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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thanks to whoever took the time, made the effort and spent the money to put this fine lighted tree on the old bridge

I feel for the xmas eviction folks as I was once renting a house on Ramrod Key for 2k a month. After paying on time for over a year my wife gets served papers naming us in the foreclosure suit for $750,000 owed on our rental. We had nothing to do with the ownership of the house. While we paid insane rent for a trailer on stilts the owner of the home had stopped paying the mortgage. We were out on our assess after paying $24k a year never knowing that our landlord stopped paying the bank before we ever moved in. It took lots of legal work to get our names off the law suit all, the while our landlord was pocketing the rent and not paying the mortgage. It was the most hopeless time of my life. Good luck to those who get screwed by Keys landlords.


[Evicted Tenant]  “Call me in the state attorney’s office.” I am the tenant and I called the number listed yesterday, and the receptionist know nothing about it.

Yesterday’s Middle East map test was very difficult. I got almost all of them wrong, but if we had that same map test on the US I’ll bet a lot of people would get that wrong too. Link (You must have Adobe Flash Player installed)

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Can anyone help me identify this frog?  I was planting a shrub in some wet soil and noticed this little spot moving in the fresh dirt I just dug up.  I could hardly believe that it was a frog.   My Florida ID books list the Florida Cricket Frog as the smallest (5/8 inches) in our area (BPK) but this one is much smaller than that.  The tiny frog was just 3/16 inches from snout to rear and I could have put 6 or 7 of them on a penny.  Could it be an exotic species?

[Eviction] All that free lawyerly advice won’t do much good for those poor people as poor people are usually too lazy to do anything but complain or wait for someone else to help them. I hope these newest unfortunates do better.

[Continue The Fight Against Breast Cancer] Free Women’s Health Screenings at the Florida Keys AHEC office in the Gulfside Village Shopping Center, 5800 Overseas Highway Suite 36, Marathon, Florida on Tuesday afternoons from 1 PM to 4:30 PM

Just because October [Breast Cancer Month] is over, that doesn’t mean breast cancer went away. Through a grant from the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation, Keys AHEC is offering free breast and bone density screenings to all women in the Florida Keys. These screenings will continue to be offered weekly for several months. To take advantage of this service, contact Lori Dombroski, LPN at 305-743-7111 ext. 206 to make an appointment. Bulletin Board > Continuing Events

Evicted — If you can’t afford to live decently in this place the way it is that’s your fault, don’t blame anyone else and  don’t complain about it.  I can’t think of anybody this place needs.”

Wow, what an ignorant, uncompassionate, miserable asshole you must be. Are you really serious with the comment you posted? Are you proud of what you wrote here for everyone to see? Or are you just trolling? Your last comment, “I can’t think of anybody this place needs”, absolutely pertains to you. I find it really hard to believe that you should be in a happy relationship with anyone. Not a spouse, nor children, family or friends. I see you as a selfish, miserable lonely person, who blames the world for all your mishaps and short comings. Every other comment that was posted here, related to these individuals unfortunate and illegal situation, were comments of support and guidance towards the right direction to take. You, on the other hand, were the only asshole to do the complete opposite.

I once went through the same situation in which I had rented from a landlord and we had a verbal agreement where as, if I fixed the place up, he would extend my lease for three years. After he saw how well I fixed the place up, he decided not to keep his end of the bargain, and told me I had to move out when my lease was up because he wanted the place for himself. I didn’t argue with the landlord. I saw him as who he really was. On top of that, he ended ripping me off too. I believe in peace, compassion and Karma.

I found a better place with a lot more room for only $50 more a month than I was previously paying. My present landlord refuses for me to ever move out. He actually has kept his bargain in every verbal agreement we’ve had, and I’ve been living in the same place for eleven years now. As soon as I moved into my new place my previous landlord moved right in to my old place. Three days later he suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed. The only person he was able to call was me for, some reason? I rushed to where I had lived and found him lying on the living room floor. I called an ambulance and accompanied him to the hospital. I saved his life by doing the right thing.

