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Thursday, December 6, 2012


We may not like our county commissioners, but just think what Big Pine would look like without their refusal to let McDonalds and other junk food chains build here. Then we would surely be Anywhere, U.S.A.

[Evicted Tenant] Ask the receptionist to forward you to Mr. Ward. Obviously, she didn’t take your information and put it on our e-mail. ~Dennis Ward


[‘Tiny Frog”] I think that is a baby toad (short, stubby body). I don’t know the name, but I see them occasionally on the slab under our house. I think they’re the kind that if you lick them you hallucinate. They get big, usually about 4-5 inches. I’ve never seen such a small one–cool!

[“Evicted Tenant”] Here, once again, let me say that I never, ever expected the outpouring of advice, suggestions and just plain old compassion. Thank you all so much. I can’t tell you how much it means.

With some assistance from the bank (cash for Keys), we have now secured a wonderful, safe place to live, and we move this weekend. The reason I posted what I did was for several reasons: to vent, and as a cautionary tale to others. And yes, I am now familiar with the Monroe County tax record search function, and my new landlord does, in fact, own the property.

So everything has turned out for the best. Although I have only lived here for a year, it confirms why I want to stay.

To the person asking why no employee housing was offered: it was. It was offered to us. Due to circumstance beyond anyone’s control, we were unable to take advantage of such a gracious offer.

To the person who thinks we are “poor lazy people”, which one were you referring to? The disabled veteran who served his country? Or the one that worked 2 jobs to pay for 7 years of college (no loans, no parents)? Or the one that currently works 3 part time jobs? I certainly can’t figure out which one you’re referring to. Perhaps your superior intellect could help shed some light on the issue.

And finally to my favorite, the one who made an unintelligible comment about “living decently’ (whatever that might even mean). My goodness. I could live in a tent in the woods and be ten times happier than you seem to be. I guarantee it. And as far as us “having no place here” that’s too funny. I’d bet that I could come up with10 times more people that would want people like us here, rather than people like you. But I see someone else has already gone into much greater detail on that issue.

I have always taken care of myself without handouts. And that is not what I was looking for here. Sometimes people just need someone else to listen to them. And that’s it and I think that’s one of the greater services of the Coconut Telegraph.

In 1957, two months after the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the United States attempted to launch its first satellite, but the Vanguard rocket exploded on the launch pad inspiring the comparison with the Civil Service, “Can’t fire it , and can’t get it to work.”

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Someone took a pee outside the No Name Pub. (yes, I just got a new camera and I’m taking pictures of stupid stuff)

[Reverse Mortgage] Last night’s Miami news on TV said something that all of us should know about reverse mortgages for retired people. If the elder spouse dies and the other is under 62, the survivor, in the TV news spot said she, had to give up the house or pay the reverse mortgage people to stay, so she had to leave. 

I considered it when we need it but not now. My wife is not 62, so even though now we own our house without a mortgage, I can not consider a reverse mortgage until she is 62. Tell all of your elderly friends that reverse mortgage might be a disaster for your spouse. I have never heard of this before tonight. All the TV ads of course leave the important details out.


Pioneering jazz composer and pianist Dave Brubeck has died at 92. Dave Brubeck – Take Five

Is it true that Islamorada cafe owner Mangrove Mike was given an award by the governor for being a business owner with mental disabilities? If so Rick Scott should have given himself one too. 


[“Why don’t you have employee housing“] The only job I ever had that came with employee housing was on base in the military!  An agreed upon wage is what an employer owes, anything more starts the entitlement creep.

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NOAA Site Map is full of goodies! Link


Unicycling the Florida Keysunicycle6

[Bah Humbug] To whoever took the time, made the effort, and spent the money to put this fine lighted tree on the old bridge – please spray some Garlon on it the next time that you are up there. It is a Category 1 invasive exotic plant and is seeding our properties and public lands.


[“Typhoon from space picture”]  See that thin bluish line along the edge of the Earth?  That is our atmosphere, folks.  That’s all there is now or ever will be. Past that is nothing but outer space.  Depending on who you talk to,  it goes 60 miles up, about the distance from Marathon to Key West. If you think we can’t screw that up with our activities you’d better think again.

