This one’s in Eden Pines Video tour



I am confused, what on earth could a swat team be doing in Monroe County, when they are not swatting.  And when is it time to swat?

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[“Locking Up Guns”] Happiness is a gun safe that only you know the combination to.

Key West Art Center & Gallery coming events.  Link



Business cards done right. I want one.

Yard Sale Sunday December 30th, 8am-2pm, Lytton’s Way across from BlueHeronPark (horse stables), knick knacks, clothes, household items, Christmas decorations and much more. For info call Monay at 305-304-2583 Classified Ads



Four Keys Captains to  star in TV reality show. That’s funny since the Keys are so far away from reality.  Link

rover27[Curiosity Rover] In late October, NASA’s robotic Curiosity rover stopped near a place dubbed Rocknest as it continues to explore Gale Crater on Mars. Rocknest is the group of stones seen near the top left of the above image — just to the left of Curiosity’s mast. Of particular interest was the unusually smooth patch of soil named Wind Drift seen to the left of Curiosity, which was likely created by the Martian wind blowing fine particles into Rocknest’s wake. Theabove image shows part of Mt.Sharp in the background to upper right, and, oddly, almost the entire rover itself, digitally reconstructed from 55 frames while digitally removing an extended arm. Curiosity scooped several sand samples from Wind Drift into its Chemistry and Mineralogy Experiment (CheMin) and the Sample Analysis at Mars (SAM) laboratory for a detailed analysis. Preliminary data from the soil indicates a small amount of one-carbon organic material the origin of which it presently unknown. Although the organic signal might be just contaminants from Earth, the exciting possibility that it could be from Mars itself will remain a focus of future exploration and research.

SUFA lawsuit heats up, both sides ready to argue. When will it end.  Link



The largest wind farm to be built in Kansas is set to begin operations by the end of the year. The project is enough to supply electricity to 160,000 homes. “Kansas is blessed by very strong winds,” said John Graham, the CEO of BP Wind Energy, which is a unit of the BP oil and natural-gas conglomerate. Religiously speaking, one must consider if the said holds true for Florida.  Link 

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traps27[Howard Livingston] I had my boat out of the water getting some annual service and put her back in the water a couple days ago. It is a short cruise from the KOA boat ramp to my house and I could tell she (my boat) did not want this journey to end so quickly.  Being the caring captain I am, I just had to oblige and looked for a reason not to go back so soon. And then it hit me; I have not put my crab traps in the water yet. My friends Dave and Mark had helped me launch her and drive the trailer back, so a quick phone call informed all of the new game plan. Instead of meeting me at the dock to put the boat on the lift, I told them to get the traps ready to load on and let’s go out to sea!

Heading to pick up the traps I passed the house of Dr. Vaughn, who is the director of Mote Marine Laboratory, and as luck would have it, he was in his yard. I yelled and asked if he wanted to join us and without hesitation, he said “yes.” Our crew was growing. I keep my traps at our daughter’s house and as I arrived at the dock my grandson Michael was peering and waving at me from the house. I yelled up and asked if he wanted to go. Michael didn’t answer but came charging down the steps still in his pajamas and bath robe, grabbed his life jacket and jumped on the boat, I guess that was a yes. We loaded the traps and headed out to find the perfect spot where all the crabs might be. I will let you know in a week or so if any of the crabs agreed with our location.

On our return trip Dr. Vaughn asked Michael if he would like a tour of their laboratory and we all chimed in with an affirmative. What happed next was nothing short of amazing. Mote is at mile marker 24 just a stone’s throw from my house and Dr. Vaughn has been a friend for a long, long time. However, I had never taken the time to visit their facility. What they are doing is nothing short of astonishing. The coral reefs of the world are under a great deal of stress and the Florida Keys is not immune to that. Twenty five percent of all the worlds’ reefs have perished and that trend continues. Mote is working to help end that by replenishing our reefs. They are actually culturing and growing coral reefs in their lab and then transplanting them in the ocean. Their success rate is over 90%. They can grow in a very short amount of time what otherwise would take hundreds of years. This is one of the most impressive things I have ever seen. A large portion of Mote’s funding comes from a very simple program, their “Protect Our Reefs” license plates. These plates are available to all Florida drivers and $25 from each plate goes to support Mote’s reef programs. I can tell you what my new plates are going to be. For more information visit Link

Time for a Holiday Party Tonight, Thursday, December 27th Sugarloaf KOA Resort, Sugarloaf Key at 7:00 PM. Come party with the Mile Marker 24 Band and me at one of my favorite spots. This show is free and open to the public. Also, come thirsty and hungry. Their full bar will be serving your favorite liquid refreshments and the grill will be fired up cooking tasty morsels. Sugarloaf KOA 251 County Road 939 Sugarloaf Key,



You decorate me with flash and glitter, use me then throw me out in the street like some cheap hooker.

