2021 February

Tuesday, February 16, 2021


[Kudos] Just a note to express our gratitude to whoever it was that replaced the missing channel markers at the entry to Eden Pines.  We used to have three, then it was two, and often it was only one.  We now have three markers again and with a little luck people will look up from their cell phones often enough to keep from running over them
[“Internet voter registration”] Please do tell what universe you lived in when you were able to change your political affiliation using the internet to vote for Ronald Reagan?
Plastic ingestion by marine fish is a widespread and growing problem. Matthew Savoca was collecting data on plastic ingestion by seabirds for his PhD when he became interested in uncovering ecological traits linked to increased consumption. Now, as a postdoctoral research fellow at the Hopkins Marine Station, he has conducted one of the most comprehensive analyses of plastic ingestion on fish ever performed. Link
[Mistakes] I always try to make the same mistake twice, just to make sure it really was a mistake. You know, measure once, cut twice
It’s hard to talk about the Chart Room at the Pier house without mentioning my favorite bartender of all times, Rosie. My favorite patron was Captain Tony himself. Tony spent more time there than in his own bar. As a young Captain I had hours of interesting conversations with both of these Key West icons.

[New Recipe] Beef Burgundy. The better the cut of beef and quality of wine is directly related to making a better dish. Recipes > Main Dishes > Beef Burgundy

[Backing A Trailer] When German engineers get bored. And I can’t even back up a boat! Video





\[Bridge Clearance] I’m trying to find the vertical clearance of the Watson Blvd fixed bridge on Big Pine Key. We are launching from Eden Pines boat ramp, I don’t know if we can fit under it all the time. I can’t find it on the NOAA chart or Google Maps. Thanks.

[Presidents Day Quiz] Presidents’ Day, officially Washington’s Birthday, in the United States, holiday (third Monday in February) popularly recognized as honoring George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. The day is sometimes understood as a celebration of the birthdays and lives of all U.S.  presidents. February 15 is Presidents Day, the day after Valentine’s Day.  To celebrate and in honor of this holiday here is a short 10 question EZ quiz.  Only 10 questions and should only take a couple of minutes to see how knowledgeable an American you really are. For the record, I’m a loser, I missed 6 of the 10, yeow! Quiz
This weather link is Ventusky.  It shows the entire world, with direction of wind.  Intensity is graphed by color.  Wherever you place your curser, the temperature of that place appears immediately.  If you click on wind, it will give you wind speed wherever the curser is. Same with humidity, cloud cover and more. Link


[IQ] I bet he wishes he had a pick-up truck.

[Real Estate] Reading a local blog that Key West real estate is selling like hot cakes. What it failed to mention is that the City of Key West took approximately 2500 homes from flood zone X (no flood insurance needed) into a flood zone AE, in which flood insurance is required by your bank if you have a mortgage like most folks. They sure are selling like hot cakes, folks. Flood insurance policies in some cases doubled in cost! One particular person on the upper end of Whitehead Street had their insurance zoom up to $20,000 yearly. I met the fellow, he said he’s, “had enough. Time to beat feet outta here.”

[Plague] Now that I’ve lived through an actual plague,  I totally understand why Italian Renaissance paintings are full of naked fat people laying on couches.

[Coffee] For years every cup of coffee I made tasted different until I read that coffee water should be between 196ﹾ to 200°. If it was boiling the grounds would “burn” and taste sharp. I use a Melita filter thing that sits on top of the cup, measure 2 tablespoons of dark roasted espresso, and 200° water. First, I pour a little of the water on the grounds and let it sit for 15 seconds to wake up the coffee before adding the rest of the water. You have to go about this scientifically if you want a consistent cup of real good Joe.
[Diesel] Has anyone noticed or choked almost to death the Key West buses spewing clouds of diesel exhaust as their tooling down Key West streets and roads?
133-car pileup in Fort Worth after freezing rain coats roads. Lawmakers said they were troubled by reports that the interstate hadn’t been treated before the crash, which led to at least 65 people being treated at area hospitals and 6 dead. Link
[“Unlimited development”] Yes, to high rise condos to Key West. People are already working 2 or more jobs just to survive. The workforce is being pushed farther and farther away. I realize the complainers of such an issue, especially the ones with the “I got mine” attitude. Along with high rise structures, how about a elevated monorail connecting the Keys to the mainland? No it’s not Disney, we live in the 21st century. You either adapt or wither.
You’re a racist too! In fact everyone on the planet are racist. Whites are racist, blacks are racist, browns are racist, yellows are racist, reds are racist, greens are racist, purple are racist.  I’m sick and tired of everything being racist. But guess what? It’s never going to end. It’s human nature. There’s nothing that will change human nature. No law passed can ever change human nature. So get over it.
Most of the light polluters are violating Monroe County code. Among other restrictions, outdoor lighting is not to exceed a 45 degree angle from the ground. In other words, a non-shaded light that shines outward in all directions is not legal, per the code. Speaking diplomatically to your neighbor about this may help — or not.  Or you could try to get MoCo to enforce it.
[“Political party”] How could the poster change political parties online to vote for Reagan when there wasn’t any internet back in 1984?
[“Gallon of gas was 25 cents”] In 1965 it was even lower. Gas was 20 cents a gallon and you got a free drinking glass with every 8 gallons. I used to drive 120 miles a day back and forth to work so I had a whole room filled with thousands of glasses. I left them when I moved. Imagine the surprise from the new tenants when they saw the room filled with drinking glasses. They were blue with little lumps on them.
[Booze Consumption] The lady at Walgreens said since the epidemic the liquor store’s revenue has doubled. I know I’ve contributed handsomely.
[“Does anyone else have a northern tourist staying next door to you for 2 months”] That’s why I left. In the 80s and 90s most of the 2nd homes were owned by people from up north who came down for winter and left. Usually nice folks who didn’t overstay their welcome. Right before and leading up to the crash in 2009 or so investors from the northeast filtered in and decided to monetize their investment leading to more illegal rentals. Gone were the folks who fished, went diving and loved the Keys. Now it’s loud-mouthed Griswalds on vacation over-paying for everything, including the imported seafood. $250K got me multiple acres in a seaside town with fresh seafood and 4 seasons – not one of which is called “tourist” season.
[Western Dry Rocks Closure] State fishery managers will decide Friday how many months to close one of Key West’s most popular fishing spots, as part of a seasonal closure to protect snappers, permits and other fish that spawn there. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission board has already passed a draft of an ordinance to close Western Dry Rocks for two months, May and June. The board will vote again Friday to finalize the rule. Link