I was talking to a girl in the bar last night. She said, “If you lost a few pounds, got a shave and your hair cut you’d look all right.” I said, “If I did that, I’d be talking to that good looking girl over there.”


This is seriously cute. Merry Christmas! Video

[Mistaken Identity] I noticed every time I drive through Marathon I see women who appear to have sexy legs and bodies from behind then as you drive past they are either 15 year old girls or some boat monkey who looks like someone did a burn-out on her face. Stay classy Marathon. 

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The tiny frog was probably the Greenhouse frog. According to Skip Lazell’s book, Wildlife of the Fla Keys, it was originally from the Bahamas. He suggests that it probably does no harm to our environment. You have probably heard it many times, but thought it’s soft chirping was that of a small cricket.

Is anyone else having problems with the underwater web cam at Bahia Honda? I get ready but no picture. (Ed: Me neither. That was my favorite webcam. Web cams are notorious for not always working, put them under salt water and they get really unreliable.)


The world will still end in 15 days on December 21, the Winter Solstice

Budweiser Commercial – Clydesdales Donkey Video


Did anyone see the Who on the Grammy nomination party last night. It was enough to have to hear Won’t Get Fooled Again, again. Daltrey’s gross, flabby gut hanging out was just about enough. 

Something wrong with the man hanging story “behind the Post Office” is not between Wilder and Cunningham. Cunningham is more or less behind Winn Dixie Plaza


That photo in the Citizen yesterday was one the best dolphin pictures I’ve ever seen.

[“Identify this tiny frog”] Contact the right people and they will have you moving off your property.


I’m guessing the dill doe is a reindeer because it is closely associated with Christmas. Female reindeer are the only deer species to have antlers.

Free guides and goodies. Link

[Evicted] Damn some of y`all need a chill bud pill, hell, maybe smack? So you’re getting evicted and you didn’t save. I feel for you. Been there, done that — not fun. But hey, some of us don’t buy into the “it takes a village” crap. Me and mine did what it took to get what we needed and wanted. We slept in tents, cars, whatever, never once asking for or receiving anybody’s help. So if the other negative poster doesn’t want to give screw, it his right. Why judge him? I learned the very hard way to have my bills paid and a minimum of $1500 stashed. You can get in places here for that. We pay $850 utilities included. Help yourself. I am with the other guy, if you can’t hang in the Keys, leave. $500 gets you 2 bedrooms on the mainland. Go ahead call me heartless, but it’ the reality. If you can fix up a rental you could have saved. Remember life isn’t fair and paradise has a price.


Washington A.C. legalizes marijuana. Link 

The Lower Keys Chamber Board of Directors and Executive Director would like to welcome to the Board the four new and one returning Directors recently elected by ballot to serve for the 2013/2014 term and they are as follows:

Marie Boyett–All Keys Gas

Cathy Talcott–Sandra Walters Consultants, Inc.

Josh Eitel–Reel Keyz Charters

Gary Andelin–Sugarloaf KOA

Steve Miller–Vox Communications/US1 Radio

Thank you for your commitment to Big Pine and the Lower Keys, to help direct the Chamber’s programs for effective action and by offering your time and commitment to serve on the Board of Directors, you show the true meaning of community involvement and spirit. Congratulations!


[“Can anyone help me identify this frog“]  I think I saw one on a South Park episode. It is the Mexican Staring Frog of Sri Lanka. Do not look at it directly or you may become catatonic.

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 A place called home for a soldier. Link

[Marathon man’s tragedy] Dave Scott’s family swept out to sea. Link


Gift cards are still the best way to say “I’m too lazy to think of a good gift and I think you’ll buy booze or drugs if I give you cash.”


My bed is a magical place where I remember everything I was supposed to do.

I am familiar with pre-marital sex? Oh yes!  I am familiar with extra-marital sex too.  I am familiar with post-marital sex for sure.  What in hell is marital sex? Does anyone know?


Dolphin’s & Drones. Link

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BP’s unfinished business. The unspoken link between dispersants & sick children in the Gulf of Mexico. Link


[That’s not a Dill Doe] Actually, if it’s a reindeer, it is a doe. Both does and bucks have antlers, but the bucks shed theirs in the Winter while the does keep theirs. That’s right, all of dose deer puling Santa’s sled are Dill Does because the buck drops here!