[Help Wanted] Activity Coordinators at the Big Pine Boys and Girls Club.  Immediate openings for Teen Center Coordinators at the Big Pine Teen Center. Applicants must pass a background check and drug testing. Please call Cece at (305) 872-2400. Classified Ads

toiletpaper27[Captain Doom and Gloom] A friend just flew in from the Midwest and was delayed for many hours due to the storms. That was not the problem. The problem was the rise in ticket prices if you wanted to get home for Xmas. What was a $320 fair in some cases, went up to $3000. That is price gouging if there was was. Seems it is the same old whores way of doing business, ‘You want it, you pay for it!’ 

 I have discovered that if I do not read anything the Left pukes out, I tend to be much happier in life, but I also keep my wallet secure from the Right just in case!

 I ask why

…is there a shortage of electric, when it goes around in circles and is reused forever?

…is there not enough water to drink, when 7/8 of the planet is water?

…are people breeding like rats?

…do we have wars?

…are there homeless?

…is religion more powerful than governments?

…do we have armies?

…are people trying to be all the same color?

…do we not have one language?

…are they trying to control the weather?

…do some people think they are better than others?

…are we polluting our air an 

Opinions run rampant, imagine that! a poster takes those signing a petition to get rid of Mr. Morgan for his bullying ways of treating folks with a different view than his on his T.V. show proclaims these perpetrators are suffering from blindness caused by cataracts and should be treated for their malady, then the poster offers his own opinion on the U.S. constitution claiming that the second bill of rights is outdated and should no longer be relevant, those people are better known as folks believing that our constitution should be a “living constitution”,don’t know if the poster would agree with that definition or not, but his words bear this fact out, one must question why our constitution has survived intact as long as it has, it is now the longest living constitution in history. 

Opinions, opinions; their are perhaps as many opinions as their are stars in the sky. Trying to improve the most profound document ever produced by man with a myriad of differing opinions is surely an invitation to utter chaos, regardless of our ability on the world stage, everyone wants to get into the act.



Exclusive CT photo of this breaking story. “Mrs FTR called and said FTR is stuck in the chimney.”

As I try and read the hate filled diatribe that comes from Mr FTR I can only assume that he is just a Right fighter. He believes that he is correct and that the world is wrong. He issues statements that are false and when shown that they are he just dances away from them. The other day he commented about the Clinton gun laws and how the crime rate has gone down after they were changed.

The only problem is that President started the crime rate going down by adding police, equipment and training along with monies to implement the changes. It was President who began changing the gun laws, starting with the assault rife ban. FTR probably missed it while he was celebrating George W’s ending of the war (beginning a war is not the same as ending one). As a Right fighter he will never be bothered by facts, his mind was made up long, long age. He is what he is, a sad lonely man. He hasn’t figured out that if you keep going to the right all you will do is end up going in circles. 


If we went on vacation with as much unfinished work as Congress, our boss would fire our ass.

P.S. We are the boss.


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David Letterman is sitting next to Buddy Guy and Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin At the ZkZc(?) honors. Things have changed in the world. 

“Took my chances on a big jet plane. Never let ’em tell ya’ that they’re all the same ” 

That’s one cool administration. It screws “Hail Britannia’s” grandma in the back seat.  GoBama.  



Where’s Mr FTR? I don’t believe he’s stuck in a chimney like Ed wrote. I hope he’s not ill.

[Posted in 2001] It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced by a new law to surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by our own government, a program costing Australia taxpayers more than $500 million dollars.  Snopes Link


From the Right

[Wounded Knee] Deer Friends my apologies for being AWOL. On 12/11/12 I had surgery to replace a worn out knee.  The surgery was a rocking success.  Very little pain, and was walking without a walker nearly immediately after the surgery I developed a couple serious complications.  The complications required extending the hospital say for a few days. They released me Sunday, and as of today, both complications are basically unchanged. There’s been a trip to Fisherman’s Hospital, they kept me for about 10 hours then released me.  As of this writing both complication are still in full bloom. I’ll do my best to return as soon as possible.  Thanks for the notes and e-mails.


an the end b-wDecember 21st 2012 was not the end of the world as many had feared. This was another fear campaign just like all the others, by the negative forces that dominate our culture on a daily basis. The truth of the matter, is what these forces didn’t want us to realize! All ancient civilizations around the world have 12/21/12 as an important date for humanity, but not as a negative doomsday, but as the complete opposite. I wondered why all the shows on TV rarely spoke of the true significance of that date. I figured it out!

All ancient civilizations were aware of the repetitive 26,000 year cycle, which is divided into 4 ages. On 12/21/12 at 11:11 am, the Iron age ended and the Bronze age began. Many believe the age of Aquarius began this day, but actually, it won’t be for another 100 years for the age of Pisces to end. The Iron age is an age of complete negativity controlling the Ego of humanity. The Iron age is the age where man is lost to everything you’ve seen for the past 6,500 years. Religion, economics, war, government, the patriarch mentality, denial of consciousness and spirituality, etc. The age in which human beings have lost touch with true consciousness and true spirituality!

The Ancients were fully aware of this, as we today are not. But we will be! The Bronze age is spiraling in the positive direction this time. I’ll explain it to you! You have a circle. The circle is divided into 4 equal parts. The whole circumference is 26,000 years in total. Each divided part is a total of 6,500 years. At the top is the Golden age. 6,500 years later it ends, and the Silver age begins. 6,500 years later, Silver age ends, and the Bronze age begins. 6,500 years later the Bronze age ends and the Iron age begins. That’s the negative rotation the Ancients described. Now it’s the positive rotation in which the Iron age ended and the Bronze age began, ending 6,500 years from now and entering the Silver age and then the Golden age. Then it begins to again rotate negatively to Silver, Bronze then back to the Iron age.

