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Tuesday, August 15, 2023

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[Dying Reef] In response to the escalating coral bleaching crisis throughout the Florida Keys, United Way of Collier and the Keys (UWCK) is proud to announce its collaborative effort with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to provide critical funding of up to $50,000 to support Reef Renewal USA’s urgent coral rescue efforts. Coral bleaching is a harmful process in which corals expel their symbiotic algae, causing them to lose their vibrant colors and turn white. This phenomenon occurs due to environmental stressors, such as increased water temperatures, and can lead to the decline and potential death of entire coral reefs. With the Florida Keys dependent on the marine environment for both financial and physical resilience, the crisis demands swift action. Coral reefs are an essential component of the marine environment that sustains many other life forms and protects the coastline. The funding will aid Reef Renewal USA in implementing targeted projects that focus on removing the corals at risk of bleaching from their current environment and relocating them to deep water or land-based nurseries. Video
[Ford F-150 Lightning EV Pickup] Ford pickup EV] Nothing but costly problems. No tech support. Link


Deer Ed, Hello, I am trying to find information and photos of a motel. We believe was named Breeze Swept Motel. Is it still there? Any information and photos would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Breeze Swept Motel on Ramrod Key.

Purple Heart Recipient and my teacher Mr. Donnelly brought healing and academic successes into my life. His classroom instruction and dedication to support me and my family beyond the classroom, caused us all to be reassured and comforted. He’s never forgotten us, nor the soldiers he was wounded with  in battle. People like Mr. Donnelly make the world a better place to live in.
[Otter Apocalypse] Otter attacks Montana woman while she was tubing on the Jefferson River with friends. Jen Royce of Bozeman, Montana was attacked by otters while floating down the Jefferson River with two friends on August 2. The attack lasted five minutes and the otter left Royce’s face and extremities badly injured. She also said she believed the attack was going to kill her. According to experts, otter attacks are incredibly rare. Only an estimated 59 attacks have even taken place with injuries or fatalities worldwide since 1875. Link
[Summer Job] I found out two things this summer. 1. Kitchen sex can be wild and exciting. 2. The staff at McDonald’s are quite narrow-minded.
Texas could get a 205-mph bullet train zipping between Houston and Dallas. The proposed electric railway line could travel 240 miles in under 90 minutes for over 6 million passengers per year. Link
[Corruption] If you spent millions and millions of dollars on me and bought a house for my mother and you needed a favor for one of your friends, I sure would have a hard time refusing you. The problem is that the Supreme Court answers no one. They make their own rules.

[Some Like It Hot] My meter when the AC hasn’t cut off in a month. Only the electric company is enjoying this heat.

[Dead Beaked Whale] Marine mammal scientists are investigating the cause of death of a rarely seen whale found in the shallow waters of the Florida Keys. It was a 14-foot long animal, an adult male Gervais’ beaked whale. Link
[Conspiracy] I would bet that negative posts about electric vehicles and climate change denial are paid for by the oil lobby and their tech department. Even a blind man can see that electric vehicles are the future. And just stick your head outside to feel global warming. No historical warming cycle can account for such a fast rise in temperature. The only winners are the fossil fuel industry that caused all this. Their propaganda is stymieing progress so they can continue making obscene profits.
[Pretend Squid] 3D-printed vegan calamari rings could be next on the menu. Researchers cooked up a promising appetizer alternative using microalgae and mung bean waste. The global commercial fishing industry is a major contributor to Earth’s environmental crises and ecological destruction, but you’re unlikely to find many sustainable or vegan seafood alternatives next to the synthetic beef and chicken in grocery stores. That lack of options may soon change, however, thanks to 3D printers, mung beans, and microalgae. Link
[Killjoy] I was watching a show for about 10 minutes, and this lady was listing all of these great things to do for fun. Then I realized that it’s one of the religious channels, and she was reading a list of sins.
[Hot Tourist] I worry that tourists will no longer come to the Keys in the summer because of the excessive heat. Last year we only had a few days of 93°. This August we’ve had continuous days of 93-95°. They can’t even walk on the beach sand without burning their feet. They can’t go in the water to cool off because it’s like swimming in pee. They can’t walk down Duval Street without dripping sweat. we ‘re in trouble!
[Tourist Migration] I’ll bet tourists will vacation up north next year instead of the sweltering South. What fun is it to sit on scorching sand and swim in hot water? I’m worried about our tourism economy — that’s all we have. We’re still recovering from COVID, now it’s unbearable heat.

Introducing the You Left The Seat Up Again Barbie.

The roasting, toasting that South Florida has been feeling all summer has continued with yet another heat advisory extension. A heat advisory, issued daily since Aug. 6, will continue through Monday evening for Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties. It now includes mainland Monroe, too, and the Florida Keys. Heat index values, or how the temperature feels, will reach 105-110 degrees between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Link
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