Friday, New Year’s Day 2021


[Government Leadership] There are hundreds of phone booth-looking testing sites all around South Korea. I can’t fine one here. Why? We have the highest instance of Covid-19 in the world and getting tested is very difficult.


Free kittens to good home.  Joni. 305-922-3156 or
(Editor: How about a photo of the little critters.)

[Waste] There is no cure for stupidity and greed. $7 million for butt scanners and anal printing, just one item in 2020 The ‘Festivus Report’. $54 billion in wasteful spending highlighted by Senator Rand Paul. Link


[Mad Dog 2020] Well, that about sums it all up!

Mexico has only 19 days to pay for the wall.
[Vaccine Supply Is Limited] COVID-19 vaccines made their way to the Florida Keys on Monday, but they are still in short supply in the chain of islands. At least 312 people in Monroe County had been vaccinated, according to the most recently released data by the Florida Department of Health. The first 312 people are mostly doctors, nurses, hospital and nursing home staff and EMTs, according to Bob Eadie, who oversees the Monroe County offices of the Florida Department of Health.

(Editor: Okay, I get it. Last Friday wasn’t 20020 yet. I fixed it, thanks for taking the time to let me know. Happy 2021!)

The January AARP calendar of activities is here. Full Menu > Ongoing Events


[Speed Score] These electronic signs are not meant for competitive purposes.

[Vaccine] As the first doses of vaccine for COVID-19 were made available throughout the United States and Florida, the Florida Department of Health in Monroe County on Monday, Dec. 14, reported 69 new cases of COVID-19 since Friday, Dec. 11, including 22 in Key West. We’re at record levels, we’re breaking records every day, and this is not a good thing. Now’s not the time to let your guard down. Now is the time to re-double your efforts to protect yourself, your family and the community.
A maskless man loudly accuses Key West police of ‘being Communists’ Thursday night around 10:30 p.m in response to the 10 p.m. COVID-19 curfew. At least one man was detained, but there were no physical altercations.



Happy new year Deer Ed! Love & peace to you and yours.

[Friday Joke] A man approached the pearly gates. “Have you done anything of merit?” St Peter asked.
“Once, a gang of bikers were threatening a young woman.  So I approached the biker with the most tattoos and kicked him in the balls.”
“When did this happen?”
“Just a couple of minutes ago.”

[“Proposed $5,000 tax increase”] Are you going crazy? People are out of work, out of money, out of food, and out of patience with this world plague, and you blood suckers want to take more from us. I hope the street lamps are strong enough to hold the ropes