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Tuesday, December 13, 2022

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[Dust Bowl] On April 14, 1935 dust storms of the past several years were suddenly eclipsed by a single catastrophe that is still remembered in the Plains states as Black Sunday. In only a few hours’ time, cold, dry winds howling out of the north scoured from dry fields more than two times the amount of soil that had been excavated from the Panama Canal and lifted it eight thousand feet into the sky. Across much of five states, late afternoon sunlight gave way to utter dark- ness. The dust particles the wind carried generated so much static electricity in the air that barbed- wire fences glowed in the midday darkness. Farmers at work in their fields crumpled to their hands and knees and groped aimlessly about, unable to find their way to their own doorsteps. Cars careened off roads and into ditches, where their occupants clutched cloths to their faces, struggled to breathe, gagged, and coughed up dirt. Link
Microsoft just issued a major update. Normally I like the updates but this time it screwed up all the shortcuts and special layouts I use in Office 365. I wasted over an hour trying to figure out how to set up the new layouts.


A group of rats is called a mischief. It’s an apt name.

A link to depression might be in your gut bacteria. Understanding our stomach’s microbiome could make doctors rethink how to treat depression. Link


[Big Pine Library Book Club] Saturday, Dec 17th at 10:00 am to discuss The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James.
The book for January 21st is Death on the Menu by Lucy Burdette.  The author, Lucy Burdette, will be at the meeting.

[Cynicman] Some people lack the ability to laugh at themselves. That’s where I come in.

[Dogs] How breeding dogs for certain traits may have altered their brains. Man and man’s best friends may also share biological pathways that are related to behavior. Link

[Ay Caramba!] In excess of 2400 migrants enter the USA at the Texas border daily, with cost of security, food, shelter, medications paid by US citizens, while interest rates continue to ascend and hurt our citizens. For the last 18 consecutive months there were over 150,000 illegal border crossings.
I really enjoy reading Captain Doom and Gloom. It always puts a smile on my face; and sometimes I actually agree with him! Thank you, Captain and the Telegraph editor.
[Aikido] Congratulations to Seth Hudgins on his black belt test “Shodan” also congratulations to Margo Zdravkovic on passing 2nd kyu test, Tony Davila on passing his 3rd kyu test. We have a new sensei added to our dojo, Juan Alberto sensei , he teaches on Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm upstairs. Southernmost Aikido has three classes a week at the Big Pine Key Community Park
~John Duke sensei Full Menu > Ongoing Events
[General Sherman Talks With A Slave] I asked him if he understood about the war and its progress. He said he did; that he had been looking for the “angel of the Lord” ever since he was knee-high, and, though we professed to be fighting for the Union, he supposed that slavery was the cause, and that our success was to be his freedom. I asked him if all the negro slaves comprehended this fact, and he said they surely did. I then explained to him that we wanted the slaves to remain where they were, and not to load us down with useless mouths, which would eat up the food needed for our fighting men.


Bahia Honda looking west. I saw this photo on Facebook, same place as the ’77 KW triangle pix a couple of weeks ago.

[Language Department] “Queso” = Spanish for cheese.
“K, so” = Southern for here’s the plan and y’all probably not gonna like it. 

Of course, men and women can be good friends without sex being involved. There’s even a name for it – Marriage
[Royal Soap Opera] Why does the Harry and Meghan psychodrama continue? Because no one really wants it to end. Link
[1933 Olympic Rowing] Ky Ebright and his boys arrived in Seattle late on the afternoon of Tuesday, April 14, and checked into the Edmond Meany Hotel. Earlier in the day, Coach Ulbrickson had sent his boys out in water so rough that they had not rowed in its like since the day in 1932 when Cal had defeated Washington by eighteen lengths and Washington had barely made it across the f1nish line before sinking.
[Privacy] A video of Leo Varadkar, Ireland’s Tánaiste, socializing in a nightclub has triggered a debate about the right to privacy and regulation of social media. The brief clip of the deputy prime minister was clandestinely recorded in a Dublin nightclub earlier this month and has racked up millions of views on multiple platforms. Link

[Lost At Sea] Sailboat headed to Florida vanishes after leaving NC. U.S. Coast Guard is searching a Florida-bound sailboat that went overdue after a Dec. 3 stop along North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Link

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