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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

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[“Politics, Religion & Conspiracy 2022”] Do you feel like you were forced to read something that you didn’t agree with on the “Coconut Telegraph?” You may be entitled to monetary compensation. Call now! Dewey, Cheatem & Howe.

[Crooks] $400K worth of merchandise stolen from Ohio Louis Vuitton store. Why aren’t they shooting these people? Link
I have to wonder about the smokers who hold their lit cigarettes out their car window so the smoke wont stink up their car’s upholstery and make it smell like an ashtray, but have no concern whatsoever for their lungs.

How to break back into your locked accounts. It’s best to be prepared for the worst. Link

[Oil] We have more oil inside our borders, than all the other proven reserves on Earth. Here are the official estimates: 8 times as much oil as Saudi Arabia, 18 times as much oil as Iraq, 21 times as much oil as Kuwait, 22 times as much oil as Iran, 500 times as much oil as Yemen.
[“Coconut Telegraph sucks”] To the new Keys resident already complaining about reading the CT. Sorry you are so upset. Everyone has an opinion here in the Keys and many won’t change to your view because of your rage. One human family is one of the Keys’ mottos and we take that seriously. You may want to go back home but you’re entitled attitude won’t help you become part of Keys life. Yankee go home!


[Boat Trailers] I wish I had thought of this when I was younger.

[Refurbished Gear] Amazon and eBay have impressive deals on refurbished gear this Earth Day. The best way to satisfy your gadget lust without feeling the eco-guilt? Buy refurbished. You’ll even save some money along the way.


This Fireman Bicycle was used at the beginning of the 20th century up until the ‘30s.

[Greetings from “A Soldier’s Story”] The Russian Invasion of Ukraine knocked me off my mark, delaying the continuation of “A Soldier’s Story”. As with many citizens round the world, visualizing the shelling, killing and decaying corpses of children and innocent civilians in the streets is traumatizing.

Nothing has been learned regarding the futility and insanity of war. Throughout our lives we’ve been chronically terrorized by endless cycles of violence and murder. Unimaginable bloodshed contorting bodies into macabre resemblances of themselves, are regularly featured via our modern age outlets. It almost appears that this type of savagery has become an acceptable norm.

Consumption and remembrances of many years of bloodshed has spiritually whittled down my Spirit. Once again, our brilliantly distinguished government leaders, along with every other leader in the world, could not find within themselves the means to diplomatically present an attractive alternative forestalling the invasion and killing of innocent Ukrainian children, mothers and grandparents.

I’ve noticed that these world leaders like to regularly fly around the globe in their massive planes with an enormous security detail and entourage, boasting of their magnificence at these G-7, G-8 and G-9 summits. Perhaps it would serve a more utilitarian purpose, if these “guardians of the gate” were required to view and comment on the world’s collective slaughter, which has occurred on their watch. .

It’s time for an alleged free press and media to finally do their jobs and hold these leaders accountable for their contributions to the atrocities, conflicts, and world unrest that we’ve been made to endure.

They’ve been responsible for too many live performances of mothers and grandmothers being gunned down in the street. With a backdrop of children begging and pleading for their lives, in the hope that they might be spared an agonizing death…

Please allow me to stop here. I look forward to your reading the next installment of “A Soldier’s Story“. I’ve almost completed that section. Thank you.


[Triple Decker Bus] Berlin 1930. What would happen to this bus going around a corner at 40 mph?

[Democracy in Action] Get this, the winner of the popular vote becomes president in France. What sort of madness is that? They don’t have to wait 2 months for people they don’t know to go to the capitol and vote for president?  They just go to the polls, vote, count, and call it.  Wow, direct representation, what a concept.

Also it is illegal for corporations to donate money to political campaigns.

Formula 1 racing pitstops – 63 years apart. 1950 and today. Video

[Sins of the Daughter] Please leave the Cates family alone. They have been through unimaginable pain this year. Pray for them, don’t glorify their shortcomings. I’m sure you are a Saint in your life, so you get glory from others’ pain.
I want to buy Ukrainian windows. I would like to place an order for these high quality super tough windows from the Ukraine, that remained intact and unmarked after the explosion of a Russian bomb that turned over all of these cars. Please throw in also some of that same siding as on the house, that remained undamaged and clean alter the explosion.


And that’s when I knew she was the one!

[Electric Vehicles] Imagine Florida with a hurricane coming toward Miami.  The Governor orders an evacuation.  All cars head north.  They all need to be charged in Jacksonville.  How does that work? Has anyone thought about this?  If all cars were electric, and were caught up in a three-hour traffic jam with dead batteries, then what?  Not to mention that there is virtually no heating or air conditioning in an electric vehicle because of high battery consumption.   If you get stuck on the road all night, no battery, no heating, no windshield wipers, no radio, no GPS (all these drain the batteries), all you can do is try calling 911 to take women and children to safety. But they cannot come to help you because all roads are blocked, and they will probably require all police cars will be electric also.  When the roads become unblocked no one can move! Their batteries are dead. How do you charge the thousands of cars in the traffic jam?  Same problem during summer vacation departures with miles of traffic jams. There would be virtually no air conditioning in an electric vehicle. It would drain the batteries quickly.  Where is this electricity going to come from? Today’s grid barely handles users’ needs. Can’t use nuclear, natural gas is quickly running out. Oil fired is out of the question, then where? No thought whatsoever to handle any of the problems that batteries can cause. The liberal press doesn’t want to talk or report on any of this
Why do I always grab a grocery shopping cart that needs an alignment? Or why do I always get behind someone in the checkout line that doesn’t speak a lick of English?
[Hate Speech] Dear Ed, the entire Politics, Religion & Conspiracy 2022 section is so full of people who either hate everyone, hate anyone different then themselves, or are in need of some heavy medication. Do yourself a favor and just delete that entire section from telegraph. I cannot imagine what you must go through and feel like after editing all that hate and garbage. No one should have to do that on a regular basis
[Beautiful Soldiers] Ten countries with beautiful soldiers. Video
Simon Beck is a British snow artist and a former cartographer. Referred to as the world’s first snow artist, he is primarily known for his landscape drawings and sculptures created from snow and sand. The artist uses his feet to create massive murals in the snow. Video