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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

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Got my 1st date of the new year already lined up. I mean it’s a court date, but it’s still a date and I’m dressing up!
[Betty White is Dead] A television Golden Girl from the start, is dead at 99. Betty White, who created two of the most memorable characters in sitcom history, the nymphomaniacal Sue Ann Nivens on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and the sweet but dim Rose Nylund on “The Golden Girls” — and who capped her long career with a comeback that included a triumphant appearance as the host of “Saturday Night Live” at the age of 88 — died on Friday at her home in Los Angeles. She was 99. Her death, less than three weeks before her 100th birthday. Link
The AARP calendar of activities is here. Full Menu > Ongoing Events


[Cost of War] Never tell a soldier he doesn’t know the cost of war.

[Scammers] Rebuild Florida was a sham. They spent all their money on salaries, advertising, administration, offices and anything else that didn’t help anyone. The reality after all their promises and high hopes is that they only helped 6 people in trailers.


[Testing Confusion] Omicron. Get it yet? If you get tested you might have omicron. If you don’t get tested, you have the common cold.

I found the littlest “snake” skin on my steps. It was only 2” long. Do the little house lizards shed? Do new born little snakes shed?
[Windows 11] It used to be when a new operation system was released there was a bunch of complaints and questions about the new system. These days computers are so stable new OS are no longer important to the users. Computers just work. New OS’s just throw new features at us that we have no use for.
Deer Ed, Do you send out email blasts? I’d love to subscribe to anything you may send out. Gina Lorenzo, Ramsey NJ. (No email blasts, we publish every Tuesday and Friday. Make a shortcut in your browser.)
[Priorities] Ten congressional investigations into Benghazi and only one into January 6. Go figure.
The last Hong Kong pro-democracy newspaper was shut down this week, ending any hope for democracy in the now Communist Hong Kong. This goes against the agreement China made with them when they were given autonomy.

The only place I saw the forced shutdown reported was a ribbon below the CNN newscast. No one is talking about it on the networks. Democracy is on the wane around the world.

[Patriotism] The historically inaccurate, mathematically incorrect caricature of patriotism is White nationalism wrapped in a star-spangled banner. If the American empire ever falls – and it will – we can thank the ‘patriots’ for the demise of democracy. Ultimately, these fanatical jingoists are the least patriotic people in America. They detest democracy and loathe any prospect of a more perfect union. They have pledged their allegiance to the flag, but not the republic for which it stands. Patriotism as performance is their only protection because a country that provides liberty and justice for all is too unbearable a thought.  ~Michael Harriot,

Indiana life insurance CEO says deaths are up 40% among people ages 18-64. The number of hospitalizations in the state is now higher than before the COVID-19 vaccine was introduced a year ago, and in fact is higher than it’s been in the past five years. Link

The Keys are dead. Long live some other great place without the tourist, whores and pirate merchants. Where? I’ll never tell.

The biggest health breakthroughs in 2021 from fighting HIV to killing malaria. Link
[Cannabis Health Radio] Stories of medical cannabis from around the world. Audio

[2021 In Pictures] Striking photojournalism from around the world. Link

[Communism] Hong Kong’s sole remaining pro-democracy newspaper will publish its last edition Thursday, forced to shut down after five editors and executives were arrested and millions of dollars in its assets were frozen as part of China’s increasing crackdown on dissent in the semi-autonomous city.
The first thing the bad guys do is criticize, then shut down the press. Not only is China censoring the press – it’s shutting it down. Link


I heard that Charlie Possum passed away. Anyone have any details on what happen?

China says America is in decline as a super power. The cite as proof January 6th and that 34% of the opposition say it’s okay to engage in violence against the government. If they are so against democracy they should f**k off! Why are they trying to destroy America?
In 1978, actual astrophysicist and great guitar player Brian May, assisted by Freddie Mercury, postulated that the Earth’s rotation was due to ‘Fat-Bottomed Girls’. After more than 40 years without being disproven, refuted, or, really, even seriously questioned, this now must be considered scientific fact. (Brian May in 1978 and today.)
Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls

I don’t know why we don’t have 24-hour free Covid testing and shots. The Monroe County Health Department has their head in the sand.
COVID reaches the Antarctic. We’re all going to get it. wo thirds of the 25 staff based in Belgium’s Princess Elisabeth Polar Station have caught Covid, proving there is no escape from the global pandemic Link
[?]Which local Commie Party is Key West Lou a member of?
Pot slows down time and alcohol speeds up time. If you only have very few minutes to get ready to go somewhere, smoke a joint and time will slow down and you’ll be able to do everything you need and be ready on time.


Oh, wonderful, I don’t have Covid!

Powerball jackpot climbs to $522 million. Will you be the lucky winner? Gee, if you win this, where the hell you going to go? The death bug is everywhere now.  So what good is the money? Link

How come there are no Bic lighters in movies? There are only Zippos.

[Where’s My Post] The “what gives?” question, which I assumed incorrectly you would get, was in response to your not posting my post about the fact that people here rushed to judgment without the facts in regard to the sheriffs deputies being assaulted by the Navy thugs. Why not post it? They were defending themselves as vid and witness statements prove. Not a crime. I don’t get you Mr. Editor, some times.  Happy new year regardless. (Ed: I believe I did post that. No reason not to. Happy New Year!)