2021 January

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

[Political Opinions] I’m looking forward to getting back to the Rock in a few days – winter sucks!  I wonder if it might be possible to make a simple request:  Political opinions are like a negative fun vacuum.  The truth is that there is nothing that anybody can say that will change the opinions of others – most especially when there is so much anger.  Maybe the readers could refrain from bitching about political things about which they can do nothing and look at the wonderful stuff that is free to everybody in the Keys.  Just a suggestion!  Love the Telegraph and eagerly await the twice weekly “connection” with BPK!  Keep it up! ~Archie Cashion
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[Potholes] For a year I have asked the owner/manager of the flea market to please do something about the large potholes at the entrance of the flea market on the west side of the road which has gotten so deep that my car bottoms-out. Why is he so cheap that he can’t afford the repairs? All that needs to be done is go over to the Octopus’s garden and get about $50 worth crushed rocks and fill in the potholes.  Until the let’s just boycott the BPK flea market.
[Lumpy Jaw]  is often used to refer to either one of two very different afflictions, and the two are often hard to distinguish on a live animal. A hands-on, close-up inspection is needed to assess each case because the potential treatment is very different for the two causes. Both are indeed treatable, which is routinely done elsewhere in the US. SOKD has evidenced both afflictions in Key deer. The most common (and readily treatable) form is from a food impaction, most commonly caused by arterial worms (Elaephora schneideri) that the deer get from horsefly bites. Arterial worm infections are very effectively prevented and treated by oral ivermectin or doramectin (same stuff that volunteers distributed to Key deer during the screwworm outbreak). The other form of “Lumpy Jaw” is the result of an infection of the jaw bone with bacteria, specifically Actinomyces bovis. Affected deer have hard, swollen areas that are centered on the jaw bone or surrounding tissues of the face. Specialized, but readily available injectable antibiotics are necessary (oral doses and even some common injectables will not work because they will not get inside the bone). Although some permanent bone damage will exist, successful treatment is indeed possible, especially if the condition is diagnosed early.


Oh, oh, bad. The right side of was cut off from my phone. (Editor: Hmm? I’ll look into it. I haven’t changed anything since the new format. I’ll try to figure it out. Thanks for letting me know.)

[Give Blood] For those eligible to donate, there is a blood drive Saturday at Jess Von Dees BPK. As a thank you for helping save lives, all blood donors will receive a long sleeve t-shirt and a $10 eGift card plus a free appetizer coupon courtesy of Carrabba’s Italian Grill. Link

The CDC warns once-eradicated jitterbug spreading across country at rate not seen since 1940.

[Tween] Too old for Snapchat, too young for Life Alert.



[Mudras] Positioning Buddha’s hands in any depiction means different things.  They are called mudras. Link

More renewable energy used in 2020 than fossil fuels for the first time in world’s 4th largest economy. Link


[When I Was Young] In times like these, I wonder how many old Keyzers look at sites to remember what the Keys were like twenty, thirty, forty years ago? Things don’t always change for the better

[Light Pollution] “Turn off your outdoor lights at night”  Huh?.  Just leave them on in the daylight?  Why in hell do you think I have outdoor lights?  That was just about the most bird-brained suggestion I ever heard, I mean it.


[Amazon] My wife didn’t order anything from Amazon yesterday so the UPS guy banged on our door to see if we’re okay.

[Crook] A doctor who failed to report an unlicensed caregiver operating two unlicensed assisted living facilities in the Upper Keys, where authorities say residents lived in abhorrent conditions, has been fined $15,069 by the state Department of Health. Link
[Same Ol’] So far it looks like 2021 is going to be just like 2020.

The card-domino effect video was incredible. I know one thing—they don’t have a cat otherwise they would never be able to set it up! Video

[Put On hold] Since the virus there has been little in the way of self-driving cars.
[Cremax Water Flosser] I bought this tooth pressure washer and it broke after a month and I wrote a bad review. The company was so upset that they keep sending me apologies and this offer if I would write a good review.

1. A $40 card. (It can be used on Amazon to order any product you need.)
2. A new water flosser. (3-5 business days to reach out to you, only need your shipping address)
3. A full refund. (2-3 business days to get the full refund, only Amazon order number is required Link


[Kinky] I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I felt this CT group was the perfect audience for it.

I asked my neighbor how long does it take for the average person to become a Troglodyte. He said not long in the Keys.
[Ginkgo Biloba] Ginkgo trees were going extinct on their own; then humans saved these ‘living fossils’ so now they’re everywhere. Link


[Mars] Today marks 3000 days on Mars for the genius Curiosity Rover. Some great photos, but I’m not going until they have some decent bathrooms. Link

[Martha Stewart and Snoop Dog TV Show] Huh? For some time, there hasn’t been a show on TV that has come as close to being as oddly perfect as Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. On any given episode you might see Martha Stewart try on bling or Snoop crack a few weed jokes while making Cornish game hens. It was equal parts weird, educational, and hilarious. A gangsta rapper pairing up with a grandmother and businesswoman might have seemed like a recipe destined for failure, but the opposite couldn’t be more true. Link