[Captain Doom and Gloom]  The Queen’s long arm “I want my colonies back!” Well, ain’t that a hoot.  We have a CNN Limey interviewer talking with the UK PM Brown tonight about child labor in India/Pakistan.  What’ a hell does that have to do with the US.  We are being reined in big time and the US public is just plain playing dead.  I guess we deserve whatever we have coming to us. 

9 mutants and counting. Judge’s unusual order to man with nine kids: Stop procreating. Link

ALL Corporations should be abolished and all businesses should be Sole Proprietorships with the CEO and Employees responsible for their actions. If you do not believe in what the company is doing or manufacturing, quit and walk away, else take the responsibility for whatever that company produces!


Perfect for yesterdays BS crybaby low renters. Greed is good, peasants are fodder and never shall that change.

“The only difference between a republican and a Communist is the spelling” What a laugh! If anything it is the Democrats that are as close to being Communists as anybody. You want a true socialist state where all people have nothing and if they do, have to share it with the government who redistributes it to the masses of useless eaters and drones. Ever hear of a rich Commie before the Wall came down? Only then when they let in free market ideas did people work to get rich because they could keep most of what they worked for.

 “Evicted: If you can’t afford to live here, that’s your fault” Who ever wrote this is right on the money. People bust their butts to make it and get out of the slums into areas with culture, dignity, cleanness and a future, only to be invaded by useless eaters who demand equal rights, equal housing, equal everything, but are not fit to have such. Then they have the balls to complain and sue those, to get it the easy way. Screw all you low renters! Go live where you belong in the inner cities, the slums, the ghettos and welfare hoods you came from.


Money earned by private citizens does not belong to the federal government, and, as such, is private property. When the government forces it from people it is not “revenue,” it is taxation. And a standard deduction is not a loophole. Are you kidding? A loophole is found through inventive accounting to manipulate the system.

Despite the “Fiscal Cliff” acrimony, I’m confident the two parties will reach an agreement that fixes nothing.


Angry White old men.

[“Middle East map”] It would look better as a sheet of glass.

[Share the Burden]  What if all Tax Deductions were Disallowed for a Year to help reduce the Debt? Income tax systems generally allow a tax deduction, i.e., a reduction of the income subject to tax, for various items, especially expenses incurred to produce income.

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America went off The Cliff when it invaded Iraq and it’s just being noise ever since and it can’t be fixed. I can’t imagine what our Nobel Peace Prize-winning war-waging President can do to fix anything in Syria without making it even worse there and probably worse down the road in the USA. I can imagine Israel trying to fix Syria though, with or without the Nobel winner’s help.

A poster believed that he is not affected by the size of the national debt, The ramifications of an out of control debt are immensely to numerous to attempt to go into in a blog on this site without boring most readers out of their ever-loving mind, suffice it to say it is a debt which like all debt must at some time be dealt with in a realistic way, which includes default, if the U.S. defaults on it’s debt the results will be monumental on the world stage, if it attempts to monetize the debt the results will be the same, the only way to keep the confidence of the world is by meeting its obligation by instituting a feasible plan to at least arrest the ever moving increase in the debt, at this point in time no one has seen any movement in this direction, this blogger is very skeptical that we will see any progress in that direction,  Gov. can not keep creating money in perpetuity without having it represent any measure of value, people will accept it for what they believe it is worth, would you keep lending money to a person if he paid you back less then you lent him? of course not, remember governments are people, I realize it is easy to find fault when what we need are realistic solutions, something like I have thought for a long time now, like a 10% reduction across the board , this would fix the problem, but probably ignite a revolution in the process. the problem is monumental , although in fact I do not think the pain would be as intense as people would make it, I see no other way out, bankruptcy is not fatal in many cases it is indeed the o (Ed: I’m sorry, I lost the end of this interesting post and can’t find it.)

