Tuesday, December 29, 2020


[Covid Death] Key West Mayor’s wife, Cheryl Cates, died from Covid. Her whole family was sick from this flu. Link

[$5,000 Tax Increase] This month, Monroe County commissioners voted to look into the possibility of special assessments on neighborhoods in need of higher roads and new flood pumps, and the price per home could be as high as $5,000 a year. Monroe is also looking into raising taxes for everyone in the island chain, which would require permission from the Legislature and Monroe voters




2020 Covid tree.

I’m an Atheist because that’s what God wanted me to be!
[Spectacular Holiday Light Display] Drive by 20926 9th Ave West in Cudjoe Gardens to see a spectacular light display. We turn them off at 10 pm and will continue the display until the Twelfth Night of Christmas on January 6. I tried to upload a photo but wouldn’t work.
Internet radios are the hot setup. I’ve had three others that drove me crazy with their multifunction dials and buttons and apps and time-outs. I end up throwing them away after a year of trying to work them. But for Christmas this year I received a Sangean WFR-28. Finally a radio I love! It has a separate button for almost everything. It even has 5 buttons for pre-selected stations from all over the world just like in my car radio. Link
[Two Classics – One is a Car] This video is from 2011. The ‘young’ lady says she’s 101 years old, still driving and changes her own car oil and sparkplugs.  Oh, the car is an immaculate 1933 Packard.  She even uses a cloth to step on as she enters the car. She’s an amazing lady and a gorgeous car. Video

[Bad Car] If riding your bike or walking be aware of this car on Pirates Road, Little Torch Key. No consideration for pedestrians whatsoever. Sat with his flashers on for an hour[?] waiting for us to get off the road when he simply could have gone around.

The spiny lobster fishery in the Florida Keys could see its first major changes in several decades as the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has resurrected the debate on lobster casitas and has been asked to approve a tag system for the annual two-day mini-season in July. The FWC board this month had its first major discussion about allowing casitas, or lobster condos, for harvesting spiny lobsters. Casitas are small artificial structures placed at the seafloor to attract large congregations of lobster, making them easy for divers to harvest. Through the years, such things used for casitas off the Keys have included car hoods, hurricane shutters attached to cement blocks and PVC piping. Link
[Worship] The “400 Rabbits” tequila bar in Nottingham, England, has applied to the local registrar general to be declared a place of worship, namely the Church of the 400 Rabbits, in an effort to allow customers back inside the establishment, something that is currently prohibited by local COVID restrictions. The tequila bar’s application is given little chance to be approved. I think I’ve found a new religion.
Stopping crime is like herding cats. It can’t be done. Cops just have to deal with one a**hole at a time.



Events of relative importance in 2020.


[Spam and Oreo Big Mac] Just when you think 2020 can’t get any stranger. McDonald’s is testing a new sandwich in China made of Spam and crushed Oreos, topped with mayonnaise.

[1918 pandemic quote from NYT] “The 1918 pandemic in which millions of Americans were sickened and 675,000 died, among at least 50 million deaths worldwide. It has been attributed to an H1N1 virus that originated in birds.”
That pandemic, like the coronavirus today, seemed to roll across the United States in waves. The winter holidays in 1918 were marked by grievous loss. They came during a relative lull after the deadliest wave, in the fall. Another, smaller surge would peak shortly after New Year’s Day
[Staying In Tune] How did the ancients tune their lutes and other stringed instruments? Did they have tuning forks? How did they know that 440 vibrations a second equaled A? Did they even know A?


[Bad Car 2] This lady cut me off and to be honest, I’m kind of afraid to honk at her.

[Fate Worse Than Death] In order to choose a fate worse than death you must choose death.

[Perry Mason] Earl Stanley Garner sold 300,000,000 copies of his Perry Mason books.