2021 January

Tuesday, January 5, 2021


Motorized skateboards and powered bikes must be outlawed in Key West! Riders do not obey any laws except what’s in their minds. It’s scary seeing them pop out of a parking spot or establishment, weaving in and out of traffic, driving on sidewalks too. I don’t want an accident with these fools. I’m sure I drive slow enough, obey enough stops where there’s zero traffic, all ways, but theirs. Maybe taking pictures of them would help?


[Rolling With Scissors] That is such a great idea of hair services in a van.  Excellent.  What an innovative idea! Link


[Your Job] No matter what your job is, you should always try to make it more interesting.

[Civil War] Why do we still honor Confederate generals? Is it because these traitors used to be good Americans? They were until they betrayed the country that was so good to them in order to keep slaves.
[Selling Our Water] Wall Street eyes billions in the Colorado’s water. Investor interest in the river could redefine century-old rules for who controls one of the most valuable economic resources in the United States. Link

[Directional Signals]  I wish people would turn on their directional signals when they plan on turning, not after they are half-way through their turn. By that time, I have a pretty good idea what their plans are, as I stand on my brakes
[Futile Attempt] Why do they think that raising the fine for passing a stopped school bus will do any good? Everyone is aware that you must stop or be fined already. No one knows the price of the fine now, so what makes them think raising the fine will have any effect?
[New Passport] Eventually they will have to add a stamp to our passports proving we’ve had our vaccine shots before we’re allowed to board a plane.
[Gerry and the Pacemakers] Gerry Marsden, the singer-songwriter who fronted the popular English group the Pacemakers during the 1950s and ‘60s, died. Link

Don’t Let the Sun Catch You Crying – Gerry and The Pacemakers


[Swearing] Why you should teach your kids to swear. Link

[Brilliant Ideas] As the years pile up, I find I have fewer and fewer brilliant thoughts that I used to have to write down. When I totally run out of thoughts will I die?

[Fart Stopper] The science is now clear that farts can spread corona virus! This group “Allies of Science” has been distributing free anal plugs so your inadvertent fart doesn’t kill grandma. Video
[“Proposed $5,000 tax increase”] Some of you may have thought this is to save the Keys from rising water, but you have just handed the politicians a blank check to support their brothers-in-law


[Robot Dance] “Do You Love Me” Our whole crew got together to celebrate the start of what we hope will be a happier year: Happy New Year from all of us at Boston Dynamics. This is depressing as I have never been able to dance this well! Video

[Lies] Remember when those who oppose national healthcare spread the lie that that Obamacare would let grandma die? What a country!




Just beat the high score on this game at Walmart.

[McSpam] I’ve been eating McDonalds since #1 opened in DesPlaines, Il and always looked forward to eating a McRib Sandwich. However, this year when I ordered one I was in for 2 surprises. First the price has jumped up to $5.84 and next, the size of the sandwich was noticeably smaller. So McDonalds has gone from a reasonably priced sandwich to their newest creation, a double slice Spam sandwich covered with Oreo cookie pieces slathered with Mayonnaise. Yuck!
[Minority Representation] Watching commercials on tv I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of the people are black, the couples are zebras and their children are nappy-hair tykes. Are we being brainwashed by the progressive media? Let’s not forget that the black population is 14%, while the forgotten (or ignored) Latino population is 18%. Why aren’t there more Latinos in commercials?


[2021] Maybe a look forward into 2021… I hope! Wish you happy new year 2021. Video

[Vaccine] At the current rate, “Operation Warp Speed” would take almost 10 years to inoculate enough Americans to get the pandemic under control.


Death to 2020 on Netflix is so funny, we laughed and laughed. Video

[Vaccine] Why don’t they distribute the vaccine at Walgreens and CVS? The government should pay for the special freezers necessary for the vaccine.