From the Right

Mr. Obama’s hypocrisy knows no bounds:  Please think about the following. In July 2011, Mr. Obama, while speaking about raising federal revenue said: “…it would give us $1.2 Trillion (in new revenue) without raising (income tax) rates but would simply be accomplished by eliminating loopholes, eliminating some deductions and engaging in a process that would lower tax rates generally….” In that statement of July 11, 2011 Obama directly embraced and endorsed the Right’s proposal to avoid us going off the cliff. His statement is nearly precisely today’s Right’s plan to bail us out of the Obama mess.

Yesterday, Mr. Obama accused the Right of refusing to raise income tax rates. In so saying he said that the offer of new revenue of $800 B is not enough, Obama again demanded raising income tax rates.  He again reiterated that he will only “permit” the crisis to be solved by surrendering to his demands. Obama demands nothing less than the Right unconditional surrender their principles and the plan that we are absolutely convinced is the best route of the Obama mess. Obama is not acting in the best interest of our nation. He is engaged in a game of political/fiscal chicken with our future. Gamesmanship is neither leadership nor governance. Obama’s notion of a deal will certainly hurt our economy.  Look, Deer Friends, Obama should not be demanding a deal, he should be working for a solution.

Part 2) Obama, in 2008, assailed any effort to increase our national debt ceiling as being “irresponsible and un-patriotic. Link  Obama said, “The problem is, is that the way Bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the Bank of China in the name of our children, driving up our national debt….” Today he says that our current national debt of $16.3 trillion dollars is not enough debt. He demands that we increase our currently obscene debt limit. Today, he threatens that he will not “permit” any opposition to his demand to raise the debt ceiling. Deer Friends, raising the debt limit is strictly in the powers of the Legislative arm of our Government. Further, Obama is now seeking the ability to abrogate our Constitution by seizing the power to unilaterally raise the ceiling without the approval of Congress.

As Obama arrogantly and voraciously works to seize more and more power, it’s as if he were painting a paint by number portrait of a dictator.

You really should take a look at this Link



[Galleon Bay Victorious] It would appear the Monroe County got their ass handed to them from the Third District Court of Appeal. “Based upon the numerous errors we have addressed herein, we reverse and remand with instructions that the trial court enter a judgment of liability in favor of Galleon with a corresponding takings order and allow the case to proceed to a compensation trial.” Read Link

No Name Key saga continues. Link


It’s time for both Republicans & Democrats to end this bickering among both sides of the parties. You are being played by the powers that be. The powers that truly run this government. You are letting the Corporate Elite controlled media control your thoughts, decisions and opinions. The truth is that the Elite wants to pull your strings, and most of you are letting them do so. The agenda is to basically wipe out the constitution and all our rights with it. United we stand, Divided we fall!

I hate it when people come to me and try to convince me that this administration’s goal is to turn Americain to a Socialist government. The truth of the matter is that, the Corporate Elite has been running the American government for the past 49 years. We are led to believe that we actually “Elect” the President, Senate & Congress. It is quite evident that the complete opposite is a reality. The Corporate Elite actually “Selects” the best candidate that suits, and is willing to meet their Corporate needs and agendas. This is why ALL politicians are LOBBIED by Corporations.

When a Corporation LOBBY’S a politician, it means, they are buying him or her! Who do you really think the politicians TRUE allegiance will be towards? The people who can only donate a controlled amount of campaign donations, or to the Corporations that LOBBY millions of dollars to their campaign? This is why the Supreme Court ruled, Corporations are lawfully considered PEOPLE! This outrageous ruling was a blatant slap in the face to all Americans. Both Republican and Democrats! This unconstitutional ruling actually demonstrates who really controls the government and it’s laws. How come, not one of you, Republicans and Democrats voiced your opinions against this outrageous decision by the Supreme Court? Because as usual, they’re keeping you busy fighting against each other.

Once you realize that what I’m saying is fact, you will then realize that it will be impossible for any PUPPET President to convert this government into any other form of government he pleases. You will then realize that the Corporate Elite will never let any President make a decision that will hinder their agenda. They are playing a game with the American people! There are two forms of Fascism! 1. The form of fascism in which the government takes complete control of everything, including all the private Corporations, which occurred in Nazi Germany. 2. The form of Fascism in which the Corporations take complete control of the Government and it’s laws!

