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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


The annual Summerland Key boat parade was once again a thrill! Thanks to all those (maybe 10 boats) who took the time and effort to decorate their boats and themselves to participate. I again sat secluded in the darkness of my dock, drank and celebrated as I have since I’ve gone “missing”. Seeing the surprised tourists in the rental across the canal from me greeting the boats reinforced my holiday joy. There’s nothing like the Lower Keys….nothing.



I went to Springers (aka not Rob’s) last night on the recommendation of several friends. Although they were very busy and the wait was not for the impatient, I had the best Philly cheese steak I ever had here in the Keys. They got it right–no freakin’ green peppers!

Speccy is a free download utility that will search through your computer and give you a detailed report of every part. It tells you manufacturers, models numbers and more. It will even give you speed ratings that tell you how well those parts perform in your PC.

Though some of this information can be found using Windows’ built-in tools, this program gives a much more detailed report on the CPU, motherboard, RAM, graphics card, hard drive, optical drive and audio support systems. Plus, it stops you from having to look in a dozen different places.

If your machine is underperforming, you can use this download to check for malfunctioning parts, too. It gives temperature readouts for each component that has a thermometer.

During installation, you may be asked to install the Google Chrome browser and toolbar. Make sure you opt-out if you do not want these additions.

(Piriform is the trusted company that makes the popular free CCleaner utility that just about all IT pros use.) Link

To the posters who answered my questions about semiautomatic rifles: Thank you. It’s that kind of information that could make the control discussion begin to make sense. 

an necktie tarzan


[What To Do With THAT Gift] The Amazon Trade-In Program allows customers to receive an Gift Card in exchange for over a million eligible items including DVDs, CDs, video games, electronics, and books. The process is easy and convenient with free shipping, an immediate offer, and no required registration or listing. Link

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My girlfriend wanted something for Christmas that went from 0-200 in four seconds: I got her a scale.


Ah, the patter of little feet around the house. There’s nothing like having a midget for a butler.  -W.C. Fields

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The organist from the Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (Fire) formed this band after his, one of many, LSD breakdowns on a US tour. Link


Free app for igadgeteers.  Quit waiting on ‘hold’.  Text any business like you would a person. Link

Wow, sailing 7 months of the year on $600 a month! There’s someone who figured out how to live right – hat’s off my friend!



Yep, it’s me!

[“MCSO has some great officers on the department”] Yes, exactly like the MCSO, Chief, dressed like the grinch, running radar in Marathon. What a great idea to command respect, and set an example of professionalism to the public. 

an_smelly-fishHow many of us thought that the fish dinner we ordered was suspect and not the snapper or grouper we were told–and defiantly not fresh! Turns out that an investigation of seafood companies confirms that most of the time we are not getting what we ordered. I am thankful of the loyal honest restaurants in the Keys that would not do that to us, but the majority are duping us. So  I ask you all to send back those suspect dinners and order something else. If it starts hurting the bad guys in the pocket book maybe they will see the light and sell fresh fish that is what they say it is.

T.G.I.O. (Thank God It’s Over) 


[Help wanted] The following was posted on Dec 24th but the link was not good…there was no phone number Or email either. Can you let me know who to call or run it again? Thanks. 

“[Help Wanted] Housekeeper to work on Saturdays only. Start at 9:30 am in Marathon. No drunks, druggies, or people with drama. Just a person who can clean with transportation.

(Ed: The phone number was at the end of the ad following the words. Classified Ads > Help Wanted)


an drummer


Bing and Bowie. My personal favorite. This has an added intro. Link

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I think Boxing Day is when people in England and Canada re-box the crappy gifts they received to give again next Christmas.

[Handling Difficult Relationships This Holiday Season] For many of us, the holiday visits back home to family members is something to be dreaded. Link


My Christmas gift for Bench Bob.

Nira Tocco has a beautiful new listing in Doctor’s Arm. Video tour

Nira Tocco has another beautiful new listing. This one’s in Eden Pines Video tour



Deutsche Bahn Mobbed. Link

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Kudos to the folks writing in commenting that solar power is not a cure all for energy production. I am getting really tired of Greenies ignoring the financial and operational reality about solar panels and calling everyone who questions their effectiveness as “deniers” or oil company employees. It seems to me that many of the Greens are not well versed in science or economic analysis yet they continue to use their sophomoric logic to promote wind and solar. We have real world energy problems and band-aid feel good solutions don’t really cut it. Just ask the Chinese.  



