2019 April

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Letters to the editor with pictures since 0202. Published on Big Pine Key’s garbage days, Tuesdays and Fridays.



Recent Government shutdown prompted the Islamorada Moose Lodge and United States Marines from Upper Keys VFW Post 10211 to partner together and provide much needed assistance to Coast Guard Station Islamorada. The Islamorada Moose collected monies and food to assist our Coast Guard Members. The Marines led by Jason Kendall and John Donnelly donated $1,000 to the cause. We were all very surprised, grateful and excited by the Coast Guard’s magnanimous gesture. The attractive award that was presented to us will be forever remembered and appreciated.

[Medical Marijuana] Tell me again how medical marijuana is not a sham. One is open on Flagler Ave and soon to open are two more medical marijuana shops on Duval Street. Isn’t that where everyone goes to get their prescriptions filled? The real sham is what has happened to Duval Street, the “working waterfront” and the fun Key West used to be. If you never shopped at Environmental Circus or drank at Vic Latham’s Full Moon Saloon back in the day, sigh. I’ll say this, if you’re living the dream today, it’s Jimmy Buffet’s carnival ride come to life with his naming rights on everything including some of the “meds” being sold in the new dispensaries. Yep, he’s got his paws on everything from where you park, stay, eat, live and now, how you medicate. The sham was Jimmy Buffet selling out Key West and leaving “because he don’t live there no more”. P.S.- still got my wooden rolling tray and a leather man-purse purchased at Environmental Circus years ago.




I have started coloring to manage my stress and anxiety.

For those getting boat gas at Strike Zone/Capt Hook’s on Big Pine, be aware that they sometime conduct dive training in the canal near the pumps.


Take a quart of real OJ with lots of pulp, stick it into your blender with a banana and get a great libation that’s even better with vodka.

[The Start of 4/20] Wall clocks set at 4:20 were an indication for “safe” smoking areas. The symbol for “safe” marijuana smoking, 4:20, is taken from Hitler’s birthday.



[Kennel For Sale] Very nice condition chain link fence kennel. $300 or best reasonable offer. Size: 6 ft high X 6 ft wide entry gate X 10 ft long. ~

[“Support for alternate energy”] Someone complained that people who support alternative energy don’t all drive electric cars. That’s a foolish argument. Example, I support abortion and freedom of religion, but I won’t get an abortion and I am an atheist. That reminds me of the criticism Al Gore received because he is rich and supports alternative energy. The mindless think renewal energy is for broke hippies. The mindless don’t know that alternate energy provides more wealth and jobs than the coal industry does.





Key West pirate.

[“Mick Jagger had heart surgery in the US not in UK”] It’s sorrowful that people don’t understand socialized medicine. Socialized medicine is just your basic run-of-the-mill health care. That’s all it should be. But if someone is rich like Mick, they can find the best cardiologist in the world and have him operate on him and pay the fabulous expense associated with that Gucci-style care. Under socialized medicine, the rest of us get normal care. People will have the option to pay for premium care if they can afford it. There’s nothing wrong with that. That is capitalism, which most of us embrace. Follow the money to find out who is against socialized medicine.
[Senior drivers in Florida] Slow driver that gets on deputy’s nerves. Video
On my tombstone I want it to say: Am I dead or did it suddenly get very quiet?


[Love For Sale] One thing I don’t get is that Robert Kraft has 6 billion dollars yet he goes to some massage parlor and pays some plain sad homely looking girl a few bucks for some loving. Things would be a lot different if it was me with all that money. I could think of a hundred ways to sneak around to meet the worlds most beautiful professional women.

[Pot Clogging Jails] This 4/20, let’s be blunt about justice. Free the 400,000 people arrested for selling or trafficking pot. Link




This is what happens when people fish “between the no fishing signs” on No Name Bridge. Going under the bridge we got caught on someone’s line and tackle around our bow rail and dragged it under our boat into the channel. We had to stop and pull and pull someone’s line out of the water so nothing else got tangled up in it.  All the while the person fishing on the bridge was waving and yelling at us! #@!#%#*.

[Movies] I used to be interested in the first word of a movie. How would a movie start? What were the first words?


[Winn Dixie] Weekly ad. Link

[Boating Deaths] Two people died in two days on the water in the Florida Keys. A man who lived on his boat off Windley Key in Islamorada died Monday afternoon after falling from his row boat. Link





[Record Swordfish] Islamorada captain, Cape Coral couple land record swordfish and kill the last great swordfish in the Keys. Link

[Fraudulent Websites] Cybercriminals register domain (website) names that are similar to popular companies’ names to sell phony products or trick consumers. Some set up sites that mimic real ones (even using their company logos); others use social media to advertise their fake sites. They all have the same goal: to steal your money and/or your personal information, otherwise known as phishing.

Play it safe: Protect yourself by shopping and doing business only on sites you trust and keep them bookmarked in your browser. If you do shop on a website that’s new or unfamiliar, here are a few tips to help you spot the scammers. See if the URL (web address) begins with “https” and has a lock icon to make sure that your transaction is secure and that data transmitted is encrypted. Avoid too-good-to-be-true deals that you receive via email or find advertised on social media or trendy news websites. Check customer reviews but be suspicious if all are excessively positive. Be wary of sites that only accept money orders, electronic transfers, gift cards or wire payments. Never respond to a request for a text message as part of the payment process—and don’t complete the purchase.


[Big Pine Key is a Mess] This morning I heard a radio talk show reference to the current state of Big Pine Key. It was said BPK is a mess.  I totally agree.  Not only did Irma destroy BPK, but so did the fire, affecting about 100 acres.   The corridor into BPK looks like the entrance to the Munster’s neighborhood.  Can we find out if and/or when the County plans on cleaning this up?  All this devastation is in full view to all who visit here, and it’s very uninviting.  Bad enough we locals have to look at it every day, but the County should have some pride in making all the Keys look good, not just the highly visited tourist Keys.




[Christo] Miami islands turned pink, and the city reacted in all sorts of ways. Video

[PC Creativity] It is amazing that most of the people in my desktop PC’s address book no longer use real computers but have opted for cell phones. What happened to graphics, writing, imagery, etc? People just got bored and too lazy to care anymore.
[Overcharged] The only reason the super rich are super rich is they over-charge you for their cheap products and services.