Today’s Corporate Elite learned that the 1st form of Fascism is not really beneficial to the Corporate heads. Especially, learning this example from the Nazi German experience. The mighty Corporate private sector is taking control of all former government agencies. for example, look at all the government agencies that are run by private Corporations like the U.S.passports, and NASA just to name a couple of agencies out of many. It hasn’t been bought to light by the media, that Robert Bigelow the Billionaire CEO of  Bigelow AeroSpace Dynamics Inc. is the head cheese of the American space program. Robert Bigelow has been explicit that he is aiming to do business in space in a new way, with “low cost and rapid turnaround, contrary to traditional NASA expenditures. This is just one example which has not been given much exposure by the media. Why?

They want us to believe that there is a threat, that will jeopardize our civil liberties and freedoms, and when the American population buys this false belief, they will approach us with the grand scheme of coming to our rescue, as the SAVIOR of the American people, but behind that, with the true fascist agenda, and it will be too late for us to realize it. Right now they are keeping us busy with the Illegal immigration hoopla, the Muslim hoopla, the Gay hoopla, the Economy hoopla (which they have complete control over), the Obama hoopla, the Iranian hoopla, the Syrian hoopla, the North Korean hoopla, the Mideast hoopla and the Republican fighting Democrats and vice versa hoopla etc. Just like the Nazi Party did with it’s German citizens. Keeping them distracted with nonsense, while the true and important issues get very little exposure by the media.

The last President to actually believe that he was really the Commander in Chief was JFK. He was so naive, that he really believed that he had the sole power to down size the CIA and the Military Industrial Complex. The same two entities President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about on his farewell address to the nation. This is why JFK was taken out! Not only JFK, but also Bobby Kennedy, and Martin Luther King. They knew, that they had to take these other two out before the possibility of any of them becoming President. All three assassinations were reported by the media to the general public, that their shortcomings was due to a crazed lone gunman. Yeah right! What’s really sickening is that the American public believed that misinformation too! You guys bought it! Every President who has served as Commander in Chief after JFK has been a Corporate selection. This is why they made sure that JFK’s assassination was televised live! To let every political prospect know what will happen, if you try to go against the system! It was a public display!

I’m not a Republican or a Democrat. I’m an American! I make my decisions and draw my own conclusions based on my own research. I don’t let the media conduct mind control on me, not on this guy! I noticed a repetitive tactic or trend that has been used by the controlled media as to further their mind control agenda, and it’s quite simple how to avoid falling under their trance. Observe the Star candidate that the media has chosen for us to focus on. Then observe the candidate that gets the least amount of exposure by the media. For example, the Republican candidate running that had the least amount of exposure was Ron Paul! Why? Because Rep. Ron Paul was the only candidate that made actual sense! So to discredit him, the media threw in the Rand Paul hoopla, and also created the false information of Ron Paul also being a bigot! Yet practically every other candidate was the temporary star, and everyone was saying “Yeah this is the guy”, but then I was hearing that practically every week. One week, “this is the guy”, and the following week, “no wait this other guy is the guy we want”.C’mon man! At the end who turned out to really be the bigot?

Now you may ask, “OK, how do we stop this Corporate government take over from succeeding”? The answer is simple! Do your homework, go out and vote, and clean house! What do I mean by clean house? Using your vote, replace all existing Democrat and Republican Senators and Congressmen, and vote in fresh new blood! On top of this! We need to make sure that every Senator and Congressmen only serve two terms and nothing more! It is absolutely ludicrous, that we allow these politicians to serve life long terms, and in return they become millionaires, retire with outrageous benefits, and ultimately lose touch with the reality of we the people. Yet, they are the ones who make the essential decisions that affect our economy and take us to the poor house, leaving us with nothing in return! It’s that simple!

The link I provided here is a very serious situation. A high ranking ex NSA agent, has taken it upon himself to perform the courageous act of what is happening under our noses, by this clandestine shadow government, while we allow ourselves to be preoccupied with nonsense. He is actually informing the American public of something extremely important,  that we all need to be aware of, and we need to honestly realize where this agenda is going and what the effects will be, if we do not wake up before it’s too late! I haven’t seen or heard anything concerning this topic on any of the big Corporate media news broadcasters. This interview was shown by the little news channel RT television! Figure that one out! Link