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[Malaria] Geez, did I just wake up from a long coma? “Malaria caused by GMO mosquitos, so that Bill Gates can make money” (because he needs it?). “Racists rants about rap contests to get into Harvard”. And my favorite, “Trans bathrooms”. I know it’s been warm, but Jesus. Has anybody ever been to Europe? Take a pee at the Eiffel tower and you’ll know what I mean. Stop worrying. nobody wants to see your tiny ding-a-ling.
[Fancy Massage] See the horrified looks on these unsuspecting people as they think this guy is doing backflips on the man getting a massage. There’s nothing better than a relaxing massage to work out all the kinks and soreness in your body but this takes it to another level. It was all Just For Laughs and everybody felt great at the end of the massage. Video
[Skewered History] “In June of 1775, the Continental Congress created a unified army out of the revolutionary forces encamped around Boston and New York and named after the great George Washington, commander-in-chief… Our army manned the air. It rammed the ramparts. It took over the airports. It did everything it had to do. And at Fort McHenry, under the rockets’ red glare, it had nothing but victory. And when dawn came, their star-spangled banner waved defiant.”
For those non-historians out there, the first airplane flight wasn’t until 1903, and the first airport wasn’t built until 1909. The battle of Fort McHenry was in 1814 and the Fort itself wasn’t even built until 1798. The American flag didn’t exist until 1777, and the version called the “star spangled banner” didn’t exist until 1794. And the only battle fought in June 1775 was Bunker Hill, and the British won that one

[Big Pine Book Club] We will be meeting on Saturday, July 15 at 10:00 am to discuss The Dutch House by Ann Patchett. There will be fewer participants (vacation time).  We have total confidence that those in attendance will carry on! Full Menu > Ongoing Events > Book Club

Fire swamps are more than just folk legend. The notion of fire swamps go back to 1783, in what many consider to be the very first American science experiment. George Washington, waiting in Princeton, New Jersey for the freshly-signed Treaty of Paris to arrive, fiercely debated with his soldiers on whether will-o-the-wisps were ghosts or science. They paddled down the river with a torch and a long stick, literally probing for an answer. Then, a “great, big flash” erupted from the water. Link
Riley Reid is an American pornographic actress. Porn is the choice of the inept, but to have it openly displayed on ATT.Net with Microsoft Outlook in the Normal setting, not the Adult setting is temping problems. Why ATT.COM and other web services allow this is not understandable.  Watching others having sex was a trill years ago, but a bore today!  The web has gotten very sick with advertising greed and that will put an end to Freedom of Speech, bet on it.
[Something New] 81-year-old’s experience in a self-driving car. Video

[Getting In Shape] You don’t get a body like mine overnight. It takes years of neglect and lots of beer and bacon.

[Timely Re-issue] This song has never been more on target than it is right now. This just goes to show how the last two generations are so out of touch being brainwashed by the medias and junta.
Buffalo Springfield – Stop Children What’s That Sound


Jet fighter of the future refueling.

[Captain Doom and Gloom’s Homophobia] Back in the old days, queers were eaten and made to do the lowest forms of labor. Today they are politicos, religious nuts, war lords, show people and retailers. Round them up and ship them to South Africa to feed the lions.
Miss Universe Netherlands 2023 title has been for the first time conferred upon a transgender model. Link
I need dental implants. The periodontist can do it in KW, but the robot in his Miami office can do it better, faster, less trauma, quicker healing.
[Free Windows 11] Is it free or a con job.  People have installed Windows 10 or 11 from web sites for free or at very low prices, but the OS sometimes is not a pure W10 install without other stuff also installing.  Things like third party advertising, popups, system info gathering and even downloading of your personal and business data files.  There is no way to tell what is happening inside that box.  I only buy Operating Systems from the manufacturer like Microsoft or Apple DIRECTLY. You cannot trust anyone on the web today.
[Key Lime Pie] Did you know that the sponge industry inadvertently spawned what has become the Florida Keys very own sweet claim to fame, Key lime pie? It began as a hooker’s tale. Hookers, in this case, were the men manipulating 20 foot poles as they scooped up sponges growing on the ocean floor. They did not work alone, and were accompanied on their boats by partners who peered beneath the surface through glass-bottom barrels who worked to direct the aim of their pronged poles.
Out on their boats for days at a time, spongers would have cans of sweetened condensed milk for their coffee. Before going out to hook sponges, they would mix fresh lime juice, egg, and stale Cuban bread in the can. When they returned to the boat, they had a sweet treat waiting for them. Eventually, the combination of ingredients made it to Key West kitchens, and Key lime pie was born.

[Fast Food] Fast illness. Do you like McDonald’s? Video

I don’t understand how ‘burner phones’ can be anonymous. You have to give your name when you buy them and register to get the SIM card to make them work. I don’t think you can just walk into Radio Shack and pay money and walk out with a working phone without registering.

Tad’s Steak House was a fixture in new York’s Times Square from 1960 to 2019. You could buy a complete steak dinner in 1960 for $1.09 and in 2019 for just $9.

Weather alert: Dust drives up extreme heat, triggering 3-day advisory in South Florida. Link
Great book about 19th century travel across Africa and the Sahara by a British officer on a three month leave. Through Timbuktu and Across the Great Sahara. I found the free eBook on
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