I’ve known several people like you, and that guy. They all have something in common. You’re all lonesome, miserable people, who suffer all types of physical illnesses sooner or later. What people like you don’t realize is that the reason why you suffer such illnesses is because of your misery and unhappiness within yourselves eats away at your karma. Only you can bring happiness into your life. All it takes is a change of perspective. I imagine that Deer Ed feels compelled to post these types of awful comments like you posted here out of fairness to everyone.

I have one warning to give you. I’ve been by several people like you, when they’re on their deathbed, and what I noticed that people like you have in common is that when you realize that your last minutes are up, you all begin to cry with regret and plead for a second chance to do it all over again differently. You all regret wasting your life with misery, bitterness, anger and hate. When a person dies with such regret, where do you think their soul is going to go?


[Clogged Arteries] Blocked artery surgery for pizza lovers. Video

I don’t read the AARP magazine because who wants to see Cindy Crawford with wrinkles.

[Free legal advice to eviction notice people, Part II] When I talked with my Key West banker friend Todd German about your eviction situation, he said he hopes it isn’t his bank, but this sort of thing is seen all the time. Someone rents out property he/she doesn’t own, or takes deposits from mainland people to rent Keys property the alleged landlord does not own. Todd said he hopes the State Attorney gets involved in this case. But he was not hopeful for the tenants prevailing legally. I said there is the law and their is equity, and if I were a judge and this case was before me, I would tell the bank I am going to let the tenants stay in their apartments until their leases run out, on condition they pay rent on time to the bank, and if the bank doesn’t like that, then appeal my ruling, which will take at least as long as the remainder of time on the leases.

Todd said he could see that side of it. He also said some banks like to keep people in foreclosed properties paying rent, and some banks don’t want the hassle, and if the bank involved learns these tenants have fixed up the property and are paying rent and will switch to paying the bank rent, the bank might go along with that. Todd said any prospective renter should check with the real estate records department in theCountyClerk’s Office to find out who really owns the property, before plunking down any money. I said that is a far reach for average people, and banks which foreclose residential property should put notices on the property itself that the property is foreclosed, and in that way do their part to stop people renting out properties they do not own.

when I self-published THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD – A New Approach to Legal Problems (1990) – about using legal situations as reflections back to us of what we need to look at in ourselves, before pointing our finger at someone else, so under that approach, you would examine what, if any, part of this situation is on you, in the sense you could have avoided it with the use of maximum diligence, ie. check the real estate records in theCountyClerk’s Office. That’s the easy part. The rough part is you contemplate what this unfortunate situation reflects back to you about your past. Who does this pretender-thief landlord remind you of? Who did something like this to you in the past, which never got resolved? To whom did you do something like this in the past, which never got resolved? Let the history come forward. This might take a few days. You marinate in it. they get uncomfortable in it. They emote in it. They go crazy in it. They wallow in it until it passes through them. Then, you do the same internal exercises with the bank. You lawyer does the same internal exercises. The banker behind this does the same internal exercises. The bank’s lawyer on the mainland does the same internal exercises. A judge this goes before does the same internal exercises. That’s the high legal road. That’s first taking the beam out of our own eye.

Having said that, under these presented facts, if I were the judge in this case, I still would let you remain in your apartment until your lease runs out. I would do that because I would not feel the foreclosing bank has entirely “clean hands”. It waited a long time after the foreclosure to exert its right to possession. It did not put a Foreclosed, For Sale or No Trespassing sign on the property. The foreclosing bank using reasonable diligence could have prevented this unfortunate situation. In the bigger scheme, if all foreclosing banks use such due diligence on foreclosed properties, that will go a very long way toward stopping people from renting out property they do not own. As will the State Attorney prosecuting the pretender-thief landlord. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. ~Ex-practicing lawyer in Alabama


And indoor dogs just think you’ve markedly improved their bathroom facilities.

