2021 December

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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[Change] It’s funny how many people bemoaning the advent of electric vehicles. I’m pretty sure that their parents pissed and moaned about the coming of electricity, the end of the horse and buggy, the new-fangled horseless carriage, powered flight, ships using steam engines instead of sails, and indoor plumbing.
[Politically Correct] It seems that Netflix original series all have mixed-race couples, gay couples and any other politically correct mix they can come up with. I think these new series are created using artificial intelligence trying to please all viewers.
He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.  ~George Orwell
For the January book club we selected The Last Mona Lisa by Jonathan Santlofer. “Unstoppable what-happens-next momentum.”—Michael Connelly, #1 New York Times bestselling author
“A deliciously tense read.”—Ruth Ware, #1 New York Times bestselling author and award-winning crime writer and celebrated artist Jonathan Santlofer comes an enthralling tale about the 1911 theft of the Mona Lisa from the Louvre, the forgeries that appeared in its wake, and the present-day underbelly of the art world. Link
[“Keys disease”] Cool-Aid A/C in Marathon stood me up twice. There is no excuse for not keeping an appoint especially when I told them I have to drive to the job to show them the work. When I left a message complaining they called 18-days later wanting to reschedule. What balls. that’s nothing to the Keys diseased, they just don’t care. Cool-Aid A/C’s excuse was that “It happens sometimes.” What an a**hole.
[The No-Mow Movement] More Sustainable (and Beautiful) Alternatives to a Grass Lawn. Manicured turf grass lawns cover up to 50 million acres of land in America. But a new, no-mow movement is challenging this conformity—and helping the environment. Video
The conspiracy theorists have discovered that DELTA OMICRON is an anagram for MEDIA CONTROL. Just wait when they discover that it is also an anagram for CILANTRO MODE. EROTIC ALMOND. AN EROTIC MOLD. RECTAL DOMINO. CLIT and more.
A newfound South American dinosaur had a tail like a war club. The fossil shows that armored dinosaurs relied on three different kinds of tail weaponry. Link
[Free Money] I’m contacting you in regards to your donation fund by Mrs. Mavis Wanczyk, the mega winner of $758 Million in Mega Millions Jackpot, who donated the sum of $7 Million each to some selected individuals …


Happy Pearl Harbor Day! December 7, 1941. A day of infamy.

[More Free Money] The sum of £480,512.00 has been donated to you from Pedro Quezada Foundation. Kindly reply to this email for claims.


When nurses are in charge of Christmas decorating.

I am so sick of Medicare annual enrollment commercials. I wonder how much is spent on them?
I like the idea of vaccines pills. The government could just mail them to all Americans. That would allay a lot of misgivings.
Remember when email was only for jokes? You’d get , like about two million of them a day?


[“Will Key West ever have a real Cruise Port”] I hope not. We’ve been fighting both the cruise ship industry and developers for 40 years.

[“Dr. Boros Gets Covid”] The point of that post was not how sick Dr Boros got, that’s irrelevant, but the fact that he got sick at all! He’s an anti-vaxxer who has been peddling a snake-oil remedy against all established medical practices by smarter people than him. No one was surprised he got Covid.


Some Grinch told these kiddies that the letters spelled “kill mommy”.

[“Keys disease”] I had 2 A/C companies not show for appointments. Finally, I got Florida Keys AC out of Marathon to install new central air. I was so happy I paid them before they finished, but they never returned and wouldn’t take my phone calls—assholes. They never finished so I had to finish myself. An old man climbing in an attic sucks so do Florida Keys AC, the lousy bums.
Terrific interview with Florida’s First Lady. An avid and award-winning horsewoman since childhood, she spoke openly in that tranquil setting about how a gut feeling drove her to pursue testing for cancer against her doctor’s recommendations, and how her quest to reclaim her health now gives her a unique way to do good. Video
[Movie Shooting] Mr Baldwin now says he never pointed the gun or pulled the trigger. There were at least 2 cameras on him at the time. Where’s the video? Everything on a movie set is always being filmed. Baldwin is just trying to save his ass by re-writing his own script.
Faith helps us understand that which cannot be explained and helps us to stifle our intellect.


[Celebrate] To avoid controversy these holidays, Starbucks should place Bible quotes on its holiday cups.

I was reading where people would actually bury root vegetables in the root cellar. I thought the vegetables were placed on shelves. Burying them makes more sense as they would last longer and might sprout, causing more food to grow.

[Crime] Someone noted that most crime occurs at night. I’d like to add that the reason is that rats come out at night.
Is there an app that tells what planes are flying over my house in the middle of the night? That would be a good app to have. I saw the cruise ship app the other day and wonder if there’s one for planes.


[Covid] The Scottish variant. At least you can hear it coming.

[Social Media] Isn’t it odd that China can regulate its social media but we can’t (read: wont).
[Pearl Harbor Day] We are the last generation that will actually remember the Pearl Harbor attack. The next generation will remember it less and less like D-Day. I’m surprised they don’t commemorate 9/11 and call it Terrorist Day until a few generations down the road they let that slip from memory too, probably to be replaced by a newer devastation.
[Abortion in India] Mom Helped Son Behead His Pregnant Sister Before He Posed for a Selfie. Link
[Muskie Fish Record Catch] A Minnesota man rushing to sneak in a final fishing expedition before the freeze on one of the state’s largest lakes has officially broken a 64-year-old state record.

Nolan Sprengeler of Plymouth landed a muskie on Lake Mille Lacs the night of Nov. 22 that tipped the scales at 55 pounds, 14.8 ounces. The previous Minnesota record  of 54 pounds was set in 1957 on Lake Winnibigoshish. Link

[Drugged Horse Dies] Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit, who failed a drug test after this year’s race, died of a heart attack on Monday following a workout at a California racetrack. Link

How to make money in the Keys by building low rent instant housing and over charging low renters to live in paradise. Smells like a NYC con to me! What’s next row houses or multi-level motels?


Why are submarines black and cruise ships white? Video

[Why people can’t change their minds] People seldom see outside their own “box”. Recently I saw a post that said something like: A black having a wedding at a Southern plantation is like a Jew getting married at Auschwitz.”  A poster’s reply to that post was one of amazement because “plantations are so beautiful and a great place for a wedding”, or something like that. They completely missed the point which I’ll explain for them. The post was referring to slavery and race.

[He-She Bathrooms] Chicago Public Schools are banishing sex-specific bathrooms to ‘increase gender equity’. What could go wrong? Let’s pretend children are mature adults and can protect themselves. Link