2022 April

Tuesday, April 5, 2022

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[Easter Concerts] The Keys Chamber Orchestra and Keys Community Choir have been working really hard and today is the first of our 3 Easter Concerts.  All begin at the Big Pine Methodist Church, 280 Key Deer Blvd BPK, the 2nd (Wednesday) is at Venture Out on Cudjoe Key and the 3rd (Thursday) is at the newly rebuilt St. Peter’s Catholic Church, 31300 Overseas Hwy BPK.  Please come out and support your friends and neighbors.  This year’s cantata is “No Stone Could Hold Him”.  Free parking/free admission.  Come rejoice in the holiday, or at least do something different with your evening.  We are looking forward to seeing you.
[“Old files”] Resizing all my scanned photos from a lifetime of taking photographs was a mistake because with one click, I shrunk thousands of photos down to a quarter of their original size. I clicked the wrong option! Now I have a million tiny photos. What a bummer, all those great photos.


[New Recipe] Braised Beef Short Ribs. Link

NATO practice in 1988 landing on the Autobahn. Fun fun fun on der Autobahn. Video


Putin has no soul. If he does, it’s evil.

[Turkish Proverb] When a clown moves into a palace, he doesn’t become a king. The palace becomes a circus.
[“Old files”] I wouldn’t worry about old files cluttering your computer. Today’s hard drives are so big most people could never fill them. It’d be a shame not to be able to find a file years from now that you never thought you’d need.
[Good Health Clinic] Support our mission and make a big difference at this weekend’s fundraiser. Help us provide high-quality care to Florida Keys residents in need by donating today! For every $1 donated we provide over $10 in health care to those in need. Link
[Obedience] The one thing Muslims have that I really envy is they get 100% female obedience without feedback or BS. They only have to say shut up once.
Which vegetable oil is most sustainable? It’s complicated. Greenhouse gas emissions are only one part of the equation. Link
[Meteor] At precisely 12:44 p.m. EDT on Wednesday, March 30, residents in Bloomington, Indiana, and surrounding counties were literally shaken to attention by the sound of a loud explosion. Locals quickly took to social media in search of answers, but found the source of the commotion a little more out of the ordinary than their usual small-town disturbance – a meteor had just exploded above their heads. You can hear the boom security camera video of the event starting at 00:36. Video
[Sanctions] The perfect solution for the Russian super yachts confiscated is to remove all of the pollutants and make artificial reefs out of them.
[Parting the Sea] The Aztec king Quetzalcoatl left with four disciples for the seacoast. Here according to some versions, the waves parted (like Moses), allowing him to pass, and according to others, he made himself a raft of serpents, and, spreading his mantle for a sail, was wafted away to the unknown east.
[Fools] It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.  ~Mark Twain
Under Florida’s new law Bengay has been forced to rebrand as Benstraight
[False Advertising] If it is a crime to lie or mislead in court, why are advertisers allowed to say or infer misleading statements to sell products? Just think how nice TV and the media would be if all the spin artists were locked up in a gulag? That would also include all sales and politicians too!
[Word of the Day] ‘Gobemouche’ (19th century): a gullible, open-mouthed individual who believes everything they are told. From the French for ‘fly swallower’.
[“A lot of people need to attend driving school”] This post is typical of this blog, a simple-minded retort by a simple minded twit who has no idea of logic, laws and common sense. If I were a cop, I would make you go to driving school or delete your license. Your type is the problem not the safe driver!


FDA issues warning for oyster eaters in at least 13 states over a norovirus outbreak. Link

Stolen Darwin journals returned to Cambridge University library. Seminal works left in pink gift bag with ‘happy Easter’ note for librarian after going missing in 2001. Link