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[“One of the evicted works for me and he’s great”] Thank you for employing that man.  But why don’t you have employee housing?  This is exactly why the county is approving all these low income employee housing developments – subsidized by the taxpayers,  in the form of waiving development fees. Why don’t you pay him more so he can afford the rent? You should buy a house and rent it to your employees. Or,  let them live there for reduced rent in exchange for reduced salary. Housing as an employee benefit. Everybody wins and you get to be employer of the year.

Without meaning to,  you’ve hit on the biggest employment problem in the Keys.  Next time the county staff or BOCC tries to address this problem,  you should speak at the meeting, tell them as an employer what it’s like to have employees who are, or are about to be, homeless.  But don’t bother with the Affordable Housing Committee (aka Ed Swift’s band of Merry Builders). They only meet once a year,  and are a truly accurate example of a complete waste of time.


A Big Pine Key resident on Monday found a man hanging from a tree in a wooded area near the post office, the Sheriff’s Office said. The body was identified as Robert Bryant, 28, of New Jersey, who was in town visiting his brother for about two weeks, sheriff’s spokeswoman Becky Herrin said. His brother told deputies he last saw him on Nov. 27, when they had a disagreement. Bryant was found about 50 yards in the woods between Wilder Road and Cunningham Lane. An autopsy report is pending, Herrin said Tuesday. ~KW Citizen

[“If you can’t afford to live decently in this place the way it is, that’s your fault.”] ~Posted by I’m-up- -pull-up-the-adder Grinch


The so-called “German Tradition” of the Christmas Pickle is unknown in Germany. One tradition still lives on and that is that children put their clean shoes outside their doors the night of Dec 5th and in the morning of Dec 6th, if they were good there’s a treat. If they were bad — coal. By the way, this also works with women, but they have to be very, very bad (or good) to get something. 

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[“iGate’s Lisa Druckemiller was notified by state officials that her retirement benefits have been suspended indefinitely and may be permanently revoked.”]  Yea, until her conch goombas take over the State Atty’s office.  Then it’s “all charges dropped” and she’s a choir angel, and hello taxpayer retirement money. And that will happen.  Yes, Monroeresidents will scream, but the new SAO regime is impervious. They’re in charge of the county, and don’t give a s**t.  ~


ZappaI Am The Slime

[The Real RoyBoy Show] Special call-in guest this Thursday night, motorcycle drag race historian & former t-fuel drag bike racer, Frank Spittle, and much more. Call in and talk to us about bike drags or anything else except politics. Call in live at 917-889-2418 only on 


[Typhoon in Philippines] This still image of Super Typhoon Bopha was taken by Expedition 34 Commander Kevin Ford on Sunday, Dec. 2 from the International Space Station, as the storm bore down on the Philippines with winds of 135 miles per hour.  Parts of the orbital outpost are seen in the picture — the Permanent Multipurpose Module on the left, and Mini-Research Module 1 on the right.

[“How well do you know the Middle East Map“]  Well enough to stay far, far away from it! Link

The best treatment for insomnia is a good nights sleep.

I am happy to report that our new Chamber of Commerce Board members are as follows:

Josh Eitel, Cathy Talcott, Gary Andelin, Marie Boyett and, of course, Steve Miller.

I have spoken with each and sent a Chamber and Board official welcome and information packet. They will join us at our December 12th meeting and are very excited as I am sure many of you remember.

Please join me in congratulating them if and when you see them out and about. Congratulation Josh. Your going to do a fine job and our community sure can use your help. Have a blessed day my friend . ~Joe at Coconuts Liquors and Bar

Imagine there’s no hunger campaign
Free plant clinics.  


