2021 January

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

It was my understanding that CT was not intended to be used as a national political forum and that such posts would only be published in an alternate page intended for such subject matter.  Imagine my dismay at today’s edition which was primarily made up of national commentary. Am I wrong on this or is CT returning to its former content which had become so vitriolic that it was no longer an enjoyable read?

(Editor: I know I broke my own rule by putting political comments on the Coconut Telegraph instead of the national politics and Conspiracy page, but my sadness is unparalleled by Trump’s horrific behavior and his failure to adhere to our Constitution. Trump has caused the greatest attack on our democracy since 1812. His continued lies keep me awake at night and January 6 was the culmination of those lies. For four years he has done everything in his power to divide this country and he accomplished nothing major. We are worse off than we were [except for big business]. On January 6 he did the unthinkable by inciting his supporters to attempt a violent coup because he lost the Presidential election — our most sacred institution. I call anyone who supports Trump a traitor. If all 60,000 followers of the Coconut Telegraph stop reading it, I will feel bad, but unlike Trump I will man-up and fade away. I love my country more than power. I am a true American and will always support democracy at the expense of everything else. Our democracy and its institutions comes first, not me. You traitors are against Socialism but don’t understand democracy when it doesn’t suit you. You should be ashamed of yourselves for supporting Trumps hate and lies.)

I was in Kmart in KW and the shelves were mostly empty, some were completely empty. I asked a clerk if they were closing. He replied, “Ha, we’ve been closing for fifteen years.”
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I saw the Lone Ranger yesterday and he wasn’t wearing a mask. tonto never wears a mask.

I thought the Capitol Police were a special elite force not a bunch of traitors who back down instead of defending the Capitol. I hope the Secret Service have more balls.


[Ancient Flat Earth Beliefs] We like to  have only known the earth was round since Columbus didn’t fall off. But the Greeks not only knew it, they even calculated its circumference. Which means flat-earthers could travel to 500 BC and still be considered dumb.

[Information Overload] We are buried beneath the weight of information, which is being confused with knowledge; quantity is being confused with abundance and wealth with happiness. We are monkeys with money and guns. ~Tom Waits
[Clean Beaches] I wonder why the City of Key West does not have some type of beach clean-up campaign? Throw in t shirts, award for largest, heaviest, etc. The beaches they do have are a mess (except Ft Zach). I wish I had a nickel for every piece of plastic, rope, etc that we traipse over.
In light of last week’s anarchy on one of the finest institutions of US governing, please tell me why water cannons with a dye for identification cannot be used to control these misaligned rebels? Use water or a product like Great Stuff. (ever get that stuff on your hands?). Hose them down in 35 degree weather, lower the PSI to just wet them, or crank it up and take them out like bowling pins. Even the most diehard rioter will be held at bay.
[Pocket Park] Has anyone visited the city of Key West’s pocket park at upper end of Duval St? Otherwise known as the commercialization of Duval St. Signed, sealed, and delivered to a developer. The seaweed buildup is a mess. Funny, privately owned food truck to boot! [?]
[Check Out Lane] I had the nastiest, rudest, slowest cashier today. I guess it’s my own fault for using the self-service checkout.

[Icons] Wife: “The car is not starting. The dashboard shows the sign of a person sitting on toilet.
Husband: “What? Send me a picture…
[New Problem]  Walking back to the car because you forgot your mask is a new kind of pissed off!
[Last Days of a Tyrant] I was just reading about how, during his last moments in the bunker in Berlin, Hitler was beside himself with fury, screaming blame on the German people for letting him down. Then he shot himself. Room for hope? ~John Cleese


On September 21,1932, in a dank basement in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, one of the greatest conspiracies of ail time is formed.

California virus deaths top 30,000 after deadliest weekend. They’re dropping like flies.
[“Bill Berry, the drummer for R.E.M. should be president?”] Weird
[Closing] Bed Bath & Beyond is planning to close 43 additional stores by the end of February 2021. These stores slated to close are part of the company’s overall plans to shut down 200 locations over the next two years, which accounts for approximately 21% of their store fleet.
Florida closings:
East Fort Myers: 3248 Forum Blvd.
Estero: Coconut Point Shopping Center, 8020 Mediterranean Drive
Miami: 12010 N Kendall Drive
Port Richey: Embassy Crossings, 9642 U.S Highway 19N

[Covid Exposure] House lawmakers may have been exposed to someone testing positive for COVID-19 while they sheltered at an undisclosed location during the Capitol siege by a violent mob loyal to President Donald Trump.

The Capitol’s attending physician notified all lawmakers Sunday of the virus exposure and urged them to be tested. The infected individual was not named.