I watched with fond remembrance and sadness yesterday of one of Americas greatest Christmas movies. I remember when my father gave one to me to the disdain of my mother. I’m talking about The Christmas Story which is the story of a male child’s first gun.

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Give peace a chance in 2013

Katie Melua & Eva Cassidy – What A Wonderful World. Link



Tiger Woods’ game never recovered after his marriage breakup and quitting his pain pills.

kids-with-guns-xmasIn 2011 the were 36,000 people killed in motor vehicle crashes. Many of the crashes included vehicles carrying numerous children. That averages out to 98 people killed every day. What should we do about this slaughter of those people. Ban all motor vehicles? No, that’s not what’s being done. There are on going driver awareness programs being presented to educate the public about driver safety.

Everyday in the USA an average of 35 people are killed with firearms. Most of the killings involve hand guns, not rifles. What are we to do to stop this senseless killing. Ban all fire arms. There are over 200,000,000 firearms registered in this country and the number is growing every year. How about promoting gun safety and weapons responsibility like they do with motor vehicle safety. If the guns used in the CT shootings had of been locked up like they are required to be the shooting would not have happened.

Happy holidays and have a safe New Year by keeping your guns and ammo locked away. 

[Attitude for 2013] Keep in mind, everyone is about as happy as they want to be, and that includes you.  You can’t fix everybody else’s attitude, but if you fix your own, it may rub off on a few others.  We both know some people who refuse to let themselves be happy, but most are susceptible to influence, so be a good one.

an_concentrationA man dreams he is watching from behind a young yogi sitting in the lotus position, meditating. Before the young yogi appear two beautiful cobras raised up with their hoods flared, one is white, the other is black. The white cobra says to the young yogi, “We came to you once before, because you were innocent, and you knew we brought a gift but you believed you had to choose one of us, and you chose me.” The black cobra says to the young yogi, “We come to you again, because you now are wise.” The yogi, now an old man, weeps, chooses them both. The sleeping man, now an old man, awakens, weeping.

People who know about Indian yogis know they very much desire to dream of being bitten by a cobra.

Those two “stories” were lived shortly after the wolves and eagle “story” was lived, as reported the other day.

Somewhere in the Gospels, Jesus told his disciples that he had flocks of which they knew not. 


Deer Ed, I’m looking forward to the Coconut Telegraph on the coming year. Keep up the good work and a belated Merry Christmas to you!

garbage26December 26 – if you’re fortunate enough to have ‘garbage pick-up’ and no snow!

[Clean Technology] Required viewing for all that truly care about the Keys and Mother Earth! Great stuff about artificial corals, construction, clean water, etcetera. One thing I loved is that “electrifiers” is not a four-letter word in this documentary. It has true meaning. All of this is possible and is happening successfully now. Working together with Cleantech founder Nick Parker, this film shows what our world will be like in the decades to come. Link



[Captain Doom and Gloom] “Shoppers disappoint retailers this holiday season” Best news of the Christmas Season, maybe people are waking up to the BS of the retail whores. Link

The blind eyes of the American Conservative is in need of cataract surgery. The far right is very upset that a person actually has  an opinion if you will and they want him silenced and deported. Those right wing American values and folks that love the first amendment want someone removed from the country for speaking his mind.

Tens of thousands of people have signed a petition calling for British CNN host Piers Morgan to be deported from the U.S. over his gun control views.

Morgan has taken an aggressive stand for tighter U.S. gun laws in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut, school shooting.

Now, gun rights activists are fighting back. A petition created Dec. 21 on theWhite House e-petition website by a user in Texas accuses Morgan of engaging in a “hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution” by targeting the Second Amendment. It demands he be deported immediately for “exploiting his position as a national network television host to stage attacks against the rights of American citizens.”

Yep, those folks that claim they hold our constitution sacred believe its only when they say the right of speech applies is applicable.

I just think they dont realize that when the gun right was given the weapons of the time were flintlocks and powder horn weapons. I believe that if they had automatic high caliber weapons of today they might have been a bit more restrictive. Back in the early days of America a person could almost throw a bullet at someone and it would travel almost as fast.

Now the people that claim to want a smaller government want armed guards in every school hallway. Where do they think the money will come from? Theresthe training involved, the weapons and bullets and the guards pays and that folks leads to higher taxes. Will these guards need constant training, need a government certificate to qualify for the job. That folks takes more and more money. Guess whos taxes will go up to train these thousands and thousands of security guards. So much for their rhetoric of cutting school costs down.

In conservative world we dont need more teachers we need more armed guards. Thats a scary future for America with those beliefs.

Thats not the America was I raised in and its damn sure not the America I want going forward.

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