The Big Pine Botanical Society will meet at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 13 at the Lord of theSeasChurch,1250 Key Deer Blvd.A wide variety of orchids will be for sale starting at 7 p.m. and resuming again after the business meeting. Ernie Hudson, of Sea Cloud Orchids of Orlando, will be there for a question and answer session. The event is always open to the public. Refreshments will be served. For more: Bulletin Board


That’s not a Dill Doe. It’s a Dill Buck! Bucks have antlers. Does don’t have antlers.

[Gene Pool] I was standing in front of Winn-Dixie and I noticed that the people coming and going appeared to have a very serious depreciation of the gene pool. 

[Seasick from animation]  I’m such a landlubber, that would seriously do it if I watched a few seconds! 
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The problem with premarital sex is that it’s sinful. The problem with post-marital sex is that it isn’t.


[Chinese Food] Chinese astronauts are preparing to grow fresh vegetables on Mars and the moon after researchers successfully completed a preliminary test in Beijing. Link

I herd that the squirrels are looking for FTR guy. They think he’s nuts


I liked the Flea Market fight story.  Proves once again that the old guys might not go the distance, but can still give you a hell of first round.

To all you so-called pirates of the Keys. You have never worked on a fishing boat, shrimping boat or working boat in the Keys. You’re probably afraid to take your boat out without a GPS. You close the access roads to all the men and women living on the hook.


Maybe you were pirates in the corporate world looting and plundering hedge funds and retirement funds. You listened to too many Jimmy Buffet songs so you packed the Benz with your poodle and pirate wife, moved to the Keys, bought the biggest house on the water and turned our $2 beer into a $10 dollar beer at our favorite watering holes. So if you could kindly pack up the poodle, pirate wife and put them in the trunk of the benz and return to where you came from it would be greatly appreciated. There are no pirates here, just people looking to live a simple life. 


The world will end in 16 days on December 21, the Winter Solstice. Oh, no, Mister Bill!

Murder and crime spree. Does this guy look familiar! Link


Lego shocks 11 year-old boy by sending him a discontinued train set he’d always wanted. Hidden camera captures young fan’s thrilled reaction as his dream comes true. Video

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BPK man charged in attack on vendor at Flea Market. Link


[Yard Sale] Multi-family yard sale, one location!144 Lobstertail Road, lots of Christmas decorations and home goods. Saturday, December 8th 8am till Noon. Bulletin Board

[Bad Editor] So this pic. of the so called 56 year old man who is beat up on ur page is wrong. In fact the man in the pic. is not the man that he is clamed to be by what is said……. And I would know because the man that is pictured is in trouble for inflicting harm upon himself and not what ur page says. (Ed: There was no picture. I think you got the wrong publication. More importantly, who taught you how to write?)


Nothing stinks up the place worse than an old fart.

[No worries] So what if we go over the fiscal cliff as no one pays the actual tax rate anyhow. There are so many loopholes and deductions that almost no one pays more than a few thousand bucks in taxes. I don’t think you could find one sane person in America who pays the actual rate. Don’t tell me that if you made $100,000 a year and you were supposed to pay 10% that you actually would pay the $10,000!

I feel the same with the national debt, who cares it has no effect on me and never will. That stuff is for those corrupt politicians in Washington.

The only difference between a republican and a Communist is the spelling.

[Captain Doom and Gloom] The Pravda statement is a beautiful piece of reverse propaganda to get the bubble dwelling religious airheads to believe they are right and that Dog will save the world when in reality it will degrade whatever logic and sanity is left to keep America from the communist take over. That is what this BO crap and the dumbing down of our citizens is all about.

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Those who pay the most taxes get the most back from tax reductions. But tax them too much — punish them for the wealth they may have — and they just might stop bringing their money to the table. Link

From the Right

House Republican leaders on Monday made a counteroffer to President Obama in the “fiscal cliff” negotiations that would cut $2.2 trillion from the deficit with a combination of spending cuts, entitlement reforms and $800 billion in new tax revenue.  Republican officials said their 10-year plan contained more deficit reduction than the offer the White House presented last week while standing firm against Obama’s demand to increase tax rates on the wealthy. The Right’s offer is very nearly the same as Obama’s campaign pledge.  The only difference is that the Right will not surrender to tax rate increases.

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner outlined an Obama proposal that called for $1.6 trillion in tax increases, $400 billion in entitlement program savings and billions in new stimulus spending, among other provisions. The president is also seeking to permanently limit the ability of Congress to block an increase in the debt ceiling.

Our nation is in deep deep trouble.  Our political leaders, and the nattering class, the media, have opted to cover the “fiscal cliff” as if it were nothing more than a wrestling match or a foot ball game. The airwaves are atwitter with speculation as to who will flinch first. The Left demands that the Right be crushed.  They hold our nation hostage to that demand. They will accept nothing less than total and utter capitulation on the issue of  the rate of taxation on the wealthy. They are so riveted on punishing our achieving class that they are prepared to slash and burn the well being of our long suffering middle class.  When we go over the fiscal cliff, and it is looking like we probably will, it is the middle class who will suffer more than anybody.  The wealthy will do just fine; they will simply rock back on their haunches and enjoy their lifestyle. The only change in their life will be that they will abandon all plans to increase their business, they will stop investing, they will cut their businesses to the bone. The middle class folks who the wealthy employ will be stuck with dramatically higher taxes (remember that all of the Obamacare taxes take effect very soon). The jobless rate will spike, and wages will decline. 

It is precisely that scenario that the Right is doing all in their power to avoid. The Right knows that a bump in high end earners tax rates will be hugely counterproductive to fiscal growth.   On the other hand the Right recognizes that additional federal revenue is needed. That’s why the Right has agreed to massive changes in deductions and tax loopholes.  The amount raised by adopting the Rights proposal will meet or exceed the revenue added by the Obama demand to boost tax rates on the few.  

The entire matter has devolved. No long is increasing revenue the Left’s issue. Now, their only goal is to  crush all who disagree with them. I suggest that you read a primer on Chicago politics. I further suggest that you acquaint yourselves with the famous book, “Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals” by Saul Alinsky.  Obama literally studied at altar of Alisnki. Peter Slevin in the WaPo wrote: “Obama embraced many of Alinsky’s tactics and has said his years as an organizer gave him the best education of his life  The methods and goals of the Chicago/Alinski style of politics are on parade by Obama for all to see. Compromise is not a part of their political road map, conquest is.

Then of course there is the latest nasty trick from the Left. Now Team Obama is not only refusing to cut any spending, he and his are demanding even more spending. Incredibly, they are attempting to impose yet another round of stimulus spending. We all know how well the first rounds of that worked.

Finally, for today, we should reflect deeply on the very latest demand from Team Obama. In this obscene power play, he and his are attempting to seize the ability to increase our national debt limit without any Congressional or Judicial oversight.  I beg you to think long and hard about that. FDR attempted to abrogate our Constitution by “packing” the Supreme Court. He attempted to overturn our Constitution by adding new Justices. His scheme was to seize the power to appoint an additional Justice to the U.S. Supreme Court, up to a maximum of six, for every sitting member over the age of 70 years and 6 months. He would pick the new Justices, and therefore the Supreme Court would be totally under his control. His purpose was to obtain favorable rulings regarding New Deal legislation that had been previously ruled unconstitutional. Now, Obama wants to strip the Legislative side of our Government of the power to control our purse strings.  That, Deer Friends would be a nation breaking development.

The latest offer from the Right would generate more federal revenue that simply increasing tax rates on the achievers. The offer would cut our spending by adopting the very same suggestions of the President’s own Simpson – Bowles commission. A set of suggestions that was hammered out by a bi partisan commission. The Right’s offer is timely, responsible, and in our nation’s best interests.  Team Obama rejects it so as to force us over the edge into recession. He hopes that the blame for the plunge will fall on the shoulders of the Right. I don’t think that it will