2022 April

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

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[Gun Ownership] How sad and depressing that the relaxation of reasonable gun ownership regulations has led to a rapid increase in senseless violence and death. Lack of background checks and training under the phony protection of the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution has increased access by too many of the wrong persons. Now, the majority of our population is at greater risk of harm by too many unable to control their actions.
Wake up state legislators!


[Russia] You lost a cruiser in a land war!

[Hackers] It’s not a good thing to keep your browser open when you are away from the computer. That is one way hackers can get into your computer if you leave your browser connected to the internet. It’s a back door.

[How Marriage Evolves] A funny look at how a marriage evolves over one, five, and twenty-five years. For some of us men, we didn’t require the full twenty-five years to have the relationship evolve to this point. Video

[Gesture] Someone just gave me half a peace sign. Weird.


Posionwood in bloom.

[WW II Lend-Lease Program] On March 12, 1943, the plane was given to the Soviet Air Force in Fairbanks, Alaska, and given the registration USSR-N238. From there it flew 5,650 kilometers to the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk, one of some 14,000 aircraft sent by the United States to the Soviet Union during World War II under the massive Lend-Lease program. We also sent them tanks. If it wasn’t for the western world the Russians would have lost! Our biggest mistake it seems was not letting the Nazis stomp them out before Europe and the western world finished the Nazis!

I hid my Easter eggs Saturday morning and I found the 7th of the 1/2 dozen Monday night!

[Alternate Truth] A lawyer, wanted to rent a home. When he said he had 12 children, no one would rent a home to him because they felt that the children would destroy the place.  He couldn’t say he had no children because he couldn’t lie and as we all know, lawyers do not lie. So he sent his wife for a walk through the cemetery with 11 of their kids. He took the other one with him to see rental homes with the real estate agent.
He loved one of the homes and the price was right. The agent asked, “How many children do you have?”
He answered, “Twelve.”
The agent asked, “Where are the others?”
The lawyer, with his best courtroom sad look, answered, “They’re in the cemetery with their mother.”
Moral of this story: It’s not necessary to lie; one has only to choose the right words. And don’t forget that most politicians are lawyers.
[Cat Thinking Revealed] Ever wonder why certain cats like to walk right under your feet? ‘Tiger’ does that as if trying to trip me. It teaches me to walk very carefully. Turns out the little stinker is actually herding you, trying to lead you where he wants you to go!
[Tupperware Science] Scientists recently placed a 10-piece set of matching Tupperware in a sealed chamber. When they opened it a month later, the chamber had 24 lids that did not match any of the 6 remaining containers.
[KW Orchid Society April Meeting] John Romano, who specializes in Catasetum orchids and a new speaker to our club, will give a talk at 1 pm, Sunday April 24 at the KW Garden Club meeting room W Martello Gardens. Orchids for sale, raffle, show-and-tell and more are offered. As always, the public is welcome. Free parking on site. Link
[Cross Crush] Such was the aversion of the Japanese to the Christian faith that they compelled Europeans trading with their islands to trample on the cross, renounce all marks of Christianity, and swear that it was not their religion.
61 Boeing 747s crashed and 32 crashed with no lives lost. A former Big Pine Key resident, Captain Bebee, crash landed a 747 transport plane without loss of life. That’s some feat!
This is a leaf sheep sea slug. Rarely seen because it’s so tiny. They seem to be part animal, part plant because they can graze, move &  photosynthesize, and they are bioluminescent. They can light up like tiny Christmas trees. So much going on in those 5mm bodies.
The second image is a piece of jewelry inspired by the tine sea slug.
[New App] I’d like to have an app that I could use to trigger the camera on another phone so I could take photos remotely without using the camera’s timer.
[Bat Meat] A Maryland resident returning from Ghana was stopped as he attempted to enter the United States carrying charred bat meat in his luggage. Upon landing at Dulles International Airport, his bag was searched by US Customs and Border Protection, who discovered three pounds and eight ounces of the burnt bat meat inside.


Yoga dog.

Nicole Cates Canalejo, the daughter of Monroe County Commissioner Craig Cates, was arrested on three felony drug charges by Key West Police officers late Saturday night.
[People Smuggling] Was a boat overloaded with fuel a smuggling vessel? Police in Florida Keys have clues. Containers of fuel are set next to a boat that the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office says was stopped off the Florida Keys Saturday. Authorities believe the vessel was possibly going to be used for human smuggling. Link

I hate it when homeless shake their cups with change in them. I know you have more money than me, stop showing off!