We are now transcending into the positive mode of the rotation. The Bronze age, is an age where human beings will consciously and spiritually behave with more positivity than when we were in the Iron age. The Iron age is always where man behaves the most ugly and barbaric. The Iron age is the complete opposite of what humanity achieves during the Golden age. We will rapidly begin to see drastic change and acts on behalf of human beings towards  positive consciousness and spirituality. We will begin to realize the true power of thought! This is what Ancient civilizations all around the world believe, and believed it so much, that they left this information to be discovered, for us today. Yet, this was avoided and the lie was focused on.

Physics and it’s laws are now being debated by some of the greatest physicists today, because they believe that Quantum Physics is controlled by the power of thought. Not only through human beings, but, by all life and matter through out the entire universe. An experiment was done a few years back, in which hundreds of students in a leading University, were told to hold the positive thought, while focusing on the crime rate in D.C., which has the highest crime rate per ca-pita. These students were told to focus on the people living in the neighborhoods with the high crime rates, and to visualize the people in that area doing something productive other than criminal activity. The students did exactly as instructed in unison.

When the crime stats for D.C. came out 6 months later, it showed that the day following the experiment conducted by these professors and students, showed a drastic drop in crime, in the Washington D.C. area of 25% for 3 weeks straight. According to D.C. law enforcement, they’ve never seen such a significant percentage drop in crime within 25 years. The crime rate in D.C., if ever, dropped between 1 to 3%, but that was extremely rare. Usually the crime rate always got higher and higher. The experiment was a success! The scientists and students who participated in this experiment, decided to repeat the same experiment on Detroit, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. The results were absolutely incredible in each experiment taken.

We, as human beings have been led to believe that we need to rely on prayer and other forms of nonsense to achieve what they want us to believe are miracles. When in fact, we are the true miracle. The miracle lives in all of us! The telegraph has thousands of daily readers. If a hundred or so people were able to cause a positive reaction with just thought alone, imagine what all of us on the telegraph will be able to achieve if we get together and focus on something positive! The media bombards us on a daily basis with nothing but negativity and poison for our brains. This is why there is so much negativity around us.

I haven’t read the telegraph within a few days, but when I saw what Deer Ed posted, I realized that he too is tired of the negative nonsense. The answer to end negativity lies only in all of you. Ask yourselves this question. Compared to the years you’ve been around on this earth, how hard will you make it on yourselves to practice positive thoughts, on a daily basis for the entire year of 2013?

card_sugarplumdreamsIn a nap dream Christmas Eve, I dreamt I was talking with an older woman who might have been my 7th and 8th grade science teacher, Mrs. Bagley. She was to my right. Directly in front of me behind a desk was the young psychiatrist who’d had the unenviable task of trying to treat me during a killer dark night of the soul which rose up from out of a warm sea in a dream and ran from February 1997-June 1998.

The good head doctor, whom I liked even though he was killing me with his pills, had never heard of the dark night of the soul. When I left his care, I told him that he’d never had another patient like me, had he? He said that was true. I asked if he knew why? He said he didn’t know why. I said, because there wasn’t anything wrong with me but God messing with me.

In the dream, I told the elderly woman that God had turned me every which a way but loose so many times that I probably should just go ahead and say I’m crazy, since everyone already believes I’m crazy. The young psychiatrist burst into friendly laughter. The dream ended.

His wife was a psychiatrist, too. They were Methodists.

I told a mainland woman friend last night that Christmas in America is nothing about Christ. She agreed. She said she dreamt the night before that the sea was really angry, the waves were acting crazy. I said that was in keeping with an apocalyptic dream I’d had the night before.

My recollection is it was that kind of angry sea on which Jesus reportedly walked, and then invited Peter to join him there, and Peter took a step or two out of the boat and lost his nerve and started to sink, and Jesus chided Peter and he regained his nerve and joined Jesus standing on the waves in the angry sea. Then, the sea calmed, as I recal.

I imagine most Methodists today think, believe Jesus and Peter actually walked on that angry sea. I imagine most Christians today think, believe that.

After coming out of the killer dark night and leaving my psychiatrist, through an elder Christian intercessor I met a country minister who said he agreed: the Bible is an inside teaching and if you approach it as an external event you miss the whole point.

The sea is massive, it represents the emotions, the unconscious, spirit. It is very angry in there today, maybe even angrier than in Jesus’ time. I really don’t see the coming of the light making many Americans sing joyfully; but don’t put any stock in what I say, I’m crazy; and Jesus was born in Capricorn (late December) and not in Pisces (early March), and had nothing to do with fish or the sea therefore.

Several times on Christmas Eve, I told the angels that I hoped what I got for Christmas was that I didn’t wake up on Christmas Day. That it was over. I must have been a bad little boy this year, I’m still